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  1. Noshiro_

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    because line ships in this game are representations of a class as a whole, not of a specific ship.
  2. gotta be honest here, I don't think doing 4th of july celebrations is the smartest idea right now. i would say WG's had a great idea to do it then so Americans *aren't* going out
  3. Noshiro_

    Removal of chat banning

    Have you tried not being a clown to others and showing respect?
  4. Noshiro_

    Kraken not given

    coop doesn't give achievements
  5. Noshiro_

    Need this explained.. Captain question.

    Captains can only be trained for a single tech tree ship. If you retrain it to another ship and want to put it back to the original ship, you need to retrain it back.
  6. Take a screenshot before you use it and while you're using it
  7. Don't torp where you'll hit teammates then
  8. Noshiro_

    Wait time beyond what the game says.

    when it goes for too long, try and re-queue
  9. Noshiro_

    Ping 3000 MS .. Ping 14 MS

    You can't really do anything when it's the hotel.
  10. Noshiro_

    Where is Enterprise?

    got removed from the store because she was overperforming https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/123209-dry-dock-enterprise/?tab=comments#comment-3153625
  11. Noshiro_

    Clans Member List

    If you want an active clan, it would be best to just require your players to have public statistics. I'm fairly sure that's a requirement for most clans.
  12. Noshiro_

    Game Crash at Launch

    Run this program https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/
  13. Noshiro_

    did they changed something?

  14. I like how you blurred his name once and left it uncensored in the text