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  1. Noshiro_

    Discord linked with wrong region

    "Logout and log back in on discord.playships.eu with the right account and type "!auth" in this Discord server. Then follow the instructions."
  2. Noshiro_

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    none of those modes require skill, only time
  3. Noshiro_

    WG you have something a bit broken here

    Restart your client?
  4. Noshiro_

    Slava fire chance

    Do you mean buff, not nerf?
  5. Noshiro_

    public test launcher error

    What's the error?
  6. Honestly sounds like an issue with your internet, having stable ping doesn't mean you're not having packet loss.
  7. Noshiro_

    Suddenly I don't exist??

    Is it trying to link you through the wrong WoWs server account?
  8. Noshiro_

    I think I missed something. {PT}

    From the official discord
  9. Noshiro_

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    WG knows about the bug seen from 0.10.8's release, no need to ping https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/208
  10. Noshiro_

    Is the 'new' Missouri a credit printer?

    Normal tier 9 prem.
  11. To be fair, the thread still exists
  12. Remember now that captains can have different skill trees depending on the type of ship they're on. So you're probably looking at it from a destroyer right? And you haven't spent any points on the destroyer tree with those captains, hence showing spare skill points.
  13. Damage control party removes any pings and prevents a ship being pinged while it is active
  14. Noshiro_

    Missing reload progress bars

    Are you using any mods at all?