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  1. Probably exactly the same kind of guns that are currently on USN light cruisers... The 6"/47 Caliber Mark 16 gun.
  2. 7.3 release?

    0.7.2 patch notes say 4 weeks after 0.7.2 hits
  3. What crosshair do you recommend?

    The measurement for static is leading a target at 20kts, while dynamic is 30kts
  4. tech tree

    just because you own it, doesn't mean it shows up in the tree. Also, don't use red text as it's reserved for moderators.
  5. It's simulated players that the devs use to test the server infrastructure post patch to make sure an update actually works and hasn't broken the server
  6. Cheating

    Getting called a cheater is literally the biggest honour you can have in a game. Don't sweat it, and take it in your stride.
  7. Not receiving "It's St Valentine's Day" reward

    What tier did you play
  8. What have they done to the Minekaze?

    Eh, losing that many games just looks like bad luck, also if you continously lose them then you'll probably become tilded.... and lose more
  9. Fix your update's

    Go into the options settings of the launcher and disable uploading
  10. Clan season 2 prime time

    Clan Battles Prime Time is from 16:30 - 20:30 PT (19:30 - 23:30 ET) on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
  11. Emblem and CB

    It doesn't make sense to get the emblems like that, because everyone on a CB team gets the same base xp
  12. How big is the game!!? Its downloading endless patches

    Are you sure if your internet is 6 Megabits or megabytes per second? Because then that 600kb/s sounds pretty realistic. Otherwise, go into the wargaming centre, click on the cogwheel on the left, click updates tab and tick where it says "No uploading"
  13. Alsace is hard to pronounce...