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  1. Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    DM is the baltimore with a much better ROF. If you didn't like the DM playstyle, then you probably won't like DM
  2. How do i get this screen when I play?

    Go into settings, controls, and tick detailed ribbons. I'd also recommend ticking damage indicator and selecting the full alternative interface mode
  3. Clan disappeared

    NA server things as a whole are being derpu
  4. Do something about cruiser survivability

    Manoeuvring and DFAA
  5. Submit a ticket to WG
  6. You can put other captains in premiums without retraining, but you can't put premium captains in other ships without retraining
  7. test server chung mu

    Chung Mu has 5 guns though
  8. SIAP known bug with the PA DD’s?

    Was the captain still being trained?

    "There will be a meeting of the Friends of Dasha at 10am"
  10. Inviting a Friend

    Has he tried using another browser...?
  11. USS Kidd wrong tier

    But USS Kidd was a tier 9 in real life
  12. When they get time to do it.
  13. Forum Ranks/Titles

    If only NA had custom titles that were given out for lulz like on the other forums
  14. How Do I Change My Payment Method?

    I don't use card, so I'm not sure how to fix that. However, in future I would HIGHLY recommend not saving your payment details in the premium shop, or really anywhere for that matter.
  15. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    Localisation problem: Stock torpedoes of PADDs that contain mm (millimetre) in the name have their 'm' as Cyrillic instead of Latin.