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  1. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Game Crash at Launch

    Run this program https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/
  2. Cruiser_Noshiro

    did they changed something?

  3. I like how you blurred his name once and left it uncensored in the text
  4. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Azur Lane commander voice over

  5. Cruiser_Noshiro

    A non-weebs adventure with AL Commanders

    Her boob mole is the main heat release mechanism clearly.
  6. Cruiser_Noshiro


  7. Cruiser_Noshiro

    0.8.3 seems low on content and high on purchasables

    It's opt-in and wg has also provided an option not to see it in game if you, for some reason, pressed the orange button without liking it...
  8. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Non=Players POV of this game

    You can bump the FPS above 76 if you go into the preferences.xml file.
  9. Cruiser_Noshiro

    How to fix the wrong ship names in list?

  10. Cruiser_Noshiro


    You only got a full refund for FXP if you researched them before the rework hit, and you only got it once...
  11. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Shells look like they do really weird things when they come in to hit you. Also none of the shells should go through mountains.
  12. You don't have to pick the skill in the same "set" as a previous one, and can pick any 1 point skill. So you're allowed to pick an "Endurance" 1 point skill, then a "Versatility" 2 point, then a "Support" 3 point, and finally another "Versatility" 4 point.
  13. Cruiser_Noshiro

    update notes on 0.8.0 ??

    Might have been lost in the reshuffle, most other patch notes have been there
  14. Cruiser_Noshiro

    update notes on 0.8.0 ??

  15. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Perm Flags with Bonuses?

    The problem is there's not really much reason to choose the non bonus flags over the bonus flags