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  1. Cruiser_Noshiro

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    Steel/Coal/FXP ships are not in supercontainers
  2. Cruiser_Noshiro


  3. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Updated Graphics Card..Ping still high

    Did you plug your monitor into the GPU? Also, you may need to lower your settings a little more.
  4. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Request for Remembrance Day Patch - Commonwealth Version

    Poppy trademark is owned by The Royal Canadian Legion in Canada, which makes it a bit difficult for WG to implement that into the game that is distributed in Canada via the NA server.
  5. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Login Issues across Wargaming sites

    Are you using the correct server? You might have initially made your account on a different server to that you have clients for.
  6. "second" and "third" players on your team had the same score, so possibly the game made them both second on the team which for some reason made you third.
  7. Round 1 Schedule Start: Thu. Nov. 01 9:30 AM PT End: Tue. Nov. 06 8:30 AM PT
  8. Depends what you posted in the OP of that thread...
  9. I mean, that's how the game was initially put forward...
  10. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Well, he wasn't fully talking about the match tbh...
  11. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Disconnected from server.Techical issue found (CV TST)

    It was first posted on the EU's page https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/carriers-rework-test/ But now it's displayed on the main NA portal https://worldofwarships.com/
  12. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Disconnected from server.Techical issue found (CV TST)

    The TST ended early
  13. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Can you gift someone a ship that you already have?

    No you cannot