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  1. How to buy more than one item in store?

    You can only buy things one at a time
  2. USSR wants compensation

    Play a match of random battles is the WG recommended fix
  3. USSR wants compensation

    Compensation for what? You shoulda got the rewards for the match you played before the crash?
  4. Buffs and Nerfs Clarification?

    To see upcoming changes, you should check out the dev blog https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  5. Server questions

    Asia server for tanks at least was 60% [][][][][]
  6. Server questions

    I rather everyone speaking english
  7. moskva has a 25s radar, an extra 20% radar duration makes it a 30s radar
  8. Balance changes

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Changelogs_for_World_of_Warships knock yourself out
  9. RPF

    The indicator for an enemy ship allows counterplay, and having a mechanic with no possibility of counterplay is horrible
  10. Division size

    UI bug I presume
  11. Help with screenshots

    Have you tried deleting preferences.xml in your main folder and seeing if that lets you screenshot?
  12. Ship XP on Premium Ships

    You have to convert xp on a premium ship to 'free xp' with doubloons before you can use it to research things in other ship lines
  13. Missions don't activate at server reset, they activate 1:20 hours later. So the missions started at ~4:20 PST
  14. I was goign to use my FXP

    range is bug, should probably have a patch next week