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  1. The damage listed under the guns in "artillery" tab only affect ships. The damage per second under the AA tab only affects planes
  2. xvm

    Most good players hate it to bits, because being focused is never fun
  3. Notser isn't WG staff :P He's a community contributor
  4. There's a picture of cruiser icon next to tiers
  5. XP can't be fixed, sorry bud
  6. Where did you download both of the games from? And what login server does it state for both computers? Take a screenshot of the page where you log-in (Without your username and password being visible obviously), or take a screenshot of the port for both computers.
  7. The text is a bit funky, but there is a picture of a cruiser next to the tiers, which don't have a - in between them either
  8. The ingame one says you need both in one game, so that's not really a bug.
  9. It was answered by Pigeon on his stream :P
  10. In-game requirements for a mission mostly always are more accurate than what's shown in news items. So I'd trust you needing to do the missions. Also, you only need to do the 3rd stage for each mission to get the RNBBs offered
  11. Pretty sure that happens often with many of the SL clans here
  12. Try changing from dx11 to dx9 in the settings, that may help
  13. You need to do the 50k damage to BBs with torpedoes too...
  14. But they're not painted red