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  1. Have you restarted the client
  2. Well, it's also based around the detection range of the ships themselves.
  3. UI bug, restart your game.
  4. but ur bad
  5. Rewards such as Achievements mainly.
  6. It's also a thing with something like the Shimakaze using the 20km torps, 32.4km range with NC is utterly pointless.
  7. Port shows torp reload in seconds, while in a match it's in minutes:seconds. Let's say my Gearing has a torp reload of 115.6s in a port, however in game that's shown as 1 minute:55.6 seconds.
  8. Are you using any mods?
  9. I have no idea what you're trying to argue at all
  10. Sure, but it can be repeatable and hence increase the chance... Shooting ships in general is luck, calling it a lucky shot means nothing.
  11. Because it's very hard to actually aim at that minimap marker when you have little reference between what you're aiming at with your guns and what's on the minimap... It's also basically giving you a permanent spotter plane level of advantage
  12. Looks at a specific brand of Australian cheese
  13. Do you mean you getting hit? Or hitting someone else?
  14. I believe personally, that a statement regarding legality of mods should've been made before the bans were applied, which would basically be them saving what Trev stated in OP but without the name of the program. Then mod makers and people who construct modpacks can quickly change things before the ban arrives. I feel the ban of the mod was justified, but WG performed the process in completely the wrong order.
  15. WG will probably never say in a post which mods are illegal, just the ones that are legal. They don't want to promote banned mods that give too much of an advantage...