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  1. Cruiser_Noshiro

    No AP Secondaries????

    AP secondaries were basically useless hence they were replaced by HE shells in 0.7.11 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-0711-rule-britannia/#balance
  2. Why don't you just make a single thread to post pictures? Creating a daily duplicate thread with the same thing is technically spam
  3. If you're unable to kill DDs with graf's AP, then her HE should do the job. Granted it takes time to change ammo...
  4. Cruiser_Noshiro

    0.8.0 CV Rework Compensation.

    Because the reason for compensation is people who don't like the rework can use the XP and credits somewhere else, not for people who don't like the lower tiers and want to get compensated for that.
  5. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Login Issues

    Click "game settings" on that Wargaming Centre page for WoWs, and select the "Check and Repair" option
  6. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Detection Bug

    Shells are probably still inbound from when you were spotted, or people are just taking potshots.
  7. Cruiser_Noshiro

    West Virginia '44 News

    WoWs Blitz is a completely seperate game with a different idea of balance between itself and PC. Just because it was added to Blitz doesn't mean that WG is shafting the playerbase on PC on purpose...
  8. Cruiser_Noshiro

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    You'll most likely be told in advance whenever it's announced
  9. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Bug in low FPS, lag, stuttering...

    Yeah, the port is a massive GPU hog
  10. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Bought something through steam, how to get it on account?

    You cannot buy things using steam DLC for an account that wasn't created through steam.
  11. Cruiser_Noshiro

    converting elite ship xp to free xp for free??

    Well there's commonly a 35:1 fxp:doubloon conversion
  12. They're not going to remove them, they said they'll planning to place them in a second branch with different characteristics to the first branch...
  13. Cruiser_Noshiro

    Yeuyang artillery stats?

    Nope, only gun change was a reload nerf
  14. Cruiser_Noshiro

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    Steel/Coal/FXP ships are not in supercontainers
  15. Cruiser_Noshiro