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  1. Von_Sharer

    Armada: Admiral Schröder

    Remove that green in-port holiday decoration on the hull during battle like you do the flag display. It is ugly and has no place while at sea, especially in battle.
  2. Von_Sharer

    New Operation Wolfpack

    Unless WoWs is deliberately putting their middle fingers up at all the gamers on here, it was absolutely idiotic and without thought to not coordinate the opening of the Wolfpack operation along with the timing of being able to reset Captain skills. It's just unfathomable (yet, I guess expected, of the usual "screw you, I want your money" attitude that WoWs seems to have for gamers) when the wolfpack operation opens at the moment they stop the ability to reset skills. It begs the question, "WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT, WOWS???"!!!
  3. Von_Sharer

    Submarines in the Armory

    WoWs spends years developing subs, then releases them with an operation to allow people to get used to the subs, along with a chance to even reset skills for free. BUT, then they completely FAIL MISERABLY to make the operation easily accessible. WTH is wrong with you, WoWs??? Unless you thought it wouldn't take every moment while logged in trying to get a submarine division together ... IDIOTS with no common sense. And does anyone really care THAT much about a halloween operation? C'mon! You just released subs!!! I'm sort of feeling like, "WHAT is the point of subs, anyway" when WoWs, themselves, don't seem to care much!
  4. Admitting imperfection is one thing, MOST important is that you don't stand firm in justification against an obviously failed project --- like CVs. I still believe there is a very serious break in communications between Customer Support and developers ... either that, or Customer Support people continually lie to us.
  5. Von_Sharer

    Server is UP!

    Abd where are the brawls???
  6. Von_Sharer

    Armada: Marlborough

    AGAIN I'll ask ... WHERE is the announcement for Tulsa winners that was promised in the next episode of "ARMADA"???
  7. Von_Sharer

    Armada: Marlborough

    No announcement of who won TULSA?
  8. Von_Sharer

    8 Days of Black Ships Giveaway

    I HATE that WoWs uses free stuff to attempt to lead players to go onto social media platforms that some would otherwise rather DIE than have anything to do with. But I guess that if they were merely a bunch of hypocritical sissies, they would tell you how to speak, or what "not to say" because there are "minors" present, while they tell parents that these kids, in order to also participate in the "free stuff" must ALSO get on to ALL these inundating social media sites. The arm twist is, "Who wouldn't want a free ship"??! For me, I'd rather not waste time with a bunch of anti-tolerant, self-righteous, highly regulating media HORSECRAP! Since you can't outright win them otherwise, other than taking rigged-casino style chances with purchased crates, or getting a few camos in the miniscule award crates that offer low chance of a ship, it literally gives advantage to only the players who kiss their backsides and sign up for all the useless social media programs. HOLY crap, what a gimmick and full on pack of absolute bull. Edited: I read back only after writing the above and had NO IDEA how many had the same sentiment!! WoWs, you need to take a step back AGAIN and learn from your player base instead of making assumptions of what we all want. You keep making the same mistakes OVER AND OVER again.
  9. Von_Sharer

    A Look Through Time: German Battleships

    "The lack of AA defenses on V Agincourt was explained by the insignificance of the airborne threat to the dreadnought in the 1910s." ... While this is certainly true, there is a significant AA threat against the ship in World of Warships!
  10. Von_Sharer

    Personal Challenges and the Naval Battle

    If that's all it is, no point in competing. If you look at it like "a star is a star which equates to oil", then fair enough; but that wasn't really the point. "It is rigged" was the point.
  11. Von_Sharer

    Personal Challenges and the Naval Battle

    The naval battles are rigged; just like when you "need" so many citadels for an award and all of a sudden you can't get more than one and mostly ZERO for game after game, so goes the naval battles. As you climb the ladder, it becomes frustrating and obvious as WoWs holds you back from your "normal" performance in Random or ranked.
  12. Von_Sharer

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    So the Kurfurst goes as special and a new Tier X goes in its place; sounds like I will need to AGAIN research and Purchase the new Tier X, then either pay doubloons for another 10xPt captain or Pay to move AND re-distribute captain skills as appropriate for the new ship (assuming it is necessary, but at least pay to move Kurfurst Captain to the new BB)??
  13. Von_Sharer

    Submarines in Random Battles

    For the AA cruisers, will there be free upgrades to swap the consumables?
  14. Von_Sharer

    CV Rocket Planes Useless

    That's an [edited] response. Whining isn't the word, it's "WoWs did another stupid move again! Why??!" Fighters hovering over a CV or a specific location and firing bullets into the water for how long? Then how long between that moment you "fire the rockets" and the time the rockets actually leave the rails? HOW STUPID
  15. With XP, on one hand, it's a good way to play and get used to it; on the other hand, it seems many players are throttled by modifiers that puts players in losing battles time and time again, one right after the other in Random and Ranked ... so the problem compounds by 1 not used to Random or Ranked battles, and 2 WoWs ridiculous modifiers that from time to time really screw over players. It's a very poor balance and NO, WG obviously did NOT think this through, or is preserving good team combinations deliberately for players who just happen to kiss their backsides week after week. But you can definitely get more ribbons in coop most of the time, and damage done, while coop is less time in play, is better farmed over a short period of time in coop too. But that's not a signal for WoWs to suddenly soup up the bots either!