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  1. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    One more idea, I believe that a button able to switch between Spotting Plane view and regular view should be added (When Spotting Plane are in use)
  2. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    That being said I actually thought of another idea, implementing "Extended Tech Tree mod" to the game by default and also have the ability to see what consumable a ship has without owning it. (I have seen many DD captain died because they have no idea that Indianapolis have radar)
  3. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    Reeee I forgot, I’ll add it after I got home
  4. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    Community's suggestion added :D
  5. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    It appears to be so :P, I probably should add some of the good ones from everyone's suggestion :)
  6. WoWs Clan Embassy Discord Channel

    Oh i finally got what you mean, WoWs Clan Embassy was first named NA Clan Embassy so that might have confused some people sorry, let me edit it back :)
  7. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    I just woke up and wow thank you everyone for the support! I hope these could be implemented as well
  8. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    Yeah i did spent time thinking :D
  9. 15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    That's actually a very good suggestion, I once got blapped in Clan Battles because of this (it was in warriors path shots from SW to NE, it completely blend in with the sun)
  10. Here are the few suggestions I would like to make so that we can have better experience without much fixes required: 1. Enable the ability to "Hide" rentals ships so that we cannot see it in port (Just like ARP/HSF collaboration and Dragon Ships) E.G. From this To this 2. Of course the ability to demount all flags......... who doesn't want it 3. Increase the limit of the "Compact Carasole View" to 6 since more and more ships are being released and people actually owned more ships 4. Automatically Load AP for BBs (for first salvo) when its the first time your sailing your brand new BB 5. Provide a Warning when you set sail of your brand new untouched ship if either no skill point commander have been assigned/ No upgrade have been purchased/ No premium consumable (this warning should only appear on the first time sailing the ship) 6. Disable the ability to show what ships are in queue when waiting for a match in Ranked battle since that could affect people taking DFAA/Hydro or just leave the que until they see no CV are present 7. Replace the "15" with Clan tag, because seriously who really looks at your own service record? as well as here 8. Display more information on the "Ship Parameters" such as Main Battery Sigma, Torpedo Flooding Chance 9. Allow players to do "Default" Turret position (the one in port) in game. If we have the ability to Ctrl+X to lock a gun at a bearing, why can't we have Ctrl+C to set it to Default position? 10. Allow players to de-select skills from a commander individually using doubloon with a more hefty price (Redistribute option should still remain) 11. Take away the ships (artillery/AA defense/ Meneuverablity) rating because it really doesn't mean anything tbh, I would hope it shows actual numbers instead (srry for bad drawing skillz lul) 12. Auto-check "Auto Resupply" option when you changed into a premium consumable (or make this option available on the control settings) 13. Increase CV signal limit from 4 to 6, CV grinding is already hard but we can't even mount all the XP boost flag~~ 14. Add "General Discussion" to the In-game Chat room because currently if I just want to randomly discuss things about the game, there are no such channel really provided 15. Allow "Hide Status" option so chat box doesn't show on other peoples end when the player gets in queue (useful for events such as pirate crew/ avoid clans intentionally snipe each other clans during CB) Community's Suggestion: 16. Make AP shells more visible so they can be seen even with a blinding sun behind them 17. Show abbreviation of the ships name in front of the player's name in chat box 18. Have an customizable "Preset" for flags so you can auto mount the flags you wanted with one click 19. Add Standard hot key for a consumable e.g. the "U" in Minotaur is smoke whereas the "U" is radar for Belfast and "Y" is smoke for Belfast instead 20. Add the "Display Silver Ship" option in carousel filter to display only non-elite tech tree ships.
  11. Get a pirate yet?

    I rammed Femm today :D
  12. Well for me I’ll probably buy more Sharks/eagle camo since I already bought all the camo it offered
  13. WoWs Clan Embassy Discord Channel

    @Seadog_Supreme this is that discord lol , I edit the title recently ;)
  14. PSA Salem

    Well as I recall you earn 1850 coal per crate you purchased so you can use that to do the math for how much you need