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  1. Your_RNG_Score

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    I don't even know what to say anymore.... I don't post often but In the past 5 years that I have played this game, ever since the beginning of CC program, I find that LWM is the most helpful, informational and respectable contributor in the entire program. It's almost like the entirety of the program revolves around her. And yet now WG have once again loses another valuable content creator in the game. I remember when the CC program was filled with good, informational players that have a huge impact and were very successful at attracting new players into the game, and I was there witnessing the loss of these players one by one. All eventually quit or were infuriated by a move that they tried to change but were unsuccessful. These are player that put much effort to shape this into a better game. I'm not sure if one point is made clear: Better gameplay = Better experience = More Players = More Money. This is the ultimate goal of this game isn't it? But why are we keep losing these valuable players and helpers? CC program aside, there have been many cases that ST player also have been trying to display and showed that a ship is not prepared for release. But somehow these can still be pushed forward to the release (Graf Zeppelin Release remember anyone?), this displayed how much ignorance and distrust the game have towards these program. If that is the case then what even is these program suppose to serve? Just to show more incompetency?
  2. Your_RNG_Score

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    hmm I would be more mad if they put this skin up for auction........ this is a really a grind that can't be bought in the Clash of Element event
  3. Your_RNG_Score

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Alright here it is
  4. Your_RNG_Score

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    As one of the Musashi's that ran into you last night, I would like to say.......MORE PELTS FOR THE PELT GOD.
  5. So basically "Prestieging" a line? That sounds like a really bad idea, in most games prestige only means getting some XP bonus/ credit bonus/ cosmetic. But buffing a ship through this? No thanks. If this ever gets into the game, I'm pretty sure i will just full on quit. It basically makes perfectionist that have grind for many years to earn all the T10s in the game meaningless, and that's not a good thing at the current state of this game. This might have been a good idea if it was made 2/3 years ago. But its too late for now.
  6. Your_RNG_Score

    Turning off MM monitor

    Matchmaking Monitor is a third party mod, you may download it through various ways such as Aslain Mod Installer, Hakabase Mod Installer, etc. Avg experience is an pretty good overall glance at how much a player will perform in dealing ship health %. WR is a good indicators how much said player will impact the game. And avg damage is just....... avg damage. If you see a person with High Avg Damage with low experience and low WR it basically is a good indicator that he is a damage farm and kite away from enemy from first sight.
  7. Your_RNG_Score

    It took 3.5 hours

    It does happen...... at least it’s not as bad as these 2 consecutive games......
  8. Your_RNG_Score

    Is your clan losing players?

    Tbh I feel like WG can slow down the grind a little bit....... ranked battle right after Clan battles are ok for like 1 or 2 rotations. But continuing any further is really a huge burnout to the players. Maybe give us a month long break in between?
  9. Your_RNG_Score

    Ship Coupons

    I used to have this problem as well when I was getting my Salem, the coupon doesn’t show until I have the required amount after the coupon is applied.
  10. Your_RNG_Score

    Tier 10 Perm Camo - Worth it?

    Buy the ones you play the most........ or be like me, buy every T10 perma camo possible and wonder why I have 0 savings in my bank. also @TechDeals see you in LTX
  11. Your_RNG_Score

    My computer system

    well i mean i do have an extra 1070 ti FTW 2 hanging somewhere............
  12. Your_RNG_Score

    Wargaming... you win...

    Why do you need an HEDT? I’m thinking of upgrading my i7 4790K to an i9 9900K but gonna hold off till Zen 2 arrives. Also recently upgraded to RTX 2080 so kinda broke right now......
  13. Your_RNG_Score

    NEW Yamato Model - In-Depth Screenshot Comparison

    Well im not at home so I can't really see it in port yet.......... How come I got the feeling of just taking Musashi's hull and just slapping it on Yamato?
  14. Your_RNG_Score

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    I vote for Holiday theme with Sci-Fi at close second since I think Holiday theme will be hard to implement due to most people having either family gatherings or needing to head out on such days
  15. Your_RNG_Score

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    As I’m still withholding the title of owning ALL tier 10 perma camo............ Yes I will be buying it.