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  1. Bismarck, with the current AP bombs and new USN DPM monster released, Bismarck have been a really easy target to farm damage on. On the receiving side of it, it certainly have been a lot harder to play it compare to what it used to be
  2. The Coo of Boom Flag

    Hopefully I can get one someday........ Good luck everyone :D
  3. No, I did the exact thing you wanted and now look at my Yamato Stats......... irrecoverable
  4. Nice I wished to see more of this :D
  5. Well Let me count.................. exactly 80 without ARP and Dragon ship, 91 with them included And of course the "King" and "Queen" of my collection goes to............... 1. Clash of Element Event's Kami R 2. The $300 "WELL SPEND" Salem RIP $$
  6. Help Me With a Grinding Math Question

    Bismark XP is stuck to Bismark and Bismark only, you need to play more games on Fredrich the Grobe in order to unlock the Grober Kurfurst
  7. Is Tier X supposed to be this angry?

    I recommend playing the Hiryu to improve your CV skill, it gives you a large enough hangar size to last till the end of the game, it have a more balanced loadout so you can learn more about strafe, manual drop and such. You also start identifying the AA threat and play around their AA bubble.
  8. well while im playing her I constantly get the feeling of "Why am I not playing the Des Moines Instead?" so I don't know how many games I will have in her in the future............. I did "Ripped" my bank savings right?
  9. Well Rip 1/3 of my bank savings.......
  10. Thoughts on Prem Carrier on Summer Sale?

    @Humility925 Once you see a top rated Saipan or Kaga in Hiryu or Ranger then you will start fearing them. Trust me.
  11. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    A flat-top banana
  12. It triggers my OCD

  13. It triggers my OCD

    OwO never seen that function, how long have it been in the game :D
  14. It triggers my OCD

    Just a suggestion, would it be possible to change the flag to a RCN naval flag instead of the commonwealth flag on the Maple Leaf camo? The flag is so out of place since the entire ship is red color but the flag is blue
  15. When should you join a Clan?

    Not all clan require players to have a Tier 10, some clans are more laid back and don't really care about individual progress and just to play and have fun. Having division mate also makes the grind seemingly shorter because you are always engaged and improving on how you play.