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  1. Your_RNG_Score

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I’m joining the out train, if this comes out live. Say goodbye to my $1500 I spent per year in this game nice way to kill the game btw
  2. Your_RNG_Score

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I have never seen a thread grow so fast in the forums............. And no, I did not whale in this game to "support" these "new" and "exciting" addition to the game.
  3. So basically "Prestieging" a line? That sounds like a really bad idea, in most games prestige only means getting some XP bonus/ credit bonus/ cosmetic. But buffing a ship through this? No thanks. If this ever gets into the game, I'm pretty sure i will just full on quit. It basically makes perfectionist that have grind for many years to earn all the T10s in the game meaningless, and that's not a good thing at the current state of this game. This might have been a good idea if it was made 2/3 years ago. But its too late for now.
  4. Your_RNG_Score

    Turning off MM monitor

    Matchmaking Monitor is a third party mod, you may download it through various ways such as Aslain Mod Installer, Hakabase Mod Installer, etc. Avg experience is an pretty good overall glance at how much a player will perform in dealing ship health %. WR is a good indicators how much said player will impact the game. And avg damage is just....... avg damage. If you see a person with High Avg Damage with low experience and low WR it basically is a good indicator that he is a damage farm and kite away from enemy from first sight.
  5. Your_RNG_Score

    It took 3.5 hours

    It does happen...... at least it’s not as bad as these 2 consecutive games......
  6. Your_RNG_Score

    Is your clan losing players?

    Tbh I feel like WG can slow down the grind a little bit....... ranked battle right after Clan battles are ok for like 1 or 2 rotations. But continuing any further is really a huge burnout to the players. Maybe give us a month long break in between?
  7. Your_RNG_Score

    Ship Coupons

    I used to have this problem as well when I was getting my Salem, the coupon doesn’t show until I have the required amount after the coupon is applied.
  8. Your_RNG_Score

    Tier 10 Perm Camo - Worth it?

    Buy the ones you play the most........ or be like me, buy every T10 perma camo possible and wonder why I have 0 savings in my bank. also @TechDeals see you in LTX
  9. Your_RNG_Score

    My computer system

    well i mean i do have an extra 1070 ti FTW 2 hanging somewhere............
  10. Your_RNG_Score

    Wargaming... you win...

    Why do you need an HEDT? I’m thinking of upgrading my i7 4790K to an i9 9900K but gonna hold off till Zen 2 arrives. Also recently upgraded to RTX 2080 so kinda broke right now......
  11. Your_RNG_Score

    NEW Yamato Model - In-Depth Screenshot Comparison

    Well im not at home so I can't really see it in port yet.......... How come I got the feeling of just taking Musashi's hull and just slapping it on Yamato?
  12. Your_RNG_Score

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    I vote for Holiday theme with Sci-Fi at close second since I think Holiday theme will be hard to implement due to most people having either family gatherings or needing to head out on such days
  13. Your_RNG_Score

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    As I’m still withholding the title of owning ALL tier 10 perma camo............ Yes I will be buying it.
  14. Your_RNG_Score

    Just got new emblem!

    my Ship Collector Elite Emblem, it makes me so proud of how much of my life-savings have blown into this game
  15. Your_RNG_Score

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    OOF this with Stalingrad with be a magnificent sight