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  1. Bring Back Kitakami!

    How about Kitakami with torp reload booster?
  2. Epicenter: Yay or Nay?

    I like epicentre IF there’s cover inside the cap. Flat map with epicentre is boring
  3. Aircraft ship torpedo squadron

    Ah Langley I see, Langley have superior fighter compare with Hosho, therefore you should focus more on the fighters position and clearing you sky for the team. When facing against another Langley, try to bring their fighters above friendly ships (don’t bring them above IJN DD *anyships that ends with -kaze* if possible since stealth is their EVERYTHING) and lock them so friendly AA can contribute as well
  4. Aircraft ship torpedo squadron

    May I ask what tier of CV are you at right now? For Tier 4-5 CV cannot adjust anything other than the direction it dropped in. (Also known as Auto-drop) Tier 6+ CV are able to do manual drop by holding (ALT) +(left click). Therefore you are able to adjust the range you drop from the target. Just beware there is a minimum arming distance for airdrop torpedo. Otherwise the torpedo won’t arm in time and will deal NO damage. However, you are unable to adjust the narrowness of the drop. Both IJN and USN CV have a different torpedo pattern, some premium ships have different pattern itself as well *looks at KAGA* hope that helps
  5. Judging from the Halloween crates I can tell at least they won’t be offering the “guaranteed no duplicate ship” again
  6. Anti-CV Strategies

    Then...... CV hunt? The map are small in low tier anyways
  7. CV captain question

    Well it’s actually quite easy to lose planes to RNCL. If the Neptune was never spotted and get into smoke, you may not pay much attention to it because they will think it is a DD. Moreover when you are playing CV, you might not even notice your within the AA range of the Neptune if he build for AA
  8. You know you play WoWS a lot when:

    To be precise, When these achievement somehow appeared in the Profile~~~~~~
  9. BOOM, I have arrived.

    I lost 2 yesterday....... back at 158
  10. You know you play WoWS a lot when:

    When I joined this game last year November for the ARP ships, but one year later you realized you have 9 Tier Xs with 5000 battle. ALSO, when you get all 5 special achievement for Clash of Element event. Edit: Didn’t realized I break 5000 already
  11. Nerf to Sims? why?

    I thought PREMIUM ship cannot be nerfed
  12. For my gaming convenience...

    They will, Soooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  13. High speed Internet =/= Stable internet
  14. Black Friday Premium Camo Discount?

    As in the ship they can give you? from what i recall they have the same drop for Supercontainer.
  15. tips for IJN CV skills?

    That's the build i run with IJN CV