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  1. Wait what? What do this have to deal with Camo? I’m confused
  2. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    Hence its the reason why i posted the event here as well, before I post it on the forums, I have already notify many clans (50+ I think?) about such event coming up. However I would like to reach out to the players who are not in a clan yet to join this event as well, so I made this post here
  3. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    Yep, we are currently working on various chat room in our discord server. You may not be able to see them yet. However when the day comes, everything will go smoothly :)
  4. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    We are looking forward to have an event where you are able to play with teammates and enemy that you can talk to, but also have a randomness so that you won't be guaranteed to only play against people that you know. After all, the whole point of this game is to have fun! So why not have some fun while playing the game with a bunch of people in the same game that you can talk to? Also can you imagine a game where there are 12vs12 Izyaslav?
  5. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    Hello fellow captains, We are currently planning to host a clan sync-drop event on the 25-26th May. The goal is for various clans to flood the random battle queues, and enjoy playing against each other together - accompanied by a healthy level of banter. We hope to have over 100 players join in on the event, so we need your help to make this happen! Please notify your clan members along with your friends, and get them to join this Discord since this is where the event will be hosted. The tier and precise time of the event are not yet decided, and we would love your input into what would work best. https://discord.gg/d4RB2ey Sincerely, The Moderation Team of WoWs Clan Embassy Channel.
  6. Good luck recruiting, keep growing bigger and bigger!
  7. Glad that I could help improve the community a little bit at a time
  8. I have added your clan discord link to our list. Happy hunting
  9. Yeah i think this would be a great opportunities for new player or players who are unable to find people to play with (like me when I first start the game).
  10. I will be adding more different clan to the list as I find more ;)
  11. Hello Fellow Captains! I have made a Discord channel that have gather the link toward the other clans discord channel (40+) . I think such addition will greatly assist new player to have easier access to various clan for help, tutoring, etc. It also serves the purpose of organizing different cross-clan events such as scrim, custom battle, cross-clan division or clan leader discussion. https://discord.gg/zWT9ZQs **Please keep it civil and polite in the channel!** P.S. For the clan who do not wished to be listed in the discord channel or would like to be added to the list, feel free to contact me by either within discord or forum PM. Good Luck and Fair Seas, Top_Gun_1999
  12. I just want to see how long does he last till he goes pink/orange
  13. ^ This is why they implemented this system. To prevent such things to happen and to counter such unsportsmanlike action, so people won't be able to take advantage of it. DEAL WITH IT, LOSE LIKE A MAN
  14. Being Top 100 and Earning the Kami R in the Clash of Element Event Because people either: 1) Forgot about that horrible event 2) Never know about this skin 3) Have not joined when the event were a thing