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  1. So I had two games where I was detonated above 75%. one was in a buffalo a midway detonated me from a single dive bomb and another game I was in a jean Bart at again above 75% detonated by a torpedo. from a Hakuryu.
  2. userz123

    Post CV first impressions here.

    The flak is too strong, a single flak hit wipe ur entire squad is retarded.
  3. I just saw the lunar new years thing, and was tempted to spend a little bit of money, i was expecting maybe at most 50 USD. then i saw that i cannot just buy the Irian but i had to buy 2 other 60 dollars worth of random stuffs....before i can. so are they really asking me to spend close to 200 dollars????
  4. Well I put hey guys there is a new Chinese ship girl game you guys should check it out. I got a few reply of something in line of knock off clone etc and then next thing the post was deleted got a warning for promoting another game.. 😓
  5. I just though it's really interesting that people were so hostile and negative toward it when the game first came out..
  6. So I remember back over a year ago when. Azur lane first released I made a post about the game and was removed immediately And then I got a warning for posting it . So I Thought no one was interested and then I saw someone else posted the game a few month after and didn't get removed cuz the game blew up in Japan now wg is advertising azur lane lol. How thing have changed.
  7. userz123

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They confirmed it, a lot of artists has their own social media account and they announce it, their names are also listed in the Chinese wiki so people know who drawn who etc, some of the artist has kind of gained celebrity status because of their works are popular, for example the artist name Saru she is quite popular among the fans of WSG, GF and AL. I see, well the quality still feels a lot better than a lot of art of KC, i don't mean to bash on KC but quite a lot of original character art works did not age well compare to today's standard, for example the pre kai ni furutaka of KC...KC itself need a modernization of its art, they really should update the quality of the older characters i don't understand why KC don't do that, WSG did it they updated and replaced quite a lot of older not up to standard art work for their characters.
  8. userz123

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    The art works are not questionable, They hired same artiest who worked on other games like Warship Girls and Girls frontline this is why some of the art works look similar. nothing in the game is like kancolle, the only similarity for kancolle is sometime they use the same trope, for example both Aoba in Kancolle and in Azur lane are reporter trope, it's more like saying t34 in world of tank is a rip off of t34 from war thunder.
  9. userz123

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    o i didn't know World of Warship community is interested in azur lane.
  10. userz123

    This grind sucks.

    Man it take ages now for me to even get a t4 ship! I get like 800 the most, if i get over 1000 xp in a game that's really a miracle, i get very little before they nerf xp gain cuz i suck at shooting in this game, now i get even less. Too much of a grind feast.