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  1. JeffersOnnxD

    [Atualização 0.8.4] - Servidor Inativo

    kkkk cara nunca veja as news do site português, pq as traduções são todas furadas.
  2. JeffersOnnxD

    Audio is crackling and choppy

    same problem here, tried remove the audio driver and update, and still the issue, sometimes is impossible to play fps drops below 20, before patch played in ultra audio and now is hard to play in low audio.
  3. meu jogo toda vez q aperto ESC e clico em SAIR DO JOGO não acontece nada, e depois de uns 5~8 segundos ele fecha do nada, já desfragmentei o disco e reparei o jogo mais continua, não sei se só acontece comigo.
  4. JeffersOnnxD

    Dobrões de graça!

    Gostaria de participar, ainda não estou recebendo os dobrões
  5. JeffersOnnxD

    Problem with Last Stage of PEF Campaign

    im not premium user, but im saving new year crates to use and complete the collection when this 4th directive will be available.
  6. JeffersOnnxD

    Rewards for 7.9 are available

    i have the same problem, i redeem and no received in game.
  7. JeffersOnnxD

    Bismarck camo doesnt show

    i forgot this,in monarch camo no need this, anyway, many thanks.
  8. i completed the Bismarck collection (bought all containers for coal) and received the camo, but do not appear to use.
  9. JeffersOnnxD

    Your GO NAVY results

  10. JeffersOnnxD

    Clan "Tag" not showing up

    is this, thanks for explain.
  11. JeffersOnnxD

    Clan "Tag" not showing up

    my problem has solved, i talk to my clan leader and him updated my membership, close the game and login back, works again and received 140 oil.
  12. JeffersOnnxD

    Clan "Tag" not showing up

    I have the same problem, since yesterday, cannot collect oil (6 containers and no oils) and tags dont show up in chat, port and loading screen, but click in clan show the clan members and me inside.