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  1. Destroyer_Hammann

    Azur Lane Premium Crates - What you get

    So guessing these will be for sale once they detail the second part of the collab in may?
  2. Destroyer_Hammann

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    I believe 3 CVs per side should never happen luckily for me it only happened for me the day the reworked released haven't seen it since but that match was just bad. 2 CVs is ok at lower tier but like T4 but it should not exist past that as T8 still has the problems that double T10 CVs made, T6 is something im not sure of as it can sometimes be too much and other times I don't notice them when its double. As for 1 CV its something i am ok with personally it adds some spice to the match but still manageable to survive against cause I only have to worry about 1 squad attacking me instead of 2 or 3.
  3. Destroyer_Hammann

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    Now all I need is for Hammann to appear in the game either as a ship or as a commander and I will be completely satisfied with the AL collab. Though I do like the new editions will probably be buying Neptune and Prinz Captains.
  4. Destroyer_Hammann

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    The Pricing does seem strange 20k steel is a lot of steel for a T9 ship while its counterpart in the armory is 14k. This worries me a little for future ships having a big inflation in prices for coal and steel I mean instead of having a standard of price based on Class and Tier.
  5. Destroyer_Hammann

    Petition - Ocean Map for 1 month⚓

    Hmm only if they make it a separate playlist of like Ocean 24/7 like how when they added Arms Race that way people who don't like it dont have to play it all the time but still could be a fun thing I guess.
  6. Destroyer_Hammann

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    In my opinion the golden age of the game was OBT and early launch as everyone was mostly new to the game and was on an even playing field. Though also still miss the old IJN DD line and T7 Kiev lol.
  7. Destroyer_Hammann

    How do I deal with a CV focusing me?

    Stay close to team mates with decent AA the enemy CV will have to take a big risk to strike you if your in a large AA bubble.
  8. Destroyer_Hammann

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    I do believe most people who are complaining about CVs are just over reacting. You can still counter CVs just fine its all about adapting and playing with your team nobody is a one man army the only CVs I consider OP are the high tier US CVs just simply cause of the HE bombs the IJN and UK CVs feel and seem pretty balanced to me and not a problem to fight at all.
  9. Destroyer_Hammann

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Ocean is one of the maps I forget exists since its so rare and when it does come up its usually a bad match lol .
  10. Destroyer_Hammann

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    Honestly imo of fighting CVs of every tier post rework I think really only t8 and t10 (which is already done now) need to have the 1 CV per side limit. T8s are and can still be very effective on their own if the player plays it correctly and plans their targets. T4 and T6 CVs from my experience with them and fighting against them don't really seem all that effective atm so I believe they should still be allowed to have double per team to help their effectiveness not so much to be OP as they do not really do all that much from what ive seen. I do believe that 3 per side is just ridiculous and that 2 should be max but limited to T4 and T6 kinda like the old CV system you know?