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  1. If possible (from the logs), I'd like to suggest a bit more break-out of ribbons as well, specifically, I am in the Honorable Service campaign trying to earn the Shinonome and there's a 3-star task of "5 engine incapacitations". I tried to make a spreadsheet and take incapacitations (of any kind) = ribbons - main battery hits - planes shot down - torp hits -kills (all the columns I could use that create ribbon counts) but this leaves a residual of a bunch of ribbons, not just incapacitations: secondary hits, fires, floods, spotting. Anything you could do to help in mxstat would be great - I love the program! Just send you a first-time donation (from Ryan@JS instead of k3for since that's where my PayPal email is linked)
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    Clan battles tonight

    [RTXN] having problems as well -
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    Royal Navy Destroyer Collection - complete

    The complete collection rewards listed are: the Royal Navy - Lighting camo "1" the British Commonwealth - Haida camo "1" British collection commemorative flag (btw this collection is not listed at http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Collections ) The camo rewards are not listed on the wiki at http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage Are these perma camo's? Or do you really only get a one-time use out of these And what are the camo bonuses?
  4. If you want players to get better, they have to be able to learn from mistakes - to do that, there must be consequences of not doing it the right way. Both the violator and victim learn from the current model. Harsh tk makes players git gud.