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  1. Initial Santa Crate results

    @ Rivertheidiot: I didn't know that. I thought I read somewhere someone got a Emden last year. Good to know though!
  2. Initial Santa Crate results

    Bought 45 $3 boxes. Got Eight premium ships, nothing less than a T5. Multiple Fir camos and special signals. Picked up 11K doubloons as well. AWESOME!
  3. Former brown-shoe looking to join an active clan. I have only been playing a short time and have lots to learn! I don't really have a preferable play style, and I can't really say I'm good at any one thing (but I can say I probably suck at every thing). Anyway, looking for a like-minded group who A: wants to have FUN, B: wants to win, but not at the cost of being ridiculous to those who are still learning, and C: did I mention wants to have fun?
  4. New player inconsistency

    Likewise! I have quite a few close friends from the USAF (we rubbed shoulders from time to time). Amazing how most everyone knows someone from somewhere if you've been around long enough. Only experience I have with Chicago is "Great Mistakes". Loooong time ago.
  5. New player inconsistency

    It very well might! Actually, I was raised there. Been everywhere (active duty brownshoe USN, retired), holed up in (quad-state-area) PA now.
  6. New player inconsistency

    Hey all; Been playing for about a month, mostly co-op to "get my sea legs". I normally approach the game the same way every time (depending on class, of course) but find my results all over the map. One game I'll kill 4+, the next I'm the first one down with not a shot fired. The next, top of the leader board again. Is it just bad luck or what? If I'd be changing up what I do and how I could see reasoning for such a large contrast, but this baffles me. Anyway, I try to do a little bit of this, and a little bit of that with all classes. Don't really have a favorite or a least favorite, they're all great in their own ways and they all aren't so great in their own ways. End-of-the-day though, I have fun 90% of the time, which is to say it's a good thing. Keep on keepin' on, and have a may your evening skies always be red.