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  1. zarth12

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    lol. Watch AP bombs get addressed and not DD performance which has been the lowest of all ship types since beta.. It is almost like, "can't have anything that hurts BBs in game".
  2. 1.) I smell a Straw Man. I never claimed balancing was nerfs only. 2.) Radar is a skill void and game breaking hard counter that was the answer to NOTHING. It has and had zero justification. DDs were and are the lowest performing ship type since beta. Torpedoes have never had anything higher than a single digit hit rate. There is zero evidence an environment with smoke, but no radar, was a balance issue.
  3. zarth12

    The Stalingrad

    1.) The ignorance is spewing. Money is a quantitative equivocation for effort. It was earned in some way. It evidence of effort in capital, economic scale, global scale. Capital is factually equivalent to MORE effort then you can ever claim in game for anything that was not purchased with said capital. 2.) Sorry, but you can not equivocate hours of playing a game as the same economic worth as hours worked at a job. More logical fallacies. "I should get paid for watching movies at the theater". You are consuming media, interacting with media. Business is business. You sure do like to make fallacious statements. Apple, Amazon, Boeing, Home Depot, McDonalds.... all completely different businesses. Yet all up there as powerhouses in the market. WoWs is first and foremost an arcade game, yet has the population smaller then many hardcore pure mil-sim games.
  4. Still failed to address the points made. Proof by assertion and white-knighting do not work on me.
  5. 1.) No I do not. There are thousands of people in the world that believe the world is flat. That doesn't mean they are any less incorrect, nor do their beliefs change fact. Nice Appeal to authority. Wargaming is not some universal diety. 2.) Nice White-knighting. He presented the same exact argument that has been reasserted in this thread over 3 times and refuted already. Refutation does not require acceptation. 3.) Sufficient is subjective. As a business and game developer team as well as the accountants and Shareholders that go with that, it would be a poor business decision to mold the game around you and your clan. This is proven in the same points you both failed to address about the most successful games being purely cosmetic in their rewards and exponentially higher population as well as participation in competitive modes.
  6. 1.) You don't need anyone to acknowledge something as proven fact for it to be so. 2.) Considering he has failed to address a single point, and failed to present any new coherent argument that wasn't refuted. No I am not a hypocrite. This is just you using terminology you don't understand. 3.) You mean like the unique rewards that I clearly stated multiple times in this very thread should have been in place of Stalingrad? Is this you admitting to being illiterate or something?
  7. Sorry but proof by assertion does not work on me. Still failing to address to points already made.
  8. Regurgitating an already refuted argument doesn't make it any less so. and by Landedkiller
  9. Nice logical fallacy. Of course the same incoherent argument of "anyone that says an unpopular truth is whining/salty". There is zero justification anyone could make for an entire class being the reward for gated content. None what-so-ever. It should be available to everyone outside of Clans and Ranked. It isn't a unique cosmetic, it isn't a mirror ship with minor differences like Flint, Black, and Salem. Since South Dakota isn't available otherwise, so that makes Alabama again a unique class. That is comparable to Stalingrad. Just like the solution to that situation should be the solutions or a similar one, to Stalingrad. ST still were able to retain a completely unique cosmetic others could not obtain. "Let the hardcore playerbase get something unique". Again, you don't have a coherent argument. A new cosmetic that no-one else can get, is by definition... ***Unique***. Flint, Black, Salem. All **Unique**, but not in entirety of class.
  10. That is not how balance works.
  11. LOL. You don't fix something that is factually broken by compensating it with a buff to make it stronger.
  12. See underlined... Are they even able to have a Q&A now without contradiction to truth.
  13. Exactly. Who knows... Maybe they have some sort of unique Cryptocurrency mining operation that feeds off Competitive activity to fund the electric bills. lol
  14. Again, you are clearly disconnected from reality as well as economics. If someone purchases a ship, the money they spent was earned and it has real economic equivocation. It's very basis is earned result. "Throwing money at it" is nothing more then ignorant rhetoric typically use by those who simply don't have the money to solve monetary issues. Unattractive option for WG? So who keeps the game running and the lights on exactly? lol. What random words? and I was using your own statements. There is no miss-interpretation. Perhaps more logic and less emotion, and less flip-flopping.
  15. Then FXP would be the best option, but SOLO Random players can still earn coal at a good rate so you are not really making any sense.. "But people could buy their way into that and even I don't think that's what Stalingrad should represent". That is fine, but keep in mind you are losing all basis to your argument. Now you are saying that the random solo player should get a reward with an equivalence of ZERO effort in regards to earning. You seem to be very disconnected from reality. Those who buy something for real money, factually put more effort into the earning of that specific purchase then anyone has for Steel and especially if someone didn't even put in a record-able amount of time in game as well.