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  1. 1.) Again, there was no buff simply for those ranges, and sub 4km? It is becoming clear you are trolling at this point. There was never a point in this game, not ever, when BBs had accuracy problems at 4km.... much less anything sub 12km. No ship for that matter. 4km is PB range...nice try though 2.) I have seen the armor. This is where further lack of experience is showing. Brawling =/= sailing broadside. Sorry, but it doesn't. A ship can angle in a brawl as well, if anything it is more advantageous because it grants the user a more guaranteed kill if things go south. 3.) Turret traverse? More fallacies. There are plenty of ships in the game that have to be played with turret traverse in mind, not just BBs. 4.) Except they do, and it happens. BB shell velocities aren't some super slow round, like you attempt to hint towards in those hyperboles. 5.) Evasion tanking? Now you are talking about skilled play + mistakes of aggressor vs hard coded values. 0/10 6.) You mean when the BB is ignoring the Zao sure... lol. Again see #4. Overall you seem to be under some deluded fantasy as to what brawling means. My sigma nerf would not force BBs to brawl. Reading comprehension.
  2. 1.) Incorrect. There was no buff to short range accuracy on BB main batteries... lol... at this point you are not even making a valid attempt in making fictitious claims. Battleship Max dispersion and sigma values were buffed after Battleship players complained that they could not hit anything consistently (see good portion of shells fired) at their max ranges. This where the whole "BBabies", WG catering, etc... started. Because it was pretty much around this time that Wargaming also openly admitted that Battleship players are also their highest $$ spenders. Doesn't take a powerful mind to see that plot thicken. 2.) Looks like you are clearly forgetting how new the KM BB line is compared to USN and IJN. 3.) Yes because a tradeoff nerf for lowering the citadels doesn't make sense, right? 4.) Bias? Pot meet kettle. I play every ship type. I have every TX except 2, and one is a CV. I have every Tx BB in game, and even Mo. It doesn't take much skill to land 1-3 AP shells on a DD, even at very long ranges. Does it full pen each time? no... ofc not... Sounds like the problem is inward. Perhaps your accuracy and knowledge at using BB main batteries isn't all you think it is. 5.) To further reiterate your lack of knowledge on game mechanics. BB AP on DDs full penning/Double dipping actually occurs far less the less range that exists between the two ships. Ergo, the closer the DD, the less chance of full pens regardless of orientation. The farther the BB rounds travel the less penetration they have, as is with ANY round fired in WoWs. Full pen/2xDipping on DDs occurs because not enough pen on impact coupled with orientation. 6.) Again.... more showcasing a lack of experience. IJN have ships with plenty good enough secondaries. Just because they have to angle and position better than say KM BBs at close ranges does not mean anything. I was clearly making the point that with a flat accuracy nerf across the board the *brawling* type BBs like KM are not going to suddenly be more powerful. a 35-45% sigma nerf to BBs across the board would simple mean that the accuracy Yamato sees at 23-25km, they would see at 19-20km (roughly).. and that also means the range in which a KM BB is accurate is also lessened. 7.) Who is mad? Seems like you are the only one emotional here. This point was already refuted. Argumentum ad nauseam doesn't work on me. 8.) Nice logical fallacies. The debate has nothing to do with smoke or radar. Although some of which has already been addressed (see DCP buff for BBs I also noted) 9.) You can "reiterate" your "point" as much as you want. Proof by assertion does not work on me. Simple fact, BBs have highest armor and EHP. Ergo they are Meat shields by very definition, even the devs claim so in said very factual design element. This is not a sim, so if they were not meant to be a meat shield there is no reason they would need that EHP/armor.. since they are clearly okay with having the attributes of a sniper as well
  3. 1. Over a year ago, BBs received a large accuracy buff. The BB lines released after this simply started with the buffed accuracy as a baseline. BBs have had citadels lowered since then. Some BBs have had TDS buffed. There has also been many DD nerfs since then as well which equates to an indirect BB buff. Need I go on? 2. I'm sure the same question could be asked for every single buff/nerf the game has seen, for any ship type. 3. See #1. So yes. The only way to fix it is a heavy handed sigma nerf to Battleships across the board, all tiers and all nations by the same flat %. You can't buff DDs across the board otherwise you will damage cruiser balance as well. You cant buff cruiser survivability against BBs across the board, otherwise you damage DD balance as well. Those type of ideas are bred from ignorance, and are akin to putting a tourniquet on an uninjured arm instead of the severed leg. A flat % (like 35-45%) sigma nerf to BBs across the board coupled with a BB DCP action time buff would completely solve the issues at hand. What are those issues? 1.) BBs are deleting cruisers at extreme ranges with ease and requiring very little thought/skill. 2.) BBs are deleting/near deleting DDs with AP with ease and requiring very little thought/skill. 3.) BBs have the largest ehp+armor AND the longest effective range. 4.) Fires are out of control, but unfortunately a necessary evil due to 1-3. A large cause of 1-3? BBs are way....way too accurate. "Oh but won't a sigma nerf like that only gimp BBs not the best at brawling?". Nope. as it is the same flat % for everyone, even the "Brawling" centric BBs will have their *effective* (see accurate) range reduced as well. With my proposed sigma nerf, BBs max range would not be touched. They could still take the same shots from the same ranges as they do now. The only difference is, after the sigma nerf, they would be far..far less efficient at firing at those ranges. A far more shells would miss at those ranges. Thus, for BBs to see the same damage numbers and kills they do now... well they would have to get closer. What happens when they get closer? They present an actual target where other ship types can actually return fire. What happens because of that? The BBs are now effectively being team players by utilizing that EHP. Oh look... now DDs aren't getting magically deleted by the 1--4 BB AP rounds that counted as full pen or double dipped from the BB 20km+ away. Now those DDs are screening the BBs that are now pushing up because they are surviving longer. Oh look, now cruisers are not getting mass citadeled regardless of position or angle from either unseen battleships or battleships at ranges well outside of that very cruisers range to return fire. Now cruisers are able to focus fire on those enemies who are firing at their BBs.... and help screen for enemy DDs.. Oh and BBs are eating less fire damage over time because their DCP immunity time is longer. Greetings Balance. Welcome.
  4. You spout logical fallacies like there is some kind of monetization or reward for such a thing. You claim he did not provide evidence that proved you wrong, just because he posted a video of only ONE ship. That right there IS moving the goal posts amongst many other fallacies at the same time. Where is YOUR evidence posted (with cited sources) showing how the Midway is overpowered in the first place? Oh that's right, you must think that your words posted alone simply equate to fact. You lost the debate before it even started in that case.
  5. Incorrect. Musashi and Yamato are easily comparable, as is Salem and DM. Kronsh and Stalingrad have very large differences. Even their sizes are different. It opens no complications as rewards should not be ships in the first place. In reality, rewards should be unique camos, flags and things of that nature. Flint, Black, Musashi, Salem..... these are candidates that push the boundaries but are still well in acceptable lines for games including as rewards for gated content. Games have learned this long ago, and the ones that did not change.... bled out like an arterial sever. Stalingrad not only passes that boundary, but moves past it a mile and flips the bird to the boundary itself.
  6. You realize the title of this very thread mentions Stalingrad as well? Baffling indeed.
  7. Here are the main problems: 1.) BBs have been so catered to by WG the mains even have general entitlement attitudes. 2.) Out of all bloated historical inaccuracies, one of the very largest is BB accuracy for main guns. I am talking complete Sci-fi, expect to see a star destroyer released in game, gap between realism and fantasy. 3.) Due to catering, BBs have also been coddled into poor, and selfish play by Wargamings own hands. Sitting back and sniping. Name a single game in existence other than one from Wargaming that has an archetype which encompasses the following traits: Tank, Burst Damage, Sniper, Brawler. NONE, there is none. It is a concept that is completely broken and overpowered from the formulation of words alone. Want the game to be balanced? Want there to be actual skill involved in playing BB? Nerf BB sigma across the board by 33-45%. Buff BB DCP (anti flood/Fire immune time) action time by 40-50%, and increase secondary range across the board slightly.
  8. That is gated. Perhaps learn terminology before speaking out of ignorance? Again, lesson learned by game companies 10+ years ago, not all learned the easy way either. Not a single penny until patch notes.
  9. I actually think it is YOU, OP, who doesn't understand the reason for the outrage. It has nothing to do with a ship line coming before another nations. It has to do with Wargaming committing a grievous error, intentionally, one that other game companies learned 10+ years ago all to well. It is almost like THE golden rule of any online game such as this. You do NOT give completely unique, non cosmetic rewards through competitive/gated content. People are outraged because the correct path, thought to be common sense, has been seen as uncommon when seeking it in the minds of Wargaming devs. Stalingrad should NOT be the CB reward nor should any completely unique ship be the reward for CB nor ranked. Black....Flint..... are not completely unique...and for the most part a reskin. Salem should have been the CB/Ranked reward. Even Mo and Musashi make more sense than Stalingrad. As thus, some of us very large whales refuse to give WG another penny, and have continued to since Stalingrads announcement, until we see patch notes that show it available by non gated means.
  10. @#3, doesn't alleviate nor change anything.
  11. Staliningrda Class

    It really is simple, and game companies learned this the hard way a decade (or more) ago. You don't reward non cosmetic/unique upgrades through gated content, competitive or otherwise. Ranked....Clan battles...whatever.... the ONLY rewards should be cosmetic for the most part. Black.... Flint.....Good examples of the correct way. Salem would be the perfect choice for CB/Ranked as well. Even Mo/Musashi make perfect examples of what they could have used. Stalingrad is a unique ship up and down. That is problem number one, and a very large one. Problem number two is in the very video recently showcasing the developers efforts regarding Stalingrad, official WG video btw, they openly admit the ship is going to be more powerful than Mosvka...and even "The best ship in the game". This is why me and a few other very large whales that I know have not given a penny to WG since Stalingrad's very first announcement months ago, and will continue to keep our wallets locked shut until a patch notes hit the game showing a different, non gated path, regarding Stalingrad.
  12. Until I see patch notes that show otherwise, consider the pitch fork still lit. Those words are very generalized and easily considered as twisted. "without direct CB engagements"... to me at least.... sounds like CB progress on CB mission will be Clan-wide just like rating changes.... Which still makes it no less of a gated reward. The second quote as well still sounds like zero change.... or very little not sure why the concept of Cosmetic rewards only for gated content is such a hard concept to grasp. Only the game companies doomed for failure time and time again failed to turn from the one WG is following.
  13. Hopefully that is true, but I know for myself, I will stand by the promise of not giving another penny until I see it offered in game by other means not gated like CW
  14. Agreed. Even Musashi and Mo. make more sense as a CW/Ranked reward than Stalingrad...
  15. How to carry with Moskva?

    The problem is people have very different definitions as to what it means to "carry". In reality, Carrying would be a users being the sole purpose for their team winning. Some seem to be under the deluded idea that it only means Most damage and Kills, or even capping. Simply having 3-4 ships focus your Moskva and surviving due to proper position and angling while your team is able to freely batter them is by very definition, you carrying.