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  1. KAAOS_Frosty

    ST, time between plane attacks

    So do you agree with the other points made? I know the GZ would murder BB's had it happen to me. But it was pulled from sale just like many other OP premiums. Fine tuning he says. They used Sledge Hammers for nerfs. So when should we see fire nerfs? Got flooding nerf'ed to a point where I watch those happen. There is only so much of a Metal ship that can burn. Put out 2 to watch them re-spawn on your ship's these days. But that is the new Meta RIGHT. Why only tier 10 CV's? And 8.0 was going to show problems from my understanding they kept telling WG that it wasn't ready. But WG's wisdom played out. At least they are taking their time with the SUBMARINES they said would never be in the game. Someone already said this about the sling shot and I asked why just tier 10 so it can be done in all other tiers? If I start an attack run on a line of ships the wait Between each attack is now longer. With the already lengthen attack start up time. Now you will have to circle out to the outer AA rings to start another attack. Just making it to where you would be Back to the Flak before attacking again. This would do nothing to stop players from dropping half the flight before starting any attacks either due to map sizes and where you start. Frosty
  2. KAAOS_Frosty

    ST, time between plane attacks

    This is what created the high level skill gap. A Uni-CV captain's would deplane the other cv and render it useless. Do away with manual drops. Which was why that CV was pulled from sale. Not many of them where out there. I would see them few and far between. Didn't take them long to start Nerfing them into the ground for 5 months. Think the first nerf's happened in a matter of days. Where was the so called time. It would make sense if they feel it is an exploitation of the mechanic. So why just tier 10 this can be done at all tiers???? Frosty
  3. KAAOS_Frosty

    ST, time between plane attacks

    Why. Just why. Before adding any new ship lines. Any new ship lines. Please finish adjusting CV's. Please. Been over a year now. And still we have to mess with CV's to please somebody. Since it will be longer between attacks that means less damage done again. Another Nerf to CV's this time just tier 10. But another nerf none the less. Just revert back to RTS and remove the fighters from it. Or better yet keep nerfing CV's until no one wants to play them any longer. Can we get numbers of players for CV's Pre-Rework and Post-Rework. I would say accept for Tier 4 your close to Pre-Rework CV numbers. Frosty
  4. So if it says your going to lose. I am guessing with you saying this your already disheartened and don't play to your full potential. So don't use such tools and do your best and hang in there. Frosty
  5. 1st. Said DD Captain should have held up and back until the CV's planes were spotted. Help the Captain figure out where they should go to best avoid that encounter. 2nd. The same could be said with any ship in the game that get's put as bottom tier. IE. 5's in 7's or 6's in 8's or even 8's in 10's. 3rd. Tier 8 CV's have issues going against tier 10 AA. Just like tier 6 CV's have issues going against tier 8 AA. (Don't see you complaining for them.) 4th. I have seen cruisers exit the game in the same fashion from getting spotted and then deleted from either a single BB on a Dev Strike or Multiple ships hitting them in the opening minutes. (Once again your not speaking for them.) 5th. With all that said. Sounds more like a please remove CV thread. And I think you were the DD Captain you speak of. I gather that from points 4 and 5. Frosty
  6. KAAOS_Frosty

    PResent meta

    With that being said. You should Nerf fire damage. Why do you think they sit at long range. So they don't get burnt down by cruisers. Or just do away with over half the islands on any map. Or put the ocean map on a more frequent cycle. Frosty
  7. KAAOS_Frosty

    Help with AP Bombers

    RNG. Frosty
  8. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    BYE. Did you read what you posted below this. If referring to me no longer playing them. I got tired of have to learn new things every time I logged on. If a DD drives straight to the cap point with a CV in the game and gets lit up I have no mercy for them. Sometimes you just get spotted and focused it sucks. Guess what happens to any ship that FINDS themselves out of position? They get focused. DD's are no different. And the Rocket nerf Bomber nerf and Detection nerf were all done to help the DD's. Maybe He should go back to those days when CV's really [edited] DD's. Back then I would murder them with bombers before I would use rockets on them. I wouldn't have to send a second flight to get them. I am good with all the nerf's that have taken place. I still have my CV's. Short of any mission requiring them. They are Port Queens. CV's don't bother me when I play DD. Only time I wish I had a little more is when I am in a Tier 8 CA/CL against any tier 10 ship. Not just CV's. Even if I did you wouldn't listen. Frosty
  9. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    Clearly, you aren't trying to understand what I'm saying and you don't want to understand. No reasoning whatsoever to what you're saying. Simply saying that CVs will be unplayable if they nerf rockets is like saying Kleber's 0.8 km detection nerf will make Kleber absolutely useless against other classes I would have to agree. Once again this is a Please Remove CV thread. He doesn't understand they have received more nerf's than all other class's in just 1 year. So a NERF to Rocket's, Bombs, Air Detection, and Plane Speed were done for balance you think. The First 3 was because of people crying just like you. Think about that. 3 nerf's just to make DD captains happy and you are STILL CRYING. Better get a towel behind your ears. Frosty
  10. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    U.S.S. Arizona took 1 AP bomb. Just 1. You could say it hit the citadel. Just 1. Guess Battleship AP rounds shouldn't do that either though huh? THEY ALREADY DID THIS. What don't you understand. I know what happened. A Good CV player Touched your DD in a Bad way Get over it. Bet your torps would kill him and don't see you calling for reduced torp damage against CV's since that is how most DD's given the chance kill a CV. Never said that you just need to learn to play DD's I guess. Don't worry WG will Ruin DD's just fine on their own with the new updated Modules coming out don't see you crying about your Torp's that are going to get spotted from a mile away. You need to become a Better DD Captain then. And just for the Notes I stopped playing CV's with all the nerfs they were handed. I now play DD's and CL/CA's. So no bias here. Frosty
  11. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    What change would stop this. In games with NO CV this still happens. AP bombs are going to Hurt. They are supposed to. Think just 1 AP bomb killed a battleship. Just 1. Once again on the rockets. And even you said yup they are nerf'd what more do you want? Yup. Tell me your favorite class and we can nerf the weapon system say 3 times to make it all but useless would you still play? Read then Re-read. That would be punishing. Still waiting for your reply to that? Frosty
  12. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    So let's punish players that are good. That took the time to learn and then re-learn CV's. Ohhh No! A good CV player Killed me. I need Better MM so I only play against potato's. I that your new stance??? Frosty
  13. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    Then read all prior patches to see how much CV's changed and all Nerf's they received in the past Year. Everything you proposed has already been Done. Frosty
  14. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    This was already done to include a longer pre attack time. See prior patches. Frosty
  15. KAAOS_Frosty

    CVs against DDs

    I'm not saying that. I said fix CVs. So it's okay to take 1/3 health out of a DD in one strike? I'm not talking about bad CV players. Many CVs can get a huge strike on a DD especially with huge air detection. Use common sense and it is clear you need to use some since you didn't get the point from my post. Clearly that is what you said. If that is the case a DD shouldn't be able to take 1/3 of the health of any ship with it's Torp's. By the way I play a lot of High Tier DD. Frosty