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  1. KAAOS_Frosty

    Which legendary module do you think is the best?

    No idea as CV's still are unavalible. Frosty
  2. At tier 10 it takes over a minute to get 1 plane back. Losing an entire squad can and does happen at this tier. Midway has 20 bombers on deck squad size 12 13.8 minutes to get all 12 planes back if shot down, 16 Rocket planes on deck squad size 9 11.1 minutes to get them back, 16 Torp planes on deck 9 squad size 13.5 minutes to get them back. Just how long should we wait to get them back. They are giving tier 10's a 45 second delay before launching air craft at the start of the battle as well further reducing Damage output and Nerf'ing the Speed Boost further Reducing damage since it will take longer to traverse the map also meaning longer times in AA rings causing further loss of air craft. So just how long should the CV's wait to get back their air craft???? 69 seconds per Bomber 74 seconds per Rocket and 89 seconds per Torpedo. Frosty
  3. All they needed to do to the RTS system was remove strafing. Calling for the removal of manual drops and reduce the damage is like saying you can no longer aim at said ship. Just target ship and prey for the best RNG possible. And they were not exploits they were game Mechanics. Frosty
  4. KAAOS_Frosty

    Too many planes on CV's

    If you are going to ask them to make CV's more historically correct. Have them do it to all ship class's. Frosty
  5. Ok. Let me treat you like the last HALF DOZEN. I currently don't have to wait any time to launch a new squad. After the Update that is Further Nerf'ing CV's once the match starts Tier 10 will have a 45 Second delay on the first squad you launch. No delays after. Now lets get back to the Original Points you were trying to make. Reduce planes HP increase the damage they do as they lose health. I asked a question and you didn't answer it. Then bring up time it takes to launch a new squad saying to make it faster. What is faster than right away as it is. So you want the planes to die faster doing less damage over all and basically never getting your planes back. So try playing them. Try understanding them. So now answer either question How would you get my planes back faster to me since 9 of them takes over 13 minutes or How much more damage they should do???? Frosty
  6. In the above statement you made where did you say the squad would be full health and ready to fly right away. All I see is increase the speed of getting them back. And given your CV stats I highly doubt you know the pains of waiting for your planes to come back. Frosty
  7. Decrease the HP of planes that die quite fast at Tier 10 or a Tier 8 in a Tier 10 match or a tier 6 in a tier 8. Wow ok. Make them do more damage if they do manage to make a strike. Note if they do. And explain how losing the entire squad isn't punishing to the CV. Do you know how long it takes to get a squad back at Tier 10???? Please look that up and tell me how that isn't punishing the CV. For what 20%, 30%, 80% extra damage or say torps that can be avoided unless your not paying any attention. Midway Torps are so anemic in doing any meaning full damage most would just eat a couple of them vs. turning broad side to the enemy fleet. We'll say just for the sake of argument that you Avg. 3k Dmg per torp and land say 3 but lost all 9 planes in doing so. The wait time to get those 9 planes back is over 13 minutes. The match is 20 minutes. So how much damage should those torps do???? Frosty
  8. I for one use DD's. Very low concealment. Great Torps. Frosty
  9. Then answer this question. If you are not losing you are???? (A) Winning (B) Losing Frosty
  10. KAAOS_Frosty

    How It Works: Flooding

    If they have to put this out are torp's getting buff???? Chance of flood getting better????? Frosty
  11. Please read just had to Shut Down another player for not reading. Frosty
  12. If your not losing I call that winning. You must be a Democrat. Frosty
  13. Would love it. Less guns shooting at my team. That would be called Out Playing. If it is their job to hit and yours not to you won. Frosty
  14. Dear Captains, Please read the following POST found on Page 8 of this Forum. Post #192, #195, #197 (the one I talk about expecting to lose my planes), #198, and #199 Please Re-Read Post # 203 found on Page 9 of this Forum where I told you to read the conversation between me and the other player before looking STUPID AGAIN Frosty