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  1. First time with WG??? You do know this is nothing new with them right. Frosty
  2. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    Not only fun but fundamental. You know the shot of the screen that breaks down each aircraft type. Do you have that? Again this is what you said. Ok you don't have the re-play. See above statement. Frosty
  3. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    Thing is with name calling it never helps your case. These are your words at the top. Never once did you say you no longer had it. But I am saying more of those were Fighters or spotters than you think. Never said you didn't shoot down 100 planes. Just trying to figure out how many were strike aircraft. So either you have the re-play or you don't. And if not you can't say they are all strike aircraft with few fighters. Because you can't remember and don't have the re-play to look at. Or how about this a Screen shot of all downed air-craft do you have that Screen shot?????? If you don't. You shouldn't make such bold claims. Frosty
  4. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    Replay Replay Replay. Frosty
  5. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    How many where fighters Frosty
  6. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    RE-PLAY. You say 2 CV's 100 planes good job. I wanna see how many where fighters and spotters as well. Frosty
  7. KAAOS_Frosty

    Planes shot down

    Re-play? Frosty
  8. KAAOS_Frosty

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    This has been nerfed multiple times. And in the recent patch or one in the near future AP bombs are receiving a DMG nerf as well. This should be your main complaint for Lower Tier ships. Frosty
  9. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    Do your remember saying this. Because you did. Maybe you should get that Texas back out. Frosty
  10. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    Plus we are already manually doing that, why dont we make it automatic. And these poor noobs who havent learn this tricks dont have to suffer. Protect the new players and the CV players! Edited August 13, 2018 by Stimup My well haven't you changed your tune. Go from protect the new and CV players. To Daddy WG will you make the bad cv not touch me again. LOL. Frosty
  11. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    1. Then why are you complaining if your not grinding??? 2. It is still a Heal most tier 5 Cruisers don't even get 1. 3. So can BB's. And they can make it a Dev Strike. But your not complaining about that. And I am guessing you want us to believe that every rocket that hit was a Citadel. If not refer to #2 you have a heal. 4. Re-Play or it didn't happen. Frosty
  12. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    Well which is it Troll. You want the Other game or not. And See you don't just want the low tier CV's where you play at nerfed. You want them all nerfed. But asking for the buff to low tier AA is to hard. Just like learning to play. Frosty
  13. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    So you wanna play a different game. This is World of Warships not what ever game you are talking about. And See you are just a Troll. Instead of asking for the Buff you would rather ask for a Nerf. Suppling no re-play to validate your complaint. And would like magic you have that in just about every Russian ship in the game. Frosty
  14. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    The rudder shift time is Fine. SO LOOK YOUR NOT OPPOSED TO ASKING WG FOR A BUFF TO LOW TIER AA. Hooray for you. Now make that post instead. Frosty
  15. KAAOS_Frosty

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    I gave up on playing CV's unless I have an objective that would require use of them. Then I am in Co-OP (where you should be). Your only thing is nerf the ship that Touch my no no spot. Instead of saying Hey WG can we buff the AA on low tiers a bit. You think they are still OP but can't get out of Tier 4. You don't know the pain of a Tier 6 CV in a tier 8 match or a tier 8 CV in a tier 10 match. Your always going to complain. Your never going to offer any real solutions. I could help you with that but we are going to have to see the re-play first or it never happened. Frosty