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  1. David_Orr

    Leroy Jenkins in the armory

    Cats for avatars; that’s not a good thing, so if THAT’S your argument...
  2. David_Orr

    Possible upcoming tech line

    I.would vote for the Cuniberti Colossus as a Tier 3 Italian premium ship.
  3. I got an email from WG yesterday morning, stating that they were giving me New Year's gift containers, as a surprise gift. No containers in my account; when I clicked on the link in the mail, it took me to the download screen for World of Warships. Did I do something wrong, or is the email link broken? Your Secret Santa Gift.eml
  4. David_Orr

    New Code

  5. And speaking as a sub-49% win rate player, 🖕🏻. Thanks for playing.
  6. David_Orr

    Tier 3 Italian Battleship, please!

    Hey, I still play with my tier 3 Dreadnaught.
  7. WG should design and add a tier 3 Italian Battleship, and add it to the tech tree. Who's with me?
  8. Why is there no tier 3 battleship on the Italian tree? I’m a crummy player, so I depend on those lower-level ships!😂
  9. David_Orr

    The new US Battleship line looks cool...

    Why didn’t Wargaming go into lower tiers? People had done BB splits going back to tier 3/4, I believe. Why a stump?
  10. David_Orr

    HMS Warrior

    Actually, someone posted a heavy cruiser tree for the UK earlier this year, and Warrior was the name used on a tier X design with 3x3 9 inch guns.
  11. David_Orr

    New nation?

    Any information on what's coming after French arc? Italian cruisers, British heavy cruisers?