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  1. US Carriers *Update*

    Regarding Ranger vs Saipan. The experience, how shall I put this? It sucks. Badly. They left the Saipan's Mk7 package alone so now people are flying three squadrons of tier IX fighters regularly. It used to be I only saw that come out for a few kinds of event. As it is, even without the Saipan's Air Supremacy the fighters you have in the air will be outnumbered (with AS the Range gets 1 more fighter to the Saipain's 3). If you do manage to jump an isolated squadron it can still strafe out without losing a plane. The only saving grace is that the Saipain's hangers are tiny in comparison to the Ranger's, but since it can split those planes over only two types (as opposed to Ranger's three), and the smaller fighter squadron size, good luck trying to empty them.