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  1. It does matter - as again WG considers them EVENT ships, not Store brought premiums
  2. Mostly because people conflate HP to being Tanky - pretty sure Grobe is the perfect example as to why thats not true, she has alot of HP - but is in general a very subpar tier 9 battleship. Alot of ships have been rendered moot, neutered by the community simply because people won't learn the games various mechanics. Oh and of course, everything Russian is russian bias - especially on the NA server.
  3. Well said. Kronshtadt specifically performs fairly subpar in comparison to tier 9 Cruisers. She doesn't have the DPM to match them, she doesn't have the Armour to match Tier 9 BB's She's already rather lackluster in every department besides her Radar.
  4. I approve of this message. +1 <3 Anyhow, oh well - nerf is a nerf, ultimately raging on the forums wont do jack~ this has been proven time and time again.
  5. Well - they look pretty, but ultimately they were somewhat useless economically? The alaska's were slower, less armed and less armoured than the Iowa class yet ... from what I can recall info wise, about the same price wise? correct me on that. Jist is, for the price of the Alaska-class, you could've just built another Iowa ... which was faster, more heavily armed and armoured.
  6. Still feels like it - I have to admit, nothings changed but ... aggghhe she's like Kongou now, one game ... just hnnghe, those tight groupings, the next? 9km everything just goes over and under = 3=;
  7. Sure about that? I still earn 1.5-2mil a game in her, even if its a loss. Anyway offtopic! Blahblahyadayada nerf everything cuz russian an stuff an things.
  8. WG - She is not a premium ship, she is classified as an 'event' ship ... so, essentially lets them do whatever they want to em. Example, Missouri - have any of you noticed just how bad her dispersion has been?
  9. I don't understand why Kronshtadt is being dragged into this alongside Stalingrad, as though the two can even begin to compare to eachother. Kronshtadt has its weaknesses, poor concealment, poor manoeuvrability, poor dispersion and paper thin armour ... like, what about Kronshtadt is OP? nothing - I'm guessing people are still basing it off of ST Kronshtadt which, prior to her final iteration was just literally a tier 9 Stalingrad ... which she is no longer. I can whole heartedly agree when it comes to Stalingrad however, yes she needs abit of a nerf - but people keep conflating her as this OMFG MEGAOPAFPLZPLOXNERF ship ... she isn't THAT OP ... if you want to see OP, ask any supertester what she was like Originally. It's like people expect to be automatically able to supalolpenerrryshipcuzmahshapisbetterhurdur ... if you have a bow on stalin? guess what cruisers? SHOOT HE AT IT! every tier 10 Cruiser can out DPM it, the only time it becomes blatantly overpowered is when its being played like a passive coward, sitting at max range using its Stalinium rounds to somehow citadel angled battleships. This whole fire nerf has rendered Alaska pretty much a pointless pick, why? she doesn't have anything going for her anymore, she burns like a BB, she turns like BB, but she has lackluster armour and her main battery, AP wise is just laughable incomparison to DM, Moskva and even Zao's AP for christ sake. As for Azuma, well I'm unfortunately incapable of saying a damn thing about her, but because everyone's watching CC's play her, specifically SuperUnicum CC's like Flamu and Flambass which can make ANY ship seem OP - example, Flamu - can make the Buffalo perform just as well as any tier 10 cruiser. Can we stop basing a ships balance purely on the 1% of the playerbase, let alone basing it purely on CC's - because oh right CC's have been SOOOO viable as of late.
  10. *Le Gaspa* It would seems, dat Gnevsie has returned >;3