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  1. *Le Gaspa* It would seems, dat Gnevsie has returned >;3

  2. Why the hell are people saying he insulted WG Staff? or Threatened staff. WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO PEOPLE! Whilst I might not watch his content, at-least I wont put the blame on him simply because I disagree we with him, this is damn childish. HE NEITHER STATED A THREAT NOR INSULTED WG FACULTY! What he did do was voice his opinion about firing a WG Employee for incompetence on the job, why? because selling people an unfinished product is just wrong, plain and simple, there is no way to aggrandise it as a great idea, or to NOT say whomever decided to release an unfinished product for almost $80 is incompetent.
  3. *Sigh* the issue is dionkraft, unlike Spo ... oooooooooooo ...ooooooon! *gasp* said. We aren't dealing with a company that listens when you make nice talk about how great they are, infact they'll bend over backwards for shills unfortunately, but you dare give a negative review, they'll ignore it, blatantly so, ignore the information provided by supertesters. Which pushes people to get heated, to be far more rash, then and only then will WG respond, by trying to completely silence Foch for example, thankfully they didn't go to the same lengths with iChase.
  4. In my honest opinion, some people in WG should be fired - but that is purely my Opinion, it is in no way a threat, merely my and many others OPINION. As for his statements towards WG, yes they are entirely valid, someone made a choice to put an unfinished premium ship up for sale, knowing that is unfinished and in a bad state, effectively selling an unfinished product for almost $80 WG have clearly displayed they cannot handle a volunteer having an opinion that does not align with the usual 'everything about WG is great!' and then promptly ignoring any suggestions regarding the subject at hand, that being the vessel itself - whilst also punishing dissent. People need to stop looking at players as though they truly have no right whatsoever to critic a game they're playing, that they have no right to judge. The only reason why WG can operate this game is because WE, the PLAYERS, play it, we aren't just nameless cattle for them to milk and abuse like they have been for quite awhile now.
  5. Rights

    l.m.a.o, they removed him due to a bogus reason ... he 'threatened' an employee, right so in wargamings 'OPINION' its a threat to have an OPINION about WG Employees. So, guess that means WG threatened ichase in return? kek, such failure to logic WG.
  6. Why are people saying 'he threatened wargaming employees' ... why are WG saying that?! He threatened no one. Simply saying they should be fired, is NOT in anyway a THREAT, as such iChase did NOT threaten anyone Threat: A statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done. It's called an OPINION - not a threat. Or what? is having an opinion now a defacto threat? don't be moronic.

    While realism in my mind would be awesome, it just wouldn't work with World of Warships, as its an arcade styled game, not a simulator - that belongs to WT, but even then WT wont implement even destroyers. So, sorry my friend, but realism will never come to this game, I'd simply be happy if they'd realise how torpedoes work and that a torpedo hitting the side of a ship, at a severe angle will not detonate, it'll harmlessly bounce off.
  8. Explains the rush of DD's trying to torp me in my scharn, they close in within 8km and find a hell known as, insane amount of accurate secondaries ripping them to shreds, I've magically acquired so many double strikes without realising it, just because, those damn insane secondaries. But, best way to deal with the Scharn, 16inch shells ... done. Then again, if your dealing with a division of scharns that know what the hell they're doing, and all ya doing is presenting a steep angle? HE spam, can manage 2-6k HE damage per salvo if I keep my aim true.
  9. Arizona first thoughts.

    Besides the Velocity, I haven't had any issues with Ari-chan's AP - at-least with how I've been playing her, she's a citadel machine, every salvo I've fired so far has at-least done 1 citadel, yet more frequent than not, I'd get x2 cits or x3 cits. Heck, in my most recent battle, I' reduced a Nagato to a slither of health with x4 cits with a full broadside at 19.2km's.
  10. ^ Amen ... was that too much? jokes aside. He/she is correct, besides making up over half the casualties alone in the attack on Pearl - she really doesn't have much of a history.
  11. She's a glorious ship for sure, and she's such a citadel machine - I can reliably get citadels with this ship, and I'm confident whenever I correctly lead and aim at the waterline on a ship, that I'm sure I'll get a citadel. Heck, every kill I've gotten so far, always came with x2 citadels. about an hour ago, burst fire at a Cleveland at 19km, x2 cits, 24k damage ... same when the Ari gets into tier 8 matches, you'd think she'd be helpless, but nope - she can punch holes through a north cals bow for christ sake. Albeit she cant take much of a hit like the new mex.
  12. Though to be honest - if scharnhorst and gneisenau are appearing as they are now, its promising for the german line, brawlers - delicious bow on brawlers, and we all know how terrifying a tirpitz is when played by a competent player, bouncing Montana shells off the bow, like eurobeat stated - a middle finger to AP shells.