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  1. Evrien

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    S-Sir this lodge does not recognize the pelt of this creature. What species is it you say...a Hosho? A Langley? That ain't no creature we've heard of. Have you tried the Kiddie Sunday's Camping Club next door?
  2. I sure wish Hapa would spend less time telling us to mind our language in game and more telling the development team to lay off the vodka at work
  3. Evrien

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

  4. Headline today: Local man finds out he may be the baddie
  5. Evrien

    A Clan Battles Overhaul

    Well-versed, well-written, truly insightful piece Only possible from a large gamer
  6. Evrien


    OP is absolutely right. I also think jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
  7. Just like I've also seen better fighting from my fellow brave Chinese soldiers fighting off evil Japanese invaders in WWII. They had them coming, ha! You are absolutely right. OP needs to hone his posting skill. Surely he can contribute more as a Hurricane clan player than one who's not!
  8. Evrien


    You can't hide the truth from the good willed playerbase, scoundrel!
  9. Evrien


    Hi everyone please pay no attention to @Ducky_shot because the [OO7] clan is obviously manipulated and paid by Wargaming to promote their propaganda OP is completely right. We must bring light to this horrible, HORRIBLE treatment of the unskilled, exploit, even, I dare say! Also, jet fuel can't melt steel beams
  10. That's not the same as playing Tier X. There are things you have to consider in Tier X that you haven't done before if you aren't playing in person. Actually how on earth do you have no Tier X when you're an Alpha tester? If you are concerned about the economy working against you and don't want screw over other players' matches, play in Training Room. You will have to set up your ship with the right modules (or you can choose not to), and each battle in training room has no consequence on your economy.
  11. To be VERY honest, Ranked isn't supposed to be a place for less experienced players like you (with all due respect), in particular when it comes to not having a T10 and thereby having little to no understanding of the rental ships you are playing. Yes, Ranked is costly, but that "paywall" you suggest is quite readily prepped for by good and experienced players with their reserves. Not to be elitist, but without a solid understanding of the game at T10 (for this season's tier), you cannot expect to progress too deep, and for this reason you'll only fluctuate, which would force you to experience a pay trap more severe than do other more experienced players. These are all reasons why good and competitive players dislike rental ships idea to begin with - less experienced players on rental ships are a liability on the team, and it causes them to have a bad gameplay experience coupled with heavy economic burdens - a lose-lose situation. Unless your goal is to solely enjoy the CV+6 ship format which is Ranked this season, not going for wins or rewards, you are better off not playing. Otherwise, consider those the necessary "entrance fees", and what you're paying essentially as a premium to become a liability of your team. Again, no offense.
  12. Evrien

    Rate the 4 classes by strength.

    1. CV - Counterplay against them is like my outlook on future, nonexistent 2. CA - Good players get dabbed on by CVs, but can deal with anything else 3. BB - Literally damage pinata at this point 4. DD - Masochism is the only explanation I have when I see DDs in matches these days
  13. You don't deserve even a chance at a citadel. You are inferior - there's no falseness about the rng in your aim. I'm more highly ranked in PR than 99% of the playerbase; I have seen and done plays that you couldn't even fathom. My entire account is singularly elevated above your own. You are a 1600 PR compared to me.