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    Chinese here. The AA line means "Top of the tier in T10". It's T10, with pronouncedly "top of the tier" AA.
  2. skill.exe sounds like a virus I'm reporting this post for malicious content
  3. Ever notice how top clans run into the same [edited] X-Stalingrad comp and get beaten too but they don't come complaining on forums? Maybe because it's actually counter-able with calculated play and skills? Then again what do I know I'm just a random passerby xd
  4. I'm glad it's of some use to you! Personally I don't find the smoke consumable to be that worthwhile (the trade-off is simply not worth it), for general gameplay. However in clan wars or if you have a div to carry out some sort of smoke-oriented strat, Minotaur is definitely able to perform a unique role no other DD can at the moment (having more massive smoke coverage than even Gearing). I would advise more conventional upgrades. However try it out - you never know! You may develop a unique playstyle that's highly efficient, and one that I haven't found yet :D
  5. Nonsense. My Bismarck will DEVASTATE your puny Graf Zeppelin.
  6. Never say never! You never know when your first T10 will call! Perhaps Worcester soon! I do have both Belfast and Atlanta, the latter of which actually has my highest wr among all of my most played ships. Unfortunately I don't think I can offer much insight aside from what's already out there pointed out many times - "use island cover, don't show broadside, you're squishy", although there are certain interesting implications I don't think I can divulge nearly as much for her. I do wish you goood luck and good sailing though, and hope that your Belfast may grow to be more cancerous!
  7. I understand that the line may not be for everyone, but so long as you've tried and arrived at your own conclusion, I guess that's all I can do for now. I hope that you'll give the line another go in the future tho! Yes that's quite unfortunate. Minotaur does have weaknesses, as I've noted, which is in the capacity she can support her team. In smoke she requires her team to stay afloat and spot for her. With radar she requires her team to take part in delivering blows to DDs and quickly finish off the big guns, not to mention favorable maps. Essentially, Minotaur cannot perform one-man carry all the time, since she's not designed for such a purpose. The only class that has such ability to massively carry (but only to an extent as well) is the CV. Even super unicums, much greater in game awareness and skills than me, will struggle at times and suffer loss streaks. In such cases, just let Mino rest for the night and go on to play other classes or tiers. Still, in losses, I will want to summarize why I lost and try to find if I could have done anything better. That's the road to improvement in Mino! Remember, Rome isn't built overnight.
  8. Well, DDs also don't have a citadel! My point in that statement was the role she plays, but in the end she's still a cruiser, and cruisers should build by cruiser's means. Last Stand is not effective in getting you started up or slowing down - you will suffer the engine drag just as much. It only keeps you from being dead in the water. And you should be able to just repair any dead engine you have, and get back into concealment before the next devastation comes in. As always, take into account of ships that can devastate you/cause you much harm, and play around their strengths to target their weaknesses (避实就虚, Bi Shi Jiu Xu, as Sun Tzu would point out). If you see a DM on a flank, her positions will be very predictable most of the times due to you can guess which islands they'll camp behind (and likely remain there most of the time), and just avoid getting to close there. Radar Mino, like I said, is calculated aggression, and planning an escape route is always a necessary part of your battle plans.
  9. Great to know! It is a lot to take in and digest, but I believe all good Mino players will agree with large portions of what I've written! Keep it up man! Last Stand rarely comes in to be honest. Like I said, Mino only gets knocked out engine when she gets citadel'd, and even then it's not always a knock-out. If you require LS on her, you're not playing her right, and should adjust your play style more than you should your captain skills. Just try to adapt this. I actually really enjoyed the Leander. imo Emerald's the only disgrace of the family in the entire line. Try her again when you have time! Fiji is a monster compared to her, and definitely worth the effort!
  10. Thank you! I will be sure to tell the artist that her artwork has been appreciated! Cottage pie is among the few English cuisines I've tried and liked! I felt that Minotaur would love it, too! Haha
  11. Personally I have way more experience playing smoke than radar, which is why most of my narrative here geared towards smoke. As I've said, both are fine, and you should choose one that works with your playstyle best. Which is to say, try both first and then make up your mind! However, I did also note that during events where there are missions that encourage DDs to be played, so you see 4-5 DDs per side each game, a radar Mino is definitely more effective. Smoke Mino imo don't really need SSE. You have enough smoke space in the 15-second activation puffs to wiggle around. If you plan to div and share smoke with your other cruisers (like DM and Worcester), then you can possibly consider (although I will advise against that still since DMs in open-water smoke is just gonna die once smoke expires, or get torped). JoaT gives you a downtime buff, and with the consumable signal flag I can get the downtime to under 30 seconds, which makes even the USN DDs jealous!