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  1. Sounds like a player issue
  2. Hi all! As I'm sure many of us here have had the experience where an acquaintance discovers World of Warships through you, either from seeing a gloating scorecard screenshot or when you casually mention the game in a conversation. They then approach you, a veteran player of the game, to get a better understanding of this seemingly fun and innocuous title. Now as a friend, or foe - a matter of perspectives really - you might be inclined to reach out and grab a hold of the person before they unpreparedly plunge themselves into unchartered waters. As World of Warships players ourselves, we know the sin of the deed, and how we should not wish the worst of our enemies to pick up this game. There are many reasons for this of course. You might be a super unicum, and that friend who is in every sense of the term a gamer may come in and get better PR than you, thus squeezing you off some of your most prized leaderboards. But for most of us, the least we should do is to be that responsible buffer for an ignorant friend. Because, you just might be the only thing standing between him and mental distress/financial irresponsibility. Does that sound too daunting of a task? Worry not - this thread may just be the most resourceful and helpful thing you'll find on this forum, preparing you for this challenge that makes you a better man. 1. Ethos: Appealing from your status as a game veteran Now, it can be argued that your strongest asset in this is not your personality or your looks (although I'm sure they are dashing ;) ), but instead your experience. We World of Warships players have spent countless hours perfecting our skills in game - memorizing armor layouts and pen thresholds, calculating flight time and cycling, mentally playing out engagements - all sorts of highly specialized skills when we could be spending more time with family or going outside to touch grass. This sets us apart from the beginners who are still struggling to grasp the basics. But instead of financially baiting them into buying a T8 premium and proceeding to get deleted by a Montana on the other side, we ought to help them understand the decisions they are making as someone who's walked their path before. (Pic unrelated - Average NA 45~48% win rate World of Warships player) But of course, authority is not assigned without due qualifications. Just as if I were to pick up this cool game everyone plays called League of Legends, I would likely prioritize listening to a Korean god whose name starts with F and rhymes with Caker than your average joe. Luckily, World of Warships has a rich and vibrant community who is always ready, willing, and able to help people seeking advices. It is no common secret that even average players can receive high quality mentorship from the Cream of the Crop. (NA: [O7] WilliamTheDank, KotS veteran and champion) (SEA: [VOR] SuperJF, KotS and CW veteran) (EU: [-PTA-] _TheSneakySnake_, KotS veteran and champion) While it can be argued that top players do not necessarily share the same view as average community members and players, it would appear that recommending World of Warships to new players is seen as a taboo among the members of established credentials. In fact, a recently published study conducted by Herrington, Darkholme, et. al (2020) at John Deere University has pointed out that gamers are receptive to those around them on opinions regarding a new title they have not been previously exposed to. They will also regard people with accomplishments having more authority in the matter. As such, it is recommended that you, the more informed friend, should offer the inquiring party advice on how not to become associated with World of Warships. One may even say that the burden of responsibility now lies with you, given your relative status within this inquiry. Have more confidence and assert your credentials: "I've singlehandedly carried my team to a win when it was on a 500 points deficit", "I killed all 3 of a super unicum division once", "I am responsible for getting Petropavlovsk nerfed". Your words may mean more than you think. 2. Pathos: Giving them the World of Warships experience After attempting section 1, many newcomers may be dissuaded. However, it should be noted that not everyone is as easily swayed. For those who insist on indulging their curiosity, words of advice may go unheeded. It is then up to us to acknowledge that some gamers desire a new experience above all - whether that be benign or malicious. In such cases, we have to adjust our approach in order to remain effective in deterring players from playing World of Warships - by letting them play World of Warships. To help curb their enthusiasm, you might be surprised to learn that World of Warships already comes with the mechanics to dissuade newcomers. As many would know, the controversial Aircraft Carrier branches begin at Tier 4, progressing on even tiers up to Tier 10. Along this trajectory, players are constantly harrassed by the aerial menace to the point of poetic irony where getting killed by carriers without any meaningful counterplay is a commonplace occurrence that happens to unicums and beginners alike. This, to our benefit, can serve as a good way of introducing the newcomer to a glimpse of the World of Warships experience. For this, I've recruited the generous help of Mr. Gaishu_Isshoku, one of NA's top CCs and record holder of Reworked Hakuryu's damage. Needless to say, the experience was well-delivered. 3. Logos: The grass is indeed greener on the other side It can be argued that when we play video games, we are not looking for any particular element - we are looking for an experience that will make our time investment worthwhile. For the short few minutes or hours we plan on spending in the game, the game must reward the players with something of equal, if not greater value. This allows us to approach our practice from yet another angle - pointing to other, more viable alternatives for our friend to derive the same level of pleasure. Since it is against forum policy to advertise external titles, I will refrain from that and instead discuss how such practices can be done. Usually, players who pick up World of Warships come with a level of knowledge or curiosity for naval warfare. Luckily for us, the market is not short on this genre. We should be glad that we live in an era where we are not so distant from the past to appreciate naval vessels in olden days. For such players with a good level of naval curiosity, it can be said that they already have a basic level of understanding for historical and naval accuracy. As such, World of Warships may unfortunately turn out to be an inadequate game for them due to the amount of highly questionable content when it comes to alignment with said accuracies. Planes that repair themselves mid-air, hangars that can produce new planes while on high seas, ships that simply vanish from direct line-of-sight, battleships that 3D-print themselves, submarines which are sturdier than cruisers, Russian pipedreams that defy naval concepts and laws of physics... The list goes on. (Legend has it that the CVs were still sending out full squadrons by end of battle here) For the enjoyment of our friends, we should therefore refer them to titles with more accurate presentation of naval warfare. Recently, some Chinese and Japanese titles have caught international attention for their daring approach at converting naval vessels into anthromorphed images. These takes, while daring, have won acclaims for their meticulous studies of naval details and historically significant representation of different cultures between navies of the world. World of Warships, in fact, is no stranger to these titles as some collaborations have brought World of Warships vessels to the other game. This has unfortunately given rise to scenarios where gamers discover World of Warships and develop curiosity. Luckily, there are always cohorts of players eager to help protect them from treading into danger. 4. Conclusion: It starts from you and me It is 2022 and almost 7 years since World of Warships is released to the public. For a game with such a length, it can be hardly called "new". Yet, due to the uninformed masses being at the mercy of the information asymmetry, many new players remain vulnerable and may become new World of Warships players against their best interest. It is thus I want to highlight that we, as a community, have a shared responsibility to help stop the madness. There are many methods to achieve the same goal, and I happily admit that I myself am still a learner. If you have success stories where you save your friend who falls victim to an otherworldly Russian software, please also share it in the replies below. Remember - you and me are both to blame for the fact that the game is still alive today :)
  3. Evrien

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    If my student were to take an entire day and feed me this crap I'd flunk him without a second thought
  4. Just a protip: If you don't talk, nobody will think of you as being mute.
  5. Evrien

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    I too am well-versed in this art of using a 6-lettered word that begins with N and ends with er and I'm not afraid to say it. Notser.
  6. You mean the same stealth that gets countered by another DD it runs into,, or hydro/radar, or air spotting from CVs? I won't argue whether this is an over nerf, as they had performed this change especially in anticipation of large cruisers (Stalingrad, Alaska, etc.) being added into the game. I took the liberty of checking your stats and it would seem that you have just begun playing this game and are still learning (only 1k games and red in PR, which is completely fine), so it's perfectly understandable that you weren't around when they still had full BB AP pen on DDs. Which is to say, if a DD gets shot at by a BB, and if the angle happens to be right, which isn't hard to get, the DD can easily get dev struck from full hp to 0. For players who got more natural with aiming and shooting at DDs, this is very easy to do. Hence WG made the change. It's not because they chose to, but because they had to, otherwise Stalingrads and the like (12km radar by the way) would have annihilated any DD play at high tiers, which is already increasingly difficult.
  7. Evrien

    KOTS is fun to watch but...

    not quite sure what you mean by "critical areas when they're planning"...sure it takes up a lot of your screen space (which is why regular streamers don't use it), but at the same time that particular area is not overlaying with minimap or on the focus of your cursor/perspective so I wouldn't really call it critical by any means? The hp bars also provide constant reminders to the audience on the current health situation of all involved ships in the field, and to the casters on how the certain plays can be made without having to turn camera around and look for one ship in particular before saying something. For instance, if I see a DM on minimap in a good position to push in, I can immediately reference the hp bars to get a gauge on ships around him and notice "oh, he's at a massive hp disadvantage actually because he only has 1/5 right now" and dismiss my original thought. It's just extra information that's useful for kots commentary, and quite honestly I don't think many ppl find it bothering. Sorry to tell you that you might be in the minority here. Maybe a more casual streamer would have a more vanila client for casting
  8. Evrien

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    S-Sir this lodge does not recognize the pelt of this creature. What species is it you say...a Hosho? A Langley? That ain't no creature we've heard of. Have you tried the Kiddie Sunday's Camping Club next door?
  9. I sure wish Hapa would spend less time telling us to mind our language in game and more telling the development team to lay off the vodka at work
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    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

  11. Headline today: Local man finds out he may be the baddie
  12. Evrien

    A Clan Battles Overhaul

    Well-versed, well-written, truly insightful piece Only possible from a large gamer
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    OP is absolutely right. I also think jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
  14. Just like I've also seen better fighting from my fellow brave Chinese soldiers fighting off evil Japanese invaders in WWII. They had them coming, ha! You are absolutely right. OP needs to hone his posting skill. Surely he can contribute more as a Hurricane clan player than one who's not!
  15. Evrien


    You can't hide the truth from the good willed playerbase, scoundrel!