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  1. I love the RN CL line. I think it is absolutely one of the best lines WG has done in recent years. Yes, I think it's more balanced than RN BB, French CAs and French BBs. :V
  2. As a player from [CONQR], I will vouch for [ADOPT] and their mission - great people doing great work. If you're looking to improve seriously, this is a great gateway to start. Would recommend!
  3. clan joining

    I will recommend [ADOPT] to you. They're an improvement-friendly clan who can give you some pointers for you to go forward. Thread:
  4. Smoke screen is still a very valuable item. Early smoke is hilarious, yes, but it can show you off as being unsportsmanlike. Some players may have had a bad day, and even though the trick is old, they may have had enough of your crap. Instead OP I would recommend you to try "How does everyone like the new F9 menu they put in last patch?" More people fall for this, even your own teammates, and watch them flood the chat with "SOS!". People will come to appreciate this as this has no lasting effect on their gameplay, and may even give you a "lol you got me" in the chatbox. It's pretty trolly, and I think more appreciated than the tricked early smoke.
  5. Seriously WG?

    25k damage for 5 DDs, assuming they are all DDs, is quite low tbh You're talking about on average 5k per DD, which, admittedly, is quite handsome, but definitely not the game-deciding factor, especially when other ships may have chunked the DDs down more than you have. Kills don't equate experience. And without seeing what your other teammates look like, I can't really say what's going on.
  6. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    DM has radar, which is very effective at dealing with DDs in B that try to push thru, or even capping. Look at every DM ever - that's the play style, to take less risk in the beginning, and gradually open up later on in the game. What cruiser has good armor? Zao, Hindenburg, Moskva are all more sturdy than the Des Moines. Henri has the range to kite and good ballistics. Minotaur has smoke. Des Moines has to rely upon islands. Go take a look at YouTube replays of other good players - nobody firetrucking kites in a Des Moines at early game. If I were as useless a pure camper as you were, I'd not have almost 65% win rate in my DM. Meanwhile you broke the game rules. No matter what I did, you broke the freaking rules. You have actually done something outright wrong, whereas you could argue my case as being debatable - true, I can reposition down south by taking some risks going out, but with you revealing my position every living soul on the enemy side will be paying attention to a DM possibly popping up through mid. No apologies? I don't expect any apology from you. Just quit the game please. That's the only form of apology I'll take from you. And bite me for calling you mister. Bring your PC [edited] to other BB mongloids who can't win an argument. Kindly shove a cactus up whatever hole you have down there.
  7. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    Call me holding a grudge but 2 weeks ago, I had the misfortune of being on your team in my Des Moines. As everyone would know, Des Moines is a paper cruiser with awful armor, able to get deleted in open water almost as easily as a Minotaur. I'm not one to just hide, but for early games, a good player will conserve health in Des Moines and wait for an opportunity to strike when enemy guns have been diminished. I told the team my plan to camp behind an island and support B on Islands of Ice using radar - the most I could do at early game. Mr. Auriana here had the firetrucking balls to call out my position and my plan to the entire enemy team, simply because I'm a "camper". What's worse, Mr. Auriana here also decided to just completely stop playing, and blaming this decision on me. Our team ended up losing the game completely because he managed to persuade a bunch of other BBs to also abandon flank. Scoreboard? I died fighting at the very top, and him as good as an afk player. You represent everything I hate about BB mongloids. 1. Your performance in BB is EXTREMELY lackluster. From the 1 game I saw you in, and your decision making, I'm convinced you're that casebook example. 2. You have no intention of learning other shiplines. However I see that you're playing CV now - I regret every team that ends up with you on their side. 3. You completely disregard teamplay if your team does anything you don't like. 4. You would even go so far as to break the rules to voice your angst. Yes, revealing teammates' location in chat is punishable by game rules. You are exactly the kind of person that makes this game unenjoyable for other players. And I'm so happy to see that you now actually have the audacity to complain, letting everyone recognize your ignorance. Good for you mate. Please, for the love of god, uninstall this game and forever quit playing. It's for your own good, and for the good of thousands more. I hope I never have you on the same side again. Having you on the opposing side means we get 2 more players on my side, basically. And now you are telling DD players to do this? With what experience, credentials, and authority? Anything you mutter should be treated in the same manner as your play - laughable and ignored.
  8. High tier CV play-8-10

    Oh I remember you. You are that idiot who went afk because I wouldn't play my ship the way you like it. Yeah and your opinion is completely retarded too. Reasons stated in above replies by others already. Please uninstall and thank you.
  9. Coming from the said clan, I'm sorry that OP didn't get to have the kind of fun he had wished to. It is true that MM can be a pain in the [edited]more often than we'd like it, but for now, it is the best we have, and many players agree that there are more pressing issues that should be addressed before anything can be done to improve MM. Besides, others before me have already pointed out that problem also lies in your own team's general skills, which is, really, more problematic than seeing that division on the other side. I personally cannot think of how badly a CV has to play to get only 50 exp on the losing side, even if there are 3 Atlanta-classes on the other side. But as you play more, you'll find that these "potatoes" aren't rare, and that is one of the reasons many players in our clan prefer to go down to T7 to avoid that high tier [edited] brought along by potatoes. To counteract this, MM has to be skill-based, but that is extremely unlikely to happen in the short to mid-run seeing as that requires a universal set of metrics to measure players, and we all know how WTR and PR can be flawed. WR, by itself, can also be farmed. Also keep in mind that putting you against premiums and fancy rare ships is a way of doing the marketing too - making you wanting to get those ships yourself by experiencing from the receiving end. I'd actually be surrpised to see WG not do this. In addition, we aren't really "top clan NA". There are tons other clans who are more active in the competitive scene and have better player stats overall than us. Our designation for ourselves is actually "for-fun casuals." A Chinese proverb goes "Beyond tall mountains are taller mountains. Beyond high skies are higher skies." There are a great many players who are more skilled and can give divisions like this a hard time, and it is absolutely possible for a non-premium ship to beat a premium. If you think you are having trouble enjoying the game, try focusing on improving. Because these players that just steamrolled you aren't doing it just because of their ships - they can do it with other ships, too. It's their skills that made the difference.
  10. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Here's my essay that I've sent Pigeon earlier: Mentorship Program: We start with 2 main roles in this: Teachers: Experienced players who willingly participate, can be incentivized with awards like in-game items and such. Students: New players who learn about this program (raising awarenes is highly important, and I suggest utilizing the promotional pop-up window in game) and willingly sign-up, can be incentivized in a similar manner. Personally, I believe a shiny premium ship like Texas for referral program is a very good incentive. Both roles initiate themselves by filling out a simple application somewhere, like on forums or on a specially designed webpage by WG. Items can include timezone/availability, language preference, contact/Discord/etc., small self-introduction, and goals of entering this program. Teachers and Students are paired up by the system (or if infrastructure is not there, manually viewed on the forums and initiate contact themselves), and then receive each other's application to read about the other party. When both sides agree to initiate program, the teacher and student's contact/Discord information is given to each other and both players go on to contact each other, where teaching can begin. When a Teacher and their Student are in the same division, both players receive bonuses in their post-battle results, and in-game missions/quests are present to encourage both players to play more together. Premium ships can be unlocked this way, and personally I think IJN Katori/Kashima can be a very good reward (to both parties if the Teacher hasn't already gotten it), since these 2 are "Training Cruisers" after all. Graduation from the program can be based on number of games played, the Student unlocking his first certain tier, a customly selectable graduation requirement based on their intended goal from this mentorship program, as written by the student on the application. Upon graduation, a commemorative item along with the rewards are handed out to both parties. Severance from the program can also be done prematurely by filing a ticket, such as when either side violates game rules, goes afk too long, or simply cannot commit any further. In the event where one side clearly misbehaves, WG staff can step in to review the case and deal out punishments accordingly. Successful mentorship cases can be converted to media material for WoWS' promotional use.