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  1. IFHE on 130mm guns means they can penetrate 27mm common plate. That makes all cruisers vulnerable as well as tier 7 and below battleships. IFHE Russian DDs are highly specialized ships precisely because you have to give up so many strong captain skills to get it working.
  2. Neither. They remain locked in perpetual combat until you open the box.
  3. For Zath, none of that is a game...
  4. Love it!
  5. It's the worst possible way to do it, so no. Even a yolo rush into a cap will net you more.
  6. The "sixth star" would definitely be personal bragging rights and/or an amusing replay to share.
  7. Serious. You can theoretically take infinite mines once you're saturated if you time your DCP. The problem is getting to the end before the fleet dies or someone gets caught out by the DBs in their 300 HP DD.
  8. Using an aim assist is the worst possible way to improve play. Not only will it degrade the player's predictive gunnery skills, it'll actually return a worse performance against active evasion. So, for those players dumb enough to use one, go right ahead. You'll be worse than ever and eventually banned for it when you finally get caught at it.
  9. It can be done. You need the whole team on-board. Doing it with less is also bad form. You need all smoke-capable DDs, so all Cyclones and Gallants. Everyone needs to take Survivability Expert. You need to deliberately take two mines directly on the bow. Now that everyone is saturated, you need to time the mine hits that are impossible to avoid with your DCP cooldown. The team needs to alternate the lead to provide smokes as cover against the planes. Once there exists a clear lane to the edge, only then do you take your chances and run for Dover. I'd imagine this would take about 20 attempts or so, since everyone is on a sliver of HP and there's a time factor since the civilian fleet is vulnerable the entire way.
  10. <Sigh> Double post. There's a first time for everything I guess...
  11. Heh, that was amusing. I'm not used to people calling me out to say hi, so I was kind of confused. You Leander'd well that match. Sent you a compliment for it.
  12. We generally strike entries when they're grossly biased or so badly written as to be unintelligible. If it's just a few grammar errors, we'll fix them when we find them, but leave the entry intact. Other than that, we try to leave non-editor contributions alone if we can, so if you feel something is absent from a page, you're perfectly free to add to it. For others who may be reading this, I'm far more strict with historical entries. For those, sources must be listed in the summary section, must be primary or secondary, and photos must be public domain.
  13. Feel free to add sections for different play styles. Basic rules: Keep existing formatting Use third person Link to other relevant pages where necessary Use North American English
  14. We'll fix it. You can also make changes if you wish. Just list your reasoning (or sources if it's technical or historical) in the relevant section before you hit "Publish" so we know why for the what.
  15. 1. Usually one person will write it, but information can be and is changed as necessary. 2. We usually write those to be as generalized as possible. People play ships differently after all. That said, the idea is to provide a short summary of the ship's capabilities and inefficiencies. 3. Whenever we find them to be out of date or inaccurate. Most of the information on the wiki is, at the moment, very technically oriented. Future wiki content will eventually include tactics pages of various focus, so there will be content more suited to beginners.