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  1. Gun Canoe is best canoe. Okhotnik is probably the dumbest ship in the game, and easily one of the most fun.
  2. They're usually announced on the front page on Fridays anyway, so check there tomorrow.
  3. I'm fairly certain there are plenty of clans out there that can't fill a full tier 10 roster, but just want to enjoy playing on the same team for once. WG just solved that problem for them. Interesting use of the pity fallacy though.
  4. A sea of coins makes for a happy Smaug.
  5. Documentation required. Since I already know that's not going to happen, I'm just going to go ahead and declare your statement invalid.
  6. You received four separate sets of recommendations from four separate editors, all valid, all offered blind to your play style. The jokes were obvious enough to be discounted as the fun they were. The only one behaving like a child here is you.
  7. I listed real, usable builds, the others were having fun. That said, I'll elaborate since both of you don't understand what a resource is or how it works. 1. Captain skill recommendations are based on usefulness, not optimal builds. It's entirely up to the player to decide how he or she wants to play a ship and build its captain. Yes, that means SE is useful on a BB because it gives extra HP, but not terribly useful relative to other skills, so it gets a single star. 2. A build is entirely dependent on what threats/advantages the player wishes to address. If we were to recommend an AA build, aggressive players who prefer defensive/offensive skills over passive skills would get no useful information at a glance. Thus, we choose to evaluate as per #1. Now, go find someone to tell you how to play like good little children incapable of reason.
  8. Conservative, works for most of the line. AA/Jack Dunkirk. "I like to hit things with my sword." Those are just a few ideas.
  9. Don't tempt me. I love me some stupid in WoWs.
  10. I didn't know it was possible to be a try-hard at humorlessness and bitterness until I read the responses in this thread. Feeeed muh schadenfreude!
  11. If your entertainment brand is dependent on a specific product, it's probably best to avoid telling them how to handle their staff in public. I can pretty much guarantee iChase understood that as a risk and decided for his own reasons it was worth taking. iChase probably felt his decision was justified. WG's decision was certainly justified. Actions have consequences. Best of luck to him; he seemed rather tired of WoWs as it is.
  12. Neither Mouse nor Notser attacked WG when slamming the ship. iChase did. End of story.
  13. The only reason groups of ships fought in line by World War II was command and visual fire direction.
  14. IFHE on 130mm guns means they can penetrate 27mm common plate. That makes all cruisers vulnerable as well as tier 7 and below battleships. IFHE Russian DDs are highly specialized ships precisely because you have to give up so many strong captain skills to get it working.