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  1. Christian_Crusader_DCLXV

    Question about the dockyard

    Alright update it in fact was a glitch that seems to have fixed itself the packs reappeared and I can buy tiers now, really weird.
  2. Christian_Crusader_DCLXV

    Question about the dockyard

    So I cant get the ship? Because I don't see any packs and I see nothing to buy individual phases. Unless I'm missing something.
  3. Christian_Crusader_DCLXV

    Question about the dockyard

    Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place. I was away from world of warships for some time for personal reasons and when I came back I saw there was the new German destroyer the ZF-1 in the dockyard. The combat missions were long gone so I figured I would just buy the tiers {I collect German ships}. But I am unable to buy them. I thought I would be able to until the end of 10.5 but apparently not. Am I SOL? Thank you for your time.
  4. Christian_Crusader_DCLXV

    Logic WG whit the SLAVA !. Slava need BUFF

    I concur with Itsa_Me_Stalio