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  1. skullval_2015

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    i send in a ticket and screen shot of the error
  2. skullval_2015

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    how do i fix this keep restarting my game .Cant play
  3. skullval_2015

    what do you have to do to get a win?

    i was in a game were 1 BB was outside your cap and 1 BB was in the cap us out and 2 BBs on your side were shooting the BB outside the cap not having a clue to shoot the ship in the cap... the win rate of your 2 BBs were 38 and 42 percent.... 75 percent of the players in this game dont have a clue.....reason most of the good players have move on from this game just like tanks
  4. skullval_2015

    What are submarine battles going to look like?

    Will be just more hiding and running away
  5. 24 premium but battles aren't counting as played
  6. skullval_2015

    Personal Mission Code

    were do u enter the code