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  1. The Making of This Post Uesugi_Ken: What do I write? Desert_Fox: I have no Idea Uesugi_Ken: *Types that down* Desert_Fox: No wait, don't write that. You write this! Uesugi_Ken: I don't want to, I type you write. Desert_Fox: I write this? I don't even know what to say. No wait, don't dictate that geezus. You're not even trying, you're f*cking terrible... Uesugi_Ken: I am trying! Desert_Fox: No, you're not. You're literally writing bullsh*t. Stop, I can hear you typing. Uesugi_Ken: >_<!! Welcome to Zhong Hua Da Di Guo! We are currently recruiting for Clan Ba- Anon: Wait, shouldn't that be Hai Guo? No, shush. You don't know what you're talking about. So who are we? Well, let our Clan Description tell you that! We play. We get oil. We use facilities. We play some more. One day we get enough Tier 8 and do clan battles. PM me if you have any questions. Don't question the questionable clan name. The clan name is a reference to a certain nation state from nation state the game. Don't worry about it. If you're still questioning the clan name, the- And unfortunately that's it... The message got cut off there for some reason and I don't remember the rest of what I typed. What I do remember is the origin story and if you're still curious about it, why don't you join and find out? :P Join the ZHDDG Today! What to Expect from the ZHDDG Fully Active Base Buildings! Semi-Active Admins~ Non-Active Discord Channel... (at the moment) What ZHDDG Expects from you Have a Tier 8 ship or above Show up for Clan Battles The ability to comprehend what is written in this post. No, you don't need to understand Chinese to join No, this is not a Chinese Clan No, this clan is not composed of Chinese people (except for 1 Taiwanese guy) Yes, Chinese people ARE allowed (And Taiwanese) Nothing else because we're literally doing this recruitment drive so we can do clan battles.... ._. To find us, just look up ZHDDG or Zhong Hua Da Di Guo in game and send us a request! Or send me a PM! Or send me a PM in game! Or send Desert_Fox a PM!