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  1. Shadeylark

    Soviet Carrier Doctrine.

    bear in mind the soviet navy's doctrine was more akin to that of world war 2 germany than american naval doctrine. the purpose of the soviet navy was purely defensive; it was designed to first prevent strikes against the soviet union itself, and second to intercept and sink convoys from america while the red army overran europe before reinforcements arrived. carriers are primarily an offensive weapon; if you aren't concerned with taking the fight to the enemy, land-based airfields are a far superior option. simply put, the soviets had no need, beyond prestige points, to get any carriers in the same way america, with its many overseas commitments, did have and continues to have.
  2. Shadeylark

    HMS Nelson vs Bismarck

    bismarck had no chance. gotta remember, her rudder was jammed hard to starboard from the swordfish attack. the entire reason she even fought that final battle was because she had lost all capacity to maneuver and literally turned around to go back at the brits. hell, if it weren't for that hit bismarck would've been able to reach Brest before Tovey could catch her. in that final battle bismarck could do nothing but turn in a circle, and did so at a reduced top speed due to the damage she had sustained in the denmark straits. she couldn't make any evasive maneuvers or even attempt to control the engagement ranges. there weren't any attempts to dodge, partly because it was impossible to do so, but also because the ship's commanding officer was killed very early on. in spite of all that, james cameron's 2002 expedition did a thorough examination of the wreck. bismarck suffered a brutal pounding, but zero belt armor penetrations. this was partly due to the brits having closed to such close ranges that their shells literally skipped off the surface of the ocean and impacted the superstructure instead of the hull. bismarck's gun director was knocked out in the first few minutes of the battle. lindemann and lutjens were both killed early in the battle as well. within a half hour all four of her main turrets had been knocked out. moreover... an examination of the torpedo belt also showed zero penetrations. bismarck sank at the hands of her own crew; she never suffered any fatal damage, even though the damage she did sustain reduced her to a floating wreck. she was just too easy a target due to her speed and steerage both being crippled... but in spite of all that the brits could not sink her.
  3. Shadeylark

    How long have you played WoT, WoWP, and WoWs?

    got into the closed beta about a week before the pay-to-participate package went live (bought it anyways... used to love my murmi) been playing less and less lately; got almost every ship line ground out so there's not much left for me to do in-game and the general decline in competence of the playerbase at large is making every match, even at t10, feel like im on a team being seal clubbed by elites.
  4. Shadeylark

    Can anybody condemn the sinking of Yamato?

    This was war. You don't leave your opponent even a stick to hit you with even if you know you won't even feel it. This isn't like a football game where you might let the other team score just once so they can at least get on the board.
  5. Shadeylark

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    What is the difference between a CV with unlimited planes and a bb with unlimited shells?
  6. Pit a dd driver with a 30% winrate against a CV driven by a dude with a 70% winrate and the CV will decimate the dd. Pit a dd driven by a dude with a 70% winrate against a CV driven by a mouthbreather with a 30% winrate and the CV will just lose planes. As usual it's not the ship... It's the person behind the keyboard.
  7. Meh, I find most CV players are no better at aiming their rockets than bb players are at aiming their guns and dd players are at aiming their torps. Meaning so long as you're not sitting still for minutes on end chances are the moron shooting at you will be fairly ineffectual.
  8. Shadeylark

    USS Hornet Found!

    What's impressive to me is that if there are still organic items like jackets intact on the wreck that means she's gonna be very well preserved. Very little marine life attacking the vessel. Looking at pictures you can see the rubber tires on an airplane tractor still intact even.
  9. Shadeylark

    USS Hornet Found!

    Both of the latter ships are even deeper than Titanic.
  10. Shadeylark

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Yeah... Except I'm not a CV main in the least sense... So it's not me wanting these things for my own benefit. But good attempt at trying to deflect by attacking me instead of addressing my points. Ad hominem responses are the first indication you can't support your own argument.
  11. Shadeylark

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    What's the counterplay for a bb being he spammed by a Worcester that's unspotted behind an island? What's the counterplay when you're being stalked by an undetected dd and you don't have radar? Or how about if you are a dd and you get radared? Get teammates to help you? Run away? That's just as valid a solution to plane spam as it is to any of the other things you can't counter on your own. There are many things in this game that have no counterplay; the day CV plane spam becomes the only thing without a counterplay is the day your position will be valid. In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that one of the marks of a good player is being able to set things up so that your opponent has no counter to what you do. The mark of a bad player is letting themselves be put in a position where they can't counter the other player. The mark of a really bad player is coming on the forums and complaining about it.
  12. Shadeylark

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Why? If I'm skilled at driving my bb I can avoid all damage from a dds torps by changing up speed and course. If I'm skilled at driving my Worcester I can avoid all damage from bb shells by ducking behind islands. If I'm skilled at driving my shima I can dodge all shells fired by that bb. If I can negate all damage through skill in other ships, why shouldn't CVS be able to so the same?
  13. Shadeylark

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    How is that different than say a couple zaos working together and flinging he at you? Or a couple dds coordinating torp runs on you? Or any other pair of ships focusing you?
  14. Shadeylark

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Had a match in my mino, not AA spec, and got 67 planes. Had another match in my AA spec Des Moines and got 13. Seems the effectiveness of AA is directly proportional to the skill of the CV driver. I have zero problem with this; bad play should be punished and good play should be rewarded.
  15. That was happening before the patch. Only difference is that before the patch the excuse for not doing their jobs was radar and now it's planes.