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  1. Enemy shima is last dude alive against eight of us. He gets detected and instantly focused by all of us and he comes out with... "wth is this a brazzers video?" To which some smartass on his team who stuck around said, "and here's the moneyshot" just as the shima died.
  2. highlighted the exact part of your response that destroys your credibility. this is a textbook example of the cognitive bias of belief perseverance. the post hoc reasoning you tack on to "qualify" your position is just further evidence of your irrationality, and consequently, your disqualification (in spite of your large number of battles played) to make a reasoned and objective judgement as to the state of the game's balance. or, to put it in more familiar terms... you just basically did the WoWs equivalent of yelling "FAKE NEWS" while sticking your fingers in your ears and squeezing your eyes shut in response to factual evidence that doesn't purport with your preconceived notions.
  3. your anecdotal evidence not withstanding... the numbers don't back up your assertion that radar is that common at high tier. at t10 only 1 radar ship even appears in the top 10 most commonly played ships, and its number 5, lagging behind the top 4 by close to 30%. at t9 its almost as bad, with only 2 radar ships appearing in the top 10 most commonly played ships. the balti at number 4, and the mizo at number 8. radar is simply not as common as you, in spite of your large number of battles, perceive it to be. but there is an explanation for why your perception, false as it is, being what it is. confirmation bias, belief perseverance, the irrational primacy effect, and a whole host of other cognitive biases. the reasons you perceive radar to be so common are the same reasons people tend to remember all the bad things that happen to them while forgetting the good things.
  4. find me a class that isn't berated to do their job? bb's need to tank every shot from the enemy team. cv's need to provide constant air cover and shoot down every single enemy plane before they can drop a single bomb or torp. cruisers need to detect and kill every single dd in 10 seconds. dd's need to keep everything on the enemy team spotted all the time and keep every friendly covered by smoke all the time. the problem isn't that your teammates have expectations that you do the job you're best suited for... the problem comes in when you aren't even making an attempt to do the job your teammates expect of you. bb's who at least attempt to act as tanks, even if not 100% successful, are helping their team. cruisers who at least attempt to provide air cover, even if not 100% successful, are helping their team. cruisers who at least attempt to hunt down dd's, even if not 100% successful, are helping their team. dd's who at least attempt to keep the reds spotted and smoke friendlies, even if not 100% successful, are helping their team. but bb's who camp in the back and let squishier ships soak damage, are not helping their team. cv's who don't shoot down any planes in an incoming wave of tb's and db's are not helping their team. cruisers who camp behind a rock 25km from a cap because they're scared of being citadelled, are not helping their team. dd's who neglect spotting for their team and only use smoke to save their own asses, are not helping their team. who do you think is gonna get yelled at by their team? the first group who is at least trying to be a teamplayer, or the second group who are saying [edited] everyone who isn't me? who do you think deserves to get yelled at by their team?
  5. i never said it wasn't challenging. just that its hyperbolic to claim that radar is so omnipresent that it makes it impossible for a dd to do anything but ride the back line the entire match. we've all had those matches where the entire enemy team seems stacked against us. every cv player has had those matches where the entire enemy team seems composed of minotaurs with 8km AA bubbles and des moines with defensive fire and AA spec. every bb driver has had those matches where the entire enemy team seems composed of minotaurs who trade smoke and shima's who flood the map with torpedo soup. every dd driver has had those matches where it feels like there's always a plane hovering over him and radar around every corner. BUT THOSE MATCHES ARE NOT THE NORM. also... im firmly of the opinion that matches are not won by dd's being able to land a dozen torps on unsuspecting enemies who sail in straight lines. if you're up against that sort of enemy, it doesn't matter whether you're in a dd, a bb, or a rubber dingy with a monkey flinging his poop at the enemy... you're gonna win because your opponent is just that retarded. dd's contribute to a win first by keeping the enemy spotted so your team can effectively focus fire, by smoking up friendlies to prevent the enemy from focus firing, and by providing a screen to keep enemy dd's from doing the same to your team. they contribute to a win by torping enemies as an auxiliary function... your first job as a dd is to scout, your second job as a dd is to deal damage. bottom line... YOU ARE NOT THE PRIMARY DAMAGE DEALING CLASS OF SHIP, EITHER IN REALITY, OR IN THE GAME.
  6. Honestly I'm gonna call b.s. on the claims that this is the norm. 2-3 seems the norm at t8+ with how common bbs ate, a Missouri is a given... but with how rare cruisers are, finding 3 enemy cruisers at all is rare, and usually they're a brit cruiser (who 9 out f 10 times will be packing smoke instead of radar), a German cruiser (and hydro is NOT equivalent to radar), and after that maybe an American or Russian cruiser with radar. Radar is NOT as common as dd mains make it out to be... there's a whole host of cognitive biases that make it seem common, of which I can list the once I'm home n off my phone, but I assure you, the least played class of ships is not as common as you think it is.
  7. And if you, as a Dd know this and still rush into the cap... well, your death wasn't because of radar, it was because you did the WoWs equivalent of looking down a gun barrel to check if it's loaded. As we used to say in the navy... "the stupid shall be punished" If you know cruisers are blowing their load right away, wait a minute, then move in when it's safe. If you charge in knowing you're gonna be [edited], what comes next isn't because of radar, It's because you made a poor life choice.
  8. Radar is like the dd boogeyman at this point... he's gonna git ya no matter what you do! Having played both sides of the fence I can tell you that that des Moines with his 56 second radar isn't gonna use it just because the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Nobody is gonna use one of his limited radar charges unless he's reasonably sure it'll do more than illuminate a dd at the edge of detection for just a few seconds. If you get caught by radar long enough to actually die during its effect... you [edited] up by losing situational awareness and putting yourself in a bad spot.
  9. You, um, do realize you've done The same in reverse towards bbs, right? Criticizing a BB main for judging dds without a lot of Dd experience when you yourself have judged bbs with what would, by your own standards, be considered insufficient experience to be credible. Or this one of those "do as I say, not as I do" sort of things? In which case lemme get out of your hypocritical and biased way so you can enjoy your echo chamber without distraction.
  10. At the kagero (have gearing to, and yes, gunboat is ez-mode) and yea... it is ez-mode. 5.4Km detect range means you never get detected, and therefore never get targeted, unless you want to be. And that includes facing off against radar ships (who, yes, you can avoid because they aren't driven by Spiderman and They don't have his spidey sense telling them to pop radar before they even know you're around).
  11. Maybe not... but we all know games aren't won based on the effectiveness of individuals but rather on the effectiveness of teams. If dds focused more on being team players than on boosting their individual stats they'd realize that prioritizing spotting enemies and smoking friends is such a force multiplier that they'd boost their individual win rate exponentially. And by the way, when every other class is told to prioritize some singular aspect of their ship (AA and Dd hunting for cruisers, tanking all incoming damage for bbs, providing air cover for cvs) I don't think it's particularly unfair to demand dd drivers stop playing the lone wolf at the expense of the rest of the team.
  12. radar may be broken, but that's because its intended to counter a stealth, which is now, and has been since long before the game went live, broken. soooo... yes, dd range is because of a broken mechanic. as the saying goes... garbage in, garbage out. broken stealth mechanics, broken counters to stealth mechanics. if radar is broken, its because stealth is broken. if stealth mechanics weren't broken in the first place, then radar wouldn't need to be in the game in the second place.
  13. I'm fine with radar being unrealistic and going through islands for so long as Dd concealment remains unrealistic. So long as dds remain invisible at 6 or less km and possess a Klingon cloaking device, I'm perfectly fine with radar working through islands.
  14. If you're using a good set of div mates you're skewing MM. If you're soloing MM screws you more than it helps because your average player has the situational awareness and support skills of a slightly retarded boiled cabbage.
  15. Playing aggressive is the way to go for any ship... but most players don't play the way they need to to do well on a consistent basis. Your average potato will still hide no matter how much you buff whatever ship they play because your average potato is scared of his own shadow.