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  1. Shadeylark

    BB secondaries are worthless

    No denying that low visibility conditions aren't uncommon. In fact I'll even go further and say that they are more common that not, especially the further from the equator you get. But the conditions represented in-game are anything but low visibility... They are the definition of perfect visibility conditions. Also, in my time I went through two hurricanes, the Arctic, South Pacific and the Atlantic... Doesn't take twenty years to know the ocean... It takes one circumnavigation.
  2. Shadeylark

    BB secondaries are worthless

    You might want to emphasize that caveat you inserted there "conditions" Are you honestly gonna sit here and try and blow smoke up our asses and say that in the idyllic conditions represented in-game a lookout doing his job couldn't spot a destroyer until it was a handful of kilometers away? [edited]... There are no conditions in-game (except, possibly, the cyclone event. And I only grant that based on the name... What's actually in-game wouldnt even qualify as a squall, let alone a cyclone, in reality) that would impair vision sufficiently to lend ANY credence to your claim.
  3. Shadeylark

    BB secondaries are worthless

    No it is not. Having spent five years in the navy with one of my primary watchstations being manuevering watch lookout on submarines, in every sea state there is, I can assure you that in weather representative of what's on game, you can spot your average civilian speed boat on the horizon, even if it's sitting still not throwing up any sort of wake. A contact as large as a destroyer, with a lookout stationed as high above sea level as they would be on a battleship, could easily spot a destroyer 10km out in anything up to at least a sea state five (and in game sea state never exceeds a two, at most)
  4. that's what i would call a failure of the team, not a failure of the individual. when that happens it doesn't matter what the dd does or does not do... it doesn't matter what the bb does or does not do... it doesn't matter what the cruiser does or does not do. as pacino said in every given sunday, "either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals"
  5. I would say spotting and screening is the dds primary job. Even if the dd doesn't go in the cap, if he spots and screens effectively, the rest of the team can push into the cap. Getting the cap will take care of itself if the dds screen and spot (presuming the rest of the team is properly effective; if your team is passive no matter what the dd does the cap will go to the reds)... The cap will go to the reds, even if the dd himself goes in the cap, but fails to spot (because the reds will themselves push and flip the cap eventually) Tldr... Getting caps is a team effort; if the team is working together and doing the job in the team they're best suited to do, they'll get the cap... If everyone is lone wolfing and looking out for themselves, they probably won't get the cap, and even if they do, they won't hold onto it.
  6. As an aside... Had a dd player (very good one in all fairness) complain about radar last night, calling it an "I win" button because it forced him out of the cap. The fact that he lived having lost only a couple thousand hp versus two cruisers focusing him using radar makes me wonder just how much of an "I win" button radar really is. It forced him out of the cap for a minute, but aside from that he barely got hurt, was able to come back, torp one of the cruisers and get the cap back... Not much of an "I win" button I think.
  7. Much like bbs who hug the back line there's a line between the utility of staying alive and not yoloing to your death. Dds who don't charge in, but stay in front to spot the enemy and torps and screen red dds from getting too close are doing their job. Dds that hide behind the cruiser and bbs because they're scared of radar are about as useful as that bb hugging the map border.
  8. With that shell arc though it's tough to to hit anything but a stationary camping bb at that range.
  9. Shadeylark

    Why do American ships suck so badly?

    Law of averages. Your average player is a moron. Your average player has usn ships first. As per usual, the problem isn't the ship its the monkey at the wheel. Holy [edited] I just noticed the Necro!
  10. Could be worse. Had a Midway player who admitted to running a three point commander the other day. Needless to say, he got stomped on. Later checked his stats... He had every premium ship but his only tech tree ship above t5 was Midway and he had zero battles in any CV above t5. Definition of a wallet warrior.
  11. Now see, that may be how you use it... But there's no official word on it's intended purpose. And given that the game has automatic system to impose penalties for afk and team killing (not to mention a distinct and separate report for afk) I think it's a safe to presume that plays poorly is not intended solely for that purpose.
  12. Nothing afaik. I'd like to think it reduces the chance of seeing that player on your team in the future, but I suspect that's not likely. I still do it on the off-chance it does work that way though.
  13. Shadeylark

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    I was thinking the tiger mantlets, but exactly right. Great when you're driving a soviet machine, not so good if you're not.
  14. Shadeylark

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    That's called a shot trap. Having once been an avid warthunder player I learned to both hate and appreciate such design flaws playing certain nations tanks. I dunno enough about the specific design of the ships to say if such a flaw is historically accurate or not, so I'm not sure these are bugs or not and need to be rectified.