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  1. BB's pushing

    To the last, it's a catch -22. Move up and try to be effectual and die due to lack of support or hang back and lose because people are scared of scratching their paint. To be honest, I've started to just suicide out of those teams as no matter what happens it's a waste of my time. Better to be in position, since I'd the team supports it's a win in the making, and if they don't, I die and leave the morons behind so I can play another match.
  2. BB's pushing

    My favorites are the ones who don't know how line of sight works and park themselves behind an island thinking they can't be seen and get blapped because they parked too far away.
  3. BB's pushing

    I have the vast majority of my games at t10, more at t10 alone than some in this thread have total in fact. I will unequivocally state that, aside from the one [edited] running for the border to avoid dying at the end of a curb stomp match, most bbs are played well within 10km of caps. The problem isn't that they sit on the j line, the problem is that they sit somewhere where they cant be effectual, like behind an island just outside of a cap circle. Bbs being too far to be useful isn't the problem, the problem is bbs being in a spot where their power projection doesn't matter because the fight is happening in a place within their effective firing range, but is out of their line of sight. And I'll say it, this is generally caused by a lack of support. I can't count the number of times I've pushed up into a spot where I can cover a cap, but get focused hard and end up dying because I was the only one on my team, including dds and cruisers, in a position to shoot back.
  4. BB's pushing

    Sarcasm. It's more along the lines of "do as I say, not as I do" Cruisers are notorious for hising behind islands... To the point where every other day there's a complaint from a new dd driver about some cruiser radaring him from behind an island where hes immune to return fire. Yet... It's cruiser players who [edited] the most about bbs not going out in the open. Yes yes, I know... Bbs have more armor than cruisers. They're also alot slower and less manueverable. That means that the bb will take alot more damage before he can disengage, if he even can. A bb in the open will go down as surely as a cruiser in the open... Focus fire, especially at t8 and up is deadly to anyone no matter how much armor you got.
  5. BB's pushing

    Hard to project power from the seafloor because dds were too scared of radar to move in front of the bbs and spot reds to shoot at or flush out red dds spamming torps, and cruisers were too scared of bb guns to move out from behind their islands. A bb can only project power to the extent he can move up... And he can't move up without support or else he rapidly becomes a wreck.
  6. BB's pushing

    This is a thread about bbs, not cruisers...
  7. If you'd been playing with bots on your team you wouldn't be so salty because they'd be making fewer stupid decisions.
  8. Losing is all well and good when it's a well fought battle. Losing when it's a curb stomp is altogether a different matter. A good fight, an enjoyable fight, is one where the outcome is undecided till the last minute. That's a nail biter; that's entertaining... Even if you lose. A bad fight, an unenjoyable fight, is one where the outcome is set long before the end and the interim is just prolonging the agony. Even if you're on the winning side, even if the teams are trading ships... It's no fun. Matches like the latter are like falling to your death and seeing the ground coming... the end is inevitable, and because of that inevitability it ruins everything that comes before it.
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    Pure rng... You have as much cause for complaint about getting nuked by random shells fired into smoke as a bb getting nuked by a random wall of skill. Random damage doesn't care who is or is not in it's path; it's the intentional damage that the game is balanced around. Complaining about random damage is like complaining about it raining on your vacation... The rain doesn't care about you, it wasn't chasing you down specifically; you were just in the wrong spot at the wrong time is all. Balancing around random damage is like looking at a special Olympics slap fight to determine the criteria for a quality boxing match instead of looking at the world heavyweight championships.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    Problem is that dd armor is either 100% effective when concealed or 100% ineffective when spotted. For your comparison to be true there would have to be times bb armor makes them 100% invulnerable to damage.
  11. Ill stay away from the historical use of subs and juts mention the balance issues. Ww2 subs were essentially extremely fragile surface ships that used a combination of small caliber guns and torpedoes to ambush targets and that could use a unique mechanism unavailable to it's pursuers to escape for relatively short periods of time, albeit with severe movement and manueverability limitations in the process. Hmm... Sounds alot like a type of ship already in the game (just replace a subs crash dive with a dds smoke). If there's a way to balance dds in bthe game then the only balance issue with subs will be how to differentiate them from dds and give them a unique playstyle.
  12. Rank torpedoes and BB's

    Last I checked I had a 12% or so. Double digits are certainly possible. Also... Consider this... I have around a 35% hit rate in bbs. Of those, I typically score 3-4 cits per match out of usually 50-65 shells fired. That means an average cit rate of round about 3-5% I think. Torp hits are treated the same as cit hits in this game both in terms of damage and in amount that can be healed back (won't even touch the additional flood chance Torp's possess, but which were removed from cit hits early in cbt); that essentially means that dds are scoring citadel level hits at upwards of twice as often as bbs in the same time period (20 minute match). Granted, dds don't get to enjoy the normal pen damage numbers in between big hits like bbs... But when it comes to world ending burst damage numbers, dds do it more often than bbs by far. It's feast or famine with dds, but make no mistake, there are times where dds feast. Just food for thought before we go saying the grass is greener on the other side.
  13. Rank torpedoes and BB's

    Those are all anti-torp defenses unless, gain, if the dd doesn't screw up and wandering within his own detection range he's immune to your damage. Those things are like that skill that warms you if you've got shells with more than a six second flight time incoming. Sure, it'll help you avoid alot of damage, most damage if you're good, but if you throw enough crap at the wall some of it will stick; law of averages and all that... you can't Dodge everything. Your example is a perfect illustration of what I'm talking about... You only won that fight cuz the asashio screwed up and killed himself. dd vs bb is like in poker where the other guy is holding a full house and you've got, at best, one pair... You can win by bluffing, but if called you will lose. Back when I played MMOs there was a healer saying... The healer needs to get lucky everytime, the boss only needs to get lucky once. Unless you can eliminate the source of damage, given enough time, you will lose. It might be death by a thousand cuts, but it is death eventually. That's the case here, you as the bb need to get lucky everytime, that dd you can't see to shoot only needs to get lucky once.
  14. Rank torpedoes and BB's

    Radar is not something any bb other than mizo has... Exception to the rule does not invalidate the rule.