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  1. Win ratio is a tool to be used to figure out how much benefit of the doubt to give someone. Everyone gets at least one chance to perform. Ill never automatically leave a match because someone has a low win rate; there's always the chance they'll surprise me. When game is on the line though, when we need skill more than luck to make sure we win, that's when winrate comes into play. A high wr player gets the chance the make that critical end of game play; a low wr player does not. It's the same reason why when the game is tied up with 20 seconds on the clock you don't put little Rudy in to run the ball... You find gronk and you give him the ball, because you know he's got the best chance of getting the job done.
  2. The moment I think I have no hope of improving is the moment something is no longer fun for me. The fun comes from the challenge of getting better Everytime. In a similar vein, if after a sufficient amount of time I'm still failing more than succeeding, than my determination is that I'm not improving, hence what I'm doing is not enjoyable, hence I will cease doing it (unless necessity requires I continue, i.e. a job) In short... Starting out losing more often is fine. After awhile losing more than winning is not acceptable because it shows a lack of improvement, and a lack of improvement equates to a lack of enjoyment. Lack of enjoyment means I quit.
  3. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    I know this wasn't directed at me... But I did exactly that. Got every bb line up to 10, then started the cruiser line. Got only two left there (German at T9 and t6 french). Even got to T9 usn CV and t7 ijn CV. And now I'm working on the dd lines. Usn line and ijn line both at t10 and at T9 for the German line. So, I've got fairly extensive experience in every single type of ship, as well as every single nation, at every single tier. And know what? DDS ARE THE KINGMAKERS. They oftentimes even blow out CVS because often a CV is so preoccupied dealing with his counterpart on the other team that he can't do anything to influence a match; his power is canceled out by the red CV. The only time a CV can run the table is when there's a huge skill disparity between one CV and the other (and even then I'd the CV is dominating his opponent just because he's AS spec he still can't influence the match because he has gimped strike power). But if the CVS are evenly matched in skill, then they cancel each other's ability to influence a match outcome out. But a dd... Even in matches with a ton of dds and a ton of radar and hydro, a dd can, and often does, run the table and when it comes to making a clutch game saving play like sinking a critical ship or flipping a cap at the end or even simply stating undetected while the game timer runs out... Nothing beats a dd. Bbs for show, dds for a pro.
  4. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Because bbs, for all their tough armor and big scary guns, are the potato ship; they possess little ability to influence the outcome of a match. The fact that dds need to be limited more is precisely because in the hands of a skilled player a dd is a far greater threat and possesses far greater ability to determine a match's outcome than a bb driven by an equally skilled player. If dds were the same "Hur dur, shoot the red names!1" potato magnets that bbs are I'd feel zero compunction about letting there be more dds in a match. But dds aren't, and therefore in the name of balance, they are in need of being limited more than bbs. Simply put... Dds get limited more for the same reasons CVS get limited more; the type of ship is a far bigger threat than a bb and that's why it needs to be subject to stricter controls. Besides, as a dd player you should be thrilled, it's every dd players wet dream to be in a match full of big juicy torpedo magnet bbs with little dd competition. More bbs and fewer dds means you get more targets and less headache dodging red dds when doing things like contesting caps. The fact that you compare bb power to CV power (and in the process inply dds don't possess such power) shows just how juvenile and limited your understanding of this game is. Bbs are like that giant muscled steroid dude at the gym... You know, the guy who looks like every woman's midnight fantasy but has a needle [edited] and can't actually do anything in the bedroom. Bbs are nowhere near CVS in terms of influence and power in a match; in fact bbs are mostly just there to distract people while the real kingmakers, dds (and if there is one, CVS) determine who will win or lose. Bbs are just along for the ride in a match while others determine the outcome.
  5. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Depends on how broad your sampling is. If you're counting all tiers together, yes there's more bbs in a match on average. But if you narrow it down to, say T9 and t10, where dds are the most played ships, then you find more dd heavy matches than bb heavy matches. It's that old statistics lie and liars use statistics thing. I can point at my specific brand of motorcycle and say that since that brand is statistically involved in fewer fatal accidents than other brands of motorcycles that it's the safest form of transportation. Or, I could compare motorcycles to cars and come to an entirely different conclusion regarding how safe my motorcycle is.
  6. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    It's not a competition... Just because there's alot of bbs that doesn't mean there's not alot of dds as well.
  7. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    4 bb limit, 3 dd limit, 1 CV limit, unlimited cruisers, per side. Should be no more than 8 total bbs and 6 total dds in any given match.
  8. Next new tech tree?

    Brit CVS, because I'm of the opinion that until they bring in another CV line the binary nature of ijn vs usn CVS is making it impossible to balance them.
  9. Overkill

    Best one I can remember was in a Monty taking one of those "[edited] it, nothing else spotted to shoot at" shots at a khab running at full speed 20km away. Lo and behold rngesus smiled on me with 6 full pens, one of which was a detonation.
  10. Torp damage to DDs

    If you want rage inducing... This right here is it.
  11. this and rockets on fighters have been things asked for since cbt. probably before that in alpha as well. so were AP bombs... it took wg 3 years to put em in game. maybe in 3 more years we'll have fighters that can be useful against enemy ships. one suggestion i liked for fighter strafing is for them to act as a suppression effect on AA to give bombers a 10 second window to get in there without being murdered. would give cv's that are bottom tiered, such as a lexington against a montana, a chance, and wouldn't really change much for top tiered cv's which are already pretty much immune to AA anyways.
  12. only skills that come close to being as mandatory as CE is last stand for dd's and whichever skill it is that gives cv captains an extra plane in their fighter and db squadrons. CE nowadays is kinda like the detected warning skill was before it was made a baseline ability.
  13. stealth in general needs to be reworked. this binary "you're spotted or you're not" system is too easily abused/exploited and it creates gameplay wherein certain ships that are designed around it are either borderline op when unspotted or fish in a barrel when spotted (looking at you dd's). stealth needs to be reworked so as to be an exponential. everybody gets spotted farther out, but the accuracy of enemies shooting at you even though you're spotted can be almost nothing if you're small and/or fast and/or at long range meaning small and fast ships like dd's can only really be effectively targeted at close ranges, medium sized fast ships like cruisers are pretty much immune to incoming fire up till medium range, and big slow ships like bb's are vulnerable to accurate fire at all ranges. there's still the chance that you'll get blapped at long range even in a dd, but its a slim chance, whereas a bb will still be tanking damage even at long range. as an example. a bb might get spotted from 17km, a cruiser might be spotted from 15km, and a dd might get spotted from 10km. but that bb, because of its size, wouldn't be much less vulnerable to incoming fire at 17km than at 5km. a cruiser that's spotted at 15km would get an innate bonus to enemy dispersion the farther out it is; at 15km very few shells will hit that cruiser, but at 8km he's gonna be eating damage. same with the dd, at 12km he's gonna be seen, but he won't really be getting hit till he's at 5km. such a change would have a negligible effect on bb gameplay, would comprise a slight buff to cruisers who would have a lesser change of being blapped from across the map when they move out from behind an island, and would be a lateral change for dd's (dd's would be less dependent upon staying concealed but wouldn't be able to sneak around completely undetected to hit flanks). i strongly believe alot of the static gameplay we see is because nobody wants to be the first one spotted, because you get focus'd down really fast in that case... so everybody waits for everyone else to spot for you. if there was less uncertainty about where the enemy was, i think there'd be alot less unwillingness to make a move since there'd be less threat of getting blapped from out of nowhere by someone you never knew was there. going along with the above, you could change radar from being a spotting mechanic like it is now (since that wouldn't be as necessary with everyone being spotted more easily) to say an accuracy boost, something that might negate the innate dispersion penalty for shooting at distant enemies for a short time. or even better, change it so that its not a consumable, but a module that provides a flat bonus to accuracy at all ranges. concealment expert could work by further increasing the dispersion penalties of anyone shooting at you at range, or maybe make it so that you can get closer before the enemy's accuracy gets too good.
  14. Kidd or Des Moines

    first line i took to t10 i had this mindset. just a few matches at t10 opened my eyes wide. its not the boat, its the person driving it. (not to say some boats aren't better than others... but if you're a good player you could make a rubber dingy armed with a monkey flinging poo a scary thing to go up against... just like how if you're a bad player you could be in the most super sekret russian blueprints mig bomber launching battleship firing atomic shells and you'd still get stomped)
  15. How to Lose (in one easy picture)

    ironic thing is... he speaks of psychology like he's a professor... but is a textbook example of the dunning-kruger effect at play. even more hilarious... by behaving this way he is living up to his name.