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  1. I don't see a problem with this since a bb with no upgrades equipped is still more than capable of stomping all over a cruiser kitted out with legendary upgrades.
  2. Maybe we have differing opinions as to what is toxic then. craptalking is just craptalking; that doesn't qualify as toxic chat to me anymore than locker room trash talk counts as toxic. Toxic chat to me is a response to something done by another that's phrased in a way that doesn't take the feelings of it's intended recipient into account in any way, shape or form.
  3. No I don't, but I do believe that if you shut it off it can't get better. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the problem go away, and if you're a necessary component in fixing the problem, doing so just makes the problem worse. Communication is the key element in toxic chat... Just turning off chat does nothing to make it better, and in fact is likely to just exaccerbate the problem. So again... By turning off chat all you are doing is contributing to exactly the problem you complain about. Congrats on not being a part of the solution.
  4. I would respectfully suggest that most people who complain about toxicity simply do not have the ability, derives from their lack of skill, to distinguish between constructive and non-constructive criticism (as it relates to this game). Dunning-kruger and all that.
  5. It's the way of things nowadays... People don't recognize that criticism doesn't have to be nice to be valid. They'd rather ignore or outright dismiss valid criticism just because it hurt their feelings. Dismissing valid criticism just because it isn't nice is the surest way to remain mediocre at best, and that is the surest way to piss off (and thus create toxicity) among better players.
  6. Good idea... Cut yourself off from the ability to coordinate as a team, which leads to more losses, which leads to good players losing patience with bad players, which leads to more toxicity. Way to contribute to the problem. Seriously, am I the only one who's noticed you don't get toxicity in matches where people are coordinating and playing well? Toxicity is a direct result of bad play... And you are doing exactly the sort of thing that makes bad play more prevalent. Toxicity in this game is your fault for not only playing poorly, but for doing things like this which ensure you'll continue to play poorly and thereby ensure you continue to turn players better than yourself toxic out of frustration at having to carry you.
  7. I generally run with them and support them because it's been my experience that toxic players are in it to win it and they make far more effective teammates (effective =/= nice, but I value effective far more than nice because effective wins game while nice does not). In my experience toxic players are toxic because they're good enough to recognize bad play and just don't have the patience to humor bad players anymore. I'd rather play with a toxic [edited] who gets the job done than a nice player who will trip over his own feet.
  8. Been playing since cbt and my assessment is exactly opposite. You don't get toxicity when the team is good; crapplay from the team is what prompts toxicity, and it takes good players to recognize crapplay; crapplayers simply aren't capable of recognizing for themselves how bad they are.
  9. They're usually dead first because they are trying to do something instead of hiding in the back and avoiding the objectives. And consequently they're usually toxic because they can see that their team is doing everything possible to lose. In short, toxic players die first because they're trying to win and they're toxic because their team is trying to lose.
  10. I expect Worcester to be a beast in clan battles and suck in randoms. She looks like a ship that is heavily reliant on a coordinated team, and can greatly benefit a coordinated team. She looks to be the prototypical support boat able to make everyone around her stronger, but reliant on everyone around her defending her. Basically the Des Moines playstyle exaggerated; less capable of solo play but even better in team play.
  11. Dirty, Rotten Teamkiller!

    Im pretty sure, having gone pink myself a few times, that coop purgatory is for orange, not pink.
  12. lol, what? you need to stop believing the first thing you read on the internet. the lorica segmentata, the lorica squamata, and the lorica hamata all covered the entire torso, front and back.
  13. Just putting up numbers is meaningless. And being good enough for yourself in a team game is not only equally meaningless but often detrimental. You can get a kracken by chasing the enemy halfway across the map but if it's puts you so far out of position that you can't get back to defend the cap and avoid a loss... Then the numbers you put up were worth no more than the numbers the guy who died a minute into the game put up.
  14. Atlanta has dd caliber guns... Whole different story because your penetration ability is so low. But... There's a case for dds to use AP even. Z52. I gunned down an almost full HP Montana the other day. Sitting in smoke 5k from him I was chunking him for 5k every 4ish seconds using AP. Your Atlanta for example... Against a Brit cruiser going broadside to you, even your dd caliber guns AP will citadel him at up to 10km and sink him far faster than he ever would. There's a time and place for everything.