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  1. Shadeylark

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    the one thing i want to see from WoWs is a rule that when you drop below a 50% winrate, you get made orange and get banned from playing anything but coop for a number of matches, just like if you had tk'd someone or afk'd out of a match, because as far as im concerned, this flood of inept crapplayers is the worst form of griefing to anybody who was smart enough to figure out before age 10 that the square peg doesn't fit in the round hole.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even with CE doesn't khab still get spotted outside of all but the moskva radar range anyways?
  3. Shadeylark

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    If you're not getting paid for it, what other reason is there to play except to make yourself feel good? There's a time and place for humility... A game where you don't get anything other than an endorphin rush for getting rewarded with a win for your efforts is not it.
  4. Shadeylark

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well. As a solo player (excepting cb) I'm seriously considering just giving up the game as well. The player base is just getting too braindead and the frustration at seeing my team get curbstomped when they only have to look at the minimap occasionally to make a match of it, over and over and over, is just draining my desire to play. Most times I wonder if I'd find slamming my [edited] in a sliding glass door would be a better use of my time than suffering through these teams.
  5. A dd rework wouldn't be a dd rework, it would be a stealth rework, which would impact everyone. Dds are like CVS in that they utilize game mechanics in such a way as to make them either overpowered or underpowered, depending on the circumstances, but there is no middle ground. But unlike cvs, the mechanics dds use aren't unique to dds. Any rework of dds would necessitate reworking a mechanic (namely stealth) which affects everyone.
  6. Fine with that. For awhile there matches were dive bbs vs five dds with one or two cruisers. That made for bad games. Now, I usually see roughly equal numbers of bbs and cruisers and dds. The days where each team might have five or even six dds are over and that's nothing but a good thing. If it goes the other way where we end up with matches with no dds on a regular basis, then there's a problem.
  7. I'd say 99 out of 100 games are won or lost in the first five minutes. Very rarely are teams so evenly matched in skill that the winner can't be predicted within the first few minutes of the match.
  8. To be fair... If you struggle against scripted bots that's indicative of a subpar understanding of the game.
  9. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    Two ways of looking at a team. One is where everyone has responsibility for everyone else. If your teammate [edited] up you do his job for him. Other way is that everyone has their own discreet job to do and in order to succeed they have to do it themselves because everyone else is busy doing their own job. In this game, where different ships fill different roles (dds spotting, bbs tanking, cruisers dpsing)... It's simply not possible to take the former approach. Trying to take up the slack for someone else's failures will just lead to you failing to do your job and theirs. The quarterback can't do the linebackers job, and vice versa. If either one fails, they should be called out on it. In short... My hostility doesn't stand in the way of good team play, because my hostility only comes out when there is no team play in the first place.
  10. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    Oh I'm sure I have. And I would not hold it against anyone for calling me out for it. There's also mitigating circumstances to consider. If, with my 7000 games, [edited] up at t10... I deserve to be called out for it. If someone has 400 games and ducjs up at t4, cut em slack. But likewise, if you have 7000 games and [edited] up at t10, you deserve to be called out for it as well. Tldr: it's preferable to play with an honest and competent [edited] than an incompetent nice guy.
  11. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    Nope. Intent only my matters in philosophy, criminal trials, and church... In the real world it's outcomes that dictate responses.
  12. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    Intent becomes irrelevant when the outcome is the same whether by design or by accident.
  13. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    Whether it's due to malice or incompetence the result is the same, and hence the consequences are the same. Or as it's commonly said... Excuses are like [edited]; everyone has one and they all stink.
  14. Shadeylark

    Hostility among teammates

    this. its disrespectful to your teammates to do everything in the book to throw a game; can't expect to be respected by your teammates when your actions, even if unintentional and lacking malice due to incompetence, are disrespectful to your teammates.
  15. Shadeylark

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Depends on the circumstances; if a Des Moines and catches a bb coming round a corner broadside at 4km with the bbs guns facing the wrong way that bb is dead before he can can turn. Cruiser play is all about positioning... Bad position and you're useless... But if you are good enough to know how to be in the right spot at the right time you will rule the match.