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  1. cheapinkc

    It's nice to be able to play JUST to play

    That's just cold, let the man enjoy his fun. :D
  2. I assume you're talking about the Bourgogne which is a steel ship already. I doubt it will change.
  3. cheapinkc

    Belfast, my white whale

    So freaking true. I became a whale and got the 25 ships on the list I didn’t already have.
  4. cheapinkc

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Pretty much this not to mention the fine individuals who use it during games to rant and rave about a player (usually after the ranter did something insanely stupid and got smoked early).
  5. Is this world of warships or world of whining? Radar, CV Rework, dog ate my ship, I don't understand how Christmas crates work, OMG if they do X I'm rage quiting the game, WG hates (insert country here), MM is rigged etc, etc I've long ago learned when I get burned down, nuked by a CV, dev struck its because I did something stupid and was punished for it in the game.
  6. cheapinkc

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    If you really want Kronshtadt and Alaska I would suggest going ahead and getting the Kronshtadt now before it leaves. Alaska will be around for awhile so you can always grind out the freexp for it at a later date.
  7. It will be in the list for next year.
  8. cheapinkc

    PSA regarding Santa's Gift Boxes

    I had very good luck with the boxes and received only ships I did not have until I collected all the available ships. Then as expected I received duplicates and was compensated in doubloons for those dupes.
  9. cheapinkc

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    The ship I am almost annoyed about being locked behind the steel wall. But I will do what it takes to get one (assuming it sticks around awhile). Currently at 10.5k in steel.
  10. cheapinkc

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    It really depends on what you are using the coal for. If you are applying it to ships then it is worth far more than $1.25. 1500-2100 dubs depending on if you use 25 or 35 fxp per dub as the conversion rate.
  11. cheapinkc

    PSA Bonus codes

    Thanks redeemed them all.
  12. SCs will happen when the original ship picked is one you already own. I did well with the crates but my last 15 ships were all super containers because the highest chance ships were ones I already owned. The system is working as designed. I ended up being a whale (might be a bit more of one to close out the 4 ships I don't have already. I bought 6 20 packs of the big gift. I got 20 ships and 18K doubloons for a rough "value" of $660 vs the $287 I spent. The only ships on the list I don't have now are the Belfast, Kutuzov, Nikolai 1, and the Asashio. The "value" of each draw increased as I closed out having the lower tier ships. I already owned around 30 ships on the list and how they have been filled is what I would expect. Fewer high tier ships until the lower tiers were picked. I didn't a Kii and the Krasny Krym in my first 20 crates though so there is a chance of getting a high tier ship at any time.
  13. cheapinkc

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    I've had some fun games in the Duca esp in co-op. My ships from 80 big gift crates: Murmansk Marblehead Krasny Krym Nueve De Julio Kii Monaghan Roma Abruzzi Blyskawica Ashitaka Le Terrible I have all the Tier 5 and 6 ships in the list except the Kamii. Now I'm down to just 13 ships on the list I don't already have.
  14. cheapinkc

    Philosophy behind the new Santa crates

    I picked 40 of the big gift crates. Some coal, 8k in gold, and 8 ships. 1 tier 8 Kii 1 tier 7 CL 1 tier 6 the US DD 5 tier 5. From here in out the only 2 low tier ships left are the tier 4 Russian BB and the Kami.
  15. The answer is simple we run for the border to get some Taco Bell.