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  1. cheapinkc

    Goodbye World of Warships

    Mm code doesn’t play the game you do. If the game is no fun quit. It’s a game after all.
  2. cheapinkc

    Goodbye World of Warships

    And those 5 losing teams only had one thing in common right? That you were on each and every one of those teams.
  3. cheapinkc

    This game is junk now

    Sunk cost fallacy. If a game is no fun for you just move on.
  4. cheapinkc

    Please Help with Riga

    I think Riga is the paywall for Petro
  5. cheapinkc

    When will support for Mac stop?

    GeForce now works well on my M1 Air if the Mac client stops working for you.
  6. cheapinkc

    Not trying to start a fight but...

    The ship herself is fine. The player base gets triggered by the cost or massive effort to acquire her in the very first dockyard event.
  7. cheapinkc

    Wait ... Wut?

    Who is dismissing captains in the 19 to 21 point range to “recover” the XP? This is the typical flambass clickbait video.
  8. Match making monitor is a cancer all it’s own.
  9. That's for purchasing ships with doubloons, not a discount on doubloons themselves. The OP is mentioning a 30% off doubloon coupon that is not commonly available it appears.
  10. cheapinkc

    What is this garabge?

    Oh Lordy it’s that thread again.
  11. cheapinkc

    IChase opens 3000 crates

    All this tells me is that crate opening works differently opening all crates at once vs. one at time. If you already have a ship when opening crates one at time it drops a super container with a ship you don't already have. So yes a sensationalist video but ultimately pretty useless.
  12. cheapinkc

    This is not getting completed soon

    Hopefully WG will come up with something for people to do with their glut of research bureau points who get this achievement.
  13. cheapinkc

    Zao with 155s

    Yeah I play the 155 Mogami since if I want to play a ship with 10 203s I can play Atago or Takao at tier 8.
  14. cheapinkc

    Submarine changes are over the top

    There was much complaining about a lack of counter play in earlier tests. I see more options for counter play against subs this time around. Doesn’t mean all of these are going to make it to the final version in this or any other form.
  15. No one is missing your point they just don’t agree with you