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  1. Being pink must really work given how salty people can become over it.
  2. cheapinkc

    Fix Halloween Event

    Not my favorite event for sure. OP my advice is if you want to battle everyone then div up with two other like minded players so you all can be “that team”. just understand that most players are trying to grind the rewards as quickly as they can.
  3. Yippie another thread conflating pay to advance with pay to win.
  4. First bundle, now I am saving for the permanent camps.
  5. cheapinkc

    How to fix Smolensk

    Fire extinguisher does little against Smolensk. A new fire is only 3.8 seconds away.
  6. Degrasse, it was a dupe so I ended up with 5500 dubs out of the deal.
  7. cheapinkc

    Ramming... is stupid.

    It is a valid combat tactic that has been used over the centuries.
  8. cheapinkc

    Smolensk is too weak, need buff ASAP!!

    You missed radar and sonar.
  9. cheapinkc

    This game DOES NOT work on a Mac

    OP the best bet is run windows through boot camp.
  10. cheapinkc

    Finally got my first 19 pt captain!

    Congratulations! The first is by far the hardest. I also look for where I can run the same capt across a couple of premiums. Georgia and Massachusetts, Jean Bart and Gascogne, Sharnhorst and Tirpitz. Allows you to double up on the daily bonus plus they all earn decently even in coop.
  11. cheapinkc

    My Wallet Is Closed!

    I agree The number of people who confuse pay to win vs pay to advance in this forum is amazing.
  12. Well that settles it then! The cruisers and dds I have sunk with bbs mean nothing.
  13. cheapinkc

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    Good earner in coop. Biggest advantage is if she gets in the right spot she rack up huge damage quickly. Coop games can be really quick so a ship like the mighty mo may not actually make that much.
  14. These crates were an easy pass for me. The base value isn’t that good and compensation for duplicate ships is in the form of credits which is on page describing the crate contents.
  15. cheapinkc

    1st Game vs Colbert (ALREADY!!!)

    You get research points only after you rebuy and play ships in the reset line. To get all the points you have to free xp your way through the tech tree or grind out each ship by playing it.