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  1. Gristle_LD

    Are You Going To Buy The Max Immelmann?

    There is nothing else in coal that I want. I'm not a cv main by any means.. but I got the FDR recent and am leaning that so I might when my next resource coupon triggers..
  2. Gristle_LD

    Best premium Destroyer for doubloons right now?

    Haida is the best value fun for dollar.. get the hydro and smoke mod and laugh a lot. Cossack is good to and Kidd but you have to deal with higher tier games. Asashio is fun if you like big damage potential. Haida.. is the only thing close to the Benham for getting interesting colorful comments from the enemy. :)
  3. last night I was whizzing along in my Marceau. see this cv new coming at me broad side with a bomber squad. I laughed :) ha ha ha...… NOT Haha... dead.. my next comment was " wth does this cv have for bombs" . reply 'skip" Now I know.. LOL
  4. Gristle_LD

    Favorite ships?

    Benham, Marceau, Haida.. Haida being most bang for you buck in fun. FDR is pretty fun to. If you like farming deadeye bbs!!!
  5. Gristle_LD

    Anyone still play DDs regularly?

    Absolutely!!! when I'm not clubbing BBs with my Benham ill take out my FDR to really get the BB salt going!!! DD's are in buff zone right now. Just my feeling!!
  6. Finished Hizen grind last night.. Had to purchase the last 3 stages to get it. But I used the free gold I collected since Christmas. Got a Z-35 in the crate I received. Bonus!! The 2000 Steel put my over the top for any steel ship out there now.. Decisions decisions!! Ill prob reset the captains tonight and set them back up as I play them.. Mostly use the special captains now as they can go on the many diff permis I have. As the meta changes ill have other captions to try diff builds. That is all!!
  7. Gristle_LD

    I likes to go fast.

  8. Gristle_LD

    Struggling to find a reason to play anymore.

    ^^ Yup. Been reloading ammo and shooting at the range in my free time... I really don't want to have to go through and figure what new specs will work on which ship. 140 plus ships. You just finish off that puzzle and they come into your house and toss it in the air... but then its a different puzzle you have to put back together if you want things in order as they were. I will be resetting skills before next update and working one ship at a time slowly.
  9. imho rpd/rdf/rfp works with Smaland. Not so much with Hall. I did better in it before they removed it. Will be going back on
  10. Gristle_LD

    Plus/minus for DD Mains with the CS rework

    Thanks guys. sounds like many pros for the DDs
  11. What do you think? Net gain or loss? I'm happy to be able to get ride of PT on most of my dd builds. Free retraining to ships that I play most. Training multiple captions to the same ship for diff builds for high tier ships that I play. I have many premium ships so sharing is a plus. Just curious what those that really dig into this game think..
  12. Im a dd main and this is good news to get rid of pt that I have on most builds. Overall I think this rework will work in a dd mains favour
  13. Gristle_LD

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    I have both Smal and Hall .. Smal is a beast in ranked. Have had the most fun just crushing other dds. Really is a ship that makes a huge impact. Halland I like as well but not nearly the same fun factor and less dimensions. Smal is a challenge but very rewarding and maybe why I love it. Kills dds, Pushes BBs around, draws plenty of fire. Can take a beating. Speeds away, heals hp back. Repeat!!!...... Is it worth 2mil xp? Too me Yes.
  14. Gristle_LD

    Santa Crates

    Corporate .... How do we hold their money longer? Let pretend to give them a better option only to delay giving the money back and some will just give up and cancel the ticket. The way i read it.....if you take the Manual they will bust you in doubloons full pop for all the flags camo and other stuff you consumed. What if you don't have the doubloons? What does a "certain amount" mean?... You cant even talk to someone to get the answers... thanks for the personal touch in the auto replay. Feeling So appreciated. I got the same message today. I told them 8 days ago I wanted a refund/rollback when they answered my original ticket asking me what I wanted.. Ludacris!!!
  15. They make one post in the News.. That's all you get.. I have been waiting 2 week today for a refund.