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  1. SilhoutteFG

    I want the game I paid for back.

    I'm right here mate, i grew up reading and exploring naval and military history, My great grand father came ashore at Gallipoli and i myself went there this year for ANZAC day. I build scale models of the ships i play in game, i can draw you a sketch of the Bismarck from memory. Love the generalisations from the boomers, better educated?! wth. The only generation that studied WW2?? What rubbish. If you can't handle the games constant evolution that's not the games fault, that's yours.
  2. SilhoutteFG

    Tirpitz has 12KM Secondaries??

    Watch for the torps if you do plow on through. :)
  3. Sink them all, there is no such thing a kill stealing. I've had games where I've done 100k damage with 1500hp left. Ships don't shoot back when they are in port..
  4. Tier 6s still do not belong in T8 battles, especially 1 T6 in all T8 battles
  5. Cant stand low tier game play, i spend most of my time at 8,9 and 10. I'm happy to pay a tiny amount a year for premium time and cash isn't a problem
  6. Since when is 6 a high Tier? This player has more tier 6 games than 8,9 and 10 combined...
  7. SilhoutteFG

    Video Card Upgrade

    These should give you an idea, i don't have any with my new GPU but the graphics are the same (these are with a 780ti)
  8. SilhoutteFG

    Video Card Upgrade

    You see a bit more around your ship etc, ill find some screenshots when i get home and post them up. :)
  9. SilhoutteFG

    Video Card Upgrade

    i run a 34 inch ultrawide at 1440p, 3440 x 1440 and it looks almost photo real, you just see more. The difference between the old ship models and new ones is quite obvious. I have a 1070Ti and run everything at max, 80fps solid.
  10. SilhoutteFG

    $56 US for Vanguard

    Same price as every other tier 8 BB... and a damn good ship.
  11. SilhoutteFG

    $56 US for Vanguard

    He only plays against bots that do nothing but charge at you. kiting isn't as viable in coop.
  12. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  13. You do know that that test was conducted at point blank range and with zero armour angling?? Further info from http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-040.htm: Therefore, these plates are the only warship armor plates that could not be completely penetrated by any gun ever put on a warship when installed leaning back at 45°, as they were in the actual turrets!!! Even to completely hole the plate all the way through at that inclination requires a brand new 16"/50 Mark 7 or German 38cm SK C/34 gun at point-blank range firing the latest versions of their respective AP projectiles; it might be cracked at a lower striking velocity, but no hole put entirely through it!
  14. 44 so far. On the other hand have 289 confederates and 280 High Calibers.
  15. The players ability is what gives the statement its credibility. If he had only played 10 games in a BB his ability and therefore the statement can be questioned. He is also not the first person to state this fact. OP is choosing to ignore credible answers to the threads questions. You can kite towards a target, its an especially viable tactic in secondary build BB's or those with torpedoes. Particularly effective against bow tanking targets. You are angling in the exact same manner you would be if you were retreating. You obviously wouldn't be doing this when outnumbered etc.