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  1. It is a dumb thing to be proud of it. When I noticed that particular stat number for Cherry Blossom, I wondered if triple digits could be had.. My personal highlight of the week. :P
  2. I've had those type of bad games. At least they are rare. Using the Indy in the battle, and being the closest ship to defend Raptor is sad. No matter what you tell your teammates. they don't listen.
  3. The most egregious thing to see in that battle relating to destroyers, is letting them sail right to 2km of the raptor to give a torp kiss.(one of the most infuriating things to see in OPs) In the first few rotations of RR's release, no one intercepts the mid map DDs about 70-80% of the time. Almost guaranteeing mission failure.. So learning from those early experiences, I always intercept them unless I really need a repair badly. Because nobody else will and asking generally fails as well. Because you get ignored, or people who may be willing are in poor position to respond. Using cruisers, or my BBs like New Mex, Arizona, they can intercept those DDs just fine. You just have to learn and understand the map and spawns. Again positioning so that you are able to contribute to the team during the cruiser attacks. And continue on a course that allows you to disrupt the DD attacks later on. My Arizona does fine intercepting them, so no one on the team should be too slow to protect the Raptor CV at that critical point. (trying to do this from memory, you should be engaging the enemy DDs coming from the west at the 13:00 minute mark of the mission. If you are the only defender, really tough because of the 2dds and 3 cruisers focus firing on you. Having 1 ship NW of that island in the middle of the map and 1 ship slightly SW to defend makes a big difference.) There's a chance all this knowledge won't matter in the future.. oh well. Cheers, PBoat.
  4. Done with Mission 1 today. Will be a busy summer, so expectations are 2-3 months for Mission 2 completion.
  5. Getting tired of seeing them everywhere? Just poking fun.
  6. Confirm with the other poster. 900 Coal from Try your luck container.
  7. That is almost my situation with the Helena. And is affected by the fact I no longer PVP, only PVE. Don't want to grind up again in the Omaha, so spent the Free XP to start with the Dallas. I will have OPs later on to level up through Dallas. *Aegis has not been up in this rotation yet. It "should" be after Cherry Blossom. Once Aegis is over, the 2 Tier 7 OPs should be next. Just in time to start playing the Helena. And why have the Helena? She is the closest thing to an Atlanta that I can get. In regards to shell-flinging(make it rain) and being able to bring to those OPs. How effective will she be, I don't know. But raining down shells is a fun thing to do and will try my best to make her work there.
  8. Yea it was a little jokey and I played off the first sentence in the graphic. 80 torps and didn't manage to get me with one. Where's the Torpedo damage. As someone who no longer PVPs and fights the AI everywhere, I relish those moments where you feel you got one over those darn bots. (especially with how buffed up some of the other OPs have been.) Sort of being forced into playing RN CLs/Edinburgh aggressively has been a breath of fresh air(keep forgetting to remove the smoke tho). About the torp spotting, the start of that match was messy because the DDs got their torps away. Half of the player ships turned away from the objective. We did not have more than 3 ships East of the [7] line at any one time. One of the players eventually sank, and another one managed to catch up to assist. I didn't think we had a chance to save the Marine regiment, but it worked out. I think I had a little tunnel vision with not wanting to fail that objective...(this star seems to be the one most commonly lost) I felt I had to charge in and smash them as best as I can. And it so happens that around 40 torps are spotted, just at the Marine Regiment phase of the mission.
  9. I stopped playing competitive during the Fiji. Bought the Edin anyways since I had more than enough XP. So I'm not that in tune with the ship, its quirks and playstyle besides the general RN CL tactic. Wasn't sure how it would do in Cherry Blossom. She was a Torp Avoidance, Hydro build I was toying around with. Since I wasn't doing any serious battles with her. And very situational, she did well in this one game. Had an AFK'er in this battle, and ended up playing more aggressive than I usually do. Surprised it worked out so well.
  10. Yea, totally have to put the pedal to the metal at the very start. Funny little occurrence I wanted to share. In one game, a teammate managed to disable the first Myoko's engine when it barely started moving. It died in 20-25 seconds(very very rough guesstimate. What didn't need to be guessed!, It ate several citadels) I can only assume it caught fire when stationary during the initial volleys. It must've activated the repair and that moment started its engine. Then the next instant was the one in a million shot that knocked the engine out. A sight to behold, wish I had a gif to admire it or should've remembered to keep the replay... :(
  11. No kidding. I am wondering about how dangerous the air attacks are in this scenario without USN cruisers(seems very rare :P). 3 USN ships is the fewest I've seen myself. 2 major plane attacks in this operation. 11-12min mark is the first wave of planes. 10 squads, 5 from the North & 5 from the West. 8-9min mark is the second wave. 8-10 squads split again from both directions. (was thinking it maybe affected by how many you shot down in the first attack. But I'm starting to believe it is a set amount, possibly 10 squads again.)
  12. Cherry Blossom Operation

    Does this help? Just a guesstimate, the size feels like the inner harbour area of Killer whale. I think it is the smallest scenario map so far. There aren't any long breaks in the action. Threats constantly pop up throughout the map.
  13. Cherry Blossom Operation

    Thank you for getting more information. So there is risk by having you get much closer to the bases and the enemy ships. And planning and awareness because you need to get there in time. (don't sit in the repair area the whole time.) I was thinking it might've been a skill shot requirement with AP shells. But it might feel easier to sling HE and do some damage every salvo. Especially if you are under fire and constantly moving around to avoid torp walls.
  14. Cherry Blossom Operation

    They probably are expecting a lot of USN cruisers in there with the line split.(could they be balancing it around that?..) Hmm, so far French and "I've heard USN cruiser AP can not damage the Aerodrome". What does that mean for the Edinburgh? I haven't tried her yet, cause I wanted to try other nations first.(will be working all weekend, so won't be testing for a while.) -if somehow you have several Edin's that survive and the HE cruisers don't... It would be impossible to complete? Hope someone is testing that part.
  15. Cherry Blossom Operation

    From the Test mission, smoke doesn't look like a good option. I speak in context to having only the Edinburgh on the live server. Maybe.. the last 5mins of the scenario when attacking their positions, it'll be a little useful. So when it officially launches, might just take smoke off Edin for the first time.(you'll get torp soups every so often) But to your question, maybe Chappy? I don't know its RoF, but I assume it has laser beam arcs like other cruisers in that tree. Lots of groups of DDs to shoot at. Quite a few engagements with Japan cruisers, at 12-15km range. (I only used French ship and did okay, but a lot of the AI cruisers were sailing straight with very little manoeuvering. Maybe the AI is not tuned yet??). I'm not putting much stock in to what I've seen. Will definitely try it again if it gets updated in the next Test session.