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  1. PtooieBoat

    Flag-o-Rama Returns!

    I clicked the info page link to participate around 9:45am PST. So almost 5 hours ago. Never got the signal confirmation in game, played 10 games so far and logged in today 3 separate times.(just logged off again not too long ago.) So does it mean that I'm not registered to the contest if I do not receive the in game confirmation? Just want to make sure I'm not wasting extra flags for no benefit..
  2. PtooieBoat

    Flag-o-Rama Returns!

    I believe people can have both ships. So they each count as a different ship/entity, so you would get the regular I'd assume.
  3. PtooieBoat

    Wichita Review Links

    I'm assuming the concealment was what she launched with? Cause a Tier 8 in today's game with that stat, would turn a lot of heads(or it wouldn't =p lame joke). That is interesting, I levelled past her before radar was implemented. Was a rough grind(one of several I did in that line..), but I didn't remember much about her concealment. Probably wasn't experienced or knowledgeable to try and exploit that mechanic. Had to play her in a support style to get results, so always engaging with allies.
  4. PtooieBoat

    Emerald needs a nerf...

    Thank goodness there aren't any T7s in the picture. Or WG would nerf her to the seabed.
  5. PtooieBoat

    WOLF clan

    I understand and respect that some people will represent the lone wolf moniker fully. Perfectly fine and that's why I sometimes use good luck at the start of matches. It isn't aimed at any individual, but rather the whole team. Sometimes you get no responses at all, or receive a bunch from random players. And sometimes you get a reciprocal reply from a fellow Wolf and that's that. Unless they say hello or chat, I leave them to their business just like any other player. I'm usually very focused in my handling of the controls, and don't want to fidget around so I don't type well during battle. Gotta Catch 'em all! You can almost collect all the Wolves in this thread.
  6. PtooieBoat

    COOP Battles not 100% mirrored (not talking CVs)

    I remembering seeing some brief discussions about sudden increase in overpens and inconsistencies with BB ap against cruisers when the "DD vs AP" update change took place. (maybe some sort of unintended interaction was introduced.?, or some decimals in the wrong place. Maybe affected certain tiers or calibre?.) I haven't followed any further talk but maybe it was just bias and people were just having bad luck during that time. But for me during that time I played a lot of OP games like usual and noticed my usual 3 BBs(all Tier 6) I use seem to overpen cruisers way more than I can ever recall. Maybe it was a stealth bug that got in game, and maybe was stealth patched. Or maybe it wasn't anything at all. Not a lot of play time with those ships the past 2+ months, due to missions req and stuff, etc. So no idea if I would still have trouble with those guns. That sucks if you are currently experiencing issues with gun performance.
  7. PtooieBoat

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

    That's too bad, even though I like the rework mechanically. The balance is fubar'd which deters me from using it. Haven't taken one into OPS yet. The old system lets average or better players carry a team through certain sections of an operation. And also immensely helpful to a competent team was dedicated torpedo spotting which no longer exists... (I wish it helped with random pugs in OP, but when you see enough players sail broadside into a set of 3-4 bot torps and you spotted it for them 6-7km away.... Yep, it's going to be one of those games..)
  8. I'm not bored of surface ships, but the new CV system also has got me playing more than usual. I am a PVE player so the perspective is a bit different. I prefer this new system, even though as an average skilled player I am in the 30-40% win rate in Co-op since rework. Lots of bot only teams with an extra enemy BB that can Devstrike, while as the CV you slowly nibble away. The bot AI seems to function differently as well, they seem to blob together a lot. Even the full human teams have been bad, since CVs can't carry anymore. (For context, my main CV line is USN) Contrast this to the old RTS system, 1vs3 bots I could more often than not win the match. Unless I'm bottom tier as CV and the bots have a strong AA ship top tier. I've never been this frustrated and so often as well playing CVs with the rework. In the RTS system, don't ever remember getting mad using a CV. Even squaring off against an elite CV player that shut me down minutes into a game when I used to PVP. So all these reasons should make someone hate this change.. Nope, the rework is in a rough shape balance wise. Lots of work needed, but I still prefer it to the RTS system. So I'm not talking about the overall experience of playing a CV in a match. But there are times, just in the moment flying and dodging through clouds of Flak that have given me the most immersive situations I've had in this warship game(almost 4 years). And the new CV system is way more engaging to me and that means a lot to keep playing.
  9. PtooieBoat

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMS Exeter 0.8.0

    lol, was just reminded of watching live streams of fail divisions from many moons ago... And seeing a Umikaze turn a Yamato into garbage.
  10. PtooieBoat

    Cleveland Camo "Freedom"

    Same as another poster above. I have it on my Des Moines and I don't like the look. But having no credits is worse. Couldn't complete the mission for the Baltimore version, no camo for her. :( I have the Cleveland camo but I've never been interested in her, even when she was difficult to citadel(apparently during initial release).
  11. PtooieBoat

    Favorite ships for Narai

    @HayabusaZ Whoops forgot to tell you to check out what @Lightninger has posted. But you already will, so cheers! I don't think you will learn much from my game. Where you have 7 average to good players, that somehow had telepathy that game. And so you won't have any idea why we do certain things, with that many ships or timing of where we need to be.
  12. PtooieBoat

    Favorite ships for Narai

    Actually I was wondering how well I did, and checked if I could watch the replay. It was the second last one from being deleted, lol. Anyways it was just a dynamic match with decently good players, who knew how the scenario works. Knowledge can be just as important as skill. (could be some super players in there.) There were only 2, maybe 3 instances of actual chat communication on tactics. It was mostly each player seeing what was going on situation wise at the time. And we just all clicked and reacted dynamically to what was needed for our objectives. And like I said, the first few minutes in chat were all doom and gloom. But they were all alright. Nobody raged, and when it got going they just tried and did their thing/best. And it worked out.
  13. PtooieBoat

    Favorite ships for Narai

    I've posted before and my thought was that DDs can be useful in any of the OPs. But the likelihood you'll encounter a DD who can pull their weight and more in Random OP queue, is frickin rare. Was a shocking change yesterday, random queued yesterday with 4 cls & 3 dds. Everyone knew how to play their chosen ship and the scenario, and we 5 starred it. Bet you can imagine what the chat was like the first couple of minutes. lol.
  14. PtooieBoat

    CV basics: Target Approach

    Yea, same as NCC81701 has posted, W & S is helpful. And a CC I watched streaming said he thinks that is the counter-play in place for planes against AA Flak. Because the flak lands in front of you(they lead, shoot where you are going to be), I've sometimes avoided a full wall of flak in front just by slowing down and it goes away. Just with RNG, sometimes your current speed, distance to target, etc., it doesn't work and you get dunked... So being proactive as Edgecase posted at the start is smarter. But maybe you can combine the two strats into your run? !Pictures of dunking included below WARNING LOTS OF PICS in this post. So another thing I encountered accidentally is avoiding visual tracers. I'm not sure if you were actually alluding to this. @Edgecase Whether you meant Flak and tracers as a singular mechanic in your first post about "dodge" Flak. The flight before I got dunked by Republique(it may be RNG bad luck, but I'm more scared of Rep, than DM or Monty so far), so I changed things up and tried to dodge the tracers for the heck of it. Now I didn't realize until reviewing it after, you can spot which ones are flak. (Sorry for medium quality images, 7 year old PC doing its best at 1080p) Was going to mark and edit the pics, but decided not to. Someone should make better ones. :) [First Pic], if you can see any of this clear enough.. -the 2-3 dots centre of the screen, appearing on top of the island is white if you zoom in enough. White tracers seem to be Continuous AA, you can't dodge them obviously so it doesn't matter where it goes. I think it is there to inform the player visually that it is currently active. You'll see more usually when you get really close to target. -there are tracers emanating from the BB at 12 & 1 o'clock. Those appear white. -the 4 & 8 o'clock tracers from the BB appear yellow, so FLAK. It bears out in the next picture as the projected locations look correct. !roughly 1 second interval] [Second Pic], I nudged my planes slightly left between the previous 4 & 8 o'clock position. I saw no tracers there the moment before- from the first pic (didn't see tracers at 6 o'clock until I was reviewing replay) Those pictures don't do justice to what actually happens in game. I did other tests and deliberately tried to engage mediocre AA ships 1 on 1, and can pretty clearly see the different tracer colours in battle situations. Below 3-4km range, I personally couldn't react fast enough to make it useful. I should point out I only play PVE modes, and this was in COOP. Hey how about this. I'm making an assumption here, but if you have decent to good flak AA with just 1 ally escort ship. You can CROSS FLAK planes, pending RNG of course. =P Oh and thanks to @Pulicat CV guide! The only tip I took in at first was don't manuoevre left or right, when lining up your attack run. Just one, simple small thing to understand..! It is so drastically different if you don't get this part of the attack. It affects the size of your attack reticle and the shape of your torpedo launch area.