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  1. PtooieBoat

    Narai buffed?

    Unfortunately, couldn't find anything that has a record. But it is awesome, you are tracking the dates in the Scenario Schedule! Made it much easier to scour through pictures and replays I had around the correct rotation period. Sometimes I save crazy, wacky games, but not this time.
  2. PtooieBoat

    Narai buffed?

    I just know them by memory, not always reliable though. :D I try to be competent in knowledge, tactics, etc. but I don't go FULL hard on Min/Max on OPs. Except Hermes, but that's gone. sad. I'm somewhere between 2k-3k OP games. Stopped counting a few years ago. But I was even surprised by a player in Killer Whale, earlier this year. He knew the timings, and the exact spawn points. (guess someone could also have a 2nd monitor and the info is ready at hand.) So I'm watching this Nurnberg turn north early, that happens every so often and don't think much. He wipes them, good job. But then keeps going around, spot after spot and camps the reds hard before they spawn. Ends up sinking 10+(double digits cant remember #) at the end and survives the whole match iirc. He is relying on the other 6 ships to clear the Inner Harbour, and they should. Props to him going boss on the scenario, the only way to lose is a team that doesn't evac.. But that didn't happen this time.
  3. I also have the Azuma Capt, that's the only reason I'm even considering getting her. I don't think it's going to be likely. I have the Takao, and recently won Atago this past Xmas and they don't end up with much play time. (not for performance reasons, I have more ships in port than I can play atm. Scenario capable ships get more playtime) Something different might spice up the gameplay/matches, and that's why I'm looking at Friesland instead. But it is a big resource commitment, and DDs are prob my worst class. SO holding off, not picking anything up for now.
  4. PtooieBoat

    Fix your damn Operations AI!

    Can't remember if the scout planes, determined whether you get attacked by off map planes(so "land based") during the early half of the mission. Or if it was affecting only the quantity of planes that attacked the players before the repair phase and after as well I think..
  5. Newport, the scenario of the week where I sometimes avoid playing the game at all for a bunch of days. It needs a team that has to do "a lot of simple things" and an instinct/skill for survival. And you don't get that very often. It is so hit and miss, tough to gauge how to help things along or what tips to give to others. I mean 2 rotations back of Newport(couple months ago), I remember a great start to the scenarios(pretty shocked how it turned out honestly....). 11/14 Wins total and started off with 4 straight games of 4-5 Stars in Pugs. Contrasted by the Newport rotation previous to this week, which went 2/7 Wins. Now on to the meat and bones and disclaimers. You need to bring a smoke ship into battle or have a willing participant(don't count on it.) It is simple, but I think like a lot of things, it is pretty difficult to instruct a willing player on the fly to execute it correctly. Use the map above for reference. You have to change your tactic, when you see the team is disintegrating, and you aren't going to sink all the reds. Sometimes this will be apparent really early, and my take on this plan is that no one else is listening to you even though you're trying to give tips to salvage a win. I don't mean to say, to not give instructions, but more to the fact you'll likely be ignored or people will do the opposite.. (1) So the key is the right side repair ship. MARKED with GREEN ARROW on map (okay, i know this will be brought up, what if the ship paths weird or chases down a red and rams it?. Yes I know it is RNG and it sucks, thems the breaks. It is like Raptor beaching itself, and now you're waiting 15 mins to lose.) My experiences so far from tracking the past 15 Newport matches, the repair ships do their little dance around the harbour area, but mostly they get to their spots. Maybe 2 times they didn't settle and kept running around. -So you now stay near the right repair ship, get some heals and can tank very lightly. IT HAS TO SURVIVE, because if you are alone with 3-4 red ships, they'll ravage the rest of the base. ONE player AND support building OR ship has to surivive!! (2) Next step, you have to clear the eastern side! MARKED by the shaded zone with white & grey stripes This is something you might need help with. Just ask for help. This could be a crucial fail point, in this tactic. If not purposefully, maybe the remaining teammates might accidentally contribute.. You will have cruisers that will be bow on to you but you need that zone cleared. (you can see how close it was from the pic in the spoiler above or the REF map, where the sunk red ships are. They were low HP, but i couldn't get much done with no help, and maybe damage saturation? as well. They were near broadside to me when I got them, and they were in position to torp the repair ship or me, but got lucky that none were ever sent.) (3) At this point it is very likely, you'll have 3 red BBs left versus you alone. MARKED with YELLOW ARROWS their general pathing (unless you just played with the worst players in WoWs ever.. which means the OP prob would've ended 10mins ago anyhow.) You are just playing line of sight game as they usually funnel to the middle, and you use the island to block. Obviously use your discretion if you think you can juke in and out and maybe sink one that is low. But playing completely defensive and NOT FIRING at all is fine and safer. Have your smoke ready and cover the repair ship before it comes under fire. The objective becomes timing out the match for a victory. YES that's it.. The pic in the spoiler above shows today's match, had one teammate alive(rare =( ) and asked for smoke and he responded right away. I had mine ready and it would've sufficed, if I was alone or if my request for help was ignored. So any suggested tactic will be scrutinized or whether it is worth attempting. And I cant give you a great answer... Straight out I'll have to say this is based on a garbage sample size of 15 GAMES. And within those 15, there were 5 attempts made. And I succeeded in 4/5 tries(3 times I was solo for most of it). So I'm now more aware of it and ready myself to be in position for this tactic. Getting 4 games of 1-2 stars, than the usual fail, the past little while is doing good for my blood pressure I'll tell you. :P From the initial release of Scenarios to the game, and going through many changes through these years. I have read opinions of players who regularly go OPs that WG seems to balance, change scenarios, whether specifically intended as such, to stop ways from having a few players carry an operation through. There's validity in that, but of course we always ask, did they go too far and take the sledgehammer to certain things unnecessarily. What part of the playerbase are they balancing for? Hmm, the two difficulty modes could've help? Anyways to end this text wall, you aren't really carrying your team through Newport, but it's the closest thing to it... And the pic in the spoiler below, shows where I wasn't ready to think it out strategically. Tried carrying the team in the WRONG way and it was a loss. Couldn't make the crossover to the right, had to stay with the left repair ship when I realised things were going really badly..
  6. Awesome, thanks for replying.
  7. @iDuckman Curious if anyone here had some more info. Read the entire Wiki, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Modules Just wanted to know something and want to make sure I'm understanding correctly. I didn't want to point you out specifically iDuckman, but you seem to know where to find info. :) Incapacitating a module and destroying a module work differently is that right, and so in what way? Because some modules can be damaged and destroyed, and some can only be damaged/incapacitated. So is module incapacitations like a status effect, or I guess similar to fires and floods which is a % chance? Because destruction is based on the depletion of the module's hitpoints. But modules that can't be destroyed are still affected by incapacitations. Info from wiki I've quoted. Damage to Modules When their health points are exhausted, modules become destroyed and cease to function for the remainder of the current battle. It is worth noting that for engines and rudders: they can not be destroyed; as they take damage, the chance of further damage is reduced; From what I'm trying to deduce, is the line directly above that I have in bold. In the context of rudders/engines, is damage referring to incapacitation? That an engine or rudder, once incapacitated will less likely have it happen again. And that makes my logical leap, is that it is a % chance to disable a module. Anyways, TL:DR to my question. Is module incapacitations simply a percent chance from a "proper" hit? (wasn't sure how to define it) - For example, an AP shell that ricochets will never incapacitate, but an HE shell with its blast area can incapacitate with a near miss, even without damaging the ship?
  8. PtooieBoat

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My 3rd Highest Co-op XP game I think and who woulda thought Amagi. - Shoot those planes, bunch of Cap Def- and I believe all 3 were solo caps.
  9. PtooieBoat

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    AFAIK, that was fixed. It happened after a patch last year and it was fixed relatively quickly. I heard rumours of Divs 4-5 manning it when that issue was around.
  10. PtooieBoat

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    It hasn't been significantly changed in a long while. I don't have an issue with its difficulty currently. The bot transport AI has been bad from the scenario's inception. But onto actual experiences, just the other day in PUGS, [GAME 1] 5star, [GAME 2] 5star+Tact Ex, [GAME 3] 5star+Tact Ex, [GAME 4] 4star, [GAME 5] FAIL, [GAME 6] FAIL Just bad players and teams, the scenario is fine. Don't sail after the South East CV, ALL 7 ships stay with and IN FRONT of Raptor. Just let enemy CV make its way around the map, and have one ship break off around the 8-9min mark to hunt it around the mid-point of the bottom of the map. (but only if the team is still strong enough to finish off the rest of the waves. Make sure you can finish the main objective, before doing secondary ones.) I find it is very lenient in difficulty right now in regards to secondary objectives. That you can ensure the main obj, is pretty safe before running off to tackle secondaries. Whereas comparing to Narai, there is a timing you have to make or the enemy transports will fail you one star. And the CV, also has a timing that needs to be met to get a star, or wastes a lot of your time and you cannot help with the main objective which can fail the OP. The results I listed, tell you exactly what happened or didn't happen in that game. If you have a bunch of good players by chance, you could get away with whatever you want to do. But in a PUG, you don't know who you are playing with. And this OP usually turns out...as all or nothing. Why would you increase your risk of an outright FAIL, in order to maybe get a star. The difficulty can be a little RNG by which Evac/path zone the raptor has to take.
  11. PtooieBoat

    Transport glitches in Narai

    You've been missing out, started since the XMAS event update. Repair ship sailing around like a maniac in one particular Newport match. Towards the later part of the Scenario, it happens to sail near the Konig then does a 180 and rams it. The repair ship itself, a star requirement, decides that we're not worthy...
  12. PtooieBoat

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    Thank you for the fact check. As much as I want to help, second hand source from a chat message in game isn't reliable, just like my memory.
  13. PtooieBoat

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    IGNORE, my memory fails me and the info is wrong I was told in chat during a battle, that the forts need over 54mm of pen to dmg. And i was commenting on SAP, and learned that it has 50mm of pen so that SAP will never damage a fort. This will need fact checking of course. :)
  14. PtooieBoat

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    @ClassicLib I definitely get what you both are saying, as there is an inherent difficulty to pull it off successfully and not take too much damage either. Timing is pretty important, it is rare that I see the Nicholas do anything at all the to convoy group. Usually the friendly transports are around the infamous Missy "Rock" And often the Nicholas has sailed far ahead enough to shoot, whereas the campbelltown is still behind the giant island. I usually see 30-40secs of time where Nicholas can be shot, without worry from campbelltown, if you get the timing and position right. In short, it isn't a tactic for new or inexperienced players. I always try to make detailed posts on Scenario tactics, for those players with average experience and aiming skills. Specifically on ways to "carry" your team as much as possible. An average player(or ship) may have difficulty, in handling Nich, Phoenix, and Lex solo or take too much damage from them. If you're in a BB and know enough about the OP, shouldering the load of an extra DD so that a cruiser teammate can more easily survive till the end is worth it to me. As been pointed out by several posters, the loss of a cruiser to the CV wave brings more problems than just losing 1 player ship. Tanking in a ship, is something I personally enjoy more than raw damage(dmg is still nice though haha) in Scenarios. I remember when they removed the other OPs, and the Mod Femm, asked us about our favourite Scenarios on the PVE forum. Hermes is still hands down my favourite OP. Maybe the T8 BBs being in there throws off how objectively you can speak to the balance. But it is offset by the bad, wonky accuracy of French BBs. There is some balancing there, as I dont think very many people claim Hermes was easy. You do need teammates with some sense of self-preservation, cease firing as a cruiser means a lot in that scenario that intro'd Thunderstorms. I know I'm asking for a lot.. There is a lot that ONE BB can do to negate so much damage from specifically the 2 DD waves that occur in Hermes. Where you are torp baiting usually and not tanking 20-30 torps. You may not get much damage, because manoeuvring is so important and French BB traverse is a disadvantage. But you've protected your 6 teammates and once the torps have passed, they can sail out and stomp the heck of dds and the Bayern there as well. My modest record of sinking 16 ships in a Narai game(seen other screenshots of more) does not hold a candle to tanking extremely well in a Hermes game. Personal gratification and fun, is being able to protect my teammates and still super disappointed that Hermes is gone.
  15. PtooieBoat

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    Sorry to possibly ruin your lucrative tactics for Narai. But as a PUG strat, for people not on CV or transport duty, -try pulling the Lex's DD away by proximity. There is difficulty in it, that you should get as close to the harbour opening without going in. It becomes a chokepoint after all! -if you are way too far in, you will be focused fired, and even a full health BB can only stave off so much fire & floods. If you survive, you'll prob be focused again when the real fight spawns in. -If you are successful and too far inside, you are in the choke point of a possible cross torp by Nicholas & Campbell with their magic torpedoes.. +who ever is attempting the CV, now only has the Lex and Phoenix to handle. Because sometimes you will have players or ships not suited to the task being left with it. +the enemy Nicholas, will be sailing toward your main group of ships and convoy, usually 2-5 players and even with its slim profile will generally be deleted after a couple of salvos by everyone. It can even be helpful in Divisions,for example a 5-6 player match. Bad luck happens, someone gets nuked at the start and your 5man div is now 4 only. If you decide to try, a DD or maybe a cruiser that wasn't intending or suitable to the role could still go for CV. Pulling the Lex's DD is usually reserved for BBs and DDs because they are near the friendly convoy or pushing ahead of it. Cruisers usually have a place they need to be already.. BBs will have the difficulties mentioned above, and DDs have to be aware of the Dallas sitting inside and have a measured approach to the tactic and an escape plan as well. I recall the Dallas hydro'ing your smoke, not often but it does do it I think. And I've never seen it turn in towards your group, it circles and stays within the inner area. (60%ish success rate in BBs, I think the variance is from which BB I'm using/timing and location is the failure). (don't have an idea of my success with DDs, "it should" be higher with faster speeds and getting to the right place. But the risk is higher with the Dallas wrecking or outright nuking you. I almost feel I do better with BBs, because as a DD I always have that thought of pushing just right over that line and getting into trouble. That is the worst, as you contribute nothing to the CV section, and if you sink, you've put your team down a ship with nothing to show for it.) It is a more team friendly tactic, but obviously not liked by those who want the enemy CV ships all to themselves. Maybe it could be a consistent tactic, if tested thoroughly and more often. -There are a bunch of questions, on why Nicholas has to find you a threat.. and not follow its escort path?? Is it based on proximity, a set range to itself? Or it needs to be able to spot you, and deem you a threat? Or is it a trigger point on the map/grid? Map posted below. My best guess as to how far you should push. As a BB, you want to get as close to that pink line as possible, weighing in the possible risks in your specific situation. Player DDs can do a drive by at the opening and take blind shots at the predicted path of the Nicholas from observing the smoke trail. It is by no means common, but I've blind shot the Nicholas maybe 1 in 20 matches, but that isn't enough to draw it to you sometimes...!! (you also can be too late and the Nicholas has sailed too far up to chase anyone back inside) Back to BBs as you get there bow in to the entrance, to limit the ability of any DD to get broadside to you with torps. The enemy will be in the chokepoint, and will be a little easier to shoot up. You can reverse to attempt to defend yourself better, or with some BBs you may be able to circle right around that entrance(hopefully with a successful DD pull) and sail back into the convoy for some repairs. But of course, the BBs will eventually need to be in front and secure the inner harbour before the support ships enter. I think the core fail state in Narai, is not securing the inner area properly and with support. You need the tanks, AKA Battleships to be right in there first. If the team can't destroy one wave before the next one spawns, obviously you'll be overwhelmed and the scenario is likely to fail.