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  1. Yea that is pretty important. The not so fun part I encountered, was playing early on patch release. Cruiser only teams is only good(because of ROF) if you counter-ambush the 3-4 times where a group of DDs ambush the Rouan. If the team lags behind hiding/scared to scratch paint, the Rouan is sunk and that's the reason for complete mission fail. BBs did start showing up in queue after I had a half-dozen games and it can help if they play well. The BBs can eat a few torps and keep going, and the Bot DDs like to shoot their guns also. So if a BB is taking charge ahead of the group, the DDs near the end point will be revealed and won't have a good torp firing angle on the Rouan. Now you need the cruisers to close in and fling volleys at them like mad. (BBs in the match can help a bit more with attacking the CV as well.) I've had 2x 4-star games which would've been 5, but the Rouan took slow damage one game and was struck by torps in another. Both were in the last 20-30secs of the match which makes the ocean a little more salty.
  2. I believe Hermes Operation gives crates for the first 2 star rewards. And I happened to receive a ship mission from it. Had no plans to play French BB, but now I'll slowly make my way through a few tiers. Only have the Fiji that is usable for the Operation. Would be nice to have another ship for any future Allied missions.
  3. I also only have 1 usable ship and I use the orders for 75k credits to enter again right away. Do you prefer not to, or always low on credits? I usually don't buy the orders either, but started doing so regularly the past few weeks. Needed to power level one of my captains and didn't want to wait... Not a bad start for you on OP so far. I had practice on the PTS, and the live results so far. 1, 4, Fail, 4, 5, 5, 4, 4, Fail, 4, 5 -stars.
  4. Great post overall on how the ships feel. At Roon, but haven't been playing it for a while. The Karlsruhe was the first time I completely skipped a line, even though it was tier 4. Generally I would just grind through it, but the comments at release really swayed me to skip. I vaguely remember seeing posts about the patch she was buffed with later on. And people said she isn't terrible now, but she still ain't good either.
  5. Am I missing a section or was there a change to the Reward Missions? It is only the last mission which requires Tier 10? I see Mission 1 is Tier 1-9 Mission 2 is Tier 4+ Mission 3 is Tier 10
  6. Yea, that was exactly my first thought. Immediately as I read out that topic title.
  7. Hope you are having fun in there. I'm using Hosho to get the hang of cross drop torps. Boy it looks wicked when you get a nice one out there. I'm more interested in USN CVs, but the Tier 6 and 7 that I have only load out with 1 torp squad. :( And about the mission, the MM CO-OP RNG will help you eventually. My first attempt was very last minute in succeeding because I was in a Tier 4/5 with my Hosho. The co-op game earlier was Tier 3/4 so no one else was really competing with me for plane kills.
  8. Update. So I've been trying to unlock the Zuiho, and ran another co-op game. Half the team was Tier 3s, and just so happens we stomped them and the game ended in 5:19. Super short game and I managed to get 24 planes off the Hosho. So, yea give it a shot.
  9. If you don't have a 10 point Captain, it is going to be tougher in many ways. I will not engage over allies cause they will steal plane kills. A little RNG can again make it easy or try again next game. -Even being familiar with the map and where roughly the Bot CV is. I had to scrape by finishing it with the last plane the Bot had. -So if RNG in your favour, bot launches 2 torp squads first and you may be able to wipe out most of them before the fighter engages yours. -Bot cruisers may have catapult fighters. So back to the 10 point Capt, it is really helpful. Do you have a bunch of ARP ships? The last time it was available you received 10 point ARP Captains iirc. Just throw one on Hosho and give it a whirl. (think I have 2-3 10pointers sitting in reserve cause no ships to put them on.)
  10. Queen Elizabeth - First impressions

    Sure. Haha. Important Captains would be, Emerald, Leander, KGV, +1 for whichever RN DD I fall in love with. So minimum of 4 Capts, that I have to keep training up throughout. (Lion has a chance to be there also. But I don't know what the release version is like and when I'll actually get there.) (I'll leave Fiji off because I play and enjoy her because she can be really strong in some situations, but I don't love the ship personally. So I would be willing to give up the dedicated high level capt on her.)
  11. Queen Elizabeth - First impressions

    Cool, very interesting. I will probably keep her, but difficult to manage with the amount of captains i need. Emerald, Leander, Fiji are permanent in my port with their own captains, KGV will get one, Lion will get one. Conq, maybe if I go that far. Iron Duke has the flag that was given with a mission, so I'll keep her. Dunkirk is reserved for when RN dds appear. 10-12 total captains I'll need. Haven't got any of my Brit ones to 15points yet.
  12. Queen Elizabeth - First impressions

    I am interested in knowing if someone has figured out where the QE really sits in AA strength? I've seen an old chart that was comparing base AA DPS and Manual AA skill for BBs.(it mentions that it doesn't deal with specific ranges for simplicity) And it puts as follows for Tier 6 base DPS, New Mex, Bayern, Warspite, Fuso, Arizona, Dunk, Mutsu. I would only keep QE if she is simply stronger than New Mex at AA. I have Warspite already and so the QE needs to bring something else to the table.
  13. Notser: Battleship Exclusively HE?

    Nice. I also have never seen so many things knocked out at once and wonder if there is a limit that shows on screen. Haha. (almost interested to run more Co-op and see how many I can get from one salvo.) My KGV did that to a Algerie and I'm not sure what went. Just that 6 icons blotted the middle of my screen.
  14. Will be a long time before I can get to Lion(beauty of ship, no doubt a keeper for me). I thought she was okay and I enjoyed playing her in PTS. Did you get a chance to play her in PTS? And if so, any noticeable changes? (just a minor mention about PTS. I was not aware of the RN BB HE specialisation, and only used AP with her. Got into only 1 Random, about 15-20 Co-op and she seemed alright with gun perf. And was decently tough as I was able to shrug off some nasty engagements and heal back up.)
  15. Queen Elizabeth - First impressions

    I don't research or understand too much about the numbers side of the game. But this post is promising if this poster has the right details. Quote "Even QE has some value as she's got the strongest AA of any T6 BB (her long range aura is 89 vs. 91 on the Cleveland)"