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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I checked and luckily I do have a few to use. Those rare camos are so exotic to me, don't even stop to think I might actually have some laying around from an event.
  2. So is Restless Fire(250% Comm XP) the clearly better camo for levelling up a Captain? And of course related to the above question. Does the 100% XP & 100% Comm XP camos essentially get you 200% Comm XP or is it calculated a bit differently? I've totally forgot about restless fire camo and used the Valentine's one to get as high as 24k in the Cyclone. But I may have lost a lot of potential XP by not picking the right camo...
  3. Just keep playing and keep learning. About the New Mexico, she can be a bit trolly with dispersion(hope this is the right term). I wouldn't fret too much over her specifically. As you face more ships you will learn a little bit more about their characteristics. And of course have fun! New Mexico is one of my favourite ships ingame, but I have had some of the worst luck/RNG where a broadside cruiser at 10km sailing straight was straddled by my shells. Those WTH moments don't leave your mind... Maybe I should just blame on server lag and not her.. lol
  4. Haven't seen a Supercontainer since late Jan or Feb I think. And generally I don't roll Try Your Luck anymore. I was surprised with one just a few days ago and the TYL contained 50 x Valentine Camo. Awesomeness!
  5. Slightly different schnellboat story. It was really a terrible game overall. Insult to injury, we had 4 players left and we were overwhelmed by them and torp/bomb planes sort of nearing the end spawn. We were all low HP. None of us knew they could do that, but they kamikaze 3 of us within like 20-25secs because of how close quarters it got.
  6. About the allied fighter squads, yea you need some experience with the mission to adequately respond. Of course teammates that help out works wonders. If you can sail 3 ships up there in time, you will knock two birds with one stone. Take down a bunch of fighters and have a good position to quickly take out the smellyboats that appear North of the chokepoint. (like most of the Operations I've experienced, the better you do the easier it gets. And when you do badly whether it is due to lack of skill, experience or a mistake, well it gets even harder.) In order to respond to the fighters, plan an intercept course(great with at least 2 Anthonys and DFAA) and you will likely swat half of them down before they are anywhere near the allied fighters. But I think you maybe right about the allied planes, that they are weaker stats wise. And is designed so it requires the player's intervention to save them. And they help a "little" bit with the following waves of bombers.
  7. I feel it is fine for balance. A post a read a few days ago mentioned how this operation needs good awareness of the situation/positioning, teamwork(a very big one because the combined AA of 4-5 ships melts planes), and some skill like shooting the smellyboats. Based off 20ish random games, it is fine. And I wouldn't be surprised if a skilled team, or division with voice comms, would consistently mop the floor with this operation. I have had some success with horrible teammates and great success with awesome teammates. Out of those 20 games only 3 were completely stinkers(win or loss) where nothing positive to take from it. Even my own performance, Ship EXP gained etc, I didn't feel worth it. On the positive side, -Got 3 stars with pretty much 4 ships. 2 players dicked around spawn at 1/4, 1/2 speed doing nothing and died there. And 1 player raced to the end and looked like it set off enemy spawns early for the rest of us. -Also had 1 game yesterday where everyone survived. 5 Stars and it felt like a quiet cruise. The whole team did well and banded together. (got the achievement for the feat - really disappointed that I forgot to save the team screenshot after snapping it to the clipboard...)
  8. Agreed. But I guess some people may get bad RNG with the matchmaking and vent their displeasure. In half my games you get that person racing through the map being useless or AFKs..... But had a game earlier where the team overcame the 1 afk ship and got the 5 stars.
  9. Just want to leave some info after playing 2 games. Had-Prem Account, 50% daily bonus, Camo 100%, Comm XP Flag 50%, Dragon Flag 333% Cyclone with a 1 Star Win, 6900 Elite Commander XP Anthony with a 5 Star Win, 10000 Elite Commander XP. Is a happy camper. Don't have time to play anymore today tho. :(
  10. I've seen this posted on two different topics. I haven't checked it yet however. The 19pt Captains give you Elite Commander XP. For someone like me who has several 15pt ones but no higher, it is a very nice bonus. I'm close to getting my first 16pt captain, but 19pt capt isn't very likely. For anyone who doesn't have 19pt Captains, take advantage of this treat if you have time and patience.
  11. Nice video! I only just watched it. Rep +1 I did not realize that your video was pretty much what happened in my 2nd Pub game. No voice chat, I dont think anyone typed a single letter into team chat. Someone pinged locations when smellyboats appeared, but that's it. Maybe because we all had no or little experience and did not want to say something stupid or not quite true. I have to chalk it up to those rare moments when stars align and capable, adaptable players on the fly come together randomly. We were around 7136 sailors toward the end tho. Thank my lucky stars.
  12. Ouch. lol. So anyone know for sure. There is a AI Ship that YOLOS into the mines at the beginning. I'm guessing that is supposed to happen and is designed to show you why RED is BAD!
  13. One game doesn't mean anything but our Cyclones did better in my 5 Star match. Was only my second game on Live, 4th try overall. So I didn't have much to contribute to strats. Little to no communication from the team, but someone did use the F-Keys to ping the general area every so often. You can sometimes figure things out during battle and so one of the Cycs smoked before the torp bombers/dive bombers got too close. I took that cue and smoked where the first DD's smoke ended so we have lengthy coverage. (I recommend anywhere from 6km down to 4km if you are confident about the positioning of the smoke and the transports. And the trajectory of the hostile planes. Of course smoke where the transports will be, not where they currently are and based on how many of those ships you can cover. So this is very reliant on YOUR positioning prior to air attack) This caused the planes to switch targets or try another pass. And so they hung around right above our fleet or took another longer route to a target for an extra 5-8 seconds. This meant quite a few were shot down without damaging our ships. Which in turn prevented loss of sailors if we were to be hit or worse sunk.
  14. Awesome! I hope you incorporate this little detail in all reviews. (if you haven't already!)
  15. Completed with CV INDY, CLEV, GRAF, KONGO", BAYERN, OMAHA" x2 I read this thread before attempting the missions and had one prior game of experience in CL. -Had 2-3 people in team that had some knowledge/familiarity of the map and called out some enemy spawn info/suggestions. -Team was good on focus fire. I was a little too supportive with spotting for the fleet during the majority of the match. I was rightly told to be more aggressive and strike for the enemy CVs. -As we were nearing the end, teammates called us out to get in spawn before the raptor. -I had read a different thread that emphasized how dangerous the MYOKO could be to the team and assist as much as possible. So I got the idea that should be prioritised when it shows up. NOPE, not as a CV. As much as I always want to support teammates and do everything I can... It should've been a DUH! stupid moment. T6 planes against a T7 Cruiser won't be worth it. Leave that for the team. It was my bad play of the game, and toward the end of the match my TBs were withered down to 1 plane. But I launched it and managed to torp the last CV with it anyways to get the win. We won it and that was because the team had moments where they were punching above their weight. EDIT 2nd game also went well. CV INDY, FUSO, KONIG", CLEV", MOLO, AOBA", NEW MEX Was more aggressive and of course I have more intel on the map now. Shot down 18 fewer planes than the first game. That of course is due to knocking the enemy CVs down a peg faster. -enemy DDs survived a bit longer due to fewer fast firing guns on our side. Enemy CLs were nuked pretty quickly in general. But our BBs did good when they got a shot in. They disrupted the DDs just enough with damage here and there. Very few torpedo strikes on our fleet.