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  1. LabradorRetriever

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    Yes that is correct. I didn't use CV that much or owned that many at the time. Don't remember anything notable in the handful of games that I used one. You may think, oh ninja the Lex! Nope your planes weren't getting in with enough oomph to do good damage. It doesn't mean that it was not possible to be strong with CV in it. I don't think there was enough time and players playing to fully figure out the scenario for CVs. One thing I do remember about CVs, was the common thing in chat from random players was "oh great a CV..." "hey CV please spot and be useful" and less common was telling the CV to tank, be a decoy.
  2. LabradorRetriever

    Changes to Raptor Rescue?

    For Raptor Rescue, I'm pretty certain that this has always been the case. What may have been crossing people up, is I believe the repair ship in Narai "can" repair itself. Do fact check me on Narai though, Haven't played it much this year.
  3. LabradorRetriever

    Update 0.11.8

    My favourite Scenario, just some generalised thoughts. With Pugs/randoms back in the day, cruiser attrition was a more common thing in Hermes. It wasn't that people weren't in position for an escort/protect mission(of course that happens too), it was that there wasn't enough alive. I believe the Thunderstorm mechanic was brought in with this scenario, and the players need to exploit it. No one should be dying prior to the timed repair circle mid map that is activated once. (if you have 4+ players that aren't great at aiming, then I can see it being futile... those early waves can punish the team badly, and threats need to be sunk quick) Several DD ambushes, and of course rare to see anyone else use Hydro... What made it my favourite was back then it can give a mmorpg element/experience like being a tank. It is the most satisfying/gratifying tactic/situation I've used in any scenario. Running the Richelieu(the HP and speed obviously, cause the shotgun isn't hitting much) and basically running ahead solo before the repair zone counts down. I can't take full advantage of the repair if I wish to support/protect the team. I always typed out to the team, to not follow me, and don't sail outside the edges of the island. Because once you move ahead there will be a 3 DD ambush + Bayern. You don't want to ball up and wait for the healing to complete. The collateral damage is pretty intense, being grouped up you could lose 1-2 player cruisers and maybe even the Ruan(escort target) from torps not even being aimed at them. During that phase of the operation, you need to bait those torps out early when the NPC ships and your teammates are still behind the island. And protected from any strays. Once you see the avalanche of torps sail away from the island, you call out for your cruisers to steam out and start blasting(again the Richy will have trouble hitting the DDs). The carnage that comes shortly after this~~~ several landbased plane strikes, the Graf Zepp, and several German cruisers ready to snipe you all at once. It was exhilarating(the torp bait) if executed correctly. No glory and not much xp cause you're not doing much damage, but carrying your team to the next phase with little to no damage dealt to them is a good spot to be toward the last half of the map. Things will probably be different now, since CVs and everything will be in and the dynamic surely changes.
  4. LabradorRetriever

    How's your KW going this week?

    If people refuse or just ignore whatever is in chat, nothing anyone can do. You don't control what other people do obviously. Just having one of those, what?! huh?! moments because you think... Is someone refuting the actual displayed objective, just nonchalantly stating "nah not how it works". And you hope that any inexperienced or new players are reading or seeing the mission text and trying to follow that or learn. I wouldn't expect the general idea of "don't need to evac in Killer Whale" to spread to novice players. But I've seen a lot of dumb oof things in my 5k+ Operation battles. I guess I need to try and laugh at it, and move on. Tough to ignore it , but also need to avoid being antagonistic in a reply.
  5. LabradorRetriever

    How's your KW going this week?

    Not playing very many Operations this year. Went into a handful of matches so far this week, and only suffered one EVAC loss out of 5 games. Was surprised to receive this sage advice, it ended as a victory btw. I'm guessing nowadays lots of people ignoring chat and missing out on all the glorious nuggets of insight being typed in there. Is this a thing that OP regulars are seeing in there? Is it spreading around the playerbase.
  6. LabradorRetriever

    AI Smolensk not Active in Co-op

    Went and did a search in the forums, and surprised this is the only thread posted regarding this bug. I have encountered this 4 or 5 times since the patch launch. So yea I'm here to reinforce the message with everyone else this is a bug with the Bot AI for all ships in that spawn. And it is specifically that map, and that spawn. -They will fire at you, but will not move.
  7. LabradorRetriever

    Feedback for Update 0.11.6 - British Battleships

    @Boggzy @Ahskance In Co-op Battles, AI-controlled aircraft carriers will now move to the nearest capture point if less than 30% of the carrier's surviving allies are left in battle. I have noticed this during a game once in awhile. This is a positive. Glad this change was added to co-op. But I don't feel is enough. I've played 24 games today and had mercy matches in 4 of them, 3 of them with the CV left alive. It isn't always the case, but if the CV sunk first before a BB did the whole thing with the mercy rule would've been negated(point diff between ship classes). -I witnessed a bot CV(I played opposing CV) who was angled toward the top border before the directive kicked in for a match. And in this specific instance, the CV navigated to the caps by reversing its current course, rather than by doing a 180'ish to turn around. It was "practically" just dead in the water at the edge of the map. And would require the team to sail long distances to chase it down or spot, without my planes flying by. -In the 24 games, the shortest was 3:28 & longest was 7:45 - average match length was 5:33 I understand that it is not a lot of matches, but that was what myself and possibly 8 other players in each of those matches will experience in Co-op. And that isn't a lot of time for the AI CV to manoeuvre much. This change needs to kick in earlier. It is a small change overall, but I feel it is for the betterment of the Co-op experience. I'd strongly recommend to boost this up. In the current iteration "less than 30%", it simply means when 2 ships remain, excluding the carrier itself. Should try updating it to 4 allied ships remain excluding the CV and it will start turning towards cap. noticed @Beleaf_ suggested this also, as I was finishing posting.
  8. LabradorRetriever

    Missouri Pre/Post Econ change, a few questions.

    Thanks for replying, just wanted to double check as I usually have just a surface level understanding of the game and didn't want to leave anything out even if minor. So new Missouri owners will have a +10% in their bonus package(compared to +40% for OG owners). I didn't assume what the new owners would have. But after looking at my other T9 premiums with +10%, it makes sense as new Missouri is just like any other T9 premium. (if I'm wrapping my head around this correctly... tracking net credits to closer align to what a "New" Missouri owner would see, I would discard the +40% and have to manually calculate the +10% from it instead and add to total. Time and space has been an issue, the two previous times I've done this data recording. And I've got a lot on my plate, since I was looking at this as the last time I'd do it and already have a lot planned in. I'll probably have to pivot from a straight-forward comparison and do something more drastic and likely interesting.) @Vader_Sama @desmo_2
  9. I have Missouri credit data from pre-econ update, and trying to make it as balanced with new data I will be collecting soon. What I did previously was to record net credit earnings(and credit spent as well), but I did not include the 30% granted to original owners. I thought it would be better to track the low end rather than the high end as there are now Missouri owners that do not have the credit bonus. So the Missouri has the +40%, and I trying to make sure I get the best equivalent data I can. I can exclude this bonus in my net credit data. I'm aware of the removal of service cost reduction, and that the increased credit gain(if you do perform well) is there to take its place. The increased credit gain is a global thing, I just want to be sure there aren't other quirks with the ship itself. Is this the best/fairest way to compare Missouri pre & post? Any other thoughts? Thanks! [added 2 screenies for reference- pre/post]
  10. LabradorRetriever

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    Yea I thought I remembering seeing this issue before and someone long ago had posted about deleting some config file and letting it auto-download back. I accidentally did something else to get it to work again. Was ingame, the screen was stuck with the spinning logo, mid screen. Waited 4 minutes, nothing happening. Then I remembered again, oh wait I can access armory from the website. So loaded the website while the game was still stuck. Website worked just fine, and then the next time I logged into the game, the armory loaded properly again. (maybe related to what you are seeing somehow)
  11. LabradorRetriever

    Yamamoto and Halsey: Their talents should activate in coop

    That's a good point. I've been leaning towards the path of least resistance when suggesting improvements to PVE. Whatever works and take the least effort, and makes that particular playerbase happier. Why wouldn't you do it? Agree with changing the name/theme.
  12. LabradorRetriever

    Yamamoto and Halsey: Their talents should activate in coop

    Another different idea for achievement. The last anniversary event?, easter egg with secret tasks that recorded progress throughout the event and not just one match. That contributed into my thinking for a Co-op concept. (was really neat because it applied to many modes, randoms, co-op and even scenarios worked toward progress. not relevant to my idea though) Make a permanent one(Co-op only, because OPs can make some tasks a joke/almost guaranteed) such as~ 10/10 A+++ Would sink again! - Sink a ship in 10 consecutive co-op matches. (it gets people to chase something and play many games/spend more time which I think WG wants from the playerbase. It isn't an easy task, maybe more in the moderate range. Though people can power-game and make it a little easier->DDs. But again, it is a long term chase so it is fair. Then to counter the "too easy" argument, it doesn't matter anymore since there are no rewards except a new shiny icon in your profile, which nobody will notice anyways. Give us PVE'rs a way to complete missions that require achievements. There are fair discussion points about how some things happen faster in co-op, hence why we have pvpers sometimes jumping into co-op to complete tasks. But this seems fair (probably way more than fair) to the PVE community, long commitment to gain just a single achievement.) I can't see a good reason for not having a suite of achievements for Co-op in the current state of the game. If they can't or won't put in a bunch for the PVE community... How about just the ONE single achievement mentioned above. It isn't quick, not that easy, give us something.
  13. LabradorRetriever

    Yamamoto and Halsey: Their talents should activate in coop

    True, been mentioned a few times since there are no more rewards to them just let co-op have them as well. Or why not toss the PVE player base a bone. Just implement something for co-op, which doesn't really preclude it from being in randoms. I don't think achievements need to be all that serious in tone, they generally aren't. They shouldn't be too easy or hard. Sometimes you can be skilled enough to get them or just lucky! Or you need some teamwork. They can be wacky! It'll be nice to have in Co-op some ability to try for those missions that come up that require achieves~, I don't see those ever going away. Gonna spitball some for fun, the more ideas the better (no one knows if it's possible to track all of these ingame) (have to be done in one battle) (may not seem to be difficult at first glance, but due to how Co-op matches often play out, they can be real challenging.) Lucky Seven - damage 7 different ships. 3 Round Knockout - incap modules on 3 different ships. I'm blind! - use 4 smoke consumables King of the cap. - capture 3 points(doesn't have to be different cap points, difficult no matter how you slice it...) From Downtown! - Citadel a ship from beyond 20km Whack a Bot Champ - Co-op version of kraken - sink 5 ships (some people feel strongly about achievements, what they mean in competitive play, PVP, so we get this instead for Co-op.) [ Posted one in the beginning that I liked, but didn't think it would work after review. Left in below for people to spur on more ideas/changes. ] Smoke Signals - enter inside 3 different smoke clouds. (if your ship has smoke it counts as one, other people have to find 3 friends- though I do see a downside as Divs can cheese this one out. increasing to 4 makes it harder for Divs, but maybe all but impossible for a regular player. Turning this into a Divs only achievement practically, which is not a good thing + is tracking unique smoke clouds a thing?!, I would doubt it, so no workie... )
  14. Closest thing to it, is those wackos that have the skill that borgifies one and you get a temporary helper. :P (iirc, pc too old, can't play it anymore) Never looked into it, but the skill might be lootbox? cause it seems pretty rare to see around.
  15. LabradorRetriever


    Was about to post the same thing. I'll also mention that I've never taken that module either. I will use the flag to prevent detonations, if I'm using prem signals, trying to get an important mission out of the way or Naval battles, as well as when playing a DD normally maybe 25% of the time. From earlier in the year, tracked 510 battles, no flags used, -was detonated 3 times. 2x in a Tashkent & 1x in Z-44 -detonated 4 reds, no specifics on the victims.