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  1. PapaOoooPowPow

    Brawls MM is a joke.

    yup, just had a "Win" and a laughable team after... not worth the flags for me. Really missing Asyms
  2. PapaOoooPowPow

    Brawls MM is a joke.

    Thank you and really good to know! So we have to play through a whole mess first lol. Will give it another go or 2.
  3. PapaOoooPowPow

    Brawls MM is a joke.

    Thank you That said, my whole team (except I and the Jager) sailed broadside in a line and died leaving me with a Pri-Targ of 5 and a quick death... truthfully I could have held-on longer but couldn't be bothered, the other team deserved to win w no losses. I don't shame other players so the individual names/scores are hidden.
  4. PapaOoooPowPow

    Brawls MM is a joke.

    It appears on the Brawls Loading Screen as well as the Mode Description when you mouseover the icon.
  5. PapaOoooPowPow

    Brawls MM is a joke.

    Welp, tried a Brawl (haven't played them in a while because MM was a joke) and it's still laughably lop-sided potatoes vs pros despite misleading claims that they are based on matching player skill. If you play them expect to be on one of 2 VERY mismatched teams.
  6. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please Bring Back Asymmetrical Battles

    Agreed in that I wiggled in the barrel so much the CV spent a lot of time on me when they could have been doing more for their team. As for my personal experience I had little time to Support Caps, 0 opportunity to make an island-occluded run to displace their high-DPM HE-Spamming Cruisers and spent the match as a skilled Pinata taking snapshots as I was perpetually spotted... it was awful. To sum, the CV wasted time/planes on me, but my game was ruined by something I couldn't fight. They're called "Fun Police" for a reason. BTB, before logging-off (who'd want to play after that) I comped the CV as they played well (tried to force me broadside to team-fire, kept me spotted, burned most of my health away and ruined any chance I had to do damage or properly engage other ships) which is tough when throwing stuff down on a fast bote. I admire solid play, even if it's the AC-130 Spectre taking me out from a mile away. Disheartening but impressive.
  7. PapaOoooPowPow

    State of Gameplay, Enjoyability and Gimmicks

    True, but it's a "FUN" thing. One does not Face/Play Against CV's/Subs, one mitigates them and hopes for misplay, which like most 1-sided engagements is usually not fun for the Pinata. Playing Solo in a BB/Heavy Cruiser, the best way to best mitigate a CV/Sub in a Randoms is to stay on the 2 line with the other BB's/Heavy Cruisers nearby for 3/4 of a match or clump with other botes on a push which (if they're spuds) will not be where you want to be... and forget about trying to help your team by supporting the weak flank. For many reasons DD's and Light Cruisers (aside from Spotting) are rarely the focus of CV's/Subs so if one really hates CV/Sub attacks/spotting experience, stick to these botes as close Cap-Support and Brawling with larger ships is no longer in the Randoms Meta.
  8. PapaOoooPowPow

    "super CONTAINERS"

    Agreed, and we all know Head Office leaks CRAPTONITE! Didn't know FF14 was based in Canada too... wonder if it's within driving distance? Regardless, they'll show-up on off-hours so you'll likely have to go pick it up.
  9. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please Bring Back Asymmetrical Battles

    There are very few botes (given an equal Teir CV) that will actually stop a Drop and a well-played CV can spot with impunity. That said, NCal AA is solid but an AA-Build really diminishes other aspects and De-Planing a CV isn't hurting/damaging the CV hidden across the map, it just tells that CV to attack something else until your AA is gone. My fav was a match in Bourg (awesome AA+Signal) where I sailed by a friendly DM for protection and the Nakhimov that was spotting/attacking me for 10 minutes still dropped on me twice. They were a capable player, I wish we had gotten to match skill.
  10. Thank you for Asymmetrical Battles WG, please bring them back. As CV's are 1-sided (shooting/spotting fish-in-a-barrel) engagements, many non-CV players like myself have largely dropped Randoms because (for many of us) playing a BB/Heavy Cruiser kiting on the 2-line and not supporting their team until 3/4 of the match is done is just no fun. The addition of Subs (another 1-sided Mitigate and Hope for Misplay situation) sealed the coffin. Asyms brought back the fun of Brawling, Angling, Planning approach (without perpetual CV spotting) and the fun of secondaries! It's a shame it's not PVP, but given the usual imbalance in MM this is still preferable. Replacing Asyms with Concealed Maneuvers (a test of more ways for CV's to attack ships that can't fight back) is great for CV players but 0-Fun for the barrel-fish. So, Please make everyone happy and make Asyms a regular thing in addition to Concealed Maneuvers, so those who like to Brawl and those who like to attack with impunity may both have fun. I feel the best of all worlds would be to add a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms mode so Brawlers, Cap/Team Supporters and those who like to match skill may also have fun in PVP.
  11. Truth mate, and I'm not worried about recouping 3M Creds, it's just that I had higher expectations and wanted to let others know what they were investing in. Also, WG would have to play their own game to understand the player-base apart from Spreadsheet fare. I suspect the Art Dept. play cuz they're just awesome. Ultimately I'm happy the game is still playable-ish and has yet to be WOT-wrecked. :)
  12. Welp, naturally I was hesitant to begin the Bastille Day/French Squadron Container missions as after years of progressively reduced potential rewards I thought "Why waste even 3M Creds on Expendible Camos?" but eventually I caved. Excited (against all reason), I opened my first French Squadron Container to find 2 Expendible Camos and 1 Expendible Economic Bonus/Nerf... wow. So, If you want a reasonably easy grind for 5 Containers with 3 likely meagre "Rewards" (15 Total Container "Rewards") plus a some expendible Camos and a Flag, Spend the 3M Creds + Grind Investments. If not, 20 Sierra Mike Signals will cost even less in the Armory and will be useful rather than disheartening.
  13. PapaOoooPowPow

    Feedback: Remove submarines

    Brave words amidst the vitriol Paws and worthy of respect! Like CV's, Subs are really cool, different and the 3-D environment is beautiful... the Art/Physics Dept. are great. [GUNBT]Mogul260 is correct in my opinion and implementation of Subs, CV's, Orbital Lasers, Viral Attacks etc is difficult when those who just want to plan, shoot, angle and actually fight comprise the larger playership. Sadly there is no way to make 1-Sided engagements less than awful for the chosen Pinata and mitigation or hope-of-misplay is NOT counterplay, so non-sub players justifiably hate them. I think it's telling that the bulk of those who "don't mind" Subs/CV's in a match are those who play them and thus it's a "necessary evil". At least Cap-Supporting BB/CR Brawlers have Asyms now that Randoms is no-longer enjoyable for us. Thanks for Asyms WG, though I really miss PVP.
  14. PapaOoooPowPow

    "super CONTAINERS"

    Hurm, I may have missed something (announced change etc.) but perhaps someone at WG is taking Forums into consideration. I just Got 2 Supercontainers for the final Daily container series (instead of 1) and just a little white burst intro out the top for 7 Days Prem in the first and 7500 Coal in the second... still not combined what a single Supercontainer used to have (not nearly), but passable without a delusive lightshow... weird Nevertheless, keeping the Big Lightshow and going back to the old (Lightshow-deserving SContainers) would have been vastly better for us all and I hope they consider that.
  15. PapaOoooPowPow

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    Absolutely. Mitigating 1-sided engagements (unless misplayed) is disheartening and 0-Fun... now we need a run-option to avoid CV's. Solid advice from the OP tho, should one be acquired by a Parasite, it'll keep one alive a little longer.