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    PSA: New Bonus Code

    You Rock Admiral!
  2. PapaOoooPowPow

    Back from the Wall...for my mental health?

    Thank you for your brave and warm post. Your candor and concern for others IS the reason humans have a future. Glad you're back mate! In truth, life has repeatedly thrown me into that dark box so hard that it's often the only place I understand and the light hurts so much I want it all to go away... that said, depression is a monster we can beat. I'm no doctor and you probably know all of this (and more), but like you I like to help folks remember that we're worth it, that there are paths out of depression and that people suffering depression need to seek help not only for themselves but for the people they love... there is always genuine hope. Depression is a mechanical/chemical/behavioural process whereby our neurons (Brain circuitry) literally grow towards one another (as with ALL learning) so that negative associations/ideology/envisioning (particularly personal ones) become progressively invasive and more likely to occur. Also, as a depressive state (usually first brought-on by external experiences) is maintained through repeated trauma and/or ruminating (habitually thinking about it), our serotonin production (wakefulness brain-chemical) progressively lowers itself to new "norms", so over time, what was once a periodic state of being depressed becomes our default. Then, BECAUSE we're depressed we behave in ways which further reinforce the depressive state, such as avoiding social contact and opportunities for positive experience... in short, depressed people often run from the very things that could make them happy so they get more depressed. So... Just as we literally learn to be depressed and habituate to that state, we CAN un-learn it. The issue lies in that learning to be depressed is EASY. It's usually a passive/receptive process whereby we experience something traumatizing and naturally think about it until it's all we tend to think of... Learning to not be depressed is however a deliberate act, involving effort (Seeking proper help), self-awareness (recognizing when we're seeing through a depressive lens) and the will to see the fight through to normalcy and the ability to enjoy life once again. Oh yeah, and... Depression is normal (everyone experiences it so depressed people are just normal folk in a bad place familiar to us all) When the depression does not subside we REALLY need to seek proper help before it gets worse. Seeking professional help is not "weak", it's RESPONSIBLE and STRONG because it requires honesty, self-awareness and the will to get better. If we think we have nothing to live for, we've usually stopped looking (often without realizing it) and need to be reminded how to open our eyes... we ALL need this from time-to-time as there's a LOT to see. ... and agreed, WG may have become Used Car Salesmen who don't drive their own cars, but there are REAL people sailing the pixel-botes.
  3. PapaOoooPowPow

    A battle option I would like

    Thank you kgh, honestly it was essentially a message to all.
  4. PapaOoooPowPow

    A battle option I would like

    Ocean is my favourite map as the fun aspects of Cap-Support/stealthy-approach/angling/brawling are all encouraged (unless there's CV's/Subs), so absolutely agreed. That said, BB/CR mains who complain about CV's/Subs are no more whiners or potatoes than the average, rather they're often brawlers who loved WOWS between 2015-2018 and hate being forced by the Meta to Camp/Snipe as it's boring as heck. As a BB/CR Brawler I mained Randoms for 3 years with few complaints, but kiting 20km from Cap-edge while my DD's/CL's sink is dull and feels bad so I won't touch them in the current meta. Consequently I now periodically voice my opinion in hopes there will once again be a place for brawlers in Randoms... other than the bottom.
  5. PapaOoooPowPow

    New Code

    same, but thank you anyhow OP
  6. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Thank you Moggytwo for a well thought and polite response and even as a dapper moustachioed Ferret in a robotic Human-Suit I must admit your Cat-avatar is beautiful. There may be some potential contradiction tho... + My suggestion was a different venue... so we kinda agree? Too many BB's/CR's won't be an issue if there is also a "Surface Ships Only" Mode... I (and most of the BB/CR-Mains I know) are happy to encounter ANY shiptype that affords counterplay (so not CV's/Subs) and welcome the challenges they provide. There are always folks who are offput by challenge but I and my mates aren't. The issue is that CV's can Spot/Attack mapwide with impunty and irrespective of Terrain, so larger vessels don't have the option to disengage or "Go Dark" even if they're behind an island. So, in this HE-Meta where the armour/HP of the big botes is irrelevant and as AA/ASW isn't even "a thing", the addition of further Trump cards (Subs) is frustrating (particularly in current numbers). Honestly I think limiting MM numbers of BB's (the most well-known/popular botes) isn't productive, but the inverse IS. Given the popularity of BB's/CR's (WG proffers them a lot and even non-botefans know Yamato/Bismark/Warspite/Hood etc.), I think 1-BB matches would make wait-times too long for the multitudinous BB/CR players. However, If games were limited to any total combination of 3 Subs+DD's (still roughly a quarter of the team) with ONE CV, and CV's could not spot mapwide with impunity, then ALL other classes could play the virtues of concealment, thoughtful cap-approach etc... so FUN. The 3 DD+2Sub+1CV "Challenges" I was in were'nt fun for any large ship (Shore-Emplacement Farmers aside) and meant 1/2 the Players in the Match were either not attackable/counterable (CV's), had "Get out of Jail" cards (Diving/Dolphining Subs) with unavoidable/hard-to-avoid attack forms that did not disclose their position Air/Torps etc. Also, I think an alternative solution would be to Introduce Counterplay to CV's/Subs (Eg: Visibility to attack range when firing/launching (like other botes), Shorter Air-Spotting/Attack ranges, effective AA/ASW, not using overstressed DC as Ping-Deterrents etc.) then ALL the ship-types could be fun again... additionally, Reduce Fire Chance and REMOVE Detonation and this game would ROCK! BTB... Playing a Concealment-based DD/CL in this Air-Spot/HE/Radar meta isn't much fun either and I truly feel for those Mains.
  7. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Honestly I see your points and largely agree... tragic/offensive comparisons aside. Where our opinions differ is that I beleive there are people behind the metrics (albeit historically sketchy...and occasionally worse) and that an ernest suggestion to bring-about change is what Forums are all about. As for "another game", I (like many) have invested a lot of time into WOWS (22859 Battles) + Friends and would rather voice my opinion in hopes WG is listening then drop the game. If things ARE as you say, then it's still a tough call and the metrics "win" until a better Bote-game surfaces.
  8. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Absolutely agreed and I get sunk quite often helping my team DD's. Also, I liked your song Sailor, thank you for the good-vibes and... Thing is, given BB dispersion/shell-speed/reload-time, if a BB can't get within 15km of a Cap (15-20 from the Target DD) without being Air-Spotted and Focus-fired the odds of hitting the DD are slim. However, if a BB could support Cap closer without being auto-spotted and melted, then hitting that DD would be a lot easier. For me the main issue is Air-Spotting.
  9. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Forums is where people who care about WOWS voice their concerns, suggestions, interests etc. One may agree or disagree with what is said, but denigrating polite posters who also offer suggestions is poor form mate. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were a CV main with more posts than battles cuz life's that ironic.
  10. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    I know you meant that as a genuine suggestion Paws so thank you and it's kinda true, but I don't think Brawlers (a large demographic) should be relegated to slow, awkward, low-XP/Cred Teirs because WG introduced botes that attack with impunity and allowed them to change the Meta despite ardent opposition... so I keep hoping for positive change.
  11. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Absolutely... but, From the beginning WG has used BB images/battles to advertise WOWS as I suspect the largest demographic wants to play "the big botes" as they're far more famous (and I'm one). So, after trying the game in 2015 I found I vastly preferred the big brawlers and was a Randoms main for 3ish years. Gradually, the introduction of more HE-Spam-botes, Torp-botes, CV-Buffs, AA-Nerfs and now subs has made Randoms a poor venue for the Ship-Type I installed the game for. My suggestion of a "Surface-Ship Only" Randoms Mode was to make them fun again for BB/CR players who like to fight and support Capping Allies rather than snipe from 24km as their teammates' DD's/CL's sink. I wish I liked playing CV's/Subs/CL's/Long-Range BB's etc. but they're not that fun for me... maybe one day, but I think it's reasonable for all the ship-types to be able to fill the roles they were designed for and thus be fun to play.
  12. PapaOoooPowPow

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    Absolutely, and the inverse is also likely... If you're not a CV Main I suspect you like high DPM botes with great AA (USN-CL's/CR's) and BB's that sit waaaay back (IJN especially) so CV's are no real threat to you until they have killed your up-front teammates. In fact, CV's/Subs encourage such BB-Camping but I'd rather take some fire off my teams' DD's/CL's and actually help them instead of farm damage from afar (though Distance-Farming is the easiest way to increase ones' scores in a BB/CR). I don't oppose DD's as they are tough to play and there is a chance to detect/attack them as their Concealment increases if they fire their guns... CV's do not suffer those hurdles and Subs can just Ping-Fire-Dive with only a brief window for counterplay. Also, I (and literally every BB-Main I know) very much likes a challenge and rarely winges about being bottom-Teir etc, but there is no challenge when all one can do is mitigate attacks from ships they can't counter-attack. One does not "Battle" CV's/Subs (to a lesser extent), one merely hopes they can reduce the damage they do and hope they misplay. I fully support the right for everyone to play whatever bote they'd like (it's a game and we should ALL have the chance for fun), but when a class can spot/attack with impunity it's no longer combat. I often complement well-played CV's (even opponents) but that doesn't change the fact that Larger/Slower/Lower DPM Classes get auto-spotted and melted in this meta if they support a cap, which means the DD's/CL's don't get the support BB's are supposed to be capable of. Ultimately it comes down to whether one wants to be in a pitched-battle or throw things at the combatants from the windows above. I think everyone should get a chance for fun, it's a game after all.
  13. I just had a bunch of Randoms matches with nearly all including both CV's and Subs. As a BB player they were completely AWFUL. The last 2 had 2 Subs, 3 DD's and a CV per side so it was absolutely a disheartening lesson in frustration including a Torp-Detonation... ugh. Everything spams Fire, CV's keep everything spotted, Cap-Support is a dream, DC is perpetually on Cooldown, AA is a joke and ASW just makes splashes. Brawling ships have no place in this Randoms meta so please make one where we can actually PLAY against other ships, not just kite, mitigate and hope. If one thinks "But no BB/CR players will play the normal Randoms", then case-in-point. I'm certain to get a "mixed" reaction as CV/Sub players have a vested interest in keeping the Big Pinatas in their games, otherwise they'd have to fight eachother.
  14. PapaOoooPowPow

    New Bonus Code

    Thank You! [WOLF5]DJC_499!!!
  15. PapaOoooPowPow

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    It's not the attacks so many non-CV players hate, it's mostly the unavoidable Spotting (like lazing a target for the rest of your team) and the fact there is no actual fighting the CV just mitigation. I dodge CV torps like a boss but they still make a well-thought, stealthy approach to Cap impossible for most, especially BB's/CR's who now have to kite half the match. If WOWS introduced a Satellite that just Spotted CV's and there was nothing you could do, then you'd understand what CV's do to all the other ship-types... and how "fun" it is. We can easily see BB-Shells incoming (especially at range) so I'd hope you'd be happy just to dodge them when Satellite-Spotted and support that CV players who hated those satellites "just didn't know how to dodge BB-Shells". Here's an answer! Give CV's poor AA and the ability to Spot other CV's at greater range! Then each of the CV's could Spot/Attack one-another the same way they attack other ships and there would actually be challenging, competative CV vs. CV play in Randoms.