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  1. The title says it all. Such a badass ship and I'm surprised it's not in the game yet. She is such an amazing ship and I am quite surprised we don't have her yet. She is in my opinion, One of the most important ships in all of WW2. A shame how she ended. I think it'd be interesting if we got her, I'd prefer the 42 refits. I think either tier 6 or 7 is the most appropriate spot for her. If she's placed at Tier 7 then I imagine we'd get a buffed version of the guns on Arizona. With probably a 26-24 second reload. At tier 7 her armor might be lacking in most encounters so the guns would be the biggest saving grace of the ship. To name just a few accomplishments - Her Keel was laid down the same year the Titanic sank - First American Super-Dreadnought - Became the only ship that Hull Number and state Number matchup - Survived WW1and was an Escort ship for the President Woodrow Wilson - Traversed the Panama Canal more than any other ship in the fleet - Gained some International attention - A ship capable of sailing from Hawaii to Japan without refueling - The Hero Of Pearl Harbor. As she was raising her Colors ( Flag) She was the first ship fired upon, The first ship to return fire, The First to down an Enemy Aircraft and the only one of 8 Battleships to mobilize. - During Pearl Harbor, She became a Prime Target for Japanese Planes trying to sink her in the channel to block American ships from leaving, She took 10 AP Bombs ( Only 250kg) and One Torpedo. She then ordered To Ford Island as not to black the Channel but instead, she Beached herself at Hospital Point - She served in both the Battle for Operation Dragoon and Normandy - Fought in the Battle for Attu Islands - Participated in the invasion of Okinawa and even survived a Kamikaze attack - After the way was finished, She was deemed as unneeded in the Mothball Fleet. She survived both Atomic testing from Operation Crossroads completely confusing the heads of the Navy. - Was brought off the coast of Hawaii heavily radiated, And for 3 Days ( Maybe 4) She was used as target Practice for Modern Battleships Like the Iowa and two other ships. The navy was completely confused as to how this ship was still alive, It didn't tell she was given a coup de grâce. When A Douglas Torpedo Bomber dropped it's Payload and sank Nevada. - As she was sinking, She sank Heel Up with the last visible part of the being the American flag waving in the wind. - Was later revealed that she landed on the Ocean Heel Up even after everything.