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  1. Rood.
  2. Can you tell us how you really feel please?
  3. Hmm, I wonder how many cat girls it will take to get a Yahagi Enchant mod.
  4. To avoid people like you? Because you are coming off like a, well can't say it with out getting a warning. But yeah.
  5. ​>.> Maybe, I'm a bit of a stickler on it. But it's a nice skin none the less. Just letting you know it was the wrong ship lols. ​Maybe, One can only hope to have Onee-sama to play with.
  6. 1.Pretty much copied our recruitment thread style. Also SMS? I'm pretty sure it's the KMS, Or KM, I can clearly see that it's just a pretty much copy / paste of Kantai, But good luck, You are going to need it.
  7. Have you tried
  8. Wow..............................
  9. Beta tester here...Don't see a reason to play the game anymore really.
  10. Could you hook me up with the spot warning (Yahagi) I asked a bit ago but i got so busy i didn't have the time to check back :9