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  1. I played Arcade and Realistic. I haven't played a single Simulation game in any mode.
  2. War Thunder is great for the planes mode, not just for the mechanics but for the sheer selection of planes. I actually played WoWp before trying WT and the difference, to me at least, was huge. For the most part their premium planes are cheaper than WG premium offers. I tried WoT a year and a half ago and uninstalled the same day I installed it. Was not even slightly impressed. However, this was before the somewhat recent rework of the game engine which I have not tried yet so things could be different. But that said, I'm not real impressed with the way War Thunder does tanks either. Found that mode to be much less fun than the planes mode. I haven't tried the WT naval mode yet, and honestly, I don't think I'll be too interested in it. WoWs will be the go-to choice for naval combat for me.
  3. Junkieturtle Plays a mix of battleships (good) and cruisers (good) Deals an above average amount of damage Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Montana

    How many real life ships do you know that can be piloted by a single entity who magically hovers a few dozen meters above the ship and can aim all guns using a $5 walmart mouse? It's a video game. It's a video game. It's a video game.
  5. Don't you think an apology from one person for the way another person acts is kind of dumb? Wouldn't you want the apology from the person doing the thing that you want the apology for? It's not as if LWM was instigating people to do anything to you, or anybody for that matter. She reviewed a ship, just like she always does. Your behavior here makes me think that perhaps the actions you want apologized to over was instigated by you and your own attitude.
  6. Music you listen to while playing

    I listen to movie soundtracks(instrumental) and the electronic band Deep Dive Corp. Man of Steel, Last of the Mohicans, and John Wick are some excellent soundtracks to listen to. I also have selected tracks from Independence Day, the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy, Transformers movies, Batman Vs. Superman, Star Wars, and a bunch of others.
  7. My post was meant to be sarcastic. :) It's late though, so maybe I didn't layer on the sarcasm enough.
  8. Anybody who bought a GZ prior to it being pulled from the premium shop was invited to participate in the testing. This is not the normal Supertester routine that is done with upcoming ships.
  9. Premiunm teir 9s

    Put me down for having no problem with ships as rewards for game modes. I say this having never even made rank #1 yet. I see Flint's maybe once or twice a week. I've seen a Black maybe 5 times. There is nothing about either of those ships that are Pay-To-Win. They are Play-To-Win. Or rather, Win-To-Win. Nothing stopping you from practicing and grinding the necessary ranked wins to get one or both. Your real life schedule doesn't count, as that is your choice, not the game's. Equal opportunity, not equal outcome.
  10. I can't imagine why WG would want to test the ships on the live server under the same conditions the finished product will be played under. It would probably much more fruitful for them to test it on the PTR with it's limited playerbase and variation. Especially if Tier VIII Graf's are going up against Tier IX Taihos.
  11. As the thread title states, I am wondering if this weekend's Battleship missions will be win capped like the other weekends have been this month? Unlike those other weekends, the mission briefing does not specify an arbitrary win cap on the bonuses.
  12. 12k battle player looking for clan

    I have submitted an application to KOOKS. Thanks to all who responded and/or messaged me.
  13. 12k battle player looking for clan

    I figure with the new clan system, I should join a clan. I do not and probably will not have any VOIP programs. Voices are distracting and my wife tends to hate hearing them as my computer is in a room that we both use. Don't have headphones and won't be getting them since this would annoy my wife for a different reason, i.e. can't exactly have a conversation with someone who can't hear you with headphones on. So that said, if someone is interested in somebody who can grind oil and has a wide variety of ships and tiers, message me in-game or on here. 60 day stats listed below. Last 60 days Destroyer Next level: Average (+198) 1 159 Average + 40 Aircraft Carrier Next level: Average (+216) 810 Below Average - 19 Battleship Next level: Good (+234) 1 267 Average + 20 Cruiser Next level: Average (+3) 1 291 Average + 18 Last 60 days Battles 1 230 Win rate Next level: Good (+1%) 53.25% Good + 0.26% Personal Rating (PR) Next level: Average (+29) 1 206 Average + 17 Battles survived 39.27% + 0.05% Average battle values Damage 50 575 + 1 060 Destroyed warships 0.79 + 0.01 Aircraft destroyed 4.31 + 0.23 Experience 1 477 + 20 Kills / deaths 1.3 + 0.02 Warships spotted 1.04 + 0.03 Damage upon spotting 22 989 - 27