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  1. I thought they were better rewards than last year. Less Wyvern flags sure, but probably more total flags since you got some of each of the new specials as well. This year was five camos for tier VIII ships that I'll actually use. Plus 3 SCs for my tier X's. Wasn't there some crappy tier II premium last year?I sold the free premium from last year within a minute of logging in. The whole "you didn't give me enough stuff on your birthday" ridiculousness aside, this anniversary they actually gave out more than they did for the last one.
  2. 3 BBs got their citadels lowered because they were ridiculously and unhistorically high.
  3. Note the Saipan doing the killing in both screens.
  4. And there's no chance, no chance at all, that there are those who stand to lose money on personal investments who want the world to think it IS natural and not man-made or man-catalyzed so that no changes are made in the way we do things? Look at where the money really is. The old ways. Fossil fuels. Unregulated industry and pollution. Who stands to lose, more than those who might gain? The old money. The big money. Only these folks don't have the science to back up the silly idea that all the crud human beings have pumped into the atmosphere for the last 200, all the forrests we've removed, don't have any impact. Yes, people have been duped or they are motivated purely by financial self-interest in maintaining destructive tendencies. It's the folks who don't have a stake in it that stand to pay the price though, because the big money people have the means to ride out the storm. Most of the rest of us do not.
  5. Best ship: All of them except, even my tier 5's even though the forums insist I should think they suck now because of matchmaking woes. Worst ship: Campbelltown. And since I got this ship for 5 bucks when it was on sale, I wouldn't even return it if I had the chance. I just don't generally enjoy DDs at this tier. And perhaps Shinonome, but she was a campaign reward so not sure she even counts.
  6. Wacko from WG is saying both flag and SC issue should be fixed now.
  7. One of the achievements is also specifically for the ARP ships and their regular tech tree counterparts(plus Dragon ships).
  8. When a detonation happens, it's an achievement that causes a system message to appear in the chat panel, so you'll always know when it occurs.
  9. I think at most MM tries to match ship classes as best it can based on who's queuing in what at the moment. Things like radar, DFAA, etc etc aren't taken into account or balanced per team. The only thing that will always be balanced per team are CVs.
  10. Even without the heat, I'd still suffer trying to sleep at night without my fan on.
  11. I still don't understand why radar going through the land is such a big deal. It's a detection boosting mod. Sonar goes through land too. So does AA. There are so many things in this game that are done unrealistically because this is a video game. It's not meant to be realistic in every aspect. In all honesty, this line of complaint makes about as much sense as complaining that the game doesn't simulate a salty ocean breeze flowing through your hair or that your keyboard doesn't feel wet from the ocean spray. Heck even VIRTUAL REALITY games don't mimic actual reality because those are video games too. I'd rather see radar detect planes before I'd like to see it stop detecting through land. Planes are what radar was originally developed to detect or at least the was primarily used in WWII.
  12. Will be flying mine on all my IJN ships after I complete that portion of the Yamamoto collection. I have the military month flag with the 5% gains so I fly that over any cosmetic flags.
  13. Oh wow, I didn't realize Monarch was included with the premium camos. Thought it was just the two cruisers and two DDs. Must have missed that. Excellent news and grats on the gain OP.
  14. I always have to laugh at the folks who say "X" ship is unplayable now. While I don't have a Sims myself, I've had other ships that have been posted about in this manner. Pensacola was a favorite. Murmansk is another. IJN DDs are popular for this as well. Somebody forgot to tell the folks who play these ships just fine that the ship they are using has been rendered unplayable due to forum opinion.
  15. The only time "farming damage" is actually a thing is when folks refuse to cap in Standard Battle because they want to kill all the ships. I've had folks tell me not to cap or to stop capping and I've seen folks in the process of capping charge out of the cap to shoot at some ship, no matter how much progress on the cap had been made at that point. Not a hugely common occurrence but it does happen.