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  1. As the title says, I think a nice quality-of-life feature would be the ability to add your own note to each commander's ship type spec. With the new update introducing the ability to have alternate specs for different ship classes on each commander, I'm finding that I'm taking a high level commander and creating specialized ship class commander specs for premium ships. The problem I'm running into is remembering what ships I made the builds for. If I could add a note to each commander's spec, I would know exactly what's going on each time. Not game breaking by any means, would just be a nice quality of life update.
  2. I have been having this exact same problem for over a month. Keep waiting for it to be fixed but each patch comes and goes and still no resolution.
  3. WWII radio chatter in an alternate universe... "Aww Jesus, they got our CV. Well, you know the drill. Stop attacking, we all gotta ditch our planes. Rules is rules boys."
  4. Junkieturtle

    Last Chance to Obtain California

    Are we only getting 3,000 doubloons back if we already have the ship in the bundle?
  5. It's really quite pathetic how people are reacting. Shows the level of entitlement I suppose. PR is the 2nd free ship you can get during the Christmas event. I don't remember there ever being the chance of 2 free ships. And not just dinky tier IIs or IIIs. Everyone should be able to get Gorizia. There's the freebie they normally give out during Christmas, and a tier higher than they normally do. PR is a giveaway to the hardcore players, whether they are hardcore because they're really good, have a bunch of time to grind, or both. Every event and thing in the game does not need to be geared towards the casual after-work player(of which I am one). Hardcore players are allowed to have events geared towards them too. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO FREE THINGS, BE THANKFUL WHEN YOU GET THEM.
  6. As title states, there is a bug that is causing game crashes if you are using the custom music option. Removing the music files from the UserMusic folder fixes the crashing. I have used the custom music folder since the day it was patched in, which had to be 2-3 years ago at this point. It is the same music files, in the same folder, on the same hard drive, with the same install of the game. Not once have a I crashed because of these until last week. Sometime between Saturday the 2nd and Thursday the 7th, WG made some kind of change to the game that has introduced this problem. Prior to that, not a single crash because of custom music. Not one. And no music was added or changes of any kind made by me to the game folder or the custom music folder and it's contents. Nor where there any changes made to my computer, both hardware or software. I am posting this in the hopes that this issue is added to the fix list sooner rather than later.
  7. Junkieturtle

    Have I exhausted Tech Support's usefulness?

    Can also confirm that removing music files solved the random crash problems that appeared out of the blue for me this week. Funny story though. I was gone on a trip for work from Monday to Wednesday. Played this past Thursday night after not playing since the Saturday before it. During the time I was gone my wife rearranged my computer room(grrrrrrrr). Nothing on my end had changed since Saturday, but Thursday night I crashed in each game I tried. Didn't appear to be a new numbered update. Couldn't figure out why I was crashing, so chalked it up to wife must have bumped or jarred my computer and now it was haywire. So I pulled the plug on a new set of parts to upgrade my computer. Then, I find this thread. I would've never considered the music files were the problem in a million years, for two reasons. There had been no update and so I assumed no changes to the game, and it has been months since I last added any new music to the UserMusic folder, and had been using custom music since the day they patched it into the game. Long story short, if your game crashes, use it as an excuse to buy a new computer while sort of kinda maybe blaming it on your wife and stubbornly not feeling silly later when you discover it was not your wife at all.
  8. Junkieturtle

    Ovechkin Commanders

    With Seagal, the contract for his in-game event was for a year. Works similar to some of the anime stuff they've done that ends. I'm sure in the end it was about money they'd have to pay to keep him longer, and he was only a part of it because they were releasing Missouri.
  9. Gosh, I mean, why can't WG just make a MM that lets us all win all the time. Must be a conspiracy!
  10. Junkieturtle

    Campaigns; Do they still have a place in the game?

    The only problem with campaigns is that there aren't more of them. I see literally nothing wrong with them whatsoever. Especially the permanent ones that can be completed at whatever pace you want.
  11. Junkieturtle

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    Not from this game. Doctor_McBatman
  12. Junkieturtle

    Yahagi = Half Baked Effort

    I just look at it as more or less a premium Furutaka. That works for me. It was 17 bucks, and as a rule I don't expect much from anything below tier VI.
  13. Junkieturtle

    Why is ManSec kept in the game?

    I love manual secondaries. I've put them on Bismarck, FDG, GK, Izumo, Yamato, Jean Bart, Mass, Gascogne, and Richelieu.
  14. Personally, I think this game should come with a wire harness that we hook up to various nodes on our bodies so the game can read our biofeedback and matchmaker can use that information when forming a round. I don't want anyone with high blood pressure, tourette's syndrome, an insensitivity to dairy, or a history of high cholesterol on my team. Matchmaker isn't perfect because it doesn't have enough information. I want it tied into my medical and financial records and my bank account so it can weigh current transactions and use an algorithm to estimate my proper stress level sinus rhythm. That all makes much more sense than just expecting a randomly selected group of players to be a randomly selected group of players.
  15. Junkieturtle

    What is the worst Tier 9

    Of the ships I currently have, I'd have to say my least favorite right now is Seattle. But she's still new to me at this point so that may easily change. Also, I pick Seattle despite owning crowd unfavorites like FDG, Izumo, and Neptune(all three of which I liked enough to put permacamo on).