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  1. OhnoesFroz

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Also having the rudder shift problem. Collision Avoidance is turned off. Q/E in the default keybinds is rebound to A/D respectively. Hitting the button occasionally moves the rudder as far over as it'll go rather than moving by the 1/2 steps. If it matters, happened in Yoshino for me and I am running a few things via Modstation. Have not noticed a pattern as to when this behavior happens. I'll try to note my positioning relative to islands for my remaining games today and report back.
  2. OhnoesFroz

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I mean, MMO, MOBA, and hero shooter balance gets altered after character/class unlocks, skins, gear, microtransactions, or subscription fees and it doesn't create the level of rage that WG fears. I feel like this kind of thing is limited to wargaming's community. Buffs and nerfs happen all over the place everywhere else.
  3. We could just remove the gameplay-affecting stats from camo. Why are they needed? I think we're at a point where people have no argument for whether anime girls, laser lights, or sawblades attached to a hull make it more difficult to detect at sea. Let's just remove the gameplay stats and have them be for either economic or cosmetic purposes only.
  4. OhnoesFroz

    Yoshino opinions?

    The difference here is that Yoshino has that unfortunate Yamato-style "cheek" on its citadel. Like you're not wrong, but the ship's citadel really, really doesn't do the casemate armor any favors.
  5. OhnoesFroz

    Maybe its just me but Yamoto is feeling tired

    Yamato's still solid. It's just not new and exciting at this point, and the Kremlin--I'm guessing the reason the OP made this thread--excels in precisely the area that Yamato is weakest at so it can feel like it's inferior. On the other hand, I think most of the biggest volleys I've ever landed on a ship (using Yamato, of course) have come at the expense of someone's poor broadside Kremlin.
  6. Is it weird that I kept going back to Fester's Quest over the years? I don't even remember how I got the game, but I played it probably for an hour or two and hated it, and then just, occasionally, over the rest of my childhood, went back to it out of boredom or curiosity or whatever. I was able to get a good ways into the game by high school. Don't think I ever beat it? But yeah kept going back to it.
  7. OhnoesFroz

    The NTC reset ( asking for clarification)

    Considering one fully upgraded ship in the original NTC plan required regrinding six times in total, I would probably use that as a starting point to understand what you'd need to do in order to get Ohio.
  8. OhnoesFroz

    Yoshino opinions?

    I'm curious if Yoshino will see competitive play, especially after the IFHE change makes Henri unable to pen 50mm armor. Yoshino's guns and torps seem to be a possible answer stationary/predictably moving Russian cruisers while keeping a range that negates their complete lack of armor. The other thing I'd say is that Yoshino's AP is underrated. It's definitely an HE boat, but if you can manage to get some AP loaded while a cruiser is broadside to you you're gonna dump a 30k volley into it. It's kinda rare you get the chance to use the AP, but it definitely performs when you need it to. Also the 20km torps are hilarious. You never expect them to hit, but then somehow they do anyway. I once had a game end on a double strike from a volley of torps that I'd completely forgotten about. More thoughts as an edit: AA is better than I expected it to be. Between double rudder, fighter, and the ship's AA suite I've yet to feel threatened by a carrier. I don't even run DefAA. Yoshino's lack of radar basically removes it from the conversation of being a substitute or replacement for the other supercruisers, not to mention the lack of armor. Seriously, no armor at all. You're an Omaha with Yamato cheeks. BBs will citadel you from any angle. You have to actively dodge battleship fire even if you're retreating at a good angle. Good boat, but to address the OP's concern, probably accurate to call it a meme ship. I'm still learning it but super happy about it. I also think it's one of the best looking ships in the game.
  9. The wild thing is it's not even hard to imagine a cosmetic progression path that can be monetized, using mostly concepts that are already implemented in the game. First, visual customization is much easier to see in WoWS than in MOBAs or MMOs. Your ship is displayed very prominently in port for you to admire, and your enemies will zoom in to see your ship through a scope. These visual customizations WILL be seen and I think players will be happy to grind for them given their great, great visibility in this game. NTC unlocks 3 tiers of a prestige camo that can be customized to show status. The second and third tiers add effects such as custom colors, player/clan emblems on the hull, wake trails, engine exhaust, firing effects, visual effects on consumable use, or additional ship parts a la Kobayashi camos. Most of these have some sort of implementation in the game already, and probably just the ship parts would require any massive undertaking, as well as the UI for customizing the prestige camo. This keeps people grinding, and purchasing research boosters/flags/premium time. Which, they will if they can customize enough of the camo to make it their own. People are happy to grind Overwatch events for new skins when they already have a skin for their character of choice. Guild Wars 2 has huge grinds for legendary weapons that offer no stat advantage over standard weapons. But no, that's not valid and pissing everyone off and creating an overwhelmingly negative and toxic community reaction somehow is somehow better for the game in the long term. C'mon.
  10. When such a relentlessly positive and helpful community member as LWM is this upset, WG, it means ya'll screwed up.
  11. OhnoesFroz

    The state of the game

    Usually when someone posts something with a title like "state of the game", there's one specific thing they're upset about, and instead of just expressing that one relevant bit of feedback (in this case it would appear to be "i got into a chat argument and i'm muted now"), they write this sweeping narrative about economics, society, and psychology. It's very silly. If you feel like you got unfairly chat muted or whatever is going on, go hit up support. i'm guessing it was justified
  12. OhnoesFroz

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    Yeah. You know the sad thing is I looked at this earlier and saw it and like, it's such expected behavior at this point that I didn't even give it a second thought? We could be doing better. :\
  13. OhnoesFroz

    Wargaming lacks direction

    Ironically, after reading the OP, I'm left feeling like it's the feedback that lacks direction.
  14. OhnoesFroz

    The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization

    They wouldn't need to be protected if predatory gaming companies weren't attacking them. Like for all of the arguments that could be made about what people could be doing to stop themselves, where's the answer to the argument that companies shouldn't just be beating those people like cash pinatas? I know, it's literally in the word, right? Capitalism. Capitalize on their vulnerability. Doesn't make it right. Anyway, this is going to devolve into politics, so it's probably best to just acknowledge that people have different ideas of what governments should and shouldn't be doing and leave it there.
  15. OhnoesFroz

    The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization

    The sad thing is that even having this information out there isn't likely to help much because addicts aren't doing what they're doing based off of the information they have. Literally not how addiction works. So they can know they're being preyed upon, and still fall for it. This has to stop and it just won't until it's outlawed. Which, gj Belgium. Proud of u.