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  1. British T3-4

    Don't try to gaslight me, that's not what you said, and the majority agrees that they suck. Again and again I was told "Just gotta grind your way, it gets better" So now you're a lying sociopathic jerkwad
  2. British T3-4

    Really? No one else complains about british cruisers at these ranks? Sir, I dub thee full of bovine exrement
  3. British T3-4

    I am playing the cruiser line, but I don't have the spare points to jump straight to t6, so I'm having to grind my way through. It's painful as hell but everyone says at the upper tiers they get really good so I'm slogging my way through cursing the families of the devs the entire time
  4. British T3-4

    Dear Devs, Whoever thinks these boats are balanced in any way you're a bleeding moron. They're not a cannon, but they're total glass. They have nearly single-handedly removed my desire to play the game. They do crap for damage, disintegrate at a feather touch, have piss poor range and are a hindrance to the team in general. I have to wait for my team to carry me to enough points where I can get a decent british cruiser. Please find the devs that OK'd these boats and shove their faces into a keyboard repeatedly until they bleed to death or get a bloody clue.
  5. Do you ever use AP?

    I was thinking the same thing. Only thing I can think of are the rare occasions where I let myself get into a bad spot and can't help getting detected in my Benson while torps still have a minute of reload left
  6. Do you ever use AP?

    Thanks, I've watched those. The question is specific to US dd's and their efficacy, not a generalized blanket lesson about AP v HE
  7. Do you ever use AP?

    Been playing around a bit, HE still seems the way to go, but I thought I'd ask I know it depends on the target, you're never going to cit a tirpitz (or it would be the worlds luckiest effing shot) or most BB's The real question is aginst lighter targets such as some CA's and DD's do you ever find AP effective? I tried to search titles but AP is too short for the search function *grumble*
  8. Module damage seems too high

    That's about the sum of it. People who complain about DD's stealth firing and such obviously have never played one or they'd realize how difficult they really are to play well
  9. Detonation Derzki

    I've been extremely unimpressed by the DD line Sure it has big guns With traverse speed that makes me want to go postal And a reload rate that makes every cruiser smile And torps so short you have to wonder "why bother" Most incredibly worthless useless idiotic ships in the game. I'll stick with my IJN and US DD's TYVM
  10. GNATs and Zerstorer Torpedoes

    Most of the noise comes from cavitation not the motors so electric power wasn't really done until much later when they started using hybrids. Even in those cases most modern ships use a jet turbine to power electric generators, and those make plenty of noise transmitted through the ocean
  11. Soo.. I tried USN DD's

    Gotta love it though *open water map* "Wing! You're a moron! Why are you using guns! Chase down that ship running away from you and launch some torps! I know how to play DD's because I play T5 IJN all the time!" *fume*
  12. GTFO of the Way lol Avoid the torps plz.

    In my original scenario he was responding to it was a low tier, and the cruiser driver literally almost clipped a DD as he raced face first into no less than 4 enemy DD's and five friendly DD's all launching torps through the channel. He wasn't "holding off the enemy with balls of steel" either (as mentioned in another post from Moksie). He quickly ate a torp from an enemy, then a friendly torp then beached and flooded to death. While that was happening, a second cruiser driver about 10 seconds behind who got to watch what a stupid plan this was, followed suit against nearly ramming the side fo a friendly DD as he charged headlong into a barrage of enemy torps, then ate a friendly torp and died. As I stated the first time... freaking moron, and once I saw he was near dead anyway. I resumed firing my torps before they were sunk, both of them were dead the moment they decided to plow into torpedo alley
  13. Am I a destroyer kinda guy?

    The Farragut really wasn't much worse than the US DD's leading up to that point. I still find US DD's to be somewhat suicidal, the moment you open guns you're spotted and everything within range is going to open up. Team members are going to berate and harass you about using guns so much as well as complain about you not firing your guns enough. It's a rough life until T8
  14. GTFO of the Way lol Avoid the torps plz.

    I'll give you an exception: Last night on the solomon islands map. My team was extremely DD heavy. A conga line of destroyers went to B to fire into the channel. Some moron cruiser sailed literally straight past all the DD's, turned to avoid an enemy torp and caught a friendly torp that had been fired from the side. Don't effing walk into a place swarming with DD's dropping fish. There wasn't a single DD player that had any sympathy. Even worse another moron cruiser went into the channel after that even seeing all the enemy DD's swarming the channel. Our DD's did the right thing and stopped firing, and the enemy was able to push through the middle because they didn't have pressure from a swarm of torps.
  15. I have hit team members with torps but it continues to get less common as I've learned good techniques. At the same time I've had had people get hit literally a minute after I launched. I'm sorry, but if I can't launch if anyone is within a minutes' drive of my torps I'll never get to launch There is a middle ground. I promise not to make a risky launch but please don't assuming I have the clairvoyance to know where you'll be a minute down the game