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  1. New Ranked Battles

    fishing divs ahoy
  2. not everyone from top clans are "the best" its just the people who run comp like its a second job you should watch for
  3. i hate people from my clan and sister clans cuz they annoy me and stop me from rolling the team :p
  4. positioning is everything especially in the atago. learn what parts of the map are good for your ship class to be in. If you get better you can start thinking of why said places are good instead of just blindly following advice. thats a ways off but it is the end goal in getting better.
  5. com·mu·nism ˈkämyəˌnizəm/ noun a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. just so there is no more confusion about what Communism is also gating is the literal opposite of communism....
  6. im sure even you know that top player have crap tons of everything and giving them more is meaningless right? also how the hell is it gated? You have every chance to earn it. Equal opportunity not equal out outcome m8
  7. Rank 5-2

    want to start one :3
  8. balance and wows dont go in the same sentence my friend :3
  9. k thats a bit much imo
  10. yes you could balance in the middle but where do you draw the line of the best and the rest...
  11. i dont base my point around people that dont doge or kite properly. Yes very few players do play like gods but it brings up the question of do you balance around proper play or imporperplay? balance all the way around is not a thing in this game and i suspect it never will be. should wg balance around people who sail in a strait line or the top %? who knows but i would like to know what point that i made is incorrect. yes you could balance in the middle but where do you draw the line of the best and the rest...
  12. they already are but who knows what the changes will be
  13. if you face unicrum level players you quickly find that hitting them is not an easy task. not saying that you haven't but in clan battles its quite hard to hit good kiting cruisers.