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  1. Schwi

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    Yamato guns would like to have a word with your post
  2. You don't deserve even an iota of respect. I am superior - there's no falseness about it. I'm more intelligent than 99% of the human race; I have seen and done things that you couldn't even fathom. My entire existence is singularly elevated above your own. You are an insect compared to me.
  3. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    same cant be said of every other crusier due to their size. The Stalingrad is literally bigger than a yamato. the detection is 14km and that's much larger than some t10 bbs. it has a high citadel and takes longer fires than every other crusier. Thats why it has the hp and the heal. you also may forget that fire damage is based off the ships total hp pool. So with longer fires and such a massive profile and terrible conceal it is hella easy to get farmed out without that kind of heal. Also it does not have the bb damage control so putting out a fire can lead to another 45 second fire(if u aint running flags and skills). to really understand how much just how fast one can die all you need to do is run into a henri or any kind of T10 crusier that fire he for a living and watch your hp just drain away. note that your ap while good and accurate will do next to nothing if a he spamming ship know how to kite and give you not opportunity to get good hits off.
  4. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    long heal cd + the fact that your not getting unspotted in a hurry and longer fires. It needs the extra hp to live longer than just another crusier
  5. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    more health does not mean a win. It sure can help but the thing is big and gets burnt down hella fast.
  6. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    but it has the same armour as moskva?
  7. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    yea but look at the battles played. and also take into account that he or she is prob killing people who dont face the ship on the regular or just idiots that give broadside. yes but the moskva is more flexible with what it can do. the stalin only has its ap. The he has good pen for sure but it wont win any awards with the crap fire rate and not so great alpha compared to moskva. Stalingrad is big and slow in turns, you must commit to a flank or a push and your not going to leave any time soon. your more likely to get away from a stalin than a moskva. Also the moskva has hydro which helps it in close range fights and dd torps. stalin is much bigger and has no hydro so torps will need to be spotted by another ship once again taking another ship away to baby sit the thing.
  8. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    4v1 and that stalin lived. clearly it dint take on the other 4
  9. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    with the pictures provided it shows that the players preform better in moskava than stalin so idk where your argument comes from. and you did inject your own opinion by saying what he wrote is "clumsy sophistry that will convince, nobody". its find if you dint understand it and i can just repeat it. the Stalingrad data only comes from the people who know how to play and use the ship. Moskava data comes from people who know how to use the ship and those that dont. You CANNOT compare these two sets of data without considering where the data / who the data is coming from. if we go back to when you asked what ship the clan would take and the anwser was Stalingrad. The reason being that we can use it to punish ships that mess up harder. up in the higher tiers of play not having one works just as well. The ship is not flexible and a flank needs to play around the Stalingrad. In a way it gimps the other ships on that flank as they cannot go and do their own thing, they are there to support. It really depends on what kind of strat the caller wants to run and what ships are available.
  10. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    dont write off all non white camo stalins. some people prefer the black and blue
  11. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    not forever mind you it takes not too much to force a stalin to rethink its push. also the worcester example is just what happens in CW. you always have someone to spot for you in a worcester. its not a 1v1 ship so idk why your bringing it up. when a ship is on a flank you need to either stop it focus it or have a plan. its influence if just like any other ship. just pay attention to it and work around it. think if it like having a moskava on the flank, you cant just ignore it but you can slow it down or farm it out. the stalingrad is the same thing but it has better pen angles and worse conceal.
  12. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    never was intended to be. was sarcastic in nature
  13. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    you see the ship has many weaknesses ie: large concealment, terrible turning circle, high cit, slow gun traverse time, large profile, longer fire duration, not so great HE, no hydro. all these can be used against the ship to beat it. just dont one on one gun fight it unless your in a maneuverable he spam ship and all is good. exploit these weaknesses and you have made the ship a floating chunk of steel. it can throw out punishment for mistakes quickly and accurately but it will punish the user if they make a mistake.
  14. Schwi

    The Stalingrad

    the ship is unforgiving that much is undeniable. consider that it has quite a slow gun traverse time and that I would ideally need to be aimed at you when you make your mistake to punish it. there is a margin there for error and if you kite away there is a very good chance you can beat the ship even if i aim perfectly.