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  1. Server Issues

    wg the kids running your servers need a pick me up
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    well I tend to know when I see them lol
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    as you see the only ships that can guarantee a radar if you spot them are American ships, pan Asian dds or special ships ie premiums. most if not all of these ships have short range and weak armor. The point is not to 100% avoid radar but to punish the ships for shooting at you when spotted by radar. most ships that shoot you will be far out and you have time to juke their shots. IF the short range ships pop out of island cover to shoot you, your team will smack them as they don't have a large amount of armor. that's just how I play im not sure how you would play it edit: this is assuming you have competent team mates
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    you mean RPF? yea I use it and it does not tell me how far away you are. to radar you with rpf alone is not people do. I get more info from the team and then I can generally guess how far you are out. Also as most people I run full concealment so if you spot me ill radar you.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    the only reason someone would radar your [edited]out of the blue would be if 1. you spot them 2. you are in cap and they want you out. 3. they have enough game sense to know that you are close and or someone has asked for the radar. its not all encompassing knowledge nor is it unsurmountable skill. In random it is rare you get the team that is willing to work with you. with coordination you can counter radar ships by baiting the radar and having your team farm out anyone that shoots at you.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    so it confuse everyone as being lit on mini map would mean you are spotted. When you don't get spotted people aim at your expecting you to appear but you don't. Now we are relying on rng to hit a target that only shows up on the mini map. good luck to any bb's that want to shoot you and if the dd is sitting behind and island it is impossible to hit them without target lock or spotter plane. unless you fix that then its not a viable way.
  7. World of Irony

    such is the game and life
  8. ehhhh would be just a way to pay for coal and I doubt wg wants that
  9. then he noticed you have weak aa and wanted you dead or he dint care
  10. if a cv goes for your cruiser first then he is not playing right lol
  11. who uses premium consumes on anything under T5? also nice fallacy you cant compare him saying that you can buy premium consumables with credits to buying credits with doubloons. by the way games does not get pay to win after that if it was in the first place. Buying something with in game credits earned through play cant be considered pay to win as you arnt spending money on that currency. granted you can spend money on doubloons and convert but that does not give you an advantage over someone who has credits and is using them to get the consumables.
  12. well then we have our problem now don't we :3
  13. I did make a repost of your original thing if anyone wants to go back and not commit any more fallacies. end of page 19
  14. k so I went back all the way to where you posted the original argument. The game will ultimately die out of there are no new game modes or fresh things to do. Run out of ships to get and that's it... nothing else to do. This is a scenario where you took cb and ranked out, the only 2 competitive pvp modes available. Take rainbow 6 siege for example and think what would happen if they dint have ranked matches. The game would die out quite quickly as just fighting randoms all day even with new operators would get boring. The game can live on without whales like yourself as you big spenders are not the only ones that pay wg. the little transactions add up and are quite a good chunk of income. Think of how free to play games on your phone works. 1) is now a reality so no point in arguing on this 2) CB and Rank. That's it and don't believe that wg will add any new ways to get steel that don't involve those 2 game modes. 3) having a time locked campaign has been done and as wg has stated that Stalingrad will not be that easy to get. Campaigns are never a good indicator of good consistent play. Also wg has always wanted this ship to be awarded to good consistent players and as stated campaigns are not a good indicator of that even if said event is time locked. 4) first off how would you define the top echelons? second this is gating and you apparently don't want gating so I'm confused here. Third, this is how it worked b4 hand so even more questionable where you were going with this.