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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    MinneSLOWta is an improvement over Kansas because: 1. She's a bit more accurate, 1.8 Sigma vs 1.7 of Kansas. 2. She has better exterior armor. 3. Most crucially she has Slot 6 upgrade slot access, standard for all Tier IX ships. However, for USN Battleships it's important because in Slot 6 they have 2 important choices there: - MBM3 to reduce main battery reload by 13% or - APRM2 to improve main battery dispersion by 11%. This is significant because no USN BB in the game has access to ASM1 in Slot 3. So all Tier IX-X USN Battleships have those 2 options to improve their main battery. Kansas as a Tier VIII does not have that choice. She is forever stuck with no accuracy or reload improvements for her main battery. Now, is Minnesota good? Worth a perma-camo? IMO no. While MinneSLOWta is an improvement over Kansas, that's not saying much because Kansas sucks ***. I'd rather be in a Iowa, FDG, Izumo than a MinneSLOWta. If you want to spend Doubloons for Perma-Camo on a High Tier USN BB on the slow side of the line, let it be Vermont. She has a lot of problems, but 457mm x12 main battery with 1.95 Sigma (406mm x12 Montana has 1.9) demands respect. Anyone that's done reviews on her, whether they liked the ship or not, will never say anything bad about her guns. It's been nerfed due to some other buffs the ship got, but these guns should still slap.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    You had to be real careful with North Carolina's sides. Her belt is very weak. Her Citadel is really low, but if the shots fall where they need to, the belt will not save the ship. I've deleted Tier VIII NCs with my Tier VI 356mm armed Fuso.
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    If AA was anything like it once was during the RTS CV era, I'd say North Carolina would be well the best, most well rounded Tech Tree BB for Tier VIII. But since AA is not like that anymore, where even NC is now vulnerable to CV air attacks, I'd give the edge to Amagi. - Fast. - Trollish armor scheme to protect the Citadel. - Great gunnery. - Shells that behave better in flight than the very floaty USN BB shells this tier. - She alleviates the major problem Nagato had in Tier VII: Not enough guns. - IJN Battleship dispersion favors ranged engagements. Which is the reality of PVP, particularly the higher in tiers you get. She was the true, original "Battlecruiser" in WoWS. She has terrible AA, even during the RTS era there was no saving it with even an AA Build. But since everyone's AA got gutted with the CV Rebork, I consider Amagi the best Tier VIII Tech Tree BB.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I had been slacking playing AL for several days. Today was first day playing the new mini-event. I got all 3 of the new ships via construction. Took about 80k coins or something like that. In the event Richelieu mentions speaking to Clemenceau. If you look up "Clemenceau" in wikipedia, there's 2 things that may be pertinent. Georges Clemenceau, prolific politician, to include being a 2 time Prime Minister of France. His second stint was 1917-1920. Clemenceau-class aircraft carriers. Post-WWII ships, Clemenceau herself was commissioned in 1961. The Clemenceaus were the first true purpose built Carriers by France. They had ambitions with Joffre before WWII but we know how that went. Azur Lane has never mentioned any specific politician or monarch before, so... I went right away for the new Shima skin.
  5. HazeGrayUnderway

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    Kansas is the worst of the Slow side of the USN BB Split. Any expenditure on her is a dubious venture, IMO. I can see going to spend $$$ on Vermont Perma-Camo, she's actually dangerous despite her issues. But you can get perma-camo for Vermont alone and not have to get baited into a crazy $99.99 bundle centered on a very lackluster Kansas. A regular Tier X Perma-Camo costs 5k Doubloons, i.e. $20.
  6. HazeGrayUnderway

    Do we have to pay to win?

    People are burning real money to play Super Ships!
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    New Sub changes for 11.6

    The reduced turning circle radius for Balao is nice, because that makes it easier for her to do her 360 degree maneuvering to fire all her bow and stern torpedoes.
  8. HazeGrayUnderway


    Correct. And it doesn't look good for LOLORADO!
  9. I still remember the scandal when Wounded Warrior Project got in trouble. They were supposed to use the donated money for veterans, instead they were caught sending each other on expensive, lavish vacations and parties. I still remember after Hurricane Katrina, a bunch of charitable organizations took the donations and just disappeared.
  10. HazeGrayUnderway


    They likely won't. I don't recall WG ever fixing up a Perma-Camo screw up of that magnitude. So it will be comedic because WV'41 will have has WV'44's camo. If I want to be mean, I can make jokes all the time whenever people ask for WV'44. "She's already in the game. In Tier VI."
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    DM & Petropavlovsk players, rejoice!
  12. HazeGrayUnderway


    It will be fascinating to see how a 21kt USN Standard BB with 8 Tier VII Colorado guns and shells handles in Tier VIII, facing down the likes of Yamato.
  13. HazeGrayUnderway


    US Battleships in the game have long favored intermediate range fighting. 15km, give or take at High Tier, the closer the better, but not too close especially depending on the threats out there. Your comment OP: Given that the first 7-8 minutes of a tier 10 game consist of sitting as close to the map border and lobbing shells at maximum range, this makes the Montana essentially useless for this part of the match as it has a low chance of hitting a target who even attempts to maneuver, and even if it does the shells will do nothing. Makes me think you're playing the wrong Battleship Line. 1. You prize long range fighting capability. 2. Your commented on Overmatch capability. There is a Battleship Line that specifically caters to that: IJN Battleships. 1. Their dispersion is specifically catered to long range fighting. Matter of fact, if you try to brawl, their dispersion starts doing some really weird stuff. 2. Tech Tree ship with 32mm Overmatch: Tier X Yamato who has been in the game since it's launch, and has stayed relevant due to LOLPEN / Overmatch capability. Not only will Yamato LOLPEN those pesky Cruisers with 30mm upper belts, she'll Overmatch all Battleships she encounters due to their 32mm extremities. It's especially fantastic against French and RN Battleships of High Tier who are coated in 32mm armor all over the hull: Upper belts, deck armor, extremities. You hit them anywhere, it's PEN at the very least. Even Izumo's 410mm, who may not have the Overmatch capability of Yamato next tier, in terms of AP Penetration she rivals IJN 460mm AP. IJN Battleships are all about long range capability. If you try to brawl with them, it's inviting problems. So they are right up your alley.
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Do we have to pay to win?

    Fantastic players often are kind of picky in who they Div up with for PVP. The ones I knew did not want to get dragged down with a guaranteed Potato that they know they have to carry.
  15. HazeGrayUnderway

    Baked in cammo bonus

    Consider that this is the PVE Subforum: Unless it's a Premium Bote, all the bot ships you see are naked. As for player ships in PVE, I still saw plenty of guys with naked botes also. Hell, every now and then you see a naked Premium Bote because someone was toying with their camo and forgot to slot one before hitting the BATTLE! button.