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  1. Finally sank for the first time with her. My streak ended in my 11th battle with her. Also earned my first Kraken with her in Battle 13. You REALLY, REALLY need to be paranoid about her sides though. IMO, the guns are secondary to her speed and concealment. Use and abuse it, but don't use it to get yourself into trouble where you can't get out of in time. Sail aggressively, use stealth, get close to fire, but not too close where you can't disappear easily. There are other BBs in this game in later tiers where they have amazing stealth like NC, High Tier RN BBs. But none of them have such a speed advantage that GC has at her tier to combine with that stealth. Think about it. GC rolls around with 11.4km stealth while her speed with signal flag is 28.4kts. In a tier where BBs are barely creeping 21kts or so. The cach to this is terrible armor that you must always account for. If she needs to run, only Kongo or another GC can keep up or overtake her (Kongo in that case). The other BBs are too slow. A Cruiser can try to chase you, but so what? You AP them to death. The DDs? If GC is running, their torpedoes are worthless. GC has speed to run from the authorities. And you WILL be running from the authorities! The speed is also fantastic in GC being a hard target to simply run down for even the likes of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Those 2 will eventually overtake GC but it will take a while. In contrast, poor Konig, NY / TX would simply get run over by the Tier VII German BBs.
  2. Emerald is an experience that all players should go through and have an appreciation for. I say we go back to the MM we had before. +/-2 tier MM range, no coddling of any tiers. The only tier where anyone can ever say will never be bottom tier would be Tier X. Not the current thing we have now.
  3. I laughed when I saw those DDs come rushing around that island only to run into 2 DMs and a Moskva I vote for NOLA as the next, that is a source of a lot of anguish in this ship line. Barring that, Baltimore is a good candidate also.
  4. It's working fine for mine, have you tried exiting and returning to the game?
  5. The only Tier VIII ships that really struggle in high tier matches are Cruisers and CVs. Tier VIII CV aircraft absolutely melt against Tier IX-X AA. Yamato is reknowned in the game for her worthless AA. But even a Yamato can easily swat Tier VIII Lexington's bomber groups, and USN air units are known to be tough. Tier VIII Cruisers are just hot garbage unless they have very special survival gimmicks like Kutuzov and her smoke. Otherwise, you have a bunch of Cruisers like NOLA, Adm.Hipper, etc. that have no repair party like their Tier IX-X Cruiser counterparts do and have all the vulnerabilities a Cruiser suffers in the BB-heavy meta. A lot of those Tier VIII Cruisers have very mediocre gun ranges, while the Tier X ones have amazing range. That range is a liability when your max gun range is sitting perfectly in the ideal BB gun ranges of those tiers. On the flip side, Hindenburg, Zao, Moskva, Henri IV have great range and can use that range as a safety buffer. 16km Cruiser gun range? LOL! More like Point Blank Range to a BB at Tier IX-X The Tier VIII DDs are still stealthy and dangerous, and will still fulfill the basic functions demanded out of a DD. The Tier VIII BBs have to be more cautious but otherwise they're fine. I do think the gunnery at range of Amagi / Kii, NC / Alabama scale a lot better for Tier X play than the Secondaries Focused Tirpitz / Bismarck. The last group of ships need to creep close to do their best work, the first group doesn't, and high tier gameplay is quite range oriented for a long time.
  6. You mitigate the effects, that's the point. Having 3 fires at the very possible worst scenario, is much better than 4. That's simple. And again, if you are in a spot where you are ALWAYS ON FIRE, then you done f--ked up and need to be punished accordingly.
  7. Snowballs are very real in WoWS. All it takes is for 1-2 bad players to cause the Snowball effect to occur. Example, 1-2 bad moves, the potatoes get rekt and they're dead. That removes the 2 potatoes from the team. This affects the group they were with as now they instantly have to fight covering for that dumb, early loss. What was once, say, a 5 vs 5 at a flank, is now down to 4 vs 5. Eventually that extra ship turns it into 3 vs 5, and the flank starts collapsing. Eventually those ships will come rolling into the side or rear of the group that is still desperately fighting their comrades at the other side of the cap, rolling up the caps as they do so. The big Snowball hits without mercy from the flank or rear. Very hard to stop the momentum especially when you are still deeply engaged and you now have a handful of new threats slamming you from a different direction. Here is a low tier example, not even Imp.Nik.I can stop this Snowball. Look at those Base XPs! A Snowball effect starts with 1 victory on the map, then it turns into 2, and on and on. You reminded me of an incident last week. I was part of a Division: 2 Belfast + My Atlanta. We were backing up this Farragut in Two Brothers for Cap A. We had 2 BBs less than 5 km behind us, this DD had TONS of support. Then the Farragut, the 2nd of our team's only 2 DDs (other was at other flank group out east), changes his mind, saying "F--k your smoke and radar support, f--k the 2 BB support, I AM GOING MID CHANNEL!" and got rekt early on. Our west flank collapsed due to loss of vision. Cruisers, not even Radar Cruisers, can fulfill the stealth and spotting needs of the team. The Radar Cruisers cannot aggressively hunt down DDs when the team has zero spotting and BBs are looking to nail said Cruisers. Smoke up? Sure, but you're going to get torpedoed, if not flushed out of the smoke by said torpedoes, then get shot at. Can only do a fighting retreat with a stand here and there, but it was a collapse happening. Anyways, all that happened because of one dumb play: DD rushing mid, removing his stealth, spotting for the entire flank, reducing the team from 2 DDs to 1 DD. All from one dumb move.
  8. I don't know how you think 3 fires raging on you is worse than 4 fires, but okay... Anyways, the whole thing about it is mitigating the effects, duration. Tell me, what in the hell are you doing where you are sitting there eating HE shells and Fires nonstop? That's a misplayed, overextended BB.
  9. 3 year old necro!
  10. People fail to grasp what the fundamental reason is for AA Builds. Air Defense to not only make enemy planes pay dearly, but keep them away. Whether that AA swats lots of planes down or keeps them away, it's fulfilled its purpose. If your AA Cruiser's presence keeps bombers away from the ships in your area, then it's fulfilled it's purpose. If your AA scared away a Nuking Bomb Run on that BB near, you, it's fulfilled its purpose. If your AA destroyed most of the planes that attacked that BB near you, it's fulfilled it's purposes. If your AA Cruiser like Cleveland, Atlanta, Adm.Hipper, Baltimore, Des Moines, Henri IV, etc. get ZERO aircraft kills in a CV match, but the ships near you have not been attacked, then the AA Build has fulfilled its purpose. Also, you cannot rely on a ship's AA reputation to keep bombers away. Because there are CV players smart enough to preview Team Member stats ingame at the roster when the map is still loading. You can tell who really has good AA, who doesn't. I'm not even a CV Main, but I catch a lot of "AA Reputable" ships with s--t AA and I play accordingly. For Cleveland it's important, IMO. Because she is smack in the middle of the tier range where CVs are most actively played. She sees Tier V and as high as Tier VIII in MM. And in those tiers you have the most played CVs in the game with some very powerful favorites. Kaga Hiryu Saipan Shokaku Enterprise Ryujo Just to name a few. And in these same tier ranges, there are lots of ships, especially in the BB area, that have terrible AA and no amount of AA Speccing for them will make them decent. Which is why an appropriately AA Specced Cleveland is important to me and one that I still maintain. Tier V-VII, the amount of good AA capable ships are very small. Now, I'm not insisting you take BFT+AFT+Manual AA+AAGM2 in Cleveland. You don't need to go that far, but a fundamental AA build is very strong for Cleveland in dealing with aircraft and defending the team.
  11. LOL, you are that guy from the post! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND HILARIOUS! Let me repeat what you posted, because it's good entertainment and needs to be restated to show a massive problem. === "So I need a little help understanding what is going on with CV based fighters. This evening I went up against another level 10 Hakuryu with my Hakuryu with all planes maxed out, captain has stats to provide extra planes to each squadron etc.. I sent 4 squadrons up against his 2 squadrons, and he wiped out all 20 planes in less then 5 seconds. I must be missing something, because 20 planes against 10 planes should win not get wiped out in seconds. So what am I missing or doing wrong? Is there a cheat, hack, update, skill or voodoo magic that I'm not aware of?" === Nice one, creeping into Tier X and not knowing what a fundamental element of CV play was starting in low tiers! Back when you made that post, Strafes were a thing, Manual Attacks were a thing even in Tier IV where CVs started. Just like I stated in that dumb thread of yours, how in the **HELL** did you get into a Tier X CV without doing strafes or at the very least experience what a strafe was? Surely when you were playing at Tier IV Hosho, Tier V Zuiho back then, some dude with their fighter strafed your planes and made them all disappear? And then you wonder, "WTH just happened?" And surely the inquiry starts at Tier IV-V so that s--t doesn't keep repeating itself. You either figure it out on your own in those tiers or ask around and are told about it, how to do it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a CV player not knowing how to do their manual attacks. At low tier. It's expected. You're new. There is no tutorial on how to do this stuff, you are not even told that it exists until someone does it to you. But when you are rolling around in a Tier X ship, where the competition is much sharper and expectations higher, especially the expectations of a Tier X Hakuryu, and not know what a strafe is... Yeah, people are going to get upset. This is not Tier IV scrub competition. This is Tier X we're talking about and there is at least some level of expectation on competence at Tier X. And people have high expectations out of a High Tier CV, so you not knowing Strafing is a big freaking deal, because the team knows you're going to get rekt and be clueless. Also LOL at the idea that fighters are not a feature of CVs, especially the one you mentioned, the IJN CV line. They feature fighters in every CV in their line, even the premiums, they feature fighters in every spec of every one of those IJN CVs. You didn't know what Starfing was. FFS, did do you even know you have Manual Attacks also for your bombers? So yes, I will continue to bookmark that thread because it is the perfect example of someone creeping into high tiers without knowing something so basic, so fundamental. Have you even learned, improved since your thread in September 2016?
  12. You can have a Secondaries Build with CE+Camo for Stealth Build at the same time with a high points captain, 18pts at the bare minimum to have the best of both worlds. Mega Secondaries is a signature of GK. But if you have awful concealment, you have absolutely zero respite as you are spotted too easily and every a$$hole in the map is shooting at you all game if they got a shot on you. You will be getting shot at and hit, losing HP before you even get into your fighting positions. With s--t concealment range, it's all but impossible to disengage and recover. It's annoying a.f. getting spotted 1-2 minutes from match start and you have at least 6 people shooting at you from long range. Since GK is enormous, it's not hard to hit her. First it's the BBs like Yamato, Montana, Conqueror taking their long range pot shots at you. Eventually, those long range HE cruisers like Zao, Moskva, Hindenburg, Henri IV will add to your torment.
  13. Then stop using DCP on only 1 fire.
  14. Give me realistic radar, unique to each nation, with a decided advantage to American Radar. 100% uptime. IJN get next to no Radar. Germans get Radar but of inferior quality. USN gets top of the line Radar on EVERY SHIP. Another feature to simulate the advanced state of radar advances? Doing any sort of turning greatly increases dispersion of your shells. The advanced radar on USN ships, especially USN Battleships, allows them to have no dispersion penalty / bloom while doing turns. Because you guys whine about realistic, let's go that route.