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  1. Best cruiser line to play for a beginner?

    IJN Cruisers. While there are many Cruiser Lines with ranged proficiency, IJN Cruisers have a thing going for them that the other long ranged Cruisers lack... Stealth. As a line, IJN Cruisers are only bested by RN CLs for concealment. IJN Cruisers these days are underrated. They bring several unique things into one package on their ships. 1. Good to Excellent Stealth. This lets you more easily control your engagements. 2. Well rounded selection of HE & AP shell capability. Their AP is strong enough to punish ships that need to be punished. Their HE is still very good. Their shells don't float in the air like USN & French Cruisers. Their HE shells have both good damage values as well as high fire chance. Their gunnery is very efficient due to their shell flight behavior and shell damage stats, fire chances. 3. They eventually adopt long range, 10km torpedoes. The caveat is that their torp tubes emphasize a rearward launch. 4. Very respectable speeds. 5. With points 1-4 above, IJN Cruisers are at their best kiting, doing fighting withdrawals. They spam shells as they retreat, they can drop torpedoes without showing too much sides as they run away. Matter of fact, they can retreat, drop torps in stealth as they retreat. If anyone gets hit by their torps, they can then resume gunfire and set fire on the target that likely had to pop DCP to stop the Flood. French Cruisers are poor in doing this as their torps while having decent range, they carry very few torps. USN Cruisers suck in open water fighting, hell, almost all of them lack torpedoes. German Cruisers have poor torpedo ranges. Russian Cruisers have bad stealth, bad torpedoes. RN CLs have the stealth, speed, and decent torpedo ranges, but many lack the torpedo count, and of course, they don't have the HE shells to make someone really pay if they get hit by the torps. The only annoying thing they have is that turret traverse is mediocre with VII Myoko the worst of them. Also, Zao is about to get a very powerful buff... She is going to have 12km torpedoes soon. She was already the 2nd stealthiest Tier X Cruiser, only Minotaur is sneakier than her. Zao with the 8km F3 torpedoes could not do the stealth / kite / torpedo / gun spam tactics that many of the other IJN Cruisers could do. Not with 8km torps. But with 12km torps? Meat's back on the menu, boys! Premium Cruiser Selection: You got VIII Atago, III Katori, and IV Yubari. Atago is one of the oldest Premiums in the game and is still a rock solid choice at Tier VIII. Lastly, IJN Cruisers is predominantly a CA Line. Matter of fact, they are the line that starts the CA phase the earliest. Tier V Furutaka gets 203mm gun access and from there the line is consistent with their gunnery. Another plus with having so many CAs is that you can look at IFHE and flip it the f--k off. Use the 4 points for something else. As a consequence, like other CAs, IJN CAs don't require high point captains. If you got 10pts you can grab CE and commit to a Stealth Build. From there you already got the foundations needed for every IJN Cruiser.
  2. T7 RN DD: Jervis

    Lucky Jervis
  3. Is Duca D'Aosta a decent cruiser? Is it worth it?

    The problem with Duca is she's dependent on idiots with poor aim shooting at her. It falls apart when there's a Cruiser or Battleship player that isn't a Potato and knows how to aim.
  4. New T6 German BB on WOWS Dev Blog

    Meat for the Tier VII-VIII Grinder. Food for the Carriers.
  5. WG, please get Prinz Eitel Friedrich right

    Tier VI BB, right? [Checks game: Just in MM range of Tier VIII Carriers. Just in MM reach of AP Bombing Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin, Lexington] Well, if GK, FDG, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Tirpitz, Bismarck hold up just nicely against air attacks, I'm sure this ship will also!
  6. Does Montana need a re-balance?

    If AA and CVs are not meta, can people then stop whining about Carriers? People talk like AA is irrelevant, then we got endless threads about "But muh BB got rekt by a Carrier!" Montana is fine.
  7. Does Montana need a re-balance?

    It went beyond that. In those old days, if you dared to bring Montana into a fight, the reds laughed at you and your own teammates got mad at you. "LOL we got 2 Tier X BBs to your 1!" "Why are you bringing a Tier IX BB in a Tier X BB slot?" And a lot less kind comments. Then again, when you saw those old Montanas eat 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Citadel hits from one BB salvo, the hate was justified
  8. Carriers: Wait or Go For It?

    Play the IJN CV Line if playing Carriers truly interests you, not just for the sake of a campaign. If you do start up the CV Line, get comfortable with the controls of Tier IV-V CVs, be familiar with AA capabilities of ships. A problem however is that Tier IV-V CVs do not have Manual Attacks, i.e. strafes, manual TB / DB drops. You can't practice this crucial technique at Tier IV-V. Once you get to Tier VI it unlocks. I highly, highly advise to stick to Tier VI until you get very familiar with Manual Attacks, especially how it concerns the air-to-air war. There's little tactics people will do, especially starting Tier VI, to catch your planes in a strafe. Do not be one of those scrubs that keep all their planes in one blob so that someone can strafe them all away. If you venture into Tier VII+ without having a good grasp on Manual Attacks, especially Strafing and air-to-air tricks, you'll get massacred. As a Carrier, you can project your power anywhere, given time, but you have finite "ammo." You have a limited amount of planes and a few stupid moves later, you'll be running out of planes. Whether from the enemy CV's actions or from enemy AA, which really starts ramping up starting at Tier VI (Oops, Cleveland is gone now from Tier VI) Tier VII. You have to be smart in what you go after. Do not throw your planes away for meager gains. Scout, intercept, attack by all means, yes, but look to preserve your planes for the Late Game. Late Game is where the CV can clean house. Usually the AA Cruisers are mostly dead. BB AA Suites have been pounded by HE spam, etc. Teams are really spread out. Late Game is where DDs tend to take over... Except when a CV is in the match and still has ample planes. Everything is all beat up, the herd has been thinned out, everyone is scattered so you no longer have dangerous groups with overlapping AA. Pick off the important targets, DDs first, then go after the BBs. DDs & CVs get stronger the longer they are in play in a match, and CVs that still have ample bombers rule late in the game. Lastly: DDs are your highest priority. Your spotting and ability to attack them is the great neutralizer of a DD. Do this, and also be mindful to keep planes off your own DDs as much as possible. It's a lot to juggle, but if you can maintain air spotting, attacks to neutralize the efforts of enemy DDs, you are doing your team a great service. I've run into a number of CVs that really thought that "Going after DDs isn't my job, that's the Cruiser's job," and our team loses as a result. People often think BBs are the priority CV target. They're not, they're No.2. DDs are the most important indicator of whether your team wins or loses, and if you can mangle, disrupt the enemy DDs, you're doing good in my book. You'll also be making the job of your own DDs much more easy as your harassing and spotting efforts remove a lot of uncertainty for them.
  9. Buying a ship with Free XP?

    For instance, Amagi is a very cool BB in the game, but stock, she is a heaping pile of Ashitaka. Colorado has problems but doable these days. At stock, it's awful. Due to the direct, confrontational nature of CV play, a Stock CV for your team, you may as well write him off if the enemy CV at least knows how to breathe and play the game at the same time. For many ships, the "final" Rudder Shift Times are hidden behind Upgraded Hulls. A ship's best AA suite is ofen hidden behind Upgraded Hull Modules. Some BBs like Standard USN BBs, i.e. New Mexico at stock have pitiful gun ranges. NM at Stock range is 14.62km. Traditionally, if I spend FreeXP outside of FreeXP ships like Missouri, Musashi, etc, it's for researching and buying modules once I have purchased the new tech tree ship.
  10. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    When the rest of the CLs come out for the line, it is going to be crazy. If the DDs are whining about Cleveland, Buffalo, Baltimore now, wait until Worcester arrives. I predict Worcester very early on is going to have RIDICULOUS STATS, as veteran players will FreeXP to her on Day 1 and start going to town. She's going to look like Minotaur at first. Minotaur when she first came out had ridiculous stats. She was doing Moskva & Zao levels of damage, etc. But after time, as more people got Minotaur, her stats settled down to where they are today. I expect the exact same thing to happen with Worcester. Mark my words. There will be massive cries of "Nerf Worcester!" when she releases as the veteran players are doing their work.
  11. Easy. Keep the distance long. USN CL shells arc forever. As a Cruiser, NOLA should be nimble and an annoying target the further out she is. If you are in close ranges, the CL will easily hit you, and this is where the CL DPM can be of great danger to your CA. However, NOLA has better guns that behave at range than Cleveland. NOLA's shells are more direct and do not arc high in the sky with parachutes as they come down. With more range, the CA will reliably hit the USN CL, while the CL will struggle to hit the CA. AP the ever-living-sh*t out of them.
  12. Commander skills for both new USN Cruiser lines

    USN CL & CA builds are somewhat compatible. Eventually both parts of the line take on good AA capabilities, have respectable stealth, and are dependent on consumables. Where things diverge is that the CLs have a real need for IFHE. Cleveland, who's guns are typical for many of the CL part of the split, or if not as in the case of Tier IX-X, at least use Cleveland's shells, really need IFHE. Without IFHE you get lots of non-pens and end up relying more on Fires than you really should, and one should not rely on fires for the heart of your damage output because it's too RNG and can be mitigated by builds. The CAs don't need IFHE and will penetrate just fine, which is why DM is so fierce. She has CL rate of fire while slinging 203mm shells, because DM says, "F__K IFHE." For Tier VIII+, IMO the common part of the build for the CL & CAs are: 6pts USN CA & CL PT or PM AR SI (for the consumables which both lines emphasize at high tier), or DE, or BFT For 10pts, this is where things can diverge for the CL & CA. 10pts USN CA CE Extremely easy choice for the USN CA to make. 10pts USN CL CE or IFHE The CL has to make a hard choice. IFHE opens up your damage output, but CE with Full Stealth Build gives you amazing concealment to control your engagements better and SURVIVE... So you can shoot more. But without IFHE, you'll get lots of Non-pen hits unless your shot placement is good. I gravitate towards AA Build for my USN Cruisers because I like doing air defense for my team on that chance I see a CV match. That said for 14pts... 14pts USN CA AFT Super easy to implement, easier to max out AA Build with a CA than on a CL. 14pts USN CL CE or IFHE Whichever one you did not take at 10pts. With CE & IFHE, the USN CL finally has the heart of its firepower to do a bit more consistent damage and not reliant on Fire so much. For the last 5 points towards 19 max, you got more options. Both the USN CL & CA should by now, be able to open up their builds for personal tastes. The CA has more freedom because IFHE is not a consideration and that's 4 pts not taken. 19pts USN Des Moines "Shell Switching" & Gun Focus I Tier 1 - PT or PM (whichever you did not take at the start) & Expert Loader (makes DM very dangerous in quickly switching shell types on someone that thinks they can quickly flash a bit more sides quickly to fire more weapons, and go back to an angled profile) This is less feasible for the other USN CAs that don't have DM's reload speed. 19pts USN CA Gun Focus II Tier 2 - JOAT (cut down on consumables CD) or EM (faster turret traverse) Tier 3 - DE (extra fire chance) You're relying on your AFT in conjunction with Defensive Fire to do your AA work. DE for better fire chance. 19pts USN CA AA I - Radar + Hydro Tier 1 - PT or PM (whichever you didn't take at the start) Tier 4 - Manual AA Drop Defensive Fire, slot Hydro instead This build is a compromise. You want good AA but want the Radar + Hydro Combo which is extremely useful if you know how to leverage the 2 consumables in the right time, right parts of the map. The AA is strong and you'll shoot lots of planes down, but without Defensive Fire, bombers won't be panicked. This will not stop a Tier X CV but for lesser CVs, this is a massive problem to them still. All through this, you still got Radar + Hydro for great team support, utility. 19pts USN CA AA II - "I really hate Carriers and I want them to pay" Tier 1 - PT or PM (whichever you didn't take at the start) Tier 4 - Manual AA Keep Defensive Fire slotted. Dedicated AA Build because you hate CVs that much. Defensive Fire for when the CV sends a serious mass strike. Manual AA buffed AA for those cases when the CV doesn't do single mass trikes and does air attacks in waves. If you didn't have Defensive Fire, the CV may very well do what it wants. But with Manual AA, it's going to eat good losses regardless, even without Defensive Fire. Bombers may get through still, but they'll suffer horrendous losses for their effort, and with more bombers shot down, that means less bombs / torps the CV can drop on someone. 19pts USN CL AA Tier 1 - PT or PM (whichever you didn't take at the start) Tier 4 - AFT You should have already both IFHE & CE at 14pts, so AFT will help bring your AA out to max range. This is a massive deal for Worcester. With AFT & AAGM2 upgrade, she should reach out to a trollish 8.6km in AA This is what I'd lean to if I had 19pts for my High Tier USN CLs You can eschew AFT, AA altogether with the USN CLs if you want, but you disregard a potent strength of these ships and you'll be left looking at some pretty mediocre options. As you can see, the USN CAs do get to have more freedom in build choices since IFHE isn't required. The USN CLs have the ability to have all the consumables at the same time, minus smoke of course, which the CA's can't. If a High Tier USN CA wants Radar + Hydro, they have to drop Defensive Fire, but the USN CL has Radar + Hydro + Defensive Fire, all at the same time, which is a very nice thing. The interesting thing, at least in terms of incorporating AA into USN Cruisers, is that the CAs will get to excellent AA capability much sooner than the CLs due to no requirement of IFHE. The CL is straddled by needing IFHE early on so many USN CL AA Builds won't be as good in AA as the CA versions. However, once we're talking a full, legit 19pt USN CL captain, the CL overtakes the CA in AA capability, especially by something like Worcester. Des Moines at 14pts will be a far superior AA Boat than Worcester with the same points, but once Worcester has 19pts, she should be the better AA Boat.
  13. I'll use DCP to put out 1 fire only if I'm very low in HP and can't afford the DOT, or I can do it in safety, i.e. I'm not detected. Doing otherwise while taking gunfire, torps is asking for a paddlin'.
  14. Jean Bart Tier 8 Premium [Dev Blog]

    Same guns as Richelieu, and it can be very unreliable at times because WG has emphasized the brawl aspect of the French BB Line. But the Main Gun Booster will add some spice. I just don't think it's of much use at range where the French 15" guns are pretty wonky. But cut the range down, especially brawling ranges, and I can see her really punish people.
  15. Who have you seen in game

    Was on the same team as @Notser who was using his Fletcher.