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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    Dont be this guy in ranked

    Looking at the Tier V Ranked stats so far, Cruisers in general are just getting worked over. BBs, DDs, and Bogue are doing well. Hell, ATM New York is the BB WR% leader. YES, THAT NEW YORK! It's still very early but I think it's always fun to see what happens with the madness in Ranked.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    Hipper: Which upgrade?

    Concealment is one of the strongest mechanics in the game. For Cruisers which actually have citadels and lacking the BB armor, range and concealment are your bestest of friends. If the fight looks too stupid, you simply "Go Dark" and deny a losing fight when possible. German Cruisers gravitate to poor concealment among Cruisers in general, but you can improve it enough where you can control your engagements some. Having some control of when you fight is reassuring.
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    Mini-ranked ship picks

    So far, as I expected, CVs have been showing up regularly in Ranked for the first time. But not Zuiho, it's Bogue. Bogue is turning in very good numbers so far, and is one of the most played ships in Sprint Ranked. V Ranked ships sorted by popularity. I did not expect Bogue to show up this much so far. V Ranked ships sorted by Win Rate %. V Ranked ships sorted by Avg Dmg. That so many Cruisers populate the worst WR% ships isn't surprising to me. That's what I expected to happen. I said before, Tier V Ranked is a BB-DD and a CV affair when one shows up. Look at New York! Look at the sheer presence of Caesar! Check the WR% of the OP Premium DDs: Gremy, Fujin, Robotnik, and Kamikaze! The most amusing thing about all this is Bogue. Anyone that's been with the game a while knows of her long, terrible history in WoWS. The USN CV Revamp happened and she was one of 2 USN CVs that actually were improved by it. Midway was the other. Bogue was so bad before the revamp that she was a liability. Now she's good to go.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    Wichita - no angle?

    All the USN CAs have the special bounce angles, but not necessarily the SHS AP, that's on the Tier VIII+ ones. Still, Pensacola, Indianapolis, NOLA guns are very dangerous against Cruisers. Flamu mentions Wichita has the Mk21 AP shells, which are the same ones found on Baltimore, Buffalo, Des Memes, Salem. Comparing Wichita's AP to Atago and Prinz Eugen. The US Navy liked heavy shells for the big guns on their CAs and BBs.
  5. HazeGrayUnderway


    USN CA stealthier than current 9.1km stealth build Cleveland. 27mm bow of USN CA. Smaller hull than Baltimore. Good ROF 203mm guns. SHS AP as found on all Tier VIII+ US CAs. USN CA AP bounce angles. Radar, albeit nerfed to Tier VII Radar instead of the appropriate VIII one for the tier. Last I looked, worse AA than Baltimore but will still be powerful USN Cruiser AA. It's an extremely strong package as it stands now. The stealth is a BIG deal as she can move around with ease like Cleveland, Edinburgh, Minotaur, and Worcester can. Basically, Wichita is a Stealthy Cruiser like the USN CLs, but has the guns, shells of the USN CAs. Wichita is the American Ninja!
  6. HazeGrayUnderway

    Dev Blog Hydro and Concealment Expert (BIG CHANGE!)

    There is also the fact that the Stealth Build BBs are the ones playing forward using their concealment to get closer and get better shots Great example is playing a stealthy High Tier USN / RN BB. I'll use the stealth to creep fairly close behind my DD + Cruiser Division-mates, undetected. Far enough where I am not spotted, close enough where my engagement range will be 13-14km, which is super easy shooting range for a Battleship More importantly, being up close like that lets me have easier range to engage and hopefully delete the enemy Radar Cruisers trying to creep up on my DDs, etc. at the cap. It's easier to delete that Radar Cruiser at 14km than some campy BB sitting further behind trying to engage at 18km, but has a harder time due to getting repeatedly shot at from long range due to their sh*t concealment giving them away
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    There's no recent thread on this upcoming Premium USN CA in this subforum. Gathered some recent stuff about her. Today, both Flamu and Notser have WiP videos on Wichita. Flamu thinks she's strong, probably too strong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzDcSEZsz2Q Notser has an early impression WiP video on her also. He also is liking this CA a lot. One thing Notser mentioned that Flamu didn't was WG was thinking ahead about Wichita's super concealment in conjunction with Tier VIII Radar. Their solution according to Notser, was putting Tier VII Radar on Tier VIII Wichita. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eLiq9wBrvc
  8. HazeGrayUnderway

    Musashi ....glutton for Arial punishment!

    The majority of players weren't around for the first few months when CVs were a regularly seen threat. Tier IV-VIII CVs were seen almost every match. The Tier IX-X CVs were still seen in numbers. Even Tier VII-VIII had regular 2 CVs per team kind of matches. You also had the Pre-CV Mirroring with Match Maker back then, so sometimes you could have no CV on your team but the other team had one! IJN CVs started having 3 TB Strike Specs starting at Tier V, all the way into Tier X! Zuiho with Manual Drops and 3 TBs! 3 TBs on Ryujo, Hiryu, Shokaku! The CV threat was much more dangerous in those days before they had their nerfs and their population was so high. It was also interestingly, in those days that complaints by BBs about DD Torps didn't exist... It was because of the common presence of CVs in so many matches. Once that CV population died off, then we entered the "Torpedo Soup" phase of the game and the rest of the drama following is history In those days, many USN Cruisers struggled to be relevant (IJN CAs were straight up better in surface combat but their AA...). III St.Louis, V OPmaha (Pre AFT/BFT Nerfs), VI Cleveland, X DM were fine. The rest were downright terrible. But the AA of the Tier VI+ USN Cruisers were in high demand because of the near-every match threat presented by CVs. If you rolled in with a Cleveland and the match had CVs, people thanked you for showing up. The threat of CVs was so prevalent that the mentality of grouping for mutual AA was more widely practiced than today, because today CVs are rare and people now have the habit of sailing solo no matter what. Anyways, if CVs become popular, anywhere close to like how things were in the game's first few months, Musashi will have a very bad time. At least her sister Yamato, if the player for some reason desires, can spec for AA and actually be quite decent. Musashi isn't going to be that good no matter what. But changes to the AA system are coming, so even that part of the game is up in the air. My bet is WG is lessening the gap between the current "No Fly Zone" ships and the "Tirpitz and Arizona" levels of AA.
  9. HazeGrayUnderway

    TRANSYLVANIA, all losses, why play if you can't win?

    There were moments my DD was down to just a few K of HP. I go and concentrate on some torpedo drops, I look to the lower left of the screen, I am back to Full HP The best part of the game from my POV were these (from the replay): BB coming in for the Ram on Gorgon. ... And the following MASSIVE HP loss from Gorgon's monstrous HP pool. After Gorgon was dealt with, our 3 BBs were pretty well concentrated southwest of the rest of the team with tons of enemies between us. The group simply started to sail northeast to annihilate everything.
  10. HazeGrayUnderway

    The More I Play My Free Indy...

    The guns are the saving grace of Indianapolis, because it sure as hell isn't anything else, not even her Radar. All USN CA guns are hard hitters, all their AP shells have the special bounce angles, and they all have high Cruiser AP pen values. If the USN CA can hit the Cruiser, they are the best in a Cruiser vs Cruiser fight. The real killer in such a fight is the special bounce angles. There is a big temptation for players to show a bit more side to fire off more turrets. Against other normal Cruisers, this is a safe tactic because some have very good firing angles even while using all turrets. But the USN CA AP bounce angles? The Cruiser opponent merely opened themselves up for bigger, full Penetration hits or worse, Citadels. If you haven't already, get to DM or Salem. It's the same deal, but with 5.5 second base reload, you punish them hard and fast.
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    Worcester - Long Range Module?

    I can see the extra gun range being useful to troll camping targets. Bow Camping BBs at safer distances, easy to hit since they are stationary or moving slowly, etc. Hitting island campers, i.e. other USN Cruisers hiding behind islands while further out. Just hitting them and dislodging them to stop what they're doing is a benefit to the team. But moving targets at those ranges? Even BBs will be annoying to hit, much less a smaller Cruiser. Worcester already struggles to hit DDs above single digit ranges. However, with the extra range is extra gun bloom / detection. One of the things I frequently did with Worcester is going to some side to intercept a DD, and then killing it. With the normal Worcester gun range, once the DD is dead, I'm usually far enough to immediately drop back into stealth, because the DD was the only thing close enough to spot me. But if you go with the long range, your bloom is going to be so high that doing what I described becomes much more difficult, and enemy players will get their chances to take pot shots at you before you go dark, some of which may be accurate enough to punish you. I highly considered taking the extra range upgrade, but with my time on Atlanta, Tier VI & VIII Cleveland with their floaty shell behavior, knowing how gun bloom works, and because I liked intercepting DDs with my Cruisers, I elected not to take the upgrade.
  12. HazeGrayUnderway

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    The torpedo bulge thing is part of the changes WG did to help all those BBs complaining, "I did 0 damage to modules, this needs to stop!" Well, WG listened and BBs got exactly what they wanted. Now they can hit all over a ship and do damage!
  13. HazeGrayUnderway

    How do I deselect a target for AA / secondaries?

    Usually my AA guns keep firing until the plane unit is dead, and when it's dead, it's finally deselected
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    You don't remember that drama? This was Data Mined back in 2016 by the player base, before WG started being much more open with the later introduced Facebook DevBlog. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/61875-high-tier-bb-bow-armor-nerf-wake-up-and-stop-being-stupid/ This never went through.
  15. HazeGrayUnderway

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

    With the confined maps of WoWS and the typical engagement ranges we fight in, what you said is irrelevant.