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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    More CVs on the way

    Let them hate, as long as they fear.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    After getting Bremerton in the shop, the VT-18 was the next thing I got. Also, some pages ago there was an image link for gear. The author updated it to include the new stuff like that VT-18 Avenger and 818 Squadron Swordfish. Nerezza's Gameplay Help Picture Guide (Slot by slot)
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    It got fixed, no longer requiring a login. Hmm, VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" Corsairs, eh? The lineage went on. I remember in the 1980s building a model kit for a VF-84 Jolly Rogers Tomcat. VF-84 was eventually decommissioned but the Jolly Rogers was transferred to VF-103. They're flying Super Hornets. You can see the lineage of the Jolly Rogers squadrons on the inboard side of the left hand vertical stabilizer.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    It says I need to login to view the image, like it's a NSFW one.
  5. HazeGrayUnderway

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    Oh man, I loved Schors depite everyone hating her. Schors was the first bote I ever been "Hackused" with. After learning some harsh lessons in the first few games, she had been very good to me. Smooth grind.
  6. Even in the RTS CV days, there were those CV players that just kept feeding AA monsters wave after wave of planes. I could be in Atlanta, Cleveland, Des Memes, or an obvious AA Battleship like High Tier USN BBs, whatever... Some of those dudes were just too stubborn. It's one thing if you catch them with an unfamiliar ship that is actually an AA monster, you whack their planes, and they learn their lesson. But it's another when they just keep trying again and again. Sometimes there's a game situation where the CV has no choice but to feed planes into an AA meat grinder, but when the CV goes after my AA ship and not the isolated Tirpitz 10km away, well... What can you do? No mercy.
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    @Blorgh2017 I want reruns on getting some of those past ships like North Carolina, Amagi, Essex, etc. Hell, when I started playing, I had just missed the event to get Warspite's item to complete her Retrofit. So when I do my Exercises and I see all possible opponents with Lv120 Warspite Retrofits as part of 14k fleets, yeah, I'm a bit envious My own Warspite is at about Lv110, fully retrofitted minus the item, and I even have a spare Warspite to feed the last box. South Dakota and Warspite are my Battleship workhorses. Hood is coming on up.
  8. HazeGrayUnderway

    Mainz is out!

    You can't discount that the German CA guns with 51mm HE Pen have a lot more potential targets to penetrate and damage, i.e. German BBs with 50mm deck armor from Tier VII on. Moskva is still out there with her 50mm deck and Petropavlovsk is on the way, etc. The German 150mm HE Pen is phenomenal. For a CL gun. It still can't HE Pen the 50mm armor sections that are found out there in High Tier.
  9. HazeGrayUnderway

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I always liked my German Cruisers, especially the High Tier CAs. But those mid tier German CLs with 38mm base HE Pen is a GODLY luxury that even Helena in Tier VII wishes she had. Nurnberg in Tier VI can HE Pen not only 37mm deck armor North Carolina, but the 38mm deck armor of all other High Tier USN BBs should she somehow meet them. Meanwhile, Helena in Tier VII can only get 31mm HE Pen with IFHE, which also castrates her fire chances. Cleveland and the rest of the High Tier USN CLs can't even get the 38mm with IFHE, they're capped at 37mm even with the skill. German Cruiser Line Split when?
  10. HazeGrayUnderway

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I like it overall but it'd have been really nice if it had the Admiral Hipper-class protection, which Mainz draws so much inspiration from. It basically is Hipper with 150mm guns. It helps the class be aggressive in certain situations. FYI, the mid tier tech tree German CLs with these 150mm guns also got the high HE Pen. Nurnberg in Tier VI for example, has the exact same 38mm HE Pen of Tier VIII Premium Mainz. Meanwhile, Tier VII Helena, Boise / NdJ, and all the other normal HE-capable, mid tier CLs can't even HE Pen 32mm even with IFHE, and they still gut their Fire Chance. The German CLs with their free HE Pen Buff can take DE and play like how CLs used to be before the IFHE / Armor changes. It's 4x4. Doesn't reload as fast as Prinz Eugen, but 8 fish from one side is pretty sweet in the right situation.
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    Alaska or Kronstadt?

    Not all the differences but the ones that really come to mind when comparing Alaska and Kronshtadt. Below is the Artillery Chart for Iowa, Kronshtadt, Alaska. I used Iowa because of how many users are familiar with how her shells behave, so one can contrast hers to Alaska and Kronshtadt's shell flight behavior. Both have AP shells as their bread and butter. Alaska has special bounce angles to her AP while Kronshtadt has very high penetration. You can see in the chart just how much better Kronshtadt's raw AP Pen is compared to Alaska's. For a Cruiser, if you are at range and are showing Kronshtadt your broadside, you're making a grave mistake, she has more than enough AP Pen to smash your Citadel from far out. Kronshtadt has very high velocity shells but the dispersion can be really bad sometimes. Alaska's shells have a bit of float to them, more than USN 16"/50 Battleship shells from Tier IX-X in terms of flight characteristics, not high velocity, but they are markedly more consistent in groups than Kronshtadt. IOW, Kronshtadt has the shell velocity, low shell arcs that make it easy to lead targets even at range. But it's her dispersion that is upsetting to her user at times. When Kronshtadt is "on" she is "ON" and someone is about to have a bad day. But when she's "off" you're double checking to make sure you're not sailing Battleship. RNG can screw Kronsthadt over really bad in her dispersion at times like a BB. Alaska has a 27mm bow and can face tank 381mm or less AP. Kronshtadt doesn't have that but she has the belt armor to capably angle. The moment you try to bow tank even a 380mm armed BB, you're going to get smashed. Lastly, one is real (Alaska) and the other is Fake A.F. (Kronsthadt). There's other differences, but I feel these points are what set the two Super Cruisers apart.
  12. If you insist on attacking that same target: Smash the turrets with HE or switch to HE. The former is more feasible if you are at a range that you can pick the turrets out and hit them. It's possible with the AP hitting the 25mm upper bow. The problem is if the salvo lands too low, you're in the water or hitting the icebreaker. Too high, and you hit the 50mm deck. The window to hit the 25mm upper bow is very small, unless you're close enough to reliably hit it.
  13. HazeGrayUnderway

    Is 6 Radar ships on one team to much?

    The counter for those Radar Cruisers has always been in the game. They're called: Battleships. You also lose credibility OP, by calling Hydro a 2 minute long Radar. If you as a DD are getting regularly caught by Cruiser Hydro, you are failing as a Destroyer in profoundly terrible ways.
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Goliath vs Petropavlovsk, what are their strengths and weaknesses?

    Nevsky is the more dangerous one, Petro looks mediocre despite some of the clowns around here whining about RU Bias. Petro has: Worse armor than Moskva, will get Penned more in the bow with the smaller icebreaker. About 10k less HP than Moskva. Slower reload than Moskva. Has very strong AP at the cost of very weak HE. You people here are crying about how powerful Petro's 220mm AP is. That's nothing. We regularly fight against, bounce 381mm, 406mm, 419mm, 420mm AP, so 220mm isn't sh*t. Just don't be a moronic clown and give broadside to Petro at 4km like some of those idiots on YouTube videos have been doing. Do that, protect your Citadel, and those 220mm AP shells are meaningless, and you force Petro to use her sh*t HE shells, coupled with a reload that's slower than Moskva's.
  15. HazeGrayUnderway

    Mainz is out!

    He left out some critical details though: No mention of the extra HE Pen that German Cruisers get, because it really sets her apart from other CLs in her tier. In addition he didn't go into details about the armor scheme. He does compare it a bit to Prinz Eugen, which is an important contrast to make considering they're Premiums for the same nation in the same tier, and both are Cruisers. Personally, I think Prinz is better overall still as her 203s still have fantastic pen, albeit slower reload. Her torps are fast reloading, and most importantly, she has Repair Party. Pirnz also has access, at extra cost, for the Adler Perma-Camo for an even higher bonus. Mainz is really its own thing despite looking somewhat related to the Admiral Hipper-class. Mainz IMO is very important at this stage in the game. Before her arrival we have had no German CLs past Tier VI, and HE-based CLs are still reeling from the IFHE / Armor changes, some more than others: RIP Tier VI-VII CLs, except Nurnberg whose 150mm guns share the exact same benefits as those on Mainz. 38mm HE Pen on N-Berg\s 150mm guns for a Tier VI CL is godly. Meanwhile Tier VII Helena with 152mm guns can't even break 32mm armor threshold with IFHE. German Cruisers in general are the only HE-capable Cruiser Line that doesn't really care about all the IFHE / Armor changes.