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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    End of the Forum

    Thanks but I'm still not migrating due to the other reasons.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    End of the Forum

    You'll be hard pressed to find it here. I wager however, if you can dig around with more players in the game, I bet you'll see other places like Reddit and Discord being what they prefer to use. Some guys already post or just browse on multiple places. For WoWS I used the forums. I've lurked on Reddit for other subjects outside WoWS, but I don't have an account there and never will. I have Discord and the only reason I kept it was because of friends for Division play. Anyways, when the forums are gone there will be a lot of game information and history that will disappear with it. Discord's a horrible place if you need to post a lot of thorough information. Good for passing along short bits of communication, terrible for everything else. Another reason I wasn't too fond of Discord was it tracking and showed your activities if you leave it on. I forget that sometimes after I played Divisions in WoWS.
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    Smoke Firing Penalty

    The thread made me remember something from years ago with the game. Back when the IJN DD Split was still quite new. Akizuki was the end of her part of the line and Kitakaze, Harugumo were not in the game yet. Anyways, Tier VII Shiratsuyu used to be able to slot both TRB + Smoke at the same time. Finally, Tier VII Ranked was rolling in. That season was important because: 1. The RNCL Line was still very new. 2. IJN DD Split was new, too. There was a lot of guessing on the forums before the season started that there'd be smoke everywhere. Destroyers, Fiji, Winfast. I never participated but the forum posting and comments by friends did confirm there was tons of smoke everywhere. What was hilarious however was that people just simply used torpedoes to hard counter all the Smoke Camping. Shiratsuyu doing TRB boosted torpedo salvos made people regret camping in their Smoke. To the point that she became one of the most played and successful ships that season. I still have the screenshot from that season as it prepared to wind down (2017 thread source). Considering the volume of games Shiratsuyu had seen, yet still won enough compared to the high powered names at the top of that WR% list, Shiratsuyu did amazingly well. Too well, in WG's eyes. Not even 2 weeks after Ranked ended she got nerfed. TRB and Smoke shared the same slot after the nerf and the player had to make a hard choice between the two. Anyways, just a small example of torpedoes hard countering Smoke Campers. I'm sure you've had games or seen people get Double Strikes after they send a bunch of torps into a Smoke pattern. They see tracers worth multiple ships coming out of the smoke, so you may as well throw torps and see what you get.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I dunno. I've had Discord for ages but I only used it when I was Divisioned up with friends for WoWS, nothing else. I didn't like being tracked if I had left the program on, too. As for posting on Discord channels, it's clumsy for anything outside small posts. If you have anything extensive to say it's a real PITA. Information gets easily buried there, too. I browse Reddit but I lurk there and do not sign up giving them my information. Anyways, GL out there guys.
  5. HazeGrayUnderway

    Smoke Firing Penalty

    I have no problem with the removal of Gun Bloom in Smoke. It'd put back more utility to Smoke, especially USN DD Smoke. At the time USN DD Smoke was just simply the best due to that team support ability. BB players loved USN DD smoke because of their long main battery reloads and the long smoke dispersion time. Radar was a counter but the most common counter used against Smoke Walls in Ye Olde Days of the game were torpedoes. Smoke also removes vision for the guys inside, which is something opposing Destroyers liked. Now we can add Submarines as a possible counter to Smoke Walls, which weren't around during the days when we had no Smoke Gun Bloom. Carriers helped counter back in those days with Manually Dropping their ordnance. Torpedo Bombers were typically the best use for such counters. This was RTS CV era still, and the current Post-Rebork system should still be valid to do it. Torpedoes were a great counter because you knew there were a lot of guys that would try to camp inside it, even Battleships. Throw a "Wall of Skill" and see what happens. Maybe even a Double Strike Destroyers, Cruisers within the Smoke may get away if someone was running Hydro inside the Smoke for torpedo early warning, but typically BBs within the smoke were not. They don't have the get up and go.
  6. HazeGrayUnderway

    Blind Fire FTW

    GG, but I can understand why that red player got so mad at his team. The DD player tried to camp smoke and got greedy by staying close wanting better torpedo hits. It is good on your part in isolating where the DD was, but that DD player did terribly. All he needed to do was run further into the cap away from you and he'd have easily capped out before you even got to the cap. I'm not sure how the DD player did up to the point. I'm wagering that by getting to that part of the game as one of the last ships left and nearly capped out, he had a good game up to that point. But he got greedy for torpedo hits and did not do everything he needed to secure the win. He could have easily done it too. Don't shoot. Don't torp. Run away further into the cap. Use the DD's stealth and speed and stay undetected. You would have had zero chance to stop him. The smoke and torpedoes only gave you a rough idea where to guess and fire your guns at. I watched the video again and I can really understand the anger of a win being thrown away.
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    Autro Hungarian Control of the Med

    We have a lot of 1910s and 1920s era Destroyers in the game. They're in Low Tier, which is where Jager was supposed to belong. WG's description of Jager has her as a 1917 design. Tier II Umikaze was commissioned in 1910. Tier III Wakatake was commissioned in 1922. Tier IV Isokaze was commissioned in 1917. Then we have Jager. But she's in Tier IX. It goes to show that you can fiddle the numbers as much as you want and make any ship fit anywhere in the game. It's okay for Jager to be in the game, but she should have been a Low Tier DD. Tier III and IV would have suited her, but that's not what WG wanted. They wanted a Tier IX Destroyer and hammered the stats to make it fit the tier.
  8. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    EN Community Tier List updated with preliminary stuff for the new PR6 ships, Gridman Collab Re-Run, as well as other things summarized in the post below. TLDR: PR6 all at least very good so far. https://slaimuda.github.io/ectl/#/home
  9. HazeGrayUnderway

    DD players..sigh

    The worst feeling in the game is playing a Destroyer, trying to do your job up front, but you know you got zero support. And you've already seen evidence from the first contact that the enemy DD in your area has his team's support. RIP if it's an enemy DD that's part of a Division, and you see a composition with complimentary capabilities like DD + Radar Cruiser + CV, or some other heinous Anti-DD Division comp. And there are many nasty possible mixes out there. Add in voice comms in such an Anti-DD Division? I've done a lot of those Anti-DD Division comps myself, mostly as the Radar Cruiser. I feel bad about it at times... But daddy needs wins, XPs, and credits, yo. I recall a rather nasty mix I did was Shimakaze + Z52 + Worcester. No letup in pressure against DDs between Worcester's stealth + Radar and Z-52's German Hydro. And if a big ship wants to push us, that's what Shima's 15 fish and Z-52's quick reloading torpedoes were for. More nasty mixes out there. Far more now, especially with Hybrids and more Radar on DDs now. Bruh. You got a DD that can send scout planes to look for your Destroyer now
  10. HazeGrayUnderway

    Tone need a Buff?

    Pulled from Fitting Tool to show Tone's torpedo launch arcs. As you can see the launch arcs favor side-rear launches. This is very good for kiting purposes. I.e. the reds are pushing hard and your team has to give ground. A lot of IJN CAs have their torpedo launch arcs like this in the Tech Tree from Tier VI Aoba and all the way to Tier X Zao (You can hit those links, go to the torpedo information, hit "Sector" and you can see the launch arcs). Using them offensively, i.e. pushing towards and then launching, is extremely dangerous because to do so you have to show a lot of broadside. That's how IJN CAs get smashed to pieces. Experienced players look for this and the signs someone is about to unwisely do it are very clear to see: Just look for the IJN CA aggressively coming towards you nose in. Have your AP shells ready and wait for the moment they're going to show their broadsides. Then you smash them and tell them to go back to Port. If the IJN CA is already kiting away, then it's a different game and far, FAR safer to use the torpedoes. Because Tone's concealment with Stealth Build is so good, she can hold gunfire, "go dark" back into concealment, launch torpedoes into the pushing reds undetected. You can wait until torpedoes arrive and if they hit someone, more than likely a Flood DOT was set on them. They're forced to burn their Damage Control Party. There is an animation on a ship when they have a Flood DOT on them, sort of looks like watery steam gushing out of the exhaust funnel, etc. When a target uses their DCP to put it out, the animation goes away. After doing this, you wait for some time to pass for the DCP Active Timer to go away and the consumable goes into cooldown and the protection it offered against Fires & Floods ends. Then, while still kiting away, finally resume gunfire and spam HE at the ship that was forced to use their DCP to cancel the Flood DOT. With their DCP on cooldown, the Fires you land cannot be put out until they run their full course. Usually DCPs won't reload in time after you forced them to pop early in this example. The target then burns, burns, burns. This applies to so many IJN CAs because of their long torpedo ranges and peculiar launch arcs. The High Tier ones are better able to do this because they're very stealthy, among the sneakiest Cruisers outside of the RNCL Line. Tone with Stealth Build has 8.7km surface detection, which is really crazy for a Heavy Cruiser. She's sneakier than the already sneaky Atago with a similar build, who comes down to 9.3km surface detection. Mogami goes down to 9.4km. Light Cruiser Shimanto only goes 10.1km. Wiki page linked to Damage Control Party consumable. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Damage_Control_Party You can see the Action Time range from 5 to 20 seconds, unmodified. There's general rules on their duration like Battleships having the longer timers while Cruisers and Destroyers have the shorter ones. But there are outliers out there. Get familiar with this to maximize your damage potential with your DOTs.
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    How to farm fire damage with DD Grom or Stord

    I didn't know anything about these newer DDs, I haven't even bothered to really look them up until seeing this thread. Grom and Stord have good Fire Chances for their HE shells at 8%. For DD guns of about 120mm, 130mm size or so, that's actually very good. USN DD Mahan who is in the same tier as Grom has 5% Fire Chance for her 127mm guns. The European DD shells have WAY better velocity to them, too. IMO, their Fire Starting is fine. That said, if you're trying to farm Fire Damage in Co-Op, good luck because there are a lot of DDs and Cruisers being played right now over there. Ships that don't last long under gunfire, never mind praying you stick a fire and farm fire damage off of them. I had a Co-Op game today that lasted 2 minutes and 54 seconds. No Battleships. The game was over so quickly that my submarine did 0 damage and by the time my torpedoes arrived anywhere near the bots, they were dead The games are over super quick. That's what's going on in Co-Op the last few days, so good luck if you're trying to get fire damage.
  12. The Italians did not have radar in that night fight, either, so they were doubly screwed. As for close quarters fighting, yes, it gets real crazy. Guadalcanal's "Iron Bottom Sound" was a confined arena with lots of ships sunk for all sides. The fights there were surprises and lots of torpedoes being flung around. The sort of fight where you don't want to have a big Battleship / Battlecruiser hanging around in. But eventually they were committed: The IJN had better results shelling Henderson Field with the Kong-class instead of Cruisers, so they tried again. The US Navy would have preferred not to commit any Battleship to fight in those waters. However, the US Navy's Heavy Cruisers had suffered so much damage and losses that Halsey was forced to gamble and risk the only 2 operating American Fast Battleships in the entire Pacific Theater. Traditionally in these 1942 fights for Guadalcanal, the USN had a bunch of Destroyers with Light & Heavy Cruisers. Nothing larger. But with so many Cruisers wasted, Halsey sent the Battleships with a paltry escort of a handful of Destroyers (who had also suffered heavy losses for Guadalcanal). After the IJN lost Hiei and Kirishima for Guadalcanal within a span of 3 days, the IJN called it quits in trying to blast Henderson Field with their big guns. Iron Bottom Sound was just too damn dangerous.
  13. HazeGrayUnderway

    Torps on BBs

    For WWII-era, just Scharnhorst-class and Tirpitz. Tirpitz had 4x2 torpedo launchers added after she was commissioned. So WoWS is accurate in this regard. "After 1942, eight 53.3 cm (21 in) above-water torpedo tubes were installed in two quadruple mounts, one mount on each side of the ship." Her sister Bismarck never had torpedo launchers. Outside Scharnhorst-class and Tirpitz, I think that's it with WWII-era BBs / Battlecruisers with trainable torpedo launchers. None of the new, 1930s and later era BBs had torpedo mounts at all, outside these 3 examples. There were some still mounted within the hull, like HMS Rodney fired when fighting Bismarck. But they weren't trainable type of mounts like we primarily think of in WoWS like Tirpitz. Most everyone else for their old BBs had them removed in the interwar years. Example: Nagato-class had hull mounted launchers but they were partially removed in the mid-1920s and finally fully removed by the mid 1930s.
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Raptor Rescue Update

    Haven't been in RR for a while but the IJN CVs can be painful for Cruisers due to the AP Bombs Citadeling them. You're hoping the dispersion is bad