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  1. That Damn CA cost us the game!!!!

    It's just infuriating seeing dumb decision making when it should have been an easy secure of the win. I mean, about a week or two ago, my team was well on its way to losing, my Lyon is almost dead, and this idiot Kiev of the red team comes out of concealment, guns blazing and tries to do a torpedo drop... On my fleeing Lyon. I just laughed and gave him 16 AP shells to the face, and with that their last DD, one that was posing a big problem to us with his fast sailing RU DD gunfire. That gave us the opening to win. The Kiev had maybe 90% of her HP and could have stayed at max range and finished me with gunfire. But no, Kiev just HAD to try to get in torps before the match was over, and that gave us our window to win. It was sad, because Kiev was doing spectacular, had a Kraken, still had 90% HP before doing that stupid run, and we were retreating from the caps. The DD was literally the reason why their team was on the verge of winning. Once the DD was dead, we simply turned around and plowed into a suddenly surprised Pensacola, Colorado, Schors for the win. Victory was within their grasp and their best player threw it because the Kiev got greedy. I was on the team that eventually won, but I shook my head and thought, "We should not have won that" if it weren't for their best guy throwing the match at the very end. That high score, that Kraken performance, single-handedly pushing us all back... And threw it all away to try to get torp hits on a fleeing Battleship.
  2. That Damn CA cost us the game!!!!

    Everyone is prone to dumb play. Players of all ship types do something stupid to get that last bit of damage, to get a kill before the obvious end of the match. The CA opening up when it doesn't need to. The Battleship unwisely pushing to get more damage before the "win." The Destroyer doing a very unwise torpedo run, because they are desperate to land torps and get damage. I have seen so many players of all ship types totally ignore wide open, safe to secure caps to rush the last few reds and get a few tidbits of hits and damage before the "win." Securing that cap would have guaranteed that no matter what happens, the reds would have zero chance of a comeback. But no. The guy(s) in the cap leave it, they got to get that 1-2 extra shell hits, may be a Kill Steal in the end before the "win." Next thing you know, 1, 2, 3, 4 friendly ships die and the game is suddenly flipped around with the reds having the opportunity to win, when they shouldn't have. This isn't a CA thing. This is an in general problem of greed. You got lots of players making these sound, proper decisions to get the team within that window to win. But before the match ends and when it looks like it's an "obvious win" they throw that sound decision making process out the window to land a few more extra hits. They do this knowing they have a higher chance to die, just to land that extra volley or two of shells. And if they die and their other teammates start dropping also, they got nobody to blame but themselves. Sh*t like this should NOT have happened. But hey, when one team is feeling super confident and starts trying to farm kills and damage instead of securing a win (they had a yooge points lead and Caps B & C), comebacks like that can happen.
  3. New to the Des Moines

    I've never done Manual AA trait on Des Moines, TBH. It's one of those things I keep meaning to try but have never gotten around to dropping the doubloons to respec for it. Theorizing here: Your single aircraft kill ability will be excellent but without DF, you can't panic the entire bomber group in your AA range. I'm thinking your AA will be murderous without DF for Tier VIII CVs, but the Tier IX-X CVs with their faster, more durable aircraft may be a problem, especially when they come in with a single, focused attack. Think an AP bomb fitted Midway that has zero reason to stagger attacks like a Fire / Flood Stacking Hakuryu or HE bomb Midway. AP Midways will send everything at one time and that's going to be a problem without DF. If they send single bomber types in waves, i.e. TBs first, then DBs later, your Manual AA - NonDF Des Moines will work wonders. But a focus attack is dangerous a.f. It's like telling someone to catch 4 balls thrown at them at the same time. Stuff is going to get through. If you threw them in sequence, it's more likely he'd catch them.
  4. Is République a must have?

    When I did the Trianing Room test it was interesting. Same tier BB targets, no IFHE and with 2 minutes to shoot at them, targets would be around 32k HP. Shells did sh*t for damage and was reliant on fires. But with IFHE, 2 minutes, the targets were dead by shell and fire damage. The balance to this however is how expensive the build is. IFHE Secondary Builds are costly a.f., especially BFT + AFT + Manual Secondaries + IFHE combo.
  5. French BB psych up thread

    For those curious, the math behind why some secondaries will do penetration and why some will not, and why IFHE changes things. This is very big for small caliber secondaries like 100mm of Alsace. Take a look at the diameter of your secondaries, do the math there (please go to the link in that post if you're talking German Secondaries), and you'll see what kind of armor is needed to render your secondaries ineffective, except for fires. Then browse around the various BBs and ships that your BB will encounter, take a look at hull plating, deck, and you'll see they won't pen such things. But secondaries prefer to go to superstructures**. That is the make or break part right there. The magic number for High Tier BBs is 19mm of superstructure armor. ** - Secondaries tend to go for superstructures, but the point of aim of the AI is actually the lower hull, If you have distance, the scatter of the secondary shells will hit the superstructure. But if you start getting super close, the rounds get more "accurate" and likely hit the hull instead. Don't believe me? Take your Secondaries Spec BB like Bismarck, Alsace, go to the training room and get a BB target. Engage the target at 8km+, namely the perfect view, full broadside. Look where the shells land. Now get to 6km. Take a look at where the shells land
  6. Pen power of 100mm vs 127mm secondarys?

    I toyed with IFHE on Alsace, who has a ton of 100mm guns. IFHE makes a huge difference in dealing with Battleships. Without it, you can literally land hundreds and hundreds of hits on another BB and do zero shell damage. You will be wholly reliant on fire damage supporting your main battery damage. The catch is an IFHE Secondaries Build is very expensive in terms of captain points. People scoff at investing 7 pts for BFT & AFT, AAGM2 upgrade for the foundation of respectable AA, but that hardcore of a secondaries build can be more expensive. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_Penetration And scroll down to HE Penetration. Without IFHE, the "round diameter / 6" is what kind of armor minimum is needed to not allow HE to pen. For 100mm shells that's 16mm of armor. Lots of High Tier Battleships have 32mm plate at the minimum around the hull, a number with a lot more, and the key value: 19mm superstructures. That is why Alsace can do 0 secondaries shell damage to BBs she faces. 127mm is a common secondaries shell diameter, so it comes out to requiring 21mm of armor to make the HE non-pen. With IFHE, you use "round diameter x 1.3 / 6" formula and it comes out to 21mm of armor needed to keep 100mm IFHE from penetrating. Now all the sudden IFHE 100mm secondaries on Alsace becomes a serious threat to another BB. Just to be clear, this doesn't endanger German Secondaries. Remember that German BBs have it different because of the German Cruiser HE Pen Buff a while back, as it also affected the secondaries of their Battleships. That is one of the reasons why German BBs' secondary fire chances were nerfed. They pen like it's cool because German Cruiser guns basically got a, "Free IFHE but with no fire chance penalty" kind of buff
  7. Is République a must have?

    It's closer to a German BB. IMO from Tier VIII on, French BBs have more in common with German BBs than anyone else due to preferred engagement ranges for their guns. From Tier IX-X the secondaries are comparable with German equivalents. In medium and shorter ranges, Republique is fine but if you try to duel at say, 15km+ with Montana, Conqueror, Yamato you'll get the worse end of that. It's basically the same thing GK deals with. The true tradeoffs between GK & Republique are that Republique has faster, better guns, though fewer rifle count than GK's unreliable 12, but GK is heavily armored (Republique is coated in 32mm plate) and has the vaunted German Turtlebacks. If you watch various Republique videos, like Conqueror, she eats lots of medium and small caliber pens. It's not so much big BB shells, it's the smaller stuff that racks up on her compared to GK with her thicker armor plates, etc. All Battleships are Cruiser Hunters
  8. Cruisers are very unforgiving by nature, and a Radar Minotaur is dancing on a razor's edge. I've seen some pull through for great utility for their team, but one bad move, get spotted when you didn't want to, and you're dead. But if you got lots of islands to play around, got DDs that actually will drop smoke for you, then a Radar Mino can be very deadly. But again, one false move and you're dead.
  9. Premium Cruisers

    Sorry, couldn't help it...
  10. And this is why I hate the RN HE meta...

    Your rant is conflicting. You rant about this potato, yet he is number 1 to score for your team. I don't know about you, but your team must have been horrible for a backline BB potato to score number 1.
  11. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    Imperator Nikolai I is already stretching it. She was being worked on but it didn't follow through to completion. And she's only a Tier IV! Sovetsky Soyuz with 406mm was actually being constructed but WWII put an end to that. She looks to be Tier VII-VIII material. Outside her, there will be such massive gaps in the Russian BB Line that you could drive the entire Red Army, shoulder to shoulder, right through the openings in the line. You're going to have to make up so much bull[edited] for the RU BB Line that you may as well add a Sci-Fi tag to WoWS.
  12. Death explosion is bone jaring not fun.

  13. How did YOU spec your tier 8-X BB Captains?

    Not in the game ATM, taking a short break for now from WoWS. Some I may not have exact trait setup ATM since I'm going from memory. My USN side is blessed with 19pt'ers. In recent months, I've slowly been incorporating DCSM2 in my High Tier BB Builds at the cost of SGM2. Helps against fires. I've increasingly come to accept that not even SGM2 is going to make my Tier IX-X BBs into nimble BBs like at Tier VII-VIII. No matter what, Iowa, Missouri, Yamato, Montana, GK, FDG, etc., will all sail like sh*t. Some of them may be fast, but they all maneuver like crippled, 2 legged Yaks. Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X
  14. Alsace you might make me a bb player. Lordy this is fun

    Great ship for the line and for most, it will be the highlight ship.
  15. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    The Russian BB Line is going to be so comedic. Because past Tier III, the entire line will be a bunch of paper and bullsh*t designs. Imperator Nikolai I in Tier IV as a Premium ship was worked on but didn't finish, so I give that slack. But the rest of the tiers will be a whole new world of science fiction.