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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    So, are pens for 0 damage supposed to be getting worse?

    This is EXACTLY why I laugh at many of you guys in this game: Remember, think about how this can be applied AGAINST YOU. AA Guns. Main Battery Turrets. Secondary Guns. Torpedo Bulges. Etc. All sources of getting damaged by. When people realized how easy they were going to get damaged via modules, you all started throwing a crazy fit. Keep in mind, these changes were being tested to specifically to answer you clowns' calls to be able to damage people via modules. And you guys didn't like it! Now, 1 month later, you guys forgot all this already and are back to requesting changes that you demanded WG to back off on! Meanwhile the boys at WG are wondering: I can't take this community seriously at all!
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    Japanese CL line?

    She's coming as a Tier V CL.
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    Huang He better then Le Terrible

    I don't have Haung He but I do have Perth. Huang He is pretty much a Perth with better guns and stealthier, and has the same Creeping Smoke Perth has. I'd say Haung He is just fine.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    No CV sniping...

    Grab the replay and submit the ticket. This is a big no-no. It's one thing if a CV doesn't attack a CV because it can be very wasteful in time and aircraft especially in High Tiers. High Tier CVs all have Defensive Fire. But a CV truce is a big fat "No."
  5. HazeGrayUnderway

    Prestige T10 Ships how best to creat them?

    Don't Steel Ships already fulfill this in the game? Steel is a very precious commodity in WoWS and there's numerous, special ships only attained with this resource. So when you see someone with Flint, Black, Stalingrad, Bourgogne, you know they're not exactly chumps in this game.
  6. HazeGrayUnderway

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    It's an interesting thing with the Yamato-class and almost all the IJN BBs. They were too precious to commit to battle. For almost the entire war, the only time the IJN committed their Battleships to an engagement were 2 very, very old Kongo-class BBs during the fighting for Guadalcanal in 1942. That was it. For almost the rest of the war their BBs were not being sent to fight. After Hiei and Kirishima went down in 1942 when the war was on the line, the next time the IJN committed BBs to fight were for Leyte Gulf in late 1944. The Japanese were forced to respond because of the strategic location of the Philippines, right in the middle of their Pacific Empire. By that time it was WAAAyyyyYYYYYYyyyy too late. The Americans had grown far too strong and years of attrition with little to no replacements had bled the IJN. The end result was catastrophe for the IJN in the Philippines, losing Musashi before she even got into a gunfight, as well as numerous other losses. Yamato would be casually thrown away by Japanese leadership a few months later for Operation Ten-Go. They hogged too many resources, they were too precious to commit, and by the time they were sent to actually fight, the war was irrevocably lost with zero doubt of the eventual outcome. It was almost a formality.
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    I don't know why you got a bad mark by someone but this is a frequent question. Iowa is an improvement but there's some things NC still does better. Iowa has access to Slot 6 Upgrade and thus the USN BB Line-unique item, APRM2 to buff dispersion by 11 f--king %. Not 7% from Slot 3 ASM1 like all other ship lines, 11% for Tier IX-X USN BBs. This makes Iowa more accurate. No USN BB below Tier IX has an option to buff their dispersion (I don't know if Ark.Beta does?). Not Alabama, not WV41, not Massachusetts, not Arizona, not Colorado, not NY, not NC. None of them. The shells on IX-X USN BBs have some float to them, but not as much as the 16"/45 shells. Couple this with the previous point of slotting APRM2, it's easier to land trick shots at range with IX-X USN BBs than the previous tiers. As a Cruiser Main, I hate taking gunfire from IX-X USN and VIII-X IJN BBs. They get too close for comfort, even at range. The shells on Iowa have significantly stronger AP Penetration to deal with the heavy armor you see in High Tier. Iowa has significantly better max speed, 33kts vs Tier VIII USN BB 27kts. You can go from Point A to Point B significantly faster. North Carolina is a shorter ship, Iowa is immensely long. If people catch you from the sides on Iowa, it's pretty dang hard to miss. However, both BBs are pretty soft in the sides. North Carolina maneuvers better. Iowa is ponderous in a turn. She's fast, but lazy on turns. Add the immensely long hull she has, she can eat a lot of damage if caught in a turn. With both in a Stealth Build, NC is a bit stealthier, 11.8km to Iowa's 12.2km. ============ Some people prefer North Carolina's sailing characteristics over Iowa's firepower, speed advantage. Some prefer it the other way around. It all depends on what you prize more. NC IMO is one of the Tier VIII BBs that can still deal with Tier X matches decently. However, every now and then MM throws her a bone and be Top Tier against Tier VI-VII ships. The BBs and Cruisers there all get easily overmatched by NC's 406mm guns. Iowa's guns are better for the threats in High Tier she faces. The speed can be used to bail her out of trouble or get to a fight quicker. If your flank collapsed, you'll be thankful for the 33kt speed while 27kts will leave you concerned. Most of the time you should expect to see Tier X, but just like Musashi, sometimes you get thrown a bone by MM and chew on Tier VII ships.
  8. Nikolai is completely OP for her tier, but Belfast's powerful combination of capabilities has far reaching influence in a match. She will terrorize Tier IX Destroyers the exact same way she would Tier V Destroyers. She will farm from smoke Tier IX BBs just as well as she does Tier V ones. When you look at what Belfast can equip, what she can do, and then look at all other Tier VII Cruisers, it's just unfair.
  9. HazeGrayUnderway

    Huang He better then Le Terrible

    The sad part is Le Terrible is 1 change away from being a really good DD.
  10. Creeping Smoke on a DD so that your cover is moving with you is very convenient. Perth has the same thing from years ago but her version has a lot longer CD than Haida's. With the (hard fought) refund I got for Fallout 76, I treated myself here instead.
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    Fire chances and Fire resistance.

    Those are 3yo posts, Helstrem
  12. Auto-Login used to work with WoWS until around Thanksgiving. Currently, I try to login via my old desktop shortcut, the game goes into the login screen, goes busy for a few seconds then I get this screen: I have to manually re-enter my password. I have to do this every single time I login. I even tried to launch via the launch button from WG Center and it still does the same thing. My other WG game, World of Warplanes, the auto login works fine.
  13. HazeGrayUnderway

    Fire chances and Fire resistance.

    But Salt is Eternal.
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Arsenal coupons

    At least you got ships. I didn't get any, not even a duplicate of one I already had, and I bought the 20 Mega Santa Crate package.