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  1. As a Cruiser Main, the idea of a Tier X BB with 11.1km detection range is pretty dang skerry. Conq is going to outspot some Cruisers out there.
  2. Yeah, I just slotted Hindenburg and got it in my first attempt. Those awesome guns make it easy to "secure kills" and the torps let you rack up damage VERY QUICKLY, esp. against those braindead bots. Unlike DDs you got armor to see you through, and unlike BBs, you got just enough stealth and the speed to make the "get in there and torpedo everything" a reality.
  3. Kutuzov and Scharnhorst are the best of the 3 ships you said are available to you. Kutuzov has her smoke and great guns for range, a luxury many cruisers would kill for. But IMO Scharnhorst is a very good buy. She is what a Cruiser player thinks, "I'm sick and tired of getting instantly deleted in a Cruiser, I want a Cruiser with better armor." She has a unique playstyle of all the BBs in the game. You can go Secondaries Build or Main Battery, she'll perform for you if you know how to milk her advantages.
  4. LOL he screamed "British" throughout the TV show but the writers have repeatedly tried to show his French heritage. His name and how he gets a vineyard in France. But throughout the show I can see the Union Flag waving behind him But that's okay. Because for TOS we had Kirk and he and the show screamed "AMERICA IN SPEZ!" But of course, Kirk is played by a wonderful Canadian actor.
  5. Oops, yes, the HE are the slower shells.
  6. You "IJN fans" were so excited about Mutsu that she logs some of the fewest battles in a game, for any ship. Sounds like not many bought her despite that "excitement."
  7. Since this is a co-op setting, stick to the 1/1/0 stock setup you're already using. You need to do damage and clear away aircraft. IMO, the ones you need to clear away first are bombers, they're the ones that can do great harm to your teammates. Tier VI and below CVs have poor aircraft reserves so any bomber losses you inflict early in a match sets the opposing CV back drastically. They will send depleted bomber units earlier and run out of bombers, so your teammates have 0 to fear from the air. For your first torpedo bomber run I highly, highly suggest to find a DD first. The bot AI is pretty terrible and it's easy to line up hits on these non-maneuvering ships. The sooner you kill them, the less the BBs of your team have to fear, and you spotting them early on gives the DDs of your team an advantage to prepare in dealing with them in case your torps miss or don't finish them. In this co-op setting, avoid the CV snipe until things are very well in hand. Time is an issue as the bots literally sail right up to each other. If you can sink ships even before the teams get in gun range, the better. In Operations, get familiar with the flow of the mission so that you can play several steps ahead and have aircraft where they need to be before the fixed events occur. In Operations though, I highly, highly suggest having a Tier VI CV because you get better reserves, more flexible specs, and most importantly, you get manual attacks for your fighters and bombers. The manual attacks let you be supremely efficient. Independence's upgraded, single fighter squadron at Stock 1/1/1 can strafe away the skies of bombers and not lose a fighter. Being able to strafe away the skies is a YOOGE advantage that the Tier V CVs completely lack.
  8. Don't get me started on those Santa Boxes! .... ........ Okay I will! I bought one the 5 pack or something like that. 2nd box? GREMYASCHY! Oh neato! Can't get better than that I guess. 3rd box? IMP.NIKOLAI I!
  9. I'd be Lion to you guys if I said I wasn't interested in RN Battleships.
  10. And a few where I repeated those qualities. The ship turns amazingly well and you can bait citadels. You show a bit of side (show some leg) that draws fire, but she turns so well that she takes that vulnerable angle away. Next thing you know those shots that looked like solid citadel shots are now against a very well angled BB. You giveth, you quickly taketh. It's actually funny a.f. to do in a match The only caveat to Alabama is her slower HE shell velocity than NC's. You have to give a tad extra lead or your shots fall behind. Once you adapt to it, you're good to go. In terms of respectable speed, superior mobility, protection, AA power, Yamato levels of TDS, 16" power, small size, concealment, you will be very hard pressed to find any BB at any tier that combines all these strengths into one Battleship.
  11. That RN CL AP damage also evaporates against angled, bow on targets.
  12. There's very few ships I don't own. FFS, I even own Krispy Kreme. That said, Prinz Eugen is nothing special. You're buying it for the name as a collector, not as a performer. Because it is pretty much Adm.Hipper in Premium Ship form, i.e. you pay for it.
  13. Crazy things can happy still. She may get changed at the last second, i.e. German DDs right right before their release and just after all the CCs made their previews. She may get altered post-release. Even then you have to look at the stats the guys put out with a new ship with a lot of salt. It's not surprising for it to be very high at first but it tends to settle down with a bit of time. RN CL release is a great example. Minotaur's stats in the first few weeks was insane, her numbers were right up there with Zao and Moskva levels of performance. But as more time passed, she's settled into a much more modest level of average performance, even Des Moines does more damage on average than her; Mino is the lowest dmg average Tier X Cruiser, a far cry from her Moskva & Zao early performance numbers.
  14. Most IJN fans didn't bother with Mutsu though. Those are awfully low battles recorded for a Tier VI BB. If you hop onto other servers NA's is the worst in recording battles with her. EU is the most they have about 3k with her, that's still s--t for the tier and type of ship. Even in Asia Server, they barely edge NA server in battles played with Mutsu. It's obvious people didn't buy into a meh BB just because "it's IJN." In NA server, Mutsu is among the least played ships in the entire game. Her performance in the last Tier VI Ranked was also among the worst. ====== As for the RN BB line, interesting to see that the heart of the tiers these ships are in, Tiers VI-VIII, are the "mehbotes." Those are the tiers people log the most battles with and the RN BBs there are mediocre. They start off hot, they end hit, but the center is just lulz
  15. With a pagoda that tall, in WoWS terms, it means she can shoot so far that it's going to hit someone in the next instance.