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  1. Pan-Asia DDs: a post mortem

    Haven't played them, just faced them. I don't think too much of them but the high tier VIII-X ones. As someone that primarily plays Cruisers and Battleships, the PADDs of those tiers are very dangerous to CAs and BBs there. I don't place too much faith in them to push the cap, especially early on. Late game if they have tons of HP still, they seem to be able to. But they're more wishy-washy in a DD vs DD fight, especially around caps, IMO.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Giulio Cesare

    Yeah, I was trying it out due to some missions but using Fujin. I almost felt guilty. Almost.
  3. AA has never been a strong suit of the IJN, historically and ingame, in general. Yamato-class received an upgrade to their AA by dropping 2 of the 4 155mm secondary turrets to fit more smaller AA guns. This was very late in the war. Musashi for WoWS reflects the older fitting without the extra AA that Yamato-class got. You guys really cannot expect a straight up, simple full strength Tier X Yamato-class stuffed into favorable Tier IX MM, do you?
  4. That IJN AA will be an interesting failure on her when the Tier VII-VIII CVs come looking
  5. Ungodly Amount of DDs in Queue?

    Most players can't accept fighting ships fighting asymmetrically from theirs. BBs are the most played ships in the game.
  6. Ungodly Amount of DDs in Queue?

    4-5 BBs per match, which happens all the time, every day: Acceptable. 4-5 DDs per match, which doesn't happen all the time: WoWS Forum Armageddon.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Giulio Cesare

    She's the only Tier V-VI ship I play. Well... Except for trying Fujin which has been a longtime port queen recently. Good Lord, I understand why guys play the hell out of that DD...
  8. zuiho needs buff to compete with bogue

    The OP is still working up both CV lines, Tier V is the highest tier in either. He's not one of those guys with 100+ Tier IV or V matches in a single CV there and hasn't gone up the tiers. Like this in a lot of games. Hell, in WoWS, I bought Caesar at Tier V. I sure as hell was playing her. You'll find veteran players taking out a favorite low tier ship here and there.
  9. This is old news Ulthwey WG gave the stats out on their devblog and we've laughed about this ever since. You want the funny part? Musashi is Tier IX and is bound to see Tier X Yamato on a regular basis, the same way Tier IX ships are stuck seeing Tier X matches practically every time. Yamato isn't held back by these nerfs to her guns. Full benefits of high sigma to Yamato as well as MBM3 taking those 460s down to some scary reload times. There is simply no way in hell they are putting a full strength Tier X Yamato-class into Tier IX. The pattern nerfing ships to fit a lower tier has been shown with Mutsu and whatever-that-new-Tier-VII-IJN-BB-that-I've-already-forgotten-about-because-nobody-is-playing-it with lame results. WG should have just made Musashi a proper Tier X Premium, the first of its tier, and we wouldn't have to talk about reasons to nerf a Yamato-class to fit Tier IX. But no. This is what's happening and it's stupid.
  10. No Love for the AP!

    You don't want a "bonus" to shorten the fuse of AP, especially for BB AP. Sure, it's going to help with less overpens on Cruisers but it will also lessen the penetration you get against heavier armor, i.e. other Battleships. Cruisers don't need this. I wouldn't want it on my BBs. BBs can already wreck Cruisers pretty good, do you really need more help in that? OTOH, you need every bit of penetration to wallop another Battleship.
  11. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    Can I at least get a movie that makes sense? Because well over half the s--t happening in TLJ had no reason for happening, or could have been easily avoided. Something to reflect on, what you may have been thinking before TLJ came out. Another edit, something positive about TLJ namely about Kylo Ren:
  12. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    There's a lot of injected, forced humor for the sake of it in this movie. A lot of it feels completely out of place and falls flat. FFS, the movie starts with a joke that mocks the tension of the moment. On top of s--tting on the Original Trilogy further, TLJ does indeed s--t on TFA quite a bit. Loved Blade Runner 2049, great sequel and it actually pulls it off by being a very well made movie in its own right, while still respecting the preceding movie. I had my doubts about 2049 but after seeing it, it was an amazing film and I walked away very happy with that flick. I still need to check Dunkirk out.
  13. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    There's still Episode IX to kill Leia off, which surely is on the checklist Hit List, and maybe Chewbacca also for s--ts and giggles. Toss in the Millenium Falcon to blow up with Chewie and almost all the Original Trilogy standout heroes of the Rebellion are dead. Han Solo Luke Skywalker Leia - WIP, marked for death Chewbacca - WIP Millenium Falcon - Endangered Adm.Ackbar Wedge Antilles Lando Calrissian - He should be safe ATM since Disney is too busy killing off the others. No news of them getting hold of Billy Dee Williams. Or maybe DIsney could just drop a random line in Ep.IX that a Star Destroyer fell out of space and landed on top of him. It would be just about an inglorious death as Adm.Ackbar got.