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  1. HazeGrayUnderway

    Phantasy Star Online 2 finally coming to the West

    I had just broken the 1100 Battle Points today and it took forever to do so. Leveling helps but not enough, it's gear that you need. There's vids out there for farming 3-4 star gear. For a long time I was trying to milk the 2 star Tvizia armor but it's not enough. Once you get that 3 star armor it's a different game. Those NPCs that could rip me apart in 1-2 hits can no longer do so. I still don't have the fancy 3-4 star weapons for my Ranger, which I really need. But I did get lucky and score a 3 star Force weapon. The resource limit is a real PITA. An alt of mine that's working one of those mining missions is stuck because apparently there's a resource spawn cap (daily, I think) for the account. I collected to the limit with my Ranger and that meant nothing spawned for the alt. I think this holds true for the red crates also. I haven't played any MMORPG that gates resource spawning for a player account before, but then again I haven't been avid in playing a wide variety of MMORPGs these last 10 years like I did in 1999-2010.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway

    Elbing in Coop

    Torpedo speed isn't an issue when you plant them at short range, i.e. so close that you can reach out and slap the enemy ship's captain. Which is how DDs do their best in Co-Op that p*sses off the BBs and Cruisers sitting behind them. Even with Shimakaze and the F3 torpedoes I use for her, I still do point blank drops whenever possible.
  3. HazeGrayUnderway

    Elbing Secret Torpedo

    Before the line released and the ships were on Fitting Tool, I had a feeling Elbing was going to be huge due to her HP pool. That thing *IS* a Cruiser with a DD icon. Wouldn't surprise me if she's the only good thing with this Split. That would follow the pattern WG has been on with new lines / new splits where only the last 1-2 ships are of any use.
  4. HazeGrayUnderway

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    The less WoWS had to do with WoT, the better. Also, the old Premium Consumables in WoWS were renewed with ingame Credits. So even F2P players could get them with game resources not costing much.
  5. HazeGrayUnderway

    How good are the new German DD's?

    It was a stupid idea to begin with because there's already a lot of Cruiser Killers out there: BATTLESHIPS. They are also the most played ships in the game. They're not rare ships, they're more common even than Destroyers. Matter of fact, any DD can do that job. Just spot the Cruiser and let the BBs happily blast her. Battleships are always looking for a home run, and unless they find another broadside Battleship, paddling a Cruiser is the best ticket to Dev Striking or Multi-Citadeling something for fat damage. The idea for the German DD Split was just stupid, thought up by people that didn't play the game.
  6. HazeGrayUnderway

    How to Work New Rocket Planes

    Lexington & Midway could at least choose between HVAR or Tiny Tims. Saipan has sucked before but now she's terribad. She has no choice, Tiny Tims only. Not only that, not very many of them, either. Saipan's star has long fallen from the crazy heights it used to be back in the RTS CV days, when she and Kaga dominated in Tier VII.
  7. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

  8. HazeGrayUnderway

    US Navy Rocket Ships?

    Operations could have had potential but that's not where the money is, and the devs' disdain for that mode of play is very clear. They threw Ops under the bus pretty much with the CV Rebork.
  9. For PVE the Shima F3s win because of reload, at least for me. Not to mention long range torp drops in PVE have ultra low hit chances. With Co-OP going 3-5 minutes, it's a waste, I think
  10. HazeGrayUnderway

    Stop bringing stock tech tree ships into Ranked

    The standards out there have slipped badly, eh?
  11. HazeGrayUnderway

    New Ships !!

    A bunch of these navies getting propped up by tons of fake a$$ ships. We are at a point now that we have entire ship lines filled with more science fiction than Star Trek Online.
  12. HazeGrayUnderway

    Elbing in Coop

    It's also a better PVE torp boat than Z52. In Co-OP, torps are how DDs make their money. With all her HP, Elbing should YOLO the bots well if the lane is clear to do so.
  13. HazeGrayUnderway

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Tanks also had Gold Ammo So don't even try holding the damn thing up as an example to follow.
  14. HazeGrayUnderway

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    The San Francisco memes just keep going. Obviously San Francisco did friendly fire against Atlanta. The story goes that the shell dye for San Fran's shells were all over Atlanta's superstructure. Even worse, the second in command of the Allied force, RAdm Norman Scott, was not only aboard Atlanta, but he used to be the captain of San Francisco. So even Yandere San Francisco memes of, "If I can't have you, nobody will" actually apply here.