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  1. York vs New Orleans for my Playstyle

    NOLA has traditionally had many problems in the game, but IIRC, WG didn't touch her guns much, if at all, when downtiering her for the USN Cruiser Split. If her guns are preserved from her Tier VIII version, those should be very good guns. When she was a Tier VIII, despite her many problems, her guns were never one of them. Nice shell flight characteristics, and punishing shells. Especially against Cruisers. The 203mm guns as found on Pensacola, Indianapolis, NOLA behave the same way. They lack the powerful SHS AP shells of Baltimore, Buffalo, Des Memes, but the CA guns found on Tier VI-VII USN CAs are easier to use at range than the VIII-X USN CAs. The VI-VII USN CAs can hit a Cruiser sized target easily at their max range, a DD with reasonable chances at 12km or so. VIII-X USN CAs struggle to hit Cruiser sized targets at max range, and trying to hit a DD over 10km away is a pointless venture. Even 9km can be a problem if it isn't DM spamming her shells out of the VIII-X USN CAs.
  2. What about the Kongo sisters of World of Warships?

    I wouldn't mind seeing Kongo properly modeled and Hiei and / or Kirishima represented. Of all the Japanese Battleships, I hold Kongo-class in the highest regard, above even Yamato-class. Simply because Kongo-class were WORKHORSES for the IJN and they were sent to fight as a Battleship when the war was still in doubt. They weren't sitting in the home islands or Truk all the time like Fuso, Ise, Nagato, and Yamato-class Battleships. They weren't sitting far away from the fighting for Guadalcanal like the other Battleships, doing circles and using up all the fuel and not engaging. The other IJN BBs were gas guzzing resource hogs doing nothing for the war effort, while Kongo-class were dispatched into the dark to tangle with the Allied fleet for Guadalcanal. Kongo-class were not sitting idle somewhere taking up all the fuel and guzzling sake. They were being put to work. The other IJN BB classes were paperweight posers. It was a Kongo-class Battleship that was the only IJN BB-class to shoot and hit an opposing Battleship. At least Kirishima, as old, decrepit, and obsolete as she was, smacked around South Dakota and tried to act like a godd*mn Battleship. Every other IJN BB-class did nothing but be a waste of manpower and resources.
  3. Players turning off chat and map pings.

    Why worry about Potatoes turning off chat and all that map stuff? It's not like they were making use of any team coordination, warnings, etc. at all before. They're Potatoes to begin with, so let them Potate. The way these guys play, minimap may as well be removed from their accounts. There'd be no difference.
  4. Sniper Loss

    I have seen that buffoonery so many times. You got to fight when the sh*t is still on the line and when you got a team still. Sitting back untouched and letting the team melt and then facing 5+ ships on your own is so consistently idiotic. If I got a dollar every time I had seen people do this, I'd have around thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars. Randoms, Ranked, Co-Op, it doesn't matter. And it's always a dumb Battleship doing this. In Co-op, I'm all for them doing this as they don't do any damage and I'll get all the damage and kills all for myself. But in PVP, you can't afford this kind of sh*t, especially when it's a Top Tier Battleship doing this. In my Divisions, I joke about these morons all the time: "They're saving their HP so that they can Solo Warrior the 6 enemy ships! Just you wait!"
  5. Any Rumors of a Sim counterpart?

    Wargamer has a list of some naval warfare games. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/naval-war-games-subsim/ Some of that stuff is old, one from 1999. It varies from hardcore submarine sims to RTS style. Naval games as you can see, are absolutely, totally niche. As for controlling a specific ship in a hardcore sim setting, only submarines have really gotten that kind of attention. For other surface ships, if you want hardcore, it's more along the lines of strategy games. If you're looking for simulation with cutting edge graphics for surface ships, you're not going to find it.
  6. Do you buy flag using Coal?

    Cost of signal flags in the Arsenal look horrid to me. F that.
  7. Why don't they preserve the Enterprise?

    CV-6 Enterprise's thoughts about CVN-65 Enterprise's end: https://www.duffelblog.com/2013/10/theyre-scrapping-the-enterprise-boo-hoo-hoo/
  8. IJN Yamato at Full Speed Ahead (photo)

    Vodka fueled Yamato would have: Below waterline citadel. 75mm decks 13km max secondaries range with built in IFHE. 10km max AA range 2.65 sigma for the main battery. Better turret traverse. 25% better dispersion than the IJN version. Just because. 33kts max speed. Defensive Fire Radar To offset all these benefits, the Soviet Yamato will have 1km worse detection range than the IJN version.
  9. Why would I pay money for something that is inferior to what I can get for free in game in that same line, same tier? Regardless, Stalingrad is going to be a Steel ship. And at Tier X it's going to be pricey. Still, that ship is going to be so blatantly broken that it's going to make Caesar, Imp.Nikolai, Gremyaschy look balanced. Salem? Garbage. I got DM which I adore and do very well in. And DM is free. Why would I pay that much coal for a worse version of DM?
  10. Who Wins This Fight?

    The red DD wins no matter what. He got into short torpedo range and destroyed one of the deadliest seal clubbing low tier ships in the game. That is a victory in my book. I've seen Gremyaschy single-handedly roll over teams too many times. Edit: Considering this was at the start of the match, this trade of DDs is a YOOGE difference and gives the red team better chances without a Gremy tormenting them.
  11. I heard a vicious rumor that not attacking your teammates results on you not turning pink. Is there any validity to this statement?
  12. Early on as a newbie, that I was getting crushed in that map. But a lot of the harshest lessons were taught (or beaten in) on this map while playing different ships. I loved that old map because there's lots of places for all the different ship types to have a playground they excel in. + Ample open water areas for BBs and long range specialists. + Ample areas for brawls. + Infiltration zones that people tried to use for sneaking around, but also wonderful places for chance encounters. I eventually learned to really like the map because no matter what ship I played, there were places to excel with it. Then we got abominations like these: The new maps aren't any better. Still promotes all the worst things about high tier. Can you imagine the carnage that we can do in that old map with the ships today? Brawlers, long range gunners, DDs, knife fighters, etc. There's all kinds of playgrounds there. Ships spear fishing each other in the southeast. Battleships slugging it out in the open waters of the middle of the map. Brawling BBs pushing Cap B. Cap A was a crazy spot because it was the most random encounters over there as people tried to be sly by going around. Securing the middle caps lets the BBs send supporting gunfire out to the caps on the extremities. The same could be said vice versa. The extreme side caps secured early on? Ships there can support on the flank the fighting that is still going on in the middle. It's a map that both long ranged combatants and brawlers can find lots of areas to play in.
  13. It's a lot better than the trash ones we got now and about to get in the future. Old school, WoWS Launch era Islands of Ice.