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  2. This is a flawed statistical interpretation of the skill floor and skill ceiling. The skill floor is simply the bare minimum needed to play a ship and be effective - think an IJN DD that hides in the concealment and spams torpedoes while in concealment for the entire game. That is the bare minimum required to play an IJN DD. The skill ceiling on the other hand is the max potential of the ship, putting anymore skill after reaching said max potential of the ship would not make the ship perform any better. The skill ceiling is purely theoretical as there exists no player that is that skilled enough to make the ship perform to its maximum ability. I do not think you can simply use win-rates to explain skill floor/ceilings as well as the issue of win-rates being inflated in a division to begin with. You can't really quantify the skill ceiling and skill floor with just numbers imho. This also ignores the fact that ships have changed since the beginning of the game, especially CVs, especially Midway considering the stats when it had a hangar of ~136 (?), the old loadout of 212/302, no AP DBs, etc. That being said, Shimakaze is not a high skill floor ship, it is a low skill floor ship since the bare minimum is well, hiding in stealth and firing torpedoes and the skill ceiling would be relatively high since it would take actual skill to hit every single torpedo - something that imho would put it above the khaba in terms of skill ceiling.