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  1. Pacific_Voyager

    DIDO class CL (UK)

    While reading about the Mediterranean theater naval fights, I found this interesting class of 16 British light cruisers. Fire power would make it similar to the Atlanta. Interesting histories from all the class. Just spitballing here, but one of the class could fit in at tier VII. One of the class, HMS Royalist saw service post WW2 with the New Zealand Navy, so we could have her in the Commonwealth tree.
  2. I would love a USS Honolulu, for my 8th birthday i went to Pearl Harbor and i met one of the crew of the Honolulu how was onboard during the attack. I heard he died about 10+ years ago. I got the Boise because same class (Brooklyn) as Honolulu, but i would still pay for Honolulu, preferably in Pearl Harbor configuration.
  3. Pacific_Voyager

    Gearing in Ranked

    How does one get the replay file from WOWS in game replay to play, i am trying to send this to Jingles? I know it is one of these two, can not figure which one, as i can not figure out how to view them 20200922_101901_PASD013-Gearing-1945_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay problem solved
  4. Pacific_Voyager

    Gearing in Ranked

    Just wanted to share the results screen from a Gearing ranked battle i had. I was running every modifier flag for experience at the time
  5. Pacific_Voyager

    New Port suggestion

    A few harbor Ideas: San Francisco ( Fisherman's Warf) Suez/ Panama Canal Sydney Harbor Scapa Flow Truk (Chuk) Atoll Singapore Did i miss any??
  6. Pacific_Voyager

    Exeter Mission - What's wrong with this picture.

    There tends to be more CV around tier 5-6.
  7. Is any anyone having the issue of not being able to access the Chat Server from Port?? My Battle-chat works when in battle, but i can't access the chat server when in port? it has been like this since the most recent patch.
  8. Pacific_Voyager

    Premium Ships

    Damn, how did I forgot about her, Big E's best friend??
  9. Pacific_Voyager

    Premium Ships

    So I was thinking (very dangerous, i know) about possible premium ships for WoWS, and I had a couple of Ideas. First, seeing as there is only 1 pre-Dreadnought currently in game, why not put a Pre-dreadnought in for all nations that had pre-dreadnoughts. Just an Idea. While we are here, WHERE IS THE USS OLYMPIA? And for a T7 US BB premium, how about USS Washington in her configuration for the Guadalcanal Campaign? And what about a T-6 CA premium, how about USS Quincy, USS Astoria, or USS Vincennes. All went down fighting on night of August 8-9, 1942. Lets here what you all think.
  10. Pacific_Voyager

    Did anyone have a good experience with USS Seattle?

    This sums up the Seattle best I think.
  11. Pacific_Voyager

    Did anyone have a good experience with USS Seattle?

    My good experience with the Seattle was selling it and buying the Wooster.
  12. Pacific_Voyager

    December 7, 1941 - The United States Pacific Fleet

    On my 8 Birthday, I went to Pearl Harbor. While I was there, I met a Pearl Harbor Survivor who was on the USS Honolulu during the attack. This was back in 2000. I still remember meeting him and still have the picture my mom and dad took of me with him.