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  1. Flagship Takao

    Atago is an Takao class heavy cruiser.
  2. Best T5 ship? I think it's kongou

    Kongo is certainly one of the best ships in the game. Love mine.
  3. Glad I bought the Atago

    I bought her last week, and having a blast.
  4. WG card to buy ship?

    It only gets you Doubloons. Go into the "Doubloons" are and select "pre paid card". One $25 WG prepaid card gets you 5k doubloons
  5. Kamikaze missions were flown from land bases, not off carriers. Kamikaze pilots were not trained for carrier ops.
  6. I am still enjoying mine
  7. I got a new computer with Windows 10,the game is running great. maybe you need to check your computer for viruses
  8. Farragut used to be far worse
  9. The nefarious Tier 9 US Carrier

    I couldn't tell some one "well played" , all they saw was "well Pla***". many lols ensued
  10. I went for range. makes it easier to evade incoming shells from ticked off Battleships.
  11. Do Not Buy Atlanta

    My Atlanta is my Omaha/Murmansk exterminator. AP slaughters them.
  12. Codes for Aurora

    Missed it by a hair.
  13. Soo.. I tried USN DD's

    The Mahan is barely faster than IJN cruisers. The Farragut is a fun DD when you know how to play her. I will be keeping her.
  14. When I saw the bridge design for the New Orleans class in-game, I wondered about this to. The New Orleans was my favorite CA in WOWS during CBT and I am currently grinding for it