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  1. @Femennenly Put my name in again please.
  2. Unfortunately there is always players that complain during these events. "Their team will lose because everyone will go after the event captain", "The event captain is always on my team", and so on. For the most part I just ignore the complainers, I don't recall anyone trying to TK me personally, though I was in a couple of matches where others were TK'd. I enjoyed the opportunity to be an event captain several times. The events have improved each time, the WG staff learning and taking feed back after each event. The first one, Pirate Bounty I think was the reason for a lot of the Yolo complaints due to the way the prizes for event captains were setup, (big prize for the captain with the most battles). Yes, I want to have as many players earn prizes during the event but not at the expense of the captains on my team. I play to help my team win, then go Honorably to Davie Jones . @BrushWolf Hope to have the chance to sail with you as an event Captain again. To all those that have applied, Good Luck and have fun if you are selected.
  3. For the School Bus camo !!!!
  4. U.S.S. Midway in San Diego, we were visiting my wife's family. Her Grandfather (retired Coast Guard) gave us tickets to visit the ship. My son had a fun time, they had a cockpit setup for the kids to sit in. We are all looking forward to touring the U.S.S. Hornet for the Anchors Away event in January.
  5. omega_m

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    go to this link https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/may-missions-2019/#azur-lane click on the take part button and you'll have the missions the next time you log into the game. Once you have at least one of the collection items you can finish it later.
  6. omega_m

    Bonus code

    Worked for me on NA server
  7. I submit my Sims game for the Victory!!
  8. omega_m

    ST: New Game Event

    Ahhh, yes I see now. It would have been better to put those lines over the pics like they did with the port. I saw the two DD's above it and thought they were still showing the ships that were part of the event.
  9. omega_m

    ST: New Game Event

    @Kami I might have missed something in the post about the ships that are in the event, but I am almost certain it was only DD's. Is the Worcester a DD now?
  10. omega_m

    Accessibility Survey

    @Radar_X The torpedo aiming recital for bombers is hard to see against the water or landscape at times. Edit: I wanted to clarify that it is both the initial V recital and the one after the attack run is started.
  11. First post I have done for one of these weekly contests.
  12. With IFHE the system looks at the main guns for the benefit not the secondaries. So on a GK the main guns would not benefit that much by taking that skill, so it says it's inefficient. It does help the secondaries, I use it with my 19pt German BB commander.
  13. I have had fun with the RU cruiser line. I would recommend it to players. I am currently up to the Dmitri Donskoi. I also picked up the Krondistad, it's a fun ship (you can citadel tier 9 & 10 BB's) and with the long range radar you can help hunt DD's.
  14. omega_m

    Entrance barriers to playing carrier

    Exactly, one of my last CV games I set waypoints. Launched several squadrons, well I was paying more attention to fly the planes than the ship. It had reached the last point so it stopped. Started to take hits from the other team. Set new way points but it was too late. Had one team mate start complaining in chat. Yea I should have been paying better attention. But it could have been like that in any ship. Not watching and have a DD get you with torps. I've had that happen, should have seen the smoke cloud. As too implimenting restrictions on when a player can start using CV's. I would say no. There is already. You have to go through several ships before the CV's are available. Yes there is FXP, but at the lower tier for a new player I doubt they would earn enough to skip many ships and for sure not to a tier IV CV. Should everyone be restricted from using FXP to research past ships? It's part of the game. Everyone has bad days, just because a player didn't do well in a match doesn't mean they can't play. I also don't think WR is an absolute indicator of how good a player is or isn't.
  15. omega_m


    Win rate is not dependant on a single player. If your team loses then you loose. How can that be controlled? A single player is not always the cause of a loss. Yes it does seem like a lower win rate than I would think for that many battles, but that still doesn't mean they are a bad player. I have watched several CC's during their stream their team lost most of the matches. Does that make them bad player also?