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  1. Azmodeus82

    Blyskawica Camoflage Contest

    Now the 17th, still don't see any voting or announcement about it. I think someone has forgotten they started this contest...lol
  2. Azmodeus82

    Jean Bart

    Is the Bart a good credit printer or no? Anywhere near the Mo?
  3. Azmodeus82

    Question On Halloween Camos

    Ah, Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to receive camos from the pumpkins for ships that you don't own yet? What about ones that you've researched but previously sold? For instance I have Bismark researched but not purchased can I still get the Varg camo from a pumpkin and it will be avaialble for the ship once I purchase it again? Or will I need to buy the ships first before the camos will even be given?