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  1. Cruiser_Kumano

    How many OG Players are still left?

    I don’t play much anymore. I started playing on March 12th, 2015
  2. Cruiser_Kumano

    You ruined CVs

    Well, pre-CV Rework, AA actually did something. Many ships can be set to AA builds. Des Moines AA build was nasty back then. No CV would dare approach me. North Carolina on the other hand, had good passive defense against aircraft. I'd rather deal with a one and done attack instead of being attacked multiple times with a single squadron (especially dive bombers). For PvE players: CV rework killed a lot of the operations.
  3. Cruiser_Kumano

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    (No comment) @DolphinPrincessPaging
  4. Cruiser_Kumano

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    I'm going with the OP on this. That camo pays homage to the SS Normandie, a legendary ocean liner.
  5. Cruiser_Kumano


    Make Ocean bigger! I only get that map when I play Tier VIII-X. Make it Land of Fire (48x48) size. It's supposed to be "ocean" not "lake."
  6. Cruiser_Kumano

    If you could play KOTS with 9 players.....

    DolphinPrincess, generaldort,,, Its going to be an O7 team in the end.
  7. Cruiser_Kumano

    Premium Destroyer Division Six

    I definitely want to see Верный (Verniy) in World of Warships. As for the Raiden sisters, I don't think we'll see either of them them in World of Warships.
  8. Cruiser_Kumano

    a community of ships to look into

    My favorite ship is the Mogami. 9.5 km detection range, able to fire your guns and quickly disappear and re-position. 15.5 cm guns + IFHE is the best way to go with her. Those 15 guns can punish ships. I can shave off 4-5K HP every salvo on a Colorado. Hunting destroyers in her is also fun. I recommend a 17-point captain on the Mogami for the best performance. PT, IFA, EM, AR, DE, CE, IFHE. I do wish she had 0.4 km more range. Situational awareness is imperative and make sure to stay away from Russian BBs.
  9. Cruiser_Kumano

    Can we hurry up with the Subs please?

    No don't rush it. Look what happened with CVs.
  10. Cruiser_Kumano

    A Smolensk game chat discussion

    Most of the Smolensk I see in my games don't last that long (either side). A few days ago, I was in my Roma and a Smolensk tried to show me the wrath of his guns. I told him no.
  11. Cruiser_Kumano

    Okay, what is better to get! Dallas or Pensacola?

    Be sure to do operations with both Pensacola and Dallas. It will help you learn the in's and out's of both ships at a more laid back environment. I do keep both for operations even though I have long since passed them. In addition, I also agree with Helena being a great ship. DFAA, Hydro, 6" guns (x15). Great for hunting destroyers and raining down IFHE.
  12. Cruiser_Kumano


  13. I'm fine with Bismarck's accuracy. I do take the range penalty though.