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  1. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Potato Quality hits nail on head about WoWs

    PQ being one of the best players means nothing when you remember that he's the same guy who insists that Battleships need durability buffs and that fire damage is broken; the same guy who tried to sell you a mystical '13km Smolensk' as evidence for that. Even purples have their biases and PQ is not exception, especially when he wants the game to be more battleship focused and forgiving to them and their players. Everyone has a narrative to push and the fact that people are listening to him wholescale while missing a lot of the facts just shows the distance between reality and the WoWS community. Extra double goes to the fact that he talks a whole lot about carrier balance even when he has not played them, and shields this sort of [edited] debating behavior behind his 'credentials'. Like, anyone who is actually familiar with CV gameplay and how it goes can already tell you straight that if you swap out Hakuryu/Midway for Nakimov you are going to get a worse CV on your team with the current statistics and design goals. Then again, we live in a world where some random guy with a mic and enough time on screen can already shape the narrative.
  2. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    The problem is that those airplanes were meant for roles other than the interception of high-altitude bombers, which was the Avro's original specified role. Even though she was going to be made for a more generalist role, fundamentally the tests stopped midway and we don't really have information on what it could have been. Also, my beef isn't with the Arrow itself, my beef is with the supposed legend that has been built up around it. Is it a capable plane/airframe? I don't doubt it. But the much bellyaching about the stories around it and how people have used it to justify Canadian military significance or used it as a talking point for other technical-related fantasies is what I'm more rolling my eyes at. Most importantly Canada has kind of been a secondary outpost of Britain and the United States for most of the 20th century and a lot of people seem to be unable of grasping that fact.
  3. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    It isn't. The sort of strategic nuclear bomber threat it was made for stopping was already becoming obsolete (thanks to ICBMs coming into play) even before it ran into the production/design-related issues that finally killed it. While the incompetence of the government and other bodies regarding the Arrow project are definitely worth noting, the amount of the harrumping and grumping about how the Arrow could have been some Canadian aerial superweapon had it not been shut down kind off erases a lot of goodwill people have towards the topic.
  4. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    4th largest fleet? You mean the fleet granted to them via the graces of England and was immediately scrapped the moment the Canadian government did some accounting and realised keeping that fleet for peace time was a fantasy? A fleet that was completely built or designed in Britain and were transferred to her colonies as second line combatants? Someone once told me that Canadian military enthusiasts had some of the biggest chips on their shoulders (the Avro Arrow also comes to mind on the aerospace front), and I'm not surprised to see his observations come true. At least the Soviets had the benefit of the doubt with actual design sketches and blueprints, I fail to see that doubt available for Canada. If you want honor for the wars, I believe some of the existing premiums or future Commonwealth premiums work well enough.
  5. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    Someone should tell that to the Germans (aka. Kriegsmarine gets blueballed by Goering) then. And for the record, the Soviet designs did exist.
  6. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    I do expect them to go through a tortured balancing process like what Elbing went through yes, considering the sheer amount of gimmicks they have been stuffed with. But that all the more gives me justification to point and laugh at the doomposting, because quite frankly this is literally early stages of balancing and yet people are pretending the world is ending/the game is dead. And also, before you go on about >weegee track record I'd like to remind you that the last few tech trees were released pretty smoothly, and for all the screaming about Dutch airstrikes their most recent dev blog reeled them in very greatly.
  7. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    As I said elsewhere, I look forward to the inevitable salt and doomposting from people who have not read the stats or even the blogpost itself.*grabs the local popcorn cache* Also: >canada >commonwealth You mean Britbong hand-me-downs?
  8. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    I look forward to the inevitable salt and doomposting from people who have not read the stats or even the blogpost itself. *grabs the local popcorn cache*
  9. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Devil's Advocate: Weird and wacky ship designs are something that for all intents and purposes are still a part of history, so I very much welcome any sort of addition to the game that gets to show them off. The bigger issue would be her balancing - Montana gun count at T9 is really yikes - and I honestly think a better choice would just be using Midway's bombers (torp or bomb) instead of rockets, but otherwise I'm cautiously eager to see how she turns out.
  10. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    You know, I really love that final shot of the Seirans launching from Ise's deck. It's just so beautiful and sums her up as a whole. (Speaking of Seirans, the M6A2 Seirans that Ise carries is actually inaccurate - she carried more conventional carrier bombers with floats. That said, the M6A2 appears to be some fictional upgrade for the very same planes that were carried on the Sentoku-Class subs...I do hope that signals what I think will be coming...)
  11. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Thoughts on the ISE

    As a guy who mains carriers and plays with his BBs from time to time, I'm honestly pleasantly surprised with Ise's implementation. The system that allows for Ise's aircraft to work feels a lot better than what the general perception was, and the balance is very well done. Her gun count is smaller than others, the flight deck restricts her firing angles and makes engagements a lot more careful than they should, the torpedo damage is lackluster - but even though her many individual parts make seem weak as compared to the opposition the full package is overall bigger than the sum of her parts. She feels just fun to play, learning to use the aircraft and gun combo to your advantage to force engagements in your favour as well as providing team play when needed. And so far, I think a lot of people are generally fine with how she is, and that she has zero glaring problems out of the gate brings me hope for future hybrids, possibly Tone or I-401.
  12. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    Ise- thoughts?

    Hybrids are a really interesting challenge by virtue of their multi-tasking needs. I'm not too worried about the planes, frankly speaking - the nature of tier 6 matchmaking means that at least half the time you are going to be stuck with easier targets with weaker AA, and the strength of those planes are for spotting and chasing off DDs/pesky cruisers, or going for quick runs on BBs to soften them up. Knowing to use them is the more important part - since you are sacrificing proper control of your ship to provide game utility. A lot of stuff hinges on Ise's implementation - SSVs, other hybrids, alternative implementation of multi-tasking mechanics that we are probably on WG's drawing board, so I look forward to her inclusion with bated breath.
  13. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Flamu has no evidence. This is very much a WIP ship and mechanic, and in development mechanics balancing numbers tend to be stuff done later. The whole point of Flamu's video isn't to point out anything because any smart person knows that balancing will be settled later down the pipeline; what Flamu is doing is basically using something that looks overpowered on the surface (being used effectively against the very thing it was made to counter) which has yet to go through balancing fine tuning to reap outrage clicks from the 'reee weegee sucks' crowd. Does anyone remember the whole Agir debacle being caused by him? Does anyone remember him overblowing Z-31's poor HE DPM to high heaven? That's just Flamu in a nutshell - grifting while knowing the wider playerbase will lap up his nonsense.
  14. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Its hilarious how quickly the community gets up in arms over massive damage output when its obvious 99% of the time the player on the receiving end was clearly asking for it. Probably not helped by a certain Finn's grifting scheme. I expect some nerfs to the reload time and perhaps the charge mechanics, but this isn't anything new when you can already wreck out-of-position campers with Haku/MvR's APDBs or a sideways torpedo salvo.
  15. Scarlet_MagicianX26

    It's time to add premium ammunition to the game.

    There are times where WG should listen to the playerbase. 50% of the time though, as this post (and others) proves, they shouldn't.