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  1. The Charles Martel is fun.

    I just hope it is intended lol bring the pain
  2. The Charles Martel is fun.

    Yeah her ap can pen on some angles it seems. She is def a force to reckon with
  3. The Charles Martel is fun.

    Since other then our WG Contributors posting videos on some french cruiser action, I figured I would share an awesome match in mine for those having doubts. I just started recording my matches the other day and didn't edit the video. No this doesn't happen every match but right now I'm averaging I think 97k damage a round right now, have to double check that. The ship is a blast so far.
  4. The Rank 1 Club

    Tried to get it under 100 matches but had a few bad ones and took be 3 tries to get Rank 1 and finally got it with a big win.
  5. This would be neat to see. As your playing you can see where your ship was penetrated so I dont see why they couldnt do this either.
  6. Yeah a training school would be nice. The training room is not exactly the best requiring a mod to use it anyway.
  7. i understand that. I see a lot of the same posts everyday. So why not bring something else to the table that could be worked on? Or at least put in for future things to address. I'm not asking for it to be done by next patch. Put it in line after the major issues we currently have. Doesn't hurt to talk about it does it?
  8. Since the game has gone through it's beta phases and open beta / release I still feel our end of a match stats page is lack luster. I would like more details as such: Highest hit, Bounces, Over Penetrations, Etc, On each ship you came in contact with. This goes for damage received as well. This way you can get an even more understanding of what ship can do what to other ships and what ships can take hits from other ships. It currently stands very generalized. For some this may be sufficient and can memorize everything they come in contact with. Some people can't do that and require that to be in numbers in front of you afterwards to study. So I call for a vote and would be curious on who else would be interested in this. Let the voting begin!
  9. songs you play WoWS to

    This was always a good one to listen to while playing for long periods at a time. Enjoy
  10. Another Rank Issue

    With the current setup of the rules of the Ranked match yes we lost. I seek to have it changed because I don't feel it is right. Why is it hard for anyone here to get that. It is like you all think that I don't know what the rules in the current state of the game. You keep bringing up my previous statement of "I have nothing further to say to you" because you not grasping what I am trying to say, so I don't know why I bother to reply to you. This is the problem with people these days. Always attacking something that requires change before thinking it could be a good idea or even if it's bad you just want to chop the persons head off. Maybe give a suggestion that could meet both sides of the field. Be constructive instead of just forum warrior attacking people that think something should be changed. This is supposed to be a discussion and not a flame war.
  11. Another Rank Issue

    Sorry for the Red for mods only wasn't aware and will read the rules again. This is a discussion for having the timer. I don't feel it's just. I know what the current rules for ranked matches state. You are all attacking me while I am trying to be on the side of who really should have won the match.
  12. Another Rank Issue

    I did not feel I lost. I have won due the timer before in my DD. You bet your last marble that I cheered up and down for it, but I felt like I stole it and didn't deserve it. I was sure to be doomed if the match kept on. This is how I see it and I am not the only one.
  13. Another Rank Issue

    Name calling really? Classless...... Letting a team hold the cap longer should be a strategy to take out the numbers to regain control of the caps afterwards. The point is to reach the 1000 points. Not win before hand due to a TIMER. Don't know if i can emphasize the TIMER enough for you. This is a discussion. If you can come up with a legitimate reason that the timer in RANKED matches should stay, I would love to hear it. I just don't see one yet.
  14. Another Rank Issue

    Honestly I would not see the matches exceeding 30 min. Only way to prove that would be to implement it and see what the official stats say. I am discussing Ranked matches, lets not lose sight on that. Smaller maps and smaller teams. This is the competitive side of the game and if you don't want to worry about not making the full match, then don't play that mode until you can assure that you have that time to do so. Your not going to make everyone happy. You gotta take the hit somewhere and I think it should go to the team that rightfully wins. Regular matches I could care less about since that is about grind, money making, and fun with friends.
  15. Another Rank Issue

    How would there be a draw? You either Sink the enemy team or you Cap them out. One way or another one team will hit 1000 points and Win. Unless some how miraculously you have both team at 999 and turn to 1000 at the same time to get a draw which is beyond extremely unlikely. If the Timer is gone that lonely DD will have to cap or sink the team. I don't see how you can get a draw.