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  1. 2B or not 2B, that is the question...

  2. I'm looking for an active clan!

  3. Trying to get back into KNTAI... I've lost contact with HQ for 2 years after some incident.

  4. Just finished collecting the remaining pearls to reach 260... God that was awfully hardcore, gotta hit the sack now ZZZZzzzzz

  5. Ended up returning here once again. Was sorta used to Reddit since it could be accessed easily, even when on-the-go. WILL definitely try and check here more often, and probably be more active from now on, at least for a few months...

  6. Finally got a chance to get back here. Left for such a long time that I probably missed out a whole ton of things >

  7. Damn, been offline for way longer than expected. Started playing WoWS again, but since I started quite late you'll only find me in the lower tiers. *Grits teeth while trying to grind back to Zuiho*

    1. Kitano_Honoka


      Stop by our community's chat room to see if we have any running divisions. It might help the grind along.

  8. Still busy but probably able to get on the forums once in a while now... Will try to return from current expedition by the end of June ^^

  9. Ugh. Really busy these days. Probably don't have much time to keep connected >

    1. Kitano_Honoka


      Just stay in touch when you can, Shigure. Good luck!

  10. Enemy "Test" class carrier has been sunk. Returning to home port.

  11. Term test approaching at high speed. Unable to evade. Engaging targets.