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  1. Franky_76

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    What bothers me is that even if you're able to sink it, the damn dead CV can still harass you and kill you. That should NOT happen.
  2. Franky_76

    DDs are very playable

    Yup, you're absolutely right. I don't care if people feel it's playable or not, it's just not fun anymore. And you can verify it looking at the matchmaking. How many DDs do you see at high tiers ? 1 or 2 in each team. It's a lot less than before, and it will continue to go down. The only hope i have is that in the end Wargaming looks at the number and realize that we need a "DD Rework" since they don't listen to us. Oh boy the fun it's gonna be with another rework, right ?
  3. Franky_76

    DD play and bug in detection mechanics

    Whatever... We all now what's gonna happen. Most of the players won't play DDs anymore, we can already see that in high tiers games. At one point it will be like the CV before. If less and less people play DD, then Wargaming will do a DD rework, since they just care about the numbers and not our opinions :D
  4. Franky_76

    DD play and bug in detection mechanics

    There is a major difference between getting caught on one game and being perma-spotted when there is a 4 CV game... The rework changes all the gameplay, not only the CV one. People need time to adjust, and i bet a lot don't even want to do it. And there is a major reason for that: it is not fun.
  5. Franky_76

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    Cherry picking screens doesn't mean anything
  6. Just no. I play games to have fun, and there is nothing fun at the moment playing DDs. I did not ask to be a beta tester, and even if i had, Wargaming doesn't care about the feedback they gave. Right now i wish i had not bought premium time previously... If Wargaming wants my data, they can at least give me one free month.
  7. Franky_76

    0.8.0 Was the rework really ready to go live?

    Nope it didn't had to go live. Just read the feedback beta testers gave Wargaming and you'll know what i mean. Most of the testers warned about what was going to happen if published like that. Right now, it is wrong for CV players, and wrong for the others. It's probably the worst they could do.
  8. Wow.. such a sarcastic answer. Maybe you should try to play a japanese DD to see the other side of the mirror. Being perma spotted is not fun...with radar it was a fine balance, now it's nearly unplayed, at best you're useless. New AA range change forbids to provide cover for any other ship than yours... Not a great thing. Sometimes updates are just wrong on a gameplay point of view, and players have the right to say so. This guy has the same right you have to express his concerns. There are way more options that you want him to think. I mean seriously, look at the feedback for this update. Half the CV players aren't happy about it, and most of the others classes players are angry about it. If Wargaming keeps that path, they just gonna hurt themselves. They can rework it, they can tweek it but they need to do something to improve that gameplay for sure. In my opinion, if it stays like that for a full month, yes, Wargaming is gonna lose a lot of players.
  9. Yep they did it... Total nightmare. Wargaming, i'm am NOT enjoying your game anymore. What do you plan to do ? I guess nothing as we warned you it would happen :(
  10. Franky_76

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I think there is a huge difference between "being ok" and "tolerate". Most of the players tolerate CVs because they don't encounter them every game. Change that and you might end very surprised. It is part of the experience indeed, doesn't mean people enjoy it. Ask the most participative players how they feel about being listened. Ask the majority of the CV players too. WG has done a very poor job in that matter. They never listened before, and they are not listening right now as many players ask them to -at least- postpone the CV rework launch. So yes, people are complaining, for reasons. If the sandbags given to you have no sand inside, all you can do is wishing the storm away.
  11. Let's be clear... AA sectors are pretty much useless. The only thing that can counter planes right now is the catapult fighter. Don't have one ? Sorry you'll be perma flooded or perma burning. And even if you have one, once you're out of charges, you'll be a sitting duck, while the CVs have infinite planes to finish you. This is NOT working. Wargaming, you'd better improve AA before it hits the live servers... otherwise you'll loose lots of players for sure. And i'm not even sure it woould be enough anyway.
  12. At least let us the choice to go into battles without CVs. Most of the community think it's gonna be very bad, and from what i see on youtube, AA is absolutely inefficient. So for now it is not balancing anything, it just makes the CV even more OP. I don't understand the reasonning here... why would you please 10% of your playerbase and displease 90% ?