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  1. robf_1

    Nickname for this Season's CB

    this season is more like "two leagues under the sea". seen players saying a lot of match's are either two league's under there enemy or two over!
  2. have not seen them since the one april fools event! would be nice if you would again.
  3. if attending both days would a person have to purchase tickets for both day one and two? this is unclear in all the information I can find.
  4. robf_1


    try clicking on ships icon above the ship not the ship itself
  5. robf_1

    Puerto Rico

    Thank You for the info I am on track to get her with just 0ne premium booster
  6. LOL just tell them you are a super tester and testing nerfs/buffs to it and see what happens! I bet they will change from bashing you to asking 10m questions. LOL
  7. Going solely off your cits vs damage that'd be only 8304.347826086957 per citadel so.... slapping cruisers around in CW eh? well yes! best I remember the red team was 1 bb and 6 cruisers
  8. robf_1

    Which Turret Crew Gets the Beer?

    looks like turret c. but I gave the whole crew a weeks shore leave! lol
  9. robf_1

    game crashing at battle start

    change clan patch there is a bug with it several from our clan had same problem changed patch and all is fine
  10. robf_1


    also change your clan patch to something else (temp) there has been a lot of first battle of the day lockups! it is being narrowed down to the clan patches
  11. during todays stream did I hear them correctly that the missions for legendary upgrades will not end on dec 31? that the date was just a tech date of no importance?
  12. robf_1

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Guess I will sit back and wait until it is fixed.