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  1. NozTheWhiteDawn

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    The real comedy here is that the B-65 design had precisely one feature unique to it that differentiated it from its large cruiser/battlecruiser/whatever counterparts that other countries were designing around the same time... and that's the one feature WG stripped out. Namely, torpedo tubes. Now yes, given the detection and other stats on this thing, along with the current T10 meta (even the general one, let alone competitive), they'd be basically useless in 90% of situations (unless they got actually good long range IJN torps), but it would have still at least been something unique, instead of basically the exact same as all the other T9/10 ships of this sort, just with slightly different stats and gun handling.
  2. NozTheWhiteDawn

    MM needs tweaking

    Honestly, I'd just settle for them fixing their bloody MM to actually reliably balance ships based on the ship capabilities themselves. Or in other words, radar ships and destroyers - I've literally ended up in high tier matches where the enemy had 2+ radar ships AND the destroyer advantage, to 0 radars (not even "theoretical" ones like British cruisers). Like, that's blatantly unfair to one team, and in an easily fixable way by MM that doesn't require any looking at individual player stats. Just put a short delay on matches to actually grab balanced teams, rather than just grabbing whatever's available ASAP and then randomly distributing them based on nothing other than general ship class. This really should not still be an issue this far into the game's life cycle.
  3. NozTheWhiteDawn

    Yueyang nerfs, its not the stats, its the practicals

    Huh, yeah, it's almost like Yueyang, with literally over TRIPLE the number of matches played (on EU, and still well over double on NA) than Harugumo and still maintaining the same or higher W/R might be indicative of a disparity between that ship and the others of the class. And make no mistake, Harugumo's numbers are continuing to slowly creep downward while Yueyang's have remained consistent for a while (and in fact is already slightly above Haru in W/R at most match % breakdowns). In regards you Daring... are you kidding? The ship has so few matches played so far on any server that trying to draw any comparisons is a complete and utter joke. As for the Khaba... it's Russian, what do you expect? Trying to argue that the nerfs are undeserved and all DDs should be raised to the level of Yueyang is one legitimate argument, as is arguing that the nerf is too steep, but this repeated "but, but the Harugumo..." whining all over the place is a total joke for anyone actually capable of objectively looking at the performance.
  4. NozTheWhiteDawn

    The IJN DD split/rebalance was an awful idea

    It really is hilariously pathetic. Like sure, you don't want to be revealing your position if you can help it if you're right in front of a firing line of enemy ships with nothing else to shoot at, but ambushing a fair number of enemy destroyers, or finishing off extremely low health enemy ships (or attempting to set them on fire if you're in a safe position) are all quality uses of IJN destroyer guns. Really wish I had a replay of a match in the Asashio where I sequentially killed a full health Benson and Kagero within maybe 4-5 minutes total. Caught the Benson with his guns facing the wrong way due to the much better concealment, and punished him with two heavy salvos before he could even respond, at which point his aim was fairly poor as he was also scrambling to get behind an island. And the Kagero seemed clueless to himself actually possessing guns, despite appearing with them facing the right way - he spent a while launching torps before finally opening fire with poor accuracy(he actually did kill me due to one of his few hits knocking out my engine right in front of his torps, and my Damacon was on cooldown, but it was still a trade of one T8 DD for two, along with crippling one of their battleships and locking down a flank the team had left completely undefended other than myself). Like, I use IJN destroyer guns all the time for any number of reasons, but that's just such an iconic display of what you can do with them, even if the enemy players clearly were fairly poor.
  5. NozTheWhiteDawn

    BB secondaries are worthless

    It is highly unlikely the secondary change will shift anything. You occasionally saw secondary spec IJN battleships back in the day when it was just IJN/US and they certainly would have loved the secondary change then, but those days are long past. Trying to secondary spec an IJN battleship (and actively trying to make use of them) in the current game environment just isn't terribly useful. Nelson is a British BB, which are allergic to getting that close and staying visible, so not seeing people trying to secondary spec that. People also don't really build secondary specs at sub-T7 either outside incredibly gimmicky builds (lol, Mikasa) so GC's out too. So unless Roma is some sort of decent close-in ship (and she doesn't look it from what I've seen) that's all the changed BBs accounted for.
  6. ...Except that's exactly what S_D was talking about. That's a famous Chinese admiral, and I can basically guarantee Thailand and Indonesia have no interest in having one represent their nation - let alone the Koreans, who were arguably far more influential in the naval sphere historically than China was. Besides, so far the only unique captains we've gotten are either from the WW periods, celebs, meaningful but generic names, or anime. So let's save the serious "here's a famous historical figure" unique captain suggestions until WG gives us even one.
  7. NozTheWhiteDawn

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    Both these changes seem good and reasonable. Now if only Zao could get its HP back too like it should have many months ago...
  8. The real dumb thing about them trying out buffing the torp reload of all things is you can actually draw a direct comparison to Kagero at the same tier. With 66 second torp reload, Cossack reloads them just over 50% faster - while having torps that do nearly as much damage as Kagero's stock ones (500 damage difference), same range and speed, and significantly better torp concealment. Meanwhile, aside from very slightly worse concealment, Cossack flattens Kagero in literally every other stat. And it's not a matter of how many tubes they carry (because I'm fully aware Kagero has dual quads to Cossack's single), because WG has always set reload times based entirely on launcher size plus torpedo type carried, nothing else. For an absolutely stellar example see Shiratsuyu vs. Akatsuki, where Akatsuki with its three triples (9 torps total) reloads HALF A MINUTE FASTER than Shiratsuyu with its dual quads (8 torps total), despite having the exact same torpedo type choices. This is unambiguously NOT where they should be looking to buff the ship.
  9. NozTheWhiteDawn

    PSA: KoTS pretty damn cool on now US vs Euro

    O7 played great, congrats! That was a tough series of matches against OMNI, and those were some superlative clutch plays in the last match. Congrats to PSV too, as I felt they played extremely well and I think would have taken it if they hadn't gotten greedy in match 1 with B cap. Losing two ships there for no real gain really hurt. ...RIP did not particularly impress. Between charging a Minotaur straight up into B in both matches, losing it effectively the exact same way both times, combined with stuff like that fighter squad just sitting on the border when their Republique was trying to force out TWA's Minotaur in game 2, it just really didn't seem like particularly good team tactics.
  10. NozTheWhiteDawn

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Just as a side-note here, but as I recall the French spaced armor "feature" was introduced by WG (back when the line was advertised and implemented) as protection from HE, and to provide some additional citadel protection due to shells exploding outside it due to the gap giving more time for shells to arm and explode. It was never supposedly intended to just cause AP shells to vanish, which it does occasionally (apparently more than occasionally for low caliber AP) to even battleship caliber AP. So overall I agree that this change is terrible as implemented, but I really wouldn't shed a single tear to see French cruisers stop magically vanishing AP shells inside their actual hull.
  11. NozTheWhiteDawn

    Worcerster a little OP

    As always, it's incredibly amusing to watch people ad hominem anyone who claims a ship's overpowered, with absolutely nothing actually disproving the argument. Because shockingly, the stats actually DO support the fact that Worcester actually IS a bit overpowered compared to all her competitors. Or, in more simple terms, the one key stat to look at to see if a ship is overperforming is the W/R. It's averaging a significantly higher W/R than any other (tech tree + Salem) T10 cruiser, and the "oh, wait for the numbers to settle" phase is over. It already has just shy of 200k games played on NA - only about 60k off from HIV - and is still averaging 2.5% higher W/R than that ship... and HIV itself is the ship with the second highest W/R. Incidentally, starting with HIV all other T10 (tech tree + Salem) cruisers are within roughly 1% of each other. This disparity actually WIDENS when you start sorting by skill level for the ship too, and both issues carry through to the other servers as well. Will the numbers settle a bit more as time goes on? Of course, but there's been enough games already that it'll still likely remain roughly 1.5-2% higher than rank 2. So sorry to break it to you, but the ship definitively IS too powerful. What needs to be changed remains debatable - and if IFHE's getting removed then that might do it - but something definitely does. Incidentally, as a comparison to the other ship everyone's been whining about recently... Harugumo is sitting at a whole 3rd in W/R for destroyers, despite merely having a bit over 35k games so far. So that ship's W/R is definitely going to fall more, and pretty clearly indicates that it's not really overperforming - or, if you still consider it to be doing so, Khaba and Yueyang need looked at for nerfs first.
  12. NozTheWhiteDawn

    The Stalingrad

    Yeah, a "few" things. Only every DD in the game (+British cruisers). And enough accuracy and shell speed to hit them fairly reliably - with very quick arming AP to ensure you probably get pens on them. And the long range radar to find them instead of relying on another ship. As for poor HE, ha. Sure, the alpha damage isn't insanely high, but 33% fire chance means it barely matters - especially given how tanky the ship is when played well. This isn't even getting into the whole 12 v. 12 aspect, which means they can't normally angle perfectly against you, which matters given they get improved autobounce angles as well.
  13. NozTheWhiteDawn

    The Stalingrad

    Nowhere there did I say it should have been removed as the reward. Feel free to have it be a CB exclusive. The issue was never that it was a reward ship, the issue was the the numbers. And please, "oh, this other ship can do it too." The HIV both lacks the ability to do so period against DDs, lacks the radar to actually find either itself, and lacks the ludicrous 950m/s velocity on its shells.
  14. NozTheWhiteDawn

    The Stalingrad

    Honestly, I don't particularly care that the Stalingrad was going to be a CB exclusive (or close enough) reward. I DO care that WG idiotically made it extremely OP. Enormous HP pool larger than a fair number of T9 battleships, fairly accurate (and extremely fast) AP with favorable angles and short fuses - which also large enough caliber to completely overmatch DDs and British cruisers from any angle - good HE for those rare occasions where it doesn't want to use the AP, extremely tanky against anything from the front, long-range radar to ensure it has a good chance to catch those DDs to blap them with AP... oh, and DFAA (that lasts half again as long as any other cruiser DFAA) added at literally the last minute after the ship was already being called out as OP by literally every single CC that put out a review on it even before that addition. As for all of you are "oh, we earned it..." do you know why the most successful PvP games tend to do cosmetic, or at the very least fairly on the level with everything else, rewards for their exclusive content? Because by introducing hilariously stupid crap like this, they've made it incredibly difficult for anyone who didn't get it at this very first chance to do well in top tier CB. Didn't get this ship in at the first chance, for whatever reason (weren't part of a clan, your clan was still new, YOU HADN'T JOINED THE GAME YET)? Congrats, you now have a massive uphill battle to earn it in the future. Artificial stratification introduced at the top tiers of competition is THE best way to utterly strangle a game - and the corresponding profits.
  15. NozTheWhiteDawn

    Kitikaze - ho hum - a new level of skill required

    Hahaha, no, they aren't. British battleships get 1/4 pen on their HE as well.