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  1. Iris_December_Uncry

    Gascogne too OP. WG why is it in the game in its current state?

    What? Is there a point of saying which ship is the best in this game when Russian ships exist? Actually I hold my claim, BISMARCK is a better ship than all of those above. Totally balanced and easy to play.
  2. Iris_December_Uncry

    Rate the 4 classes by strength.

    AL Yukikaze fits more on your DD point than anything else with double CV game.
  3. Iris_December_Uncry

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Why am I mentioned. Peace and let me farm people with monkey specs plz.
  4. You are big baka.
    But remember to always



  5. ;o who are you again?

  6. Iris_December_Uncry

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    A small change is actually good
  7. Iirc you can pay with coal for steel items, but on a 10:1 ratio from coal to steel. Works on going either way.
  8. Yes I do understand that, and I have no issues when the ships are released. But again the weight of the prizes: Will they motivate players to achieve it when a lower standard is up? For now personally I don't really think so. I kinda like the idea of letting the public get more ships, but there is no compensation for the competitive players is the part where it sucks right now, not to mention this game still doesn't support competitive gameplay at all.
  9. Guys, cosmetic is fine, but your mindsets on arguing "Better people shouldn't get these ships because we are gated" is totally wrong. Why? Look at job requirements out in any industry, they always have a set of requirements for you to reach before you can apply, and this is literally "THE SAME" as working for your rewards. Anyone in anywhere needs skill and proof as a benchmark to get your rewards or whatsoever, you cannot expect free lunch by giving anything away. Example: "Oh I can't rank out at all because insert reason here, idc what reason it is just imagine one that is logical , but some others can, they don't deserve to get that better reward because I can't." If this does not sound familiar to you, I really have nothing more to say. As how Mario said earlier (Like 4 or 5 pages back from here? I'm too lazy to quote it), without the mission/campaign this game will just literally be a collection game, and gameplay will be out of the way and skill will not be involved. It will sound really good for most of the casual players, but once this is not a game (Well come on, WoWs had dynamics, its not minesweeper single tapping game) how different it is to ship models that you can buy in a model store? Would you spend something that is not actually owned by you (Servers provided are still under WG's control, so if this game shuts down everything you spend will be gone) rather than something that can be owned by you (Buy a model and build it yourself, tell me that is not yours truly)? Oh right "We buy it because it moves it shoots and it floats"! Then why would you be caring so much if you're going to have the ship or not? Gameplay is not important right? Don't argue back to me its for collection because my point is made above so stop going around in circles. If gameplay is no longer a important factor of the game, think if there are unique selling points that can dominate the whole industry, if not then giving everything accessible for zero efforts in game will kill the game pretty quickly, that is why a good competitive scene is a must for a game to be famous and/or long lasting, AND thus rewards for being competitive should be more exclusive or worth while. Don't get me wrong, I will agree cosmetic things like camo or flag mounts are a good idea on side and I will DEFINITELY SUPPORT THIS IDEA, but you all need to convince WG not us here so it happens.
  10. Someone's body is totally "payable", that I can ensure is true.
  11. Need a small loan of 100k Diamonds on Azur Lane to buy all those thicc skins :Zuismug:
  12. Ultimately speaking, you can pay for someone to get your Stalingrad :P But that will violate the rules for sure. Technically, everything is payable!
  13. Well I think limited stuffs are all due to pure greed then, so lets not argue with him. I mean, from how he said it, being top of NA's clan list on Clan Battle is also greed right? It is exclusive so I guess this is very greedy of people having that spot. :P I personally don't care about rewards given out to everyone, but I care when people are trying to bend things into their favor. And this is why this game is dying.
  14. Well it would not hurt physically, but mentally giving in such effort and then realizing we can just get it through minimal effort....Just crying out loud.
  15. So ummmm, can I please get a Porsche GT2 RS 2019 year model? :P I can't earn one so please?