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  1. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Rest In Peace Dseehafer, May your seas be calm and the winds ever be in your favour.
  2. Anything short of an entire community coming together and complaining, ex. Reference the Humble-Bumble and AlabamaGate, good luck actually getting through to them. There's a reason I rarely play anymore, main of all the lousy development direction and the fact that they simply dont care if we don't like the direction they're taking the game.
  3. 6.4 What to do first

    First thing I'm doing, using an exception and getting my Tirpitz back. Because glorious secondary build and torps with topkek german armor, hello best T8 brawler
  4. Is tier 5 matchmaking broken?

    Whilst I agree that the MM is currently FUBAR'd and that WG need to do something, shoot anything, to adress the issues it's currently causing I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon. Also to the person saying that +/-2MM sucked I disagree, I'm pretty sure us guys from the Closed Beta and Alpha can agree that the old +/-3MM was more annoying, Nagato vs Yamato and Kawachi vs Fuso for example were definitely not enjoyable fights.
  5. lmbowat.

    Well officially April fools day isn't upon us yet, so I'm sure they still have something up their sleeves... Either way troll sub is 10/10 with glorious snowmen crew and RussianBias himself as the captain
  6. WG this is unacceptable!

  7. Favorite RvB quotes

    "My name is Micheal J. Caboose *starts kicking [edited]*" Caboose is probably the best part of RvB
  8. Can confirm. On the USN and KM ships it was giving me the USSR flags, and the military month pennant was swapped to the Alpha tester flag
  9. A big hats off to the STs for doing an Excellent job testing and bringing balance to the game, being an old Xbox 360/One ST for World of Tanks, I know all to well the frustrations you guys endure on a daily basis. Constant begging for information on new ships (or in my case tanks) and coming close to losing your voice whilst pleading NDA. Keep up the good work you guys P.S. this moleman brought to you from a former console moleman
  10. Everyone here waiting for Aslain's update is like
  11. I'd be happy to test it, if my Norton anti virus would frigging let me download the mod pack Edit: Finally got it to work after fiddling with the antivirus. time to check out everything ^.^
  12. There is a one I ran into yesterday where you are unable to see ships, friendly or enemy, unless they are within 1.5 to 2 kilometers from you. You can see their respective icons on the minimap, but you can not physically see the ships until you are stupidly close then they render in.
  13. Shes back! ='D

    Three cheers for everyone's favorite blimp!
  14. Bismark question ... vrs Tirpitz

    Vegas money says she won't get torps, but you never know.
  15. Bismark question ... vrs Tirpitz

    Nerfing the Bismarck would be counter productive. It wouldn't give any incentive to grind her out, as why grind out a crappy tier eight battleship when you can just throw many at the game for a better ship? And as Viper and Zapp said that's the way it should be, Tech tree ships are supposed to be better than their premium counterparts.