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  1. RandomGuy078

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    @LittleWhiteMouse @Chobittsu Fair winds and following seas, Thank you both for all your years of time and dedication to this community. As for Wargaming (sans art department, you guys are rock stars), actions do in fact speak louder than words, and your actions and intentions are coming through crystal clear. Now then, you've made your beds, its high time you lay in it.
  2. RandomGuy078

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    This, this company has a history of making a PR blunder, coming out with a response and issuing a formal apology and promising to do better. Only then to have yet another PR blunder the next year. There has been a lot of apologizing but no true action to fix the core problem which is a lack of internal communication, which has been the main issue behind every previous PR blunder. But Cthulhu was so quick to pick apart my statement, like he has been consistently doing to others throughout this entire thread, I honestly doubt he even sat down to consider the angle I was coming from. Yes the issue isn’t the same as previous years, yes the statement isn’t exactly the same, but you can’t argue it hasn’t followed the same form of “we messed up, our bad, we will work towards not doing it again” only to have it happen again. With that I’m out, feel free to think however you want to think, I’ve said all I’ve wanted to say on the matter. LWM, Chobittsu, I’m sorry WG pulled the rug out from under you, that honestly has to be incredibly frustrating and disappointing.
  3. RandomGuy078

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Respectfully, just save it. This is the same basic cookie cutter “we messed up, we didn’t communicate properly, please accept our apology” response that has been dolled out after every single blunder this company has made. The humble bumble (for those that remember that), The SirFoch incident, the Santa crate loot box short list, and let us not forget the Puerto Rico dumpster fire. Each time it’s been the same generic apology. So please I emplore you, it is not to late, if you want to make it up to us and truly regain our trust it will not be through words or official corporate responses. It will be through action, actions speak louder than words. Act like you’re changing as a company with more emphasis on communication, and listening, and seeing your player base as more than just a revenue source. You may just be surprised at the reception you receive.
  4. RandomGuy078

    Submarine tokens where?

    "Lets have a test game mode where you have to gamble to get access to test the new ship class" I want whatever they're smoking in the WG offices
  5. RandomGuy078


    Take care not to sink any trucks on accident
  6. May your powder bags be dry, and your aim be true