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  1. You know, as a BB player I would entertain this if you gave me full aim-control of my secondaries. I would be totally ok with brawling if I could fire my 203mm and 100mm secondaries like cruisers and DD's spam their guns.
  2. Apollo Skins and old ships

    My motivation to play has quickly dwindled.
  3. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Thats a bummer. I guess I hope for ARP Yamato to be an official skin
  4. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Wargaming is selling the Apollo skins in the premium shop right now. I was wondering when/if they would sell them for the old ships. My understanding is there is no need for an additional mod.
  5. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Thats not the apollo skin though. I was looking for where to acquire the Yamato Apollo skins.
  6. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Do you have a screenshot? I cannot seem to find the button. I find a button to change the port.
  7. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Its been awhile since I've been back. Where can you buy it? in game shop?
  8. Apollo Skins and old ships

    Will Wargaming sell skins for the old ships like Yamato?
  9. Battleship Secondaries

    If BB secondaries packed the punch of cruiser main guns (they ARE the same caliber) and were accurate I might just feel inclined to sail straight into the action knowing my secondaries are to be feared.
  10. A quick look at the new TK Mechanics

    What I find entertaining about this video is it also manages to highlight the ridiculousness of fire damage in this game. The very fact that a single fire on a BB takes out enough health on a BB to kill a cruiser blatantly shows how bad the fire mechanic really is. Fires should do fixed amounts of damage - not a relative percent of the HP of a ship.
  11. Amagi: Officially Bad, Sold.

    Amagi is Amazing, Izumo is trash. I can make Amagi perform like a T9 BB.
  12. HE spam has to go

    This completely ignores that the fire on a T10 BB constitutes over half of a cruisers health. Fires wouldn't be bad if they did fixed amounts of damage - e.g. 5000 damage over time. The fact that it scales with HP is utterly ridiculous considering how easy it is to catch fire. If fire was something rarer - then I would totally agree that a percentage of HP is fine for balance. Cruisers want the BB up-front tanking damage - well how can they tank 3 fires running at once? It's not difficult to get 3 stacks of fire after repairing 2 stacks of fire.
  13. I tried the concealment spec for awhile. The biggest flaw is that you really have to be at sniping range to make it effective. Anything close than 18km and there is usually a DD hunting you as a BB. The stealth is largely ineffective because the DD is always within range waiting for CD on torps to launch 10-15 at you.
  14. I like the seal clubbing part. Its reliable in lower tiers. But when you're facing T10 ships at 18km it is pretty much not going to end the way you imagine. At 18km its do or die - you're either ramming the enemy in a front on bow-on-bow bump - or you're going to citadel him by aiming under his turrets. First BB to turn tail will eat several citadels. This is excluding the fact that 15 fish are likely swimming your way and you are under a crap-ton of HE fire. At 18km, the amount of damage you'll take is likely the same bow-on or broadside. Well aimed shot under the turrets will citadel.
  15. Yamato would like to have a word with your strategy here. Bow on Penetrations and citadels are a thing.